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Slender blondie dped by big black cocks on the couch
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Jelly bean and her bail bondsman Chapter 2 By Beagle9690 November 2011 I thought my heart was going to break when Danny opened up to me like that, and especially when he had me get his wallet. Danny removed an old, faded photograph of him when he was a little boy of eight. Danny looked so sweet and innocent, and he looked so happy, hugging his dog, his border collie, Patsy. I didn't know what to say to him even though we talk about almost everything&hellip.god I love him so. I come from a large family with numerous Aunts, Uncles and cousins on both sides; especially on Dad's side of the family.

Dad is the oldest of eight siblings. They are all married with three or more children. I'm the odd girl out so to speak. I simply took things for granted. Danny became thoughtful as he ran his fingers through my hair and held me close to him. I love it when he does that. I knew he didn't want to talk about it further; I have been studying him these past months and know his ways. Content to be with him I snuggled up to my Grumpy Bear as he gently stroked my hair and Two shemales freting and licking big cock drifted off to sleep…&hellip.

Danny was up and dressed before me in the morning. I found him in the kitchen listening to the radio. There was a storm front coming in from the west off the Great Lakes with high winds and up to three-feet of snow. I was just getting ready to bring you a cup of coffee. But since you are up, will you make us breakfast, please?" Danny asked as I walked up to kiss him good morning, "I'm going outside to start up the backhoe to plow out the driveway and unplug the gate," Danny pulled me close and put his cheek against my head, his fingers in the soft hair at the nape of my neck, "Thank you for understanding, Anita.

I have been holding those feelings about the adoption inside of me for far too long. I never told anybody how I felt about it before." (And he hadn't, not even Barbara) I met him at the door with a hug, with a kiss and a steaming cup of coffee. We had a light meal of raisin toast, poached eggs, orange juice and coffee; it was a nice and cozy breakfast. Afterward we went to the basement to do stretching and aerobic exercises. All my exercising these past months paid off.

I was able to match him sit up for sit up and keep up with him for the rest of our aerobic and stretching exercises. Danny then did his daily work out on the heavy bag. When he finished Danny's shirtless body was glistening with perspiration, accentuating the strong ropey muscles on his arms, sculptured barrel chest and shy woman let me work with her delicious ass washboard stomach.

I could hardly stand looking at him I was so horny. I wanted him to make love to me, now! "Anita, do you know how to defend yourself?" "I really never thought about it. Dad always took care of that for us. Did I ever tell you he carries a .38 special Colt Detective Special snub nose revolver everywhere?" "No and that's interesting. You grew up around guns. Have you shot it?" "No but I learned from an early age not to touch it.

When I was six years old Dad took me shooting to show me how dangerous it is. Dad shot a few pumpkins and they blew up. I'll never forget that, Danny, he was so serious, he said to me, "Anita, this handgun is very dangerous and you must never touch it or let your friends touch it or this could happen to one of you." "You are not six years old anymore, Anita. Would you like to learn how to shoot and be safe and proficient with firearms?" "Yes, I'd love you to teach me." "OK, we will start as soon as the weather clears; for now I'll teach you the basics of self-defense using your hands and feet, and we will drill until it is second nature to you.

Monday I'll get some mats and show you basic judo throws. We will also purchase gloves in your size for the speed bag. Consider it one of your job perks." During that snowy winter morning in our fortress, Danny started teaching me some basic kick boxing techniques on the heavy bag, specifically maintaining my balance when kicking.

Danny also showed me some basic strikes to the face and throat with the palms and edges of my hands, not leaving out the family jewels and he worked me hard.

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My hair was plastered to my head with perspiration and my work out clothes drenched, but I felt so alive and stimulated, perhaps over stimulated, and oh so very horny. "You did well for your first time. I'm very proud of you, "Danny complimented, pushing my hair behind my ears and taking my face in his hands so he could kiss my lips, "mm, you taste salty, baby." "Thank you, so do you, Grumpy Bear." "What have I been telling you all these months, Anita?" he asked, still holding my face in his hands so that I would look into his eyes.

"That I can do anything I put my mind to. I just need to be disciplined and strong." "What else?" "You said that I can be feminine and girly as well as being strong and disciplined." "Yes, and you have exceeded my expectations, girly girl. Being able to defend yourself in a pinch is a good thing to know." "Yes, sir." "Anita." "Yes, Danny." "I love you, Anita, more than all the stars in the sky…" By mid-afternoon the lake effect snow storm hit us full force.

I received a telephone call on my cell from Mom telling me that Dad threw his back out shoveling snow and the pilot light on their furnace was out. To make matters worse there were no service people willing to come out and light it.

Mom didn't know how to light it and Dad was in no shape to attempt it. When I told Danny, he said "Not a problem. I'll call your folks and tell them we will be there as soon as we can.

In the mean time bundle up while I get the backhoe ready for the ride over." Fortunately the backhoe was quite large as those machines go.

There was plenty of room for me in the cab. Those big knobby tires went through the snow drifts like a hot knife through butter. Even so it took us an hour to get there, allowing for a fifteen minute stop at a 24 hour market to stock up on milk, bread, eggs, flour, butter, onions, potatoes… hams, we bought two, and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Danny lit the pilot light as soon as we arrived. He then went outside to clear the driveway and sidewalks of snow. Mom was baking him cinnamon rolls when I met Danny in the mudroom with a kiss, with a hug; more kisses and hugs, plus a big steaming mug of coffee.

Dad was sitting in his recliner with a heating pad behind his back during the introductions; this was the first time they met. "I'm Daniel Skinner, Mr. Jones," Danny offered, holding out his hand for Dad to shake…&hellip. "You will excuse me that I don't stand to shake your hand," Anita's father said, holding it out for me to shake, "Marvin Jones, and thank you for lighting the furnace and clearing away the snow." "You are welcome. How is your back?" "It goes out occasionally but I should be fine in a couple of days.

How is the weather?" "It's snowing to beat the band and colder than a witch's tonsils." "I'm sure it is. Will you stay for dinner? Apparently we are having ham and scalloped potatoes." "Of course, thank you for asking. Ham with scalloped potatoes is one of my favorites." "You are an attorney and a bail bondsman. That is rather an eclectic combination of occupations under one roof." "I suppose, but it fills a niche and business is very good." "Yes, so I have heard.

Mary says you have that old armory restored quite nicely. My grandfather was stationed there the latter part of WWI after he was wounded in France. "Yes, sir, I'm happy with it." "I've driven by there a few times. I remember how run down the property was before you bought the place. You caused quite a stir in the paper when you challenged the decision of the zoning board and made Mayor Bloom look like a fool. I never liked that insufferable jackass, particularly when he got caught with that prostitute." "Bloom is a condescending corrupt fool.

Property rights and what a man does with his are guaranteed by the Constitution. I wasn't about to make a donation to the Mayor Bloom to smooth things over." "Where do you attend church, Daniel?" "I don't." "May I ask why?" "God and I were on speaking terms until I was eight.

After that it was a tenuous relationship at best and I stopped praying entirely. Since then it has been a mutually agreed non-interference policy." "Well, perhaps I can change your mind, man to man. Anita, honey, why don't you go into the kitchen and help your Mother while Daniel and I get better acquainted," and when Anita left, "Good, now that the small talk is out of the way, what in God's name are your intentions with my daughter?" "Totally honorable I assure you." "Honorable? You spent the night with her!" "Anita is a consenting adult." "Don't you think you are too old for Anita?" "I can ask you the same question about Mary." "This is my daughter we are talking about, not Mary." "Mary is somebody's daughter; how did your father-in-law feel about it." "Dad didn't like it, and I don't like it." "I see, your father-in-law thought you were too old for his daughter.

Apparently you got along with him, perhaps even liked him because you refer to him as Dad." "Of course I did; it is a matter of respect." "Obviously everything turned out fine. You and Mary have been married how many years?" "All right, you made your point. I wanted it out in the open. I will speak my mind in my own house." "And so you should, Mr. Jones." "You strike me as a bit of a playboy, Mr. Skinner, dalliances with waitress's and such. Can you honestly tell me you can change and remain true to Anita?" "Yes, I have had my share of women.&hellip." Marvin interrupted, "Do you realize frisky lesbos fill up their monster asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome and anilingus you are talking too?

You are not helping your case, especially after admitting to be an atheist, a heathen, and agnostic, choose your own title; do you deny having dalliances with women while my daughter was under your employ?" "Let me finish my sentence, Mr. Jones. Perhaps you don't like my answers but they are what they are.

I am not an atheist nor agnostic nor a heathen. I recognize the existence of a supreme being; god if you will. If God chooses to ignore me and I him so be it. I have free will and if I go to hell it's on me. At least then I won't be your problem in the afterlife when our venues in the afterlife are so diametric; we will never see each other. Those mentioned women are in the past. I will remain true. I love Anita more than all the stars in the sky." "Flowery words, but we'll see.

I did some checking on you; what do you think I found?" Marvin said leaning forward while dropping his voice to almost a whisper. "I know you did," I replied, speaking the same. What Danny omitted was that the private investigator was compromised, something Marvin didn't know.

One of Danny's contacts in the public records department telephoned Danny to warn him what might be going on. Danny went to the private investigators office and did not so much threaten him as embarrass him.

The man would be a laughing stock if the word got out, and that was implied, rather than openly stated. Danny provided the investigator the information he would have found, regardless, saving the man much leg work, thus owing Danny a favor for his silence, despite the fact the investigator returned the check since he didn't earn it. As a matter of fact, Danny encouraged him to dig all he liked, stating no harm, no foul.

"Then, you are not offended?" Marvin asked, a surprised look on his face; certain that he had been both clever and careful. To his credit, Anita's dad recovered quickly, keeping a neutral expression. "Maybe, it depends on you, Mr. Jones. There is one thing I want you to do for me," I replied, handing him an envelope from my front shirt pocket containing an unendorsed cashier's check made out to cash from the private investigator, "I know you are a religious man and a Deacon in your church.

You can put this check in the poor box as an anonymous donation where it will do some good." Marvin looked inside and then gave me a hard look, "Does Anita know about this?" "There is no need for Anita to hear about it from me, ever.

It won't serve any useful purpose. It implies you don't trust her judgment. I won't hold it against you; you are only trying to protect your daughter. I know a great deal about your family Mr. Jones, mostly through Anita's eyes, some from Mary. I assure you that Mary will never hear it from me.

Mary is a lovely woman by the way." "What makes you think my wife doesn't know?" My silence was my answer. His silence, grudging acknowledgement&hellip.after a tense moment, "Where do we go from here?" Marvin asked. "How about a little trust; as far as I know I've done nothing for you not to trust me.

You may never like me and so be it. If nothing else I'm an honest bastard. But you already know I'm a bastard, Mr. Jones. Being a bastard has its advantages." "I hardly see any advantage in that." "The biggest advantage for you is there will be no conflict of interest as to which side of the family Anita and I will be spending all our holidays." "You are getting ahead of yourself, Mr. Skinner. You speak as if you plan on marrying Anita." "Anita and I haven't discussed it yet.

We both know in our hearts it is going to happen; it's an unspoken truth. When the time comes I will ask you for your blessing and Anita's hand in marriage." "Good luck with that. What if I don't give you my blessings?" "You will come around to it when you get to know me better." "What makes you think I desi indian mumbai hot bhabhi exposing on webcam to get to know you better?" "You will for Anita's sake." "How about I accept you on a trial basis, Mr.

Skinner?" "I can live with that." "You agree when I put the check in the poor box that will be the end of it? I have your word on that?" "I do, Mr. Jones, however, you must agree never to discuss your transaction with the private investigator and the subsequent outcome with anybody, including Mary. Pray about it if you must, but man to busty asian gets fucked hard by her boyfriend we will take this to our grave." "I agree, Mr.

Skinner, and we will agree to be polite to each other in front of the women?" "Agreed." "What are you boys agreeing about?" Mary asked, bringing out a tray of fresh baked cinnamon rolls and coffee with Anita right behind her with the first stack of family photo albums. Mary only heard Daniel's last agreeing but not any of their previous private conversation. "Pops agreed to go ice fishing with me when his back is better. Isn't that right, Pops?" "Pops?" Mary said laughing, while handing her husband a plate with a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee, "That's what Marvin used to call my father to annoy him.

My father was really old fashion. Dad considered "Pops" to be very disrespectful from that gilf dirty feet in face no sound tube porn that's how he referred to Marvin at first, as that upstart.

Dad insisted that Marvin call him Mr. Palmer." "Is that so?" I asked surprised, "Anita never told me that but I'm honored to be let in on a family secret. Would you prefer I call you Mr. Jones, pops?" "Marvin will do, Daniel," he replied, keeping an even expression." "I'm happy you boys are getting along so well," Mary said smiling, "Marvin loves to fish. You should see all the photos of Marvin and his brothers fishing, especially with Bob.

They used to fish together all the time but not so much anymore…"thank you Anita," Mary said as she handed her mother the two red albums on that subject. Anita and Mary sat on the couch on either side of me showing me Marvin's fishing photos and then all the rest of the family photo albums, narrating each picture. Marvin sat in his chair against the heating pad.

He smiled from time to time when a particular story came up; sipping his coffee and eating his cinnamon roll, content to the ladies do the talking. As for me, I was finding out what caring families are all about, getting lost in all the names, Aunts, Uncles; Cousins, twice or more removed; Grandparents and Great, Grandparents, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren…who was married to whom until dinner was served……… Despite being in pain, Dad managed to struggle out of his chair to take his place at the head of the table; there the conversation turned to Danny.

Danny told them about his life growing up and Mom was particularly interested in Danny's time in foster homes. Danny started to tell them when he was almost adopted, but stopped. I hot blonde nurse rides a thick dong his hand, "It's alright Danny; they are going to know eventually.

It is better that you tell them. We are all family here. Even Dad has accepted you; otherwise he would have never agreed to go fishing…&hellip." His absolute love for Anita sustaining him, Danny held her hand as he told this painful story to her parents. He didn't let go of Anita's hand until he finished.

That wasn't lost on Mary who was watching him intently. Mary's mothering instincts held her in rapt attention to his every word, and her heart was going out to him, and Danny sensed it, even if he couldn't put it into words. The second time was much easier because Daniel trusted these people; he had too. It was they who raised Anita to help make her the delightful and loving young woman she was; a woman who turned his heart to mush and gave him a new, fresh outlook on life.

He managed to keep his composure telling the story as if it was no big deal; Mary was not fooled at all. When he finished, Mary got up from her chair wiping a tear from her face. Mary hugged Danny, touching his face gently, as would a mother with a small boy "We will be your family from now on, Danny," and from that moment on that is what Mary called him, not Mr.

Skinner, not Daniel or Dan but Danny. Almost losing his composure, for the first time in his adult life, Daniel Skinner wanted someone's approval other than his own. He was doing it for the love of a woman so that they might have the blessings of Anita's family…he owed Anita that. Inwardly, Marvin sighed as Mary hugged this interloper. Mary's motherly instincts were always right. Mary had spent many a lunch hour with the interloper…he hadn't, regretting that he hired the private investigator.

Marvin looked up at the ceiling momentarily and then down in an informal silent prayer, 'I've already lost this battle, Lord. Mary is convinced beyond all doubt this interloper Daniel Skinner is perfect for Anita and should marry her, but damn it, there is nobody good enough for my little girl, if you don't mind me saying so; after all it's a father's prerogative to think that.

You blessed us with Anita, Lord. Mary and Anita are my life. Perhaps I'm jealous, I'm afraid of losing Anita; but the boy (Danny) doesn't even attend church. For all I know he is sleeping with Anita now&hellip.sometimes Mary is just too trusting and open-minded about discussing sexual matters outside of marriage……and especially with her sister and my daughter. When I enter the room they stop talking and just smile knowingly at me&hellip.perhaps I'm being a bit of a prude&hellip.Yes Lord, I know I slept with Mary before we were married but that was different because my intentions were good.

I always intended to marry her&hellip.all right, all right. I haven't forgotten about all the carnal delights I had with Mary before marriage and then confessed to you years later in my prayers…marriage makes them a sacrament, you say so in the Scriptures so there is no need to discuss that subject…you know what is in my heart&hellip. yes, the boy has had a life of hard knocks but he's doing fine now; you were always there for him.

Even though the boy only sees one set of footprints in the sand when you carried him &hellip.Is it my job to convince him of it, Lord?" "Marvin," Mary asked, as she put her arms around her husband's neck and hugged him, kissing his cheek "is there something you would like to say to Danny?" "Yes, Mary, as a matter of fact there is.

What will we be using for bait? Will we be using mousy grubs, live minnows or jigs…?" After dinner and well into the evening the weather was still terrible. Mary insisted we spend the night, separate sleeping arrangements of course; Anita slept in her old bedroom, I slept on the couch.

Still in pain, Marvin slept in his recliner to keep an eye on me&hellip. By morning the roads were open for limited travel. Marvin's back was much better and he was up before all of us to make breakfast, pancakes with leftover ham from the day before; the remaining ham on the bone was boiling on the stove with onions and celery as the start of split pea and ham soup.

We all sat down to a hearty breakfast of homemade pancakes which were delicious. Anita's were unusually special; they were infused with a father's unconditional love.

Marvin ruffled Anita's hair with his hand and kissed the top of her head before he put the covered plate down in front of gorgeous ebony beauty jemeni spread her threesome brunette. Anita had the biggest smile for her father when she removed the domed cover (a deep pot lid) from her plate. The pancakes were in the shape of crouching ep 177 foxie student want to earn money tube porn complete with long ears and powder puff tails.

"Daddy, I didn't know you still kept that." "Of course I kept it, little bunny. Even though you're a grown woman now living on your own with another man in your life you always will be your daddy's little girl." Anita got up and hugged her Dad, kissing his cheek; she whispered something in his ear and he hugged her back.

Marvin sat down to the table and turned to me, "Another family secret, Daniel. Around Easter, when Anita was three, Mary and I took her to a petting zoo. The only animals that seemed to interest her were the rabbits. She climbed right into the pen to be with them before we could stop her.

Let me tell you, Mary and I had one heck of a time getting Anita out of there with all the crying and carrying on.

You would think it was the end of the world. That was the start of Anita's stuffed rabbit collection. As she got older the stuffed rabbits became statues of rabbits in crystal, glass and porcelain.

They're still up in her bedroom." Mary got up and brought the unique hand crafted mold back to show me. It looked like an oversize cookie cutter that was placed on the hot griddle for the pancakes to hold their shape. It was made out of wrought iron with an offset wood handle and I have to admit the workmanship was clever and inventive.

"Marvin had this made for Anita's fourth birthday. And from that day forward Anita had rabbit pancakes with her daddy every Sunday before church. It was one of their many father, daughter times together&hellip.until," And she looked at Anita who was looking down, blushing. "Until what, Mary?" I asked, squeezing Anita's little hand. "Until Anita announced she was too old for such childish things when she started high school; she was twelve.

That was about the time she started noticing boys but was to tongue tied and shy to talk to them." We returned home at mid-afternoon. It would have been an hour sooner but Anita and Mary were busy in Anita's old bedroom. When they finally came out Anita had a head full of curls and a large canvas tote bag.

She wouldn't tell me what it was in it when I asked, simply stating, "It is a surprise," and I shrugged my shoulders, "OK, jelly bean, have it your way." Anita didn't wear a hat on the ride home; it was obvious she didn't want to mess up her hair&hellip.that was going to be my job&hellip. His jelly bean had a mischievous look on her face when Danny lifted her out of the cab and put her on the ground&hellip.she was up to something.

Danny could see it in her face, cheeks rosy from the cold with mischief shining like a beacon in her intelligent brown eyes. Danny studied her well in the short time they had been together, fascinated with Anita from the very beginning. He knew all Anita's nuances and gestures, likes and dislikes. Danny delighted in the tinkling of the little silver Christmas bells and sunshine of her laugher, and was amused by her pouting lips when he constructively admonished or corrected her. Anita was truly his and Danny would always cherish and nourish her innocent charm&hellip.nonetheless, he was ready for whatever mischief she had in mind.

Anita tripped him again. Danny landed on his back in the snow and he did a snow angel for her, one of the simple free spirited things she delighted in. When he finished, Anita got on top of him, her knees straddling his waist so that she could look down on him; Anita had the biggest smile on her pretty face thinking she tricked him. "I am a strong woman; hear me roar," Anita announced, "I'm a tough and disciplined girly girl.

What do you think of that?" She asked, punching my chest lightly. "Yikes!" I exclaimed covering my face with my hands, "what are you going to do with me, curly girly girl?" "I'm going to strip you naked. Next you're going to strip me naked and kiss me all over." "Oh my! You want me to strip you naked right here in the snow?" I asked, pretending to cower. And Anita raised her arms above her head and made clawing motions with her hands, shaking her head for her curls to bounce about to entice, "I'm your she bear, your future bear wife; growl, growl." I grabbed Anita, pulling her close to my chest so that she was lying on top of me, face to face with her curls tickling my nose.

Not that she resisted much, as a matter of fact not at all. I kissed her luscious lips, "Anita, Anita, Anita, my beautiful Anita, mush, mush and more mush. I'll call your bluff, however we will strip together." "You're on.

You don't think I'm serious do you? Wait for me right here while I get your surprise ready." Intrigued I did and after a short time Anita came running out the house naked, well, I guess all bluffs were off and I resigned myself to freezing.

"Wow, it's freezing out here. Sorry I couldn't wait but I want it nice and hot when we go back in," she said, her face beaming with excitement as she hurriedly undressed me, "I always wanted to do this." "This…?" I asked, not quite sure what she meant. When she finished undressing me, Anita put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips long and deep, " Isn't this fun?" she asked.

I put mine around her trim waist and pulled her close to feel her hot body pressed up against mine& was freezing out there. I couldn't believe I was going oriental hairy wet crack squirts squirting and japanese with her, but Anita looked so happy, how could I deny her?

Anita's warm smiles turn my heart to mush and looking into her brown eyes, I could easily deal with the cold, " Yes, brisk and invigorating." "I always wanted to make the perfect snow angel. To make a perfect snow angel one has to be in their perfect blonde girl plays with her slit suit." Anita took my hand and we walked a good distance to a level section of deep snow.

We stood side by side, "Ready?" Anita asked, "Ready," I acknowledged and we dropped flat onto our backs. I moved my arms and legs as Anita taught me.

We got up carefully so as not to disturb our imprints in the virgin white snow, holding hands to admire our masterpieces. I felt so young and carefree at that moment, the influence of my jelly bean's innocent charm and youthful exuberance, when a thought came over me, silly perhaps but perfect for the occasion.

I slapped Anita's tight little ass; not hard, playfully, just hard enough to sting and to make her jump: the surprised look on her face was priceless. I took off like a shot for the 100 yards or so to the house, shouting, "Last one in is a rotten egg," with Anita close behind laughing and shrieking happily while pelting me with handfuls of snow&hellip.

Danny made it inside first stopping to grin, he was grinning like a little boy and his eyes were shinning with mischief as I closed and locked both doors. I took my last hand full of snow and plastered it on his chest, saying, "Race you upstairs," and I darted past him thinking, 'Just ten short months ago I wouldn't have been able to keep up with him and now I'm not even close to being winded.' Danny caught me at the bathroom door and I turned to face him.

I spread my arms across the door frame to block his way in. He ran his fingers through my curls, making no attempt to pry me from the doorway, "Is the surprise in there, baby?" "It's almost ready, turn around and don't peek. I'll call you when things are perfect." My Grumpy Bear is so patient with me.

He cambodian cock fucker maxine x bangs one more big black cock around and crossed his arms, waiting as I opened the door just enough to squeeze through.

I finished getting everything ready for us, adding the bubble bath to the tub, adding more hot water to make lots of bubbles. While the bubbles were rising I lit the vanilla candles strategically placed about the room before turning off the lights. The last thing I did before I climbed into the tub was to put the bottle of Gekkeikan, plum wine, the same wine we have at Chang's and two glasses where we could easily reach them.

I'm ready, Grumpy Bear," I called fluffing my curls with my fingers as he walked in&hellip. Anita had turned off the lights and lit a plethora of candles, bathing the room in their flickering soft light.

The infusion scented bubbles rising from the tub mixed with the vanilla of the candles permeated the room. My love was surrounded by white bubbles with only her head and neck showing. I was thinking, 'I'm going to smell like a pretty sissy-boy if I climb in with her. I have to draw the line somewhere. Did she have to add the girly scented bubble bath to the water?

What's wrong with plain hot water?' "Move over, baby," Danny said, getting in to face me, the bubbles barely reaching the top of his shoulders, "This hot water feels good. I've never taken a bubble bath before. This is very thoughtful of you my love, what a wonderful surprise." "I wasn't sure you would get in with me, but you are so patient; even Mom notices that," I took a hand full of bubbles in my open palm and blew them up in the air," bubble baths usually aren't a guy thing and yet here you are.

I didn't buy the bubble bath from the store, it is my grandma's recipe; 1 ½ cup of liquid castile soap, 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin, ½ teaspoon of white sugar and any good quality concentrated essential oils. I like the vanilla essential oil in mine. I can custom blend a bubble bath just for you. How about peppermint or almond, or bergamot or clove? Those can be masculine scents." "Well curly, girly girl.

It's not like one little vanilla bubble bath is going to turn me into a certified card carrying sissy&hellip.Anita, what are you doing?" And Danny made that low growling sound in the throat. "Hold still," I said, lightly putting the soap bubbles all over his head. "I'm going to turn you into a grumpy polar bear and the bubbles are fragile…there, I almost got it.

There's one ear&hellip. and here is the other, and now for your snout." I burst out laughing at the indignant look on his face, "Oh, what a face you are making, grumpy" I said in a deep voice. Danny sighed and smiled&hellip. Anita put her arms around my neck, kissing me long and deep, "I love you, Danny." "I love you too, baby.

Can we just soak here and relax now? Turn around and lean up against me so we can xxx sanilona story new 2019 stretch out&hellip. "Yes, Sir," I replied, snuggling close. Danny kissed both sides of my face before nuzzling his face in my hair.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and held me, whispering, "Little silver Christmas bells and sunshine; snow angels, snowmen and bubble baths." Danny is such a serious man most of the time, except when we are alone. Little by little he is opening up to me and I love him for it. It is only fair because I tell him almost everything. Danny reached down for the bottle and the glasses, "Now this is nice," he said as he poured me a glass, "We completed the silly part of the day.

It's time to soak and contemplate. If you are a good girl I might make love to you, baby, you're almost ready. These past two days have been a good learning experience for both of us. It is time to relax, to be quiet and contemplate." We sat and soaked for an hour, reheating the water from the tap as needed; lost in our thoughts&hellip.sipping our plum wine; cuddling and relaxing. The warm healing springs of the mythical Shangri-La were but tepid dingy puddles compared to our cozy bathtub; we had each other and our love was everything&hellip.

Warm and content, I picked up the wine bottle and peered through the green glass; half gone. We had spent enough time in the bath and I had a surprise for Anita as well, "Alright, baby time to get out." "But Danny, we still have half a bottle of wine left." "Yes," I said, getting out and offering her my hand, "half a bottle for another time, or times.

When we go out for dinner how many glasses of wine do I allow you?" "One," Anita said, stepping out. "How many do I have?" "One." "How many do your parents have?" "None, they don't drink at all, but this is a special occasion." "Anita," I said sternly in a tone she learned not to question. "Yes, Sir," she said, looking down and pouting.

"What have we discussed about drinking?" I asked as I wrapped a bath towel around her shoulders. "Never more than two drinks, period, and then only occasionally; preferably with a meal, and never…never for social reasons or peer pressure because I have free will to make the right choice." I took my thumb and forefinger and lifted her chin for Anita to meet my eyes. "You are incredibly smart, wise and mature in so many ways, but naive in others, that is not a bad thing; it is part of your charm," I kissed her lips, "I insist on these things for a reason.

I am older and have witnessed the down sides of foolish and destructive behavior. I suppose I sound like your father and if he said them, pops is right. Nevertheless, your parents did a wonderful job of raising you." I kissed her lips, "You are my woman and my baby," I kissed her lips again, "Who are you, Anita?" "I'm your baby," and she kissed me back, smiling.

"That's right so enough pouting. I want to see the sunshine of your smile. Let's do something erotic and sexy." I whispered in her ear what I had in mind and received more smiles and kisses in return&hellip. Danny picked me up and put me on the bathroom vanity top spreading my legs. I wasn't allowed to talk and I must keep my eyes closed, no matter what&hellip.Danny was going to shave my pussy.

There was soft music playing in the background. It was playing just loud enough for me to strain to hear& guess if Danny was in the bathroom room with me. I was required to be a good girl and do exactly as I was told. If not, I would have to wait another week for the same opportunity. I was determined not to open my eyes no matter what. I was tough and disciplined now and Danny loves me&hellip.I was his woman…his baby& is a matter of trust and I was getting hornier by the second, anticipating what was going to come.

It seemed I waited an eternity&hellip. until, I felt Danny's warm breath against the back of my neck, tickling the hair on my nape&hellip.he was giving me goose bumps. "Very good, it has been twenty minutes," Danny said, kissing my lips as he stroked my pussy lightly," I can smell your arousal, baby," he stopped for a moment before continuing to stroke.

and I can taste you on my fingers," and he continued running his finger through my pussy curls. "Spread your legs further my love. Marvelous, you may touch yourself to remember what it is like to have hair down there. After today your sweet pussy is going to be as smooth as a baby's bottom, or until I decide differently." My hair was not only damp from arousal, I was practically dripping as I parted my pussy lips and touched my clitoris, my other hand stroking my pussy curls; remembering as a young chubby girl this first sign, a celebration of my blossoming womanhood, now soon to be gone.

I lamented the loss but they would soon be replaced by another; Danny's cock in my bald pussy. I squeezed my eyes even tighter in anticipation, stopping myself to save my sweet release until then.

I heard a click followed by a buzzing sound, almost opening my eyes feeling the buzzing sensation as the clippers mowed a path through my thick bush; pass after pass leaving stubble in its wake. The titillating vibration of the clippers on my almost denuded pussy was stimulating me close to my first orgasm while Danny's strong hands held me in place. I was breathing in and out, trying to keep from moaning because once I did my orgasm would wash over me.

"Stay still, Anita, and stop squirming. I'm almost done." How could I? I was ready to orgasm on the spot if he continued with the clippers. Danny finished. I could hear the snap of the switch as he shut it off ending the maddening buzzing between my legs. "What another wonderful surprise, baby," Danny said, kissing my lips," you want to come, don't you?" he was stroking my stubble.

"You may touch yourself." And I did; the stubble in sharp contrast to the softness of my once thick bush made me shiver with excitement. I quickly removed my hand. "I know you want to come, Anita. Don't be embarrassed. I want you to play with yourself. Do you want to please me?" I shut my eyes tighter and nodded my head for yes"Then do it, baby, make yourself come for me." Danny took my face in his hands kissing me long and deep, his tongue seeking mine.

I returned his kisses, my tongue seeking his as I dropped my hands, frantically stroking myself, moaning with pleasure through our kisses. Danny shifted his hands, pushing past my face into my hair gathering it into his hand as he pulled my head back to get to the front of my throat, kissing his way down between my breasts and then kissing his way up. Danny returned to my lips, the sensation of my hair being pulled aroused me even more as my orgasm burned through me like a wildfire on a parched drought stricken prairie.

I sat still for a moment, somewhat embarrassed, the sweet memory of my orgasm fading, as Danny stroked my hair thoughtfully. "Open your eyes, and look at me, baby," he said, lifting my chin with his thumb and forefinger; I looked into kind eyes; eyes that were so cold, hard and harsh with those cowardly bikers; it made me shiver remembering.

"Are you cold?" Danny asked noticing, reaching for a large bath towel and wrapping it around my shoulders. "I'm fine," I said smiling. "That was beautiful, Anita," he said, taking both my hands and kissing them, "I am humbled to share and experience the blossoming of your sexuality and there is much to teach you.

I still find it amazing you are aroused so easily and are capable of multiple orgasms. And there is much for you to teach me; like bubble bath polar bears and other semi-aquatic fauna indigenous to our bath tub. I am learning your preferences and will explore your delightful complexities.

Many women would be embarrassed to do what you just did. Many men are embarrassed to talk to their wives or lovers like I am talking now. I used to be one of them&hellip.until I met you.

I trust you with my life, Anita." Danny had me teen has surprise for you attempted thieft my legs again and whipped up a rich lather in his shaving mug with his badger hair brush, "Keep your eyes closed and relax.

I'm going to lather and shave twice. I am going to take my time and enjoy it. When I finish, you may not look or touch until later; disobedient girls must start over and may be spanked." I obeyed, lost in my thoughts as he slowly shaved me, 'It's because of you; you are a part of me now Daniel Miracle Skinner so how can I be embarrassed with a part of myself?

Ten months ago I didn't have the courage to kiss you, and now I can't get enough of your kisses. I still don't know how you managed to convince daddy to go fishing with you, but these last 10 months have been full of surprises.

Mom and I have never been closer, the same for Aunt Joyce and me. We have our own conversations separate from Mom, and she told me some things about my parents that were almost scandalous from a daughter's perspective& Mom and Dad? They were wild in their time, or as Aunt Joyce put it, ahead of their time&hellip. part of the original sexual revolution of the sixties carried over; imagine, my old Dad was a wild man; at least until I was born.

Aunt Joyce said that my Dad is a tough bastard and won't back down to anybody, even now; imagine that, my gentle and stodgy dad a tough guy. Aunt Joyce said that at one time on the sexy scale my Dad was a ten; however in comparison your Daniel is a solid twenty-five, Anita. If I was younger and not married&hellip.My Aunt Joyce said that to me. She also said there is a photo album of nude pictures or partially dressed and provocative pictures of Mom somewhere, "I had a sneak peek when I was a teenager, Anita; they are probably in Marvin's safe…don't tell Mary I told your dear, but your Mom still turns heads&hellip.but then so do we; we are Palmer women.

We Palmer women stick together, Anita. Sometimes when necessary, we keep some secrets from our men. It's for their own good. We compare notes and share information to help keep our men interested&hellip.what fun. Just as they have their secrets.

Why do you think there are no divorces in our family"&hellip.I really never thought about it, but she was right. "Men are simple creatures, there is nothing complicated about them at all. They are just little boys all grown up and even tough, rough and tumble tough bad boys like yours need to be babied occasionally. Dress for your man; wear your hair for him; not for other women and their ideas of style. With most men, actions not words keep them interested; be spontaneous with your man; be mysterious, touch him when you walk by; kiss him for no reason; make him think he is the most important person in your world and you will be awarded tenfold.

Some men need more prodding than others and from what you told us your Sister e force fuk after drink isn't one of them. Talk with him, learn his interests and encourage him to learn yours. Always…always find time to do things together. Make sure he knows your sexual needs; a man who enjoys giving you oral and will wait for his sweet release is a treasure beyond all earthly measure.

A hard man is good to find, Anita, "she said, jokingly, "If you get my meaning, wink, wink." Rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories did, I loved sucking on Danny's cock, and he loved licking and sucking on my pussy. "That aside, your mom and I have seen the way Daniel looks at you Anita; you are without a doubt the most important person in the world to him. It is obvious that he loves you." Aunt Joyce also made me promise her to keep the family tradition of long hair among the Palmer women and not to be foolish and cut my hair short again; she made me swear to it.

I never realized how upset she and mom where when I broke that long standing tradition; they assumed I knew better and would discuss it with them first. Even without that wonderful tradition to honor, I would never do that again. I know what my Danny likes, thank god.

"Keep your eyes closed, baby, while I help you into the tub to rinse," Danny said, breaking my chain of thought. Danny rinsed me, patted me dry, helped me into my panties but warning me not to look or touch, "The roads are fully open now, jelly bean. How about having a pizza delivered and cuddling on the couch in front of the TV until bedtime&hellip. After our movie was over, Danny helped me up and announced, "I'm exhausted, jelly bean, how about we just go to sleep," he said, so matter of factually and annoyingly.

'Serves you right,' I thought as I reached out and pinched his tight hard, ass, as he turned redhead teen loves it rough assslave yoga leave, making him jump.

"What was that for, Anita?" He asked, twisting around and rubbing his bottom. "You know what it's for!" "How would you like it if I pinched you?" "You can't pinch me, I'm a girl!" "So you are going to pull that on me, eh?" "I want you to make love to me; you promised." "Yes I did, and I still promise." "When?" "Now!" I grabbed Anita and started tickling, "Danny!" she squealed, laughing, "Don't, stop ticking me!" "OK, jelly bean, I won't stop tickling you" and I continued tickling her while gently pushing her towards the bedroom.

Somehow she managed to pinch me again and break away. Anita ran downstairs with me close behind her. I chased her into my office and around the desk where I accidently stubbed my big toe. Damn that hurt.

I hopped up and down on one leg like a clown, holding my foot only to trip on the Oriental rug and go crashing to the floor…ouch ouch and more ouch; talk about déjà vu; that was the same desk leg Anita tripped on when she lost her shoe. I sat up, up holding onto my foot, "Hells bells!" I exclaimed rocking back and forth in pain, "I think I broke my toe!" "Oh, Danny!

I'm sorry. Did you really break your toe?" Anita got on the floor next to me. "No!" I grabbed Anita again, making her shriek in surprise and then laugh when she realized I tricked her, "But it hurts like the dickens.

I'll kiss you and make it better…" Danny helped me to my feet, crushing me to him and kissing my face horny chubby slut having fun with a couple neck all over.

"Anita, Anita, Anita; I would have waited until we were married or at least officially engaged if you asked. I love and respect you so much, you need to understand that, little jelly bean. However, if I don't make love to you now I'll be covered in lumps and bumps bruises and contusions by then&hellip." Danny picked me up and put me on his desk," Besides, you have been a good girl; you haven't looked or touched yourself; sit still and continue to be a good girl while I undress you." Danny dropped the flannel shirt and panties I was wearing to the floor and spun me around to face his chair; he then sat in it.

"I'm going to taste you first, taste your flower and drink your nectar. There is nothing I like more than the taste of a woman, my women, and you are my woman, Anita, now and forever…spread your legs, baby." Danny parted the petals of my flower, what a lovely way to describe it. He started licking, and oh my god, Aunt Joyce is so right, this is nirvana. I touched myself, enjoying the silky smoothness of my denuded mound, one hand caressing myself, the other in Danny's thick black hair noting the contrasts.

Yes this definitely this is where hair belongs, not here, overgrowing the flowerbed of my glorious flower. I lay back closing my eyes, inviting the incursion of Danny's tongue as he teased and tantalized, pausing to taste and white slut gets a black injection in both holes the succulent nectar of his woman…his woman.I am Danny's woman. At first his tongue was like a warm pink butterfly, fluttering about and fanning my desire with his wings, further rousing my imagination as he thrust it in-and- out, side-to-side.

His tongue was inflaming my arousal. Sensing my urgent need as the heat of my smoldering orgasm was rising, his tongue became stalwart and stout, a pink sword slashing and darting, feigning and pummeling.

It was a savage and remorseless weapon, conquering and pillaging&hellip. releasing the flames of euphoric rapture as orgasm burned through me. And then it was gentle and calm, pink and moist; soothing, as he continued licking. Danny finished with a little lick in my belly button and a kiss on my tummy. I sat up and Danny took my hands, kissing them, first one and then the brunette babes iskra and nekane getting speared by a huge rod doggystyle threesome before putting his hands around my waist, "You are beautiful, baby, not to mention delicious, succulent and sweet…sweeter than the honey of the bee." "And you are handsome, blue eyes," I traced my finger along the scar above his eye, "and you are charming and gentle, except when you are grumpy and strict." I took Danny's handsome face in my hands and kissed his lips, "It will be my pleasure to please you now, Sir." "What do you have in mind, baby?" "Let me show you," I got down on my knees and pulled his pajama pants down to his ankles, helping him step out of them.

When I looked up, his cock was standing at attention. I started licking the tip first, looking up and smiling; looking into his blue eyes, while moving my tongue in a circle around the circumference and fluttering my tongue on the tip.

Danny's hands were in my hair and he was looking down on me, smiling. I was sucking as he taught me, feeling his hard cock throb in my mouth as I licked and sucked. Danny had other ideas and yanked my hair gently, motioning me to stand. When I did, Danny picked me up and carried me upstairs and put me on the futon. He took off his tee shirt for me to see all the hard muscles of his buff body on display.

"Remember my love, I am willing to wait. Are you sure you are ready?" "Yes, Sir," I said, almost breathlessly. It was finally going to happen. "Very well Anita. Lie down on your back and take it like a woman because I am going to take you like a man." Danny got down beside me and kissed my lips. I was a little nervous, well maybe more than a little nervous and there was no turning back now.

He kissed my face, behind my ears, working his way down my neck kissing to the base of my throat, returning to my ears, licking and nibbling on the lobs, "Are you sure?"He whispered. "Yes," I whispered, "please, Danny," he silenced me by kissing my lips, his tongue seeking mine.

'My god,' I was thinking, 'he is making me so horny, and I'm almost ready …I think.' Danny started kissing and licking me all over, especially my breasts, licking and sucking, tasting and probing with his marvelous lips and tongue. My head was thrown back, my eyes closed shut…my god it felt so good. Teen twats impaled on dick hardcore and blowjob could feel the moistness between my legs flowing anew as he worked his way down to my stomach before finally arriving to that final destination.

I was caressing his back and shoulders, feeling the muscles moving underneath his skin. "Mm, I can smell you, baby. I can smell the sweet honey of your flower that I tasted mere minutes ago; last chance" I shook my head; I was so aroused now I could hardly stand it as Danny got on top of me, supporting his weight with his arms.

My wet flower welcomed his cock as he entered me, slowly and carefully. There was some resistance, and I felt some pressure as he slowly pushed harder. I felt a momentary twinge of pain, and the final resistance of my virginity conquered as his cock filled my entire uterus with his balls caressing the lips of my flower. Danny made love to me slowly and gently at first, his cadence and thrusts increasing in force as my second orgasm was rising. My hips were gyrating as I thrust them forward to welcome his cock, slowly at first and then frantically thrashing as I moaned and squirmed, he timing his orgasm with mine; the only sound he teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob making was a growl in his throat as he pumped his rich, creamy seed deep into my flower, our orgasms mere seconds apart.

I opened my eyes to look into his; I saw nothing but concern there, love and concern, "I'm fine, and I love you, Danny." I reached underneath me to feel the sheets; there were some spots of blood, "We need." Danny put a finger over my lips and shook his head, like he did on the day we met; he kissed my lips, saying, "No, baby; it is a gift from you to me, the evidence of a cherished act of love, and I would like unusual teen is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy keep it for awhile." Danny rolled off of me and pulled me close.

"Go to sleep now, baby, and let me hold you until you do." "But." "Hush, I will broach no argument from you, Anita." "Yes, Sir," and I cuddled closer to fall asleep, safe in his arms&hellip. It was a bright and balmy spring afternoon in May; two days from a year of when we first met. Anita and I were meeting with clients, an elderly couple whose worthless 45 year old son was arrested for burglarizing and vandalizing an empty warehouse; they needed money to post his bail.

Their unaccomplished son's life resume was that of a well rounded semi-ambitious incompetent petty criminal. The highlight of his life was accomplishing a place on the wall of shame as a recalcitrant local nuisance who was very well known to his neighbors and to the police.

Joyce came into the office almost breathless with excitement. She stopped in the doorway when she saw we had clients. Joyce must have left the house in a hurry because her hair was down, falling loose down to her trim waist.

Usually Joyce had it styled in several different braid styles or variations of buns and ponytails. Anita's hair was growing out nicely. It fell two inches past the nape of her neck now. I couldn't wait until it was as long as Joyce's or Mary's. Anita hair had a growth spurt during the winter and keeps on growing.

It is long enough for a french twist or a cute short ponytail.

Joyce had the biggest smile on her face and was silently asking me if she could to talk with Anita. Obviously it was good news or something good was about to happen.

I nodded and they went around the corner. I could hear Anita stifle a happy squeal of delight as she covered her mouth with her hand and then the light thumping and scuffling of two pairs of small feet as if they were hugging and jumping up and down…undoubtedly something good. Anita and Joyce went into the next room closing the door to talk while I concluded my business and saw the couple out with cash for the bail.

I then joined the ladies in Anita's office. Anita and Joyce stood up together. They slowly circled me with mischievous, knowing looks on their faces. I stood in place with my arms folded across my chest, looking serious, professional, and somber, the only defense I had to their feminine charm. "There is going to be a wedding, Danny," Anita informed me. "That's right, handsome," Joyce added, teasingly, "we're going to show you off to the rest of the family." Anita stopped and reached up to adjust my tie, "It's a big affair, black suits or tails for the men and gowns for the ladies," she kissed my lips, "I'm going mexicano se coge a vieja desesperada axxxteca be a bridesmaid," she kissed my lips again, "Hannah and I promised each other we would be bridesmaids at each other's wedding." "The wedding is in September.

I heard that through the grapevine 20 minutes ago from Cousin Lucy," Joyce, informed me, "Mary is on the telephone getting the particulars first hand from the mother of the bride. That means the ladies getting together to meet. A wedding shower for a certain bridesmaid's mother, Mary, and a certain bridesmaid's Aunt Joyce, me, will eventually be getting together to discuss the color for their dresses and all the girly things that go along with a wedding." (Joyce has two grown married sons.) "And we are going to dance and dance, Danny.

Then pointing to the CD player," Aunt Joyce, if you please," Joyce hurried over to put a CD in the player, turning it on and flooding the room with soft romantic music. Anita took the barrette out of the low ponytail she was wearing and shook her head letting her thick, soft dark brown hair fall about her shoulders.

I adore it when she does that. "Dance during business hours, don't be ridiculous," I replied, scowling. "Oh, don't be so grumpy," Anita said, messing up my hair. "Yes, don't be such a Grumpy Bear, "Joyce said messing up my hair even more; "dance with your young lady." What was a man to do? We danced to three songs before Joyce cut in so I danced with her. There are definite advantages to being your own boss. While I danced with Joyce, I had one hand around her waist under her hair.

I couldn't help feeling it move back and forth as we danced. I enjoyed its thick softness and texture between my fingers unable to help myself. I'm sure Joyce was use fingers n tongues on lesbian blondes vs brunettes tiffany watson gina valentina yhivi zoe parker of it. There's nothing like dancing with a long haired woman and Anita was well on her way to being one again.

Mom son sex rep story

"Hannah and Anita were very close as children," Joyce told me, "and were born on the same day. They celebrated their birthdays together until they turned twelve. Hannah is a sweet child, but has no common sense; she never did well in school, and thank god she is marrying well. Lucy says the groom's family is pulling out the stops and to say the wedding will be an lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends affair will be an understatement.

Bob (Robert), Hannah's father, is Marvin's youngest brother. Bob isn't one for big fancy productions but is going along with his second wife to keep the peace. It's complicated so let's leave that for another time. With Anita, there will be four unmarried girls from our side of the family. I don't know how many from the grooms side yet but as they say the more the merrier." "Second wife?" I asked "Patty died when Hannah was thirteen and after three years, a proper and respectable amount of time, Bob started dating and finally married his secretary, Alice Morrow, now Alice Jones.

There is a precedent in our family about bosses marrying their Secretaries. So what's taking you so long?" Joyce asked, whispering in my ear. "My I cut in?" Anita asked. While Anita and I were dancing, "It's not that we don't like Aunt Alice, but she can be a bit snooty if things don't go exactly her way when it is her turn to entertain.

To her credit, Aunt Alice's organizational skills and attention to details are amazing." "Alice sometimes puts on airs, Dan," Joyce chimed in, "but we tolerate her for Bob's sake, and too her credit, Alice attends all the family functions and is not too proud to pitch in to help out in the kitchen, do the dishes, or anything else that needs to be done." "Aunt Alice really isn't a bad person, Danny. We think she is good for Uncle Bob, for the most part." We finished our last dance and Anita made us coffee.

I sat back and let them talk about the upcoming wedding and watched while Anita put Joyce's hair up in a bun. I was content and happy that Anita was thrilled about being a bridesmaid.

Actually, I was looking forward to it because it would be my first wedding. Unfortunately, I received a telephone call from Mary spoiling my content mood; I could sense something was wrong as soon as I picked up the receiver and I always trust my instincts; they served me well when I was a bounty hunter.

"Danny, we are going have a family meeting this afternoon. Marvin is talking with his brother right now and not getting anywhere. Is Joyce there?" "Yes, she told us the good news." "Well&hellip.Anita will be devastated when she hears.

Whatever you do keep Joyce there. Is your calendar clear for the rest of the day?" "It's clear for you, Mary." "Thank you, smile, are you smiling? Pretend like nothing is wrong." "Yes," I replied, "I've never been to a wedding before," while smiling and playing along. "Good, I know I can count on you; we need cooler heads to prevail. Don't tell Joyce. You know how protective she is about Anita.

Joyce will drive right over there and get into Alice's face; we don't need that; she has the Palmer temper. It will be better if I break the news here with her husband here to hold her down if necessary. It will be a disappointment for Anita, but I'm sure she will rise above it. After all, Anita is a Palmer woman as well. In the grand scheme of things its Hannah's wedding and it's best to keep the peace in the family." "Tell Mom I said hello, Danny." "Anita says hello." Mary continued, "Bart (Joyce's husband) is closing his Gun Shop for the day, can you be here in an hour&hellip.wait… I hear a car pulling in the driveway&hellip.yes it's him." "Dinner, yes we can be there; wait I'll tell them." "Anita, we are invited to an early dinner to discuss the wedding, Joyce too." "Tell Mary, I'll be there.

I wouldn't miss it for the world; does she need anything?" Joyce asked. "Do you need anything, Mary? . Mary said no, and she made tapioca pudding for dessert." "Mary's tapioca pudding; I'm definitely going," Joyce said.

"I'll second that," Anita chimed in&hellip. Danny hung up the telephone with Mom, "Well ladies, it is a beautiful day. It is a perfect day for a ride in the Corvette with the top down." "May I ride in it, handsome?" Joyce asked. "Of course you may. I'll tell you what. Anita will drive and I'll follow you over in your truck." "You know how to drive a stick?" Joyce asked surprised, turning to Anita.

"Of course," I said, proudly, "not to mention a backhoe." "Who taught you to&hellip.never mind," Joyce said turning to Danny yanking on his tie, "What other things have you taught my niece, and do I want to know?" "Danny taught me how to shoot, but don't tell Dad, we want to surprise him." "I know about the dog bone.

I want you to teach me how to shoot and I have some more questions for you. Wait, where are you going?" Aunt Joyce asked him as Danny pulled away to take off his tie. "Get back here, boss," I said, sunny leone movies all bay sex stories not done with you." "I'm taking the fifth; otherwise you two Palmer women are likely to eat me alive." "Now there's a thought," Aunt Joyce and I said unrehearsed together; we burst out laughing at the coincidence.

"I rest my case," Danny said laughing along with us, "Leave your truck keys on my desk, Joyce and I'll meet you two there as soon as I change………" I changed into blue jeans, a flannel shirt and my comfortable boots.

I was an hour behind them, taking several important calls to schedule meetings for house closings. It was a Jones family thing and they really didn't need me there.

It wasn't my place to butt my nose in and interfere. I arrived to find Marvin pacing back and forth on his front porch and he looked angry. "Mr. Jones," I said, offering him my hand, our respectful greeting when we were alone together. There was mutual respect now and that was a good start.

"Mr. Skinner," he replied, grasping my hand and shaking, "Anita is with her mother. She took it better than we expected; nevertheless Anita is in her bedroom crying; leave her be for now. I'm sure she doesn't want you to two massive shafts for a busty tart cumshots and big tits her like that.

There is no reasoning with my brother. If Patty were still alive Anita would be part of the wedding party come hell or high water. I know Alice cares for Hannah in her own sleeping mom son xxx ebony me bolne bala, but a marriage is a holy sacrament, not an opulent Hollywood production where you cast the wedding party for their looks.

Alice and Bob had a modest wedding; just the two of them at the altar. They had a very nice outdoor barbecue for their reception. We roasted a pig and there were plenty of other dishes everyone brought to pass. " I was starting to guess what happened. Marvin continued, "Bart is in the kitchen trying to reason with Joyce.

Can you believe it; he put Joyce in a bear hug until she calmed down. You better give me her truck keys," he said, holding out his hand, "If Joyce asks you for them blame it on me." "How long has it been since they saw, Anita?" "It's been over a year." "I see," I replied, my turn to be angry.

"Exactly, Mary and I didn't bring up Anita's weight loss because it shouldn't matter." "You're damn right it shouldn't. It is a damn classless thing to do. Anita was beautiful when I hired her and she is beautiful now. What kind of self-absorbed, preoccupied with&hellip. excuse me. I won't say another word as it's not my place to say, but I would spare Anita that hurt if I could, and…" I noticed that my hands were clenched in fists and so did Marvin.

I relaxed pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them, I noticed Marvin studying me. "Of course Anita is beautiful, and you have been good for her," he grudgingly admitted, "I would spare her the hurt, but I can't. At one time my little bunny used to come to me for everything, and now&hellip." Bart opened the door and stepped out, closing it behind him.

"Joyce agrees not to cause any trouble," then turning to me and holding out his hand, "Ah, you must be Daniel. Bart Schultz." "Dan will do," I greeted, him, shaking his hand. "I hear nothing but good about you from Mary and Joyce but little of anything from old Marv here. We go way back; even though the old codger has me by ten years. Marv and I broke a few heads together in our day, and we had our share of the ladies, if you know what I mean; before we settled down and traded in our hot rods for station wagons; not that we looked for trouble, but we had each other's backs when trouble found us.

I never thought this wild man would ever settle down…and then he met Mary." "Is that a fact?" I commented looking at Marvin," Mr. Jones was a scrapper and a playboy?" "Hard to believe, but yeah it is. We ended up marrying the Palmer sisters," Bart continued, "the best thing that ever happened to us. They toned us down a bit, tamed us to a certain extent and gave us a bit of polish; not that they're not feisty in the bedroom department, if you know what I mean; they get better with age while seeming never to age.

You chose well young fellow and from what I hear Anita didn't do too bad either getting herself a lawyer. Do you have any legal advice to what is going on?" "And you get dumber with age, Bart." Just after Marvin said that, Anita came outside and hugged her father, her Uncle Bart, and last but not least, me, "I'm glad you are finally here, Danny, we can have our meeting now". We followed her into the kitchen where Anita sat down at the kitchen table between her mother and aunt; it was if they were guarding Anita.

We three men sat across from them.

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"We have come to a decision," Mary announced, speaking for the three women, "We will attend the wedding and be gracious. We will keep our displeasure and disappointment to ourselves for the present.

Obviously Hannah is easily influenced and Alice doesn't know any better. As for Robert, that is between Marvin and his brother. Down the road, Joyce and I will deal with Alice, discreetly of course, but as we see fit contingent to the circumstances. Anita will deal with Hannah the same; she is of her generation.

Hannah will not be part of Anita's wedding party, unless she apologies to Anita; otherwise, let petty, clueless, conceited and ignorant remain with them. The wedding plans are made. The groom's family is paying for most of everything. Apparently they are calling all the shots.

The wedding is being held in Long Island which is quite a drive for us. Three of the Jones girls are part the wedding party; Cindy, Margaret, and Kathy.

We bdsm piercing and teen fingers self to orgasm hd bandits of bondage happy for them. The groom's side is making up the rest up the wedding party, nine of them with the bride and groom making fourteen.

Marvin, do you have anything to say." "I will not ask my other brothers or their families to take sides, nor will we discuss it if the subject comes up at the wedding. I'm disappointed that Bob doesn't have a backbone. (Although Marvin was thinking, 'I'd like to kick his ass up between his shoulder blades') As Mary said, silence will speak loudly and forcefully of our displeasure.

Does anyone have anything to say?" I felt all eyes on me, "What about you Dan. You will be escorting Anita to the wedding. What do you think about all this?" Joyce asked.

"You know these people far better than I do. Your reasonable steps to avoid further acrimony by being gracious and forgiving are laudable; I say this as an attorney." But I was thinking, 'I would jump at the chance to get into the groom's face and pop that weasel in the nose: those people aren't off limits for me yet, and I can easily defend and argue that case.

They are nothing more than a bunch of self-absorbed, preoccupied with appearances, everything has to be perfect, god damn weasels&hellip.well maybe, just maybe, everything doesn't have to be perfect.' "That's it?" Joyce asked disappointed, although thinking, 'I'd love to turn Dan lose on the groom and watch him mop the floor with him.

That would serve Hannah right for leaving her cousin out and put a big dent in snooty Alice's plans for a story book wedding.' "Well Joyce, as a matter of fact there is; Marvin has your truck keys…&hellip." We all had dinner together that night; fried chicken with biscuits and gravy, green beans, and tapioca pudding for dessert.

Danny was charming as usual and lightened the mood as best he could by telling jokes and funny stories. Even Dad got into the act and told a few of his own with Uncle Bart joining in.

It was about nine when Danny left. He walked home saying he needed time to think, leaving the Corvette with me. I knew he was angry that I was not included in the wedding party. Dad commented on that after Danny left. I spent the night with my parents. Dad tucked me into bed and kissed my forehead like he used to when I was a little girl… what could it hurt&hellip. Anita arrived at work the usual time, early.

I was just finishing shaving when she walked into the bathroom. "Are you OK baby?" I asked, wiping my face with a towel. "I missed you," Anita said, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my lips, "I love you Danny." "And I love you more than all the stars in the sky," I pulled her close and hugged her gently, "Are you sure you are OK?" "I'm disappointed, but I'm fine.

We are doing the right thing." "Good girl." "Nevertheless, we will be attending the wedding and I am going to show you off." "What if I don't want to be shown off?" "You should realize by now you don't have a say in the matter.

Me, Mom and Aunt Joyce have already decided that. Besides, everyone needs to meet my future husband and you had better be charming. Mom suggested we all drive down a day early to get motel rooms where the wedding reception is being held. " "A day early, we?" "Yes, you and me, Mom and Dad, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Frisky lesbian dolls are opening up and fisting assholes. We will need three rooms to save money.

Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bart will have one of the rooms; she is used to his snoring." "Who will I be sharing a room with jelly bean?" "My dad. I will be sleeping with Mom. This way we all will be well rested, and our clothes won't be wrinkled from the six hour drive.

The wedding is in the morning and the reception is in the evening. We ladies will have plenty of time to get beautiful for you men, and we will have a place to rest in between. After the reception we can get a good nights' sleep and drive home refreshed at our leisure." "Will I be sleeping with you the second night?" "No!" "Your parents know we are sleeping together on the weekends, correct?" "This is different Danny." "I'm just teasing, jelly bean, but I insist on having my own bed." "Good, I'll let them know you think it's a good idea.

We can stay in the hotel where the reception is being held and check out the Grand Ballroom early. I hear it will easily hold 1000 people although my best estimate according to Lucy is 400 people will be attending. I'll make the reservations now to lock in our rooms.

May we use your Business Credit Card to get a businessmen's rate? Dad offered to pay for our rooms, his treat. Let him reimburse you at the discounted rate. You can pay for the gas and tolls." "Yes ma'am" I replied, thinking, 'Better attend and cooperate then incur the collective wrath of the Palmer women, including my jelly bean; especially now that I've taught Anita how to fight and defend herself&hellip.

and shoot a handgun, apparently at my own peril.' These thoughts had me smiling because I am more than impressed by the way these women have each other's backs. "Danny, guess what I'm thinking." "You want to change your hair color and be a redhead for the wedding." "Very funny, besides, you would never allow it. Guess again." "You missed me last night and I missed you. You want me to ravish you." "Good guess, handsome.

Guess what I brought you." "The delicious leftover tapioca pudding your mother served yesterday." "Better than that and it's in the refrigerator. Mom sent over a big bowl just for you. She made it last night, but there is something else, guess; it comes in a bottle." "Root beer?" "No! Bubble bath. We made up a special batch of holed anal toys loosen tight asshole for big dick fuck with rebel lynn bubble bath just for you&hellip." The look on my Grumpy Bear's face was priceless.

"You told your mother I take bubble baths!" and Danny made that annoyed growling sound in his throat, "Damn it, Anita!" "Oh, don't be so grumpy about it. Mom thinks it's precious you take bubble baths. She won't tell anybody, Danny." "Right, nobody but your father." "So my Dad knows about it; what's the big deal. Dad thinks it's funny." "Great, Anita…just great!" "Please don't be angry with me," I said putting my arms around his neck and he felt tense; Danny was very annoyed with me.

"I love you," I cooed, "Will it make you feel better to know that Dad takes bubble baths and has done so for years.

He prefers bergamot with a bit of clove," I kissed his lips. "Mush, damn it," he said kissing me back, "you have me wrapped around your little finger." "Of course I do, Danny, it was my plan from the very beginning and tomorrow is our first year anniversary.

What did you get me?" "You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out for being a little tattletale, unless…" "Unless what?" "Do your mother and father take bubble baths together?" "Of course they do. What did you buy me for our anniversary?" I asked sticking my hand down the front of his boxers to stroke his cock. "That's not fair, baby&hellip.don't stop." "I want to suck on your cock, lover, and then I want you to fuck me hard and rough.

I want to feel your balls spank my ass." "I love when you talk naughty, baby." I smiled as I pulled his boxer shorts down and go on my knees to lick the tip of his hard cock, "What did you get me?" "Mm, I'll tell you but you'll have wait until tomorrow to see them…oh god, baby&hellip.start sucking, I've taught you too well," and I was thinking, 'Yes you have, lover; although I've had some good advice from other's along the way.' "What did you get me, blue eyes," I cooed licking the tip, looking up him and smiling.

Danny taught me that. He loves looking into my brown eyes when I suck on his cock&hellip.he sexily refers bored students get it on in detention them as cock eyes when I look up at him. "I'm giving you diamond and ruby earrings,&hellip. mm&hellip. that's right," he was growling with pleasure now, Danny's other low growl, the only sound of pleasure he makes when we have sex and it is because of me.

"They are fit for princesses…start sucking, baby&hellip.yes, yes, yes; keep sucking because I think you're now ready to advance." Danny took the barrette out of my hair and wrapped his hand in it to yank it upward in warning for me to stand. How did I know that? Because I know him so well and love him for it.

I enjoy having my hair pulled when he fucks me hard, it so feral; like a male grizzly bear in rut, biting and holding its mates neck by the fur to hold her in place when they do it. Danny stood me up and looked at me with his hot blue eyes. Letting go of my hair, he grabbed me roughly, kissed me, only to punish his ass your pleasure is my world me around, and bend me over the sink vanity, my hair falling forward, partially covering my face.

I braced myself knowing what was coming next…well, almost knowing. Instead of pulling my panties down he tore them at the seams as if they were made of paper. I watched us in the mirror, "How damp your hot pink panties are, baby" Danny said, rubbing them on his face, "the smell of a woman, my woman… don't move Anita. He reached underneath my skirt and started playing with my flower with his fingers, pulling them out to tease and taste, "Ah the taste of my woman," he continued caressing me with his fingers while I was pushing my ass back and forth.

I was practically dripping, wondering if he was going to completely undress me. I wanted Danny to fuck me so bad…I wanted to come so bad, but Danny made me wait so I could savor the anticipation, feel the yearning and experience the ravenous desire for sweet release. Danny reached around the front and unbuttoned my frilly cream blouse. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against me, teasing me as I squirmed from side to side, trying to push his rock hard cock into my dripping flower, all the while I was watching us in the mirror…this was so erotic.

It was like I was a voyeur watching an erotic play with actors who looked exactly like us. I was detached yet involved, hearing and feeling every sensation&hellip. watching and waiting; anticipating the disclosure of each new scene that would build to a crescendo of the massive glorious orgasms that would pummel our dripping and welcoming flowers as both Danny's ravished us with their hard cocks. "If you had another blouse hanging in the closet this one would be history.

We will have to do something about that." Danny unhooked my white lace bra in the front and pushed the cups out of the ways to get to my breasts. God that felt so good as he stroked and caressed them with his strong warm hands, gently and loving until my nipples were begging to be licked and sucked on. Danny squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as he entered me, the slight pain was inflaming my pleasure as the incursion of his cock slammed into my clitoris. Danny did this slowly, alternating between caressing my breasts gently and then pinching my nipples and holding the pressure, making them throb when he released them, while he was pushing up against me, his cock buried in my flower.

I was moaning and squirming from side to side while being held securely in place with his hard cock I was practically panting with desire and I barely recognized the woman in the mirror doing the same. She was looking back at me with a rapturous look of sheer pleasure on her face. I wanted to come so badly but every time I started to orgasm, Danny would pull out and run his fingers through my hair…until… He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back…asking, "Who are you Petite french maid gets stabbed by huge dick stockings and fingering "I am your woman." "That's right baby, do you want to come, little tattletale?" "Please, Danny," and he smiled, pushing his cock into my frantic pussy, "Ask me again, Anita." "Please let me come, Sir." "Do you want it hard, Anita," he tugged at my hair, "do you want me to take you rough and hard?" I could feel my juices, dripping down my legs and at this point I would have said anything for the sweet release.

"Please, fuck me hard, Sir," I begged, as I watched the woman in the mirror beg to her lover; as the other Danny in the mirror pulled my mirror images head back. I felt the sensuous tug on our hair enhancing our pleasure as we were entered by their cocks, pummeling our dripping flowers.

Their balls spanked our asses as they rammed us with their cocks, relentlessly and without mercy. I…we, were bucking and squirming and panting, and moaning; our flowers were on fire as the orgasms burned through us. Danny was not done with me, he wanted more…I could see it in his hot blue eyes as I turned to look at him&hellip.he pointed at the floor and said, "Take off your blouse and bra, but leave everything else on." I was naked except for my skirt, garter and stockings as I went down on Danny, greedily licking and sucking his cock.

His hands were buried in my hair, and just before he came, "Don't swallow, hold it in your mouth." Danny pulled half way out, filling my mouth with his rich and creamy seed, and I was curious… I got up and looked in the mirror, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out slightly, looking at his cum nestled on the top.

Danny kissed my cheek, and then put his face next to mine so we were both looking at our reflections, "I swear to god, Anita, sometimes I think you can read my mind. I didn't get a chance to ask you…you can swallow now." I didn't want to swallow…not yet. "Sometimes you are so feminine, incredibly sexy and spontaneous it just about takes my breath away, like now; yet it amazes me how you manage to keep your innocent charm.

I so appreciate my innocently charming and conservatively classy little lady when we are out together in public.

You are so smart and complicated, while being so sweet. I'm getting mushy, and I adore being mushy with you. However, we have paperwork from yesterday to finish and file and more today& Ms. Jones." "Yes, Mr. Skinner," I said after swallowing…while thinking, 'it tastes so good.' "Get dressed.

I want to see your hair up in a french twist today all prim and proper. As a matter of fact I want you to teach me how to do it. I've already mastered your ponytails&hellip." After I was properly ravished, and goodness, was I ravished, we got dressed for work and I made our reservations while Danny brushed my hair.

Before Danny was so wild, rough, bad boy sexy and demanding; I was actually panting while he fucked me. Now he was so gentle, carefully brushing my hair. I showed him how to twist it up and then I pinned it place. Danny took the pins out, letting it down to be brushed again, and he put it up expertly.

Either he is a natural or has done this before. It doesn't matter. In my book a boyfriend or a husband should help their lady with their hair…my father does. My next call was to Dad. He insisted that he come over now with the cash. This would be the first time that he visited here and it would be a perfect time to give him the grand tour and to show off my new skills. The next two days would most likely only be paperwork and that could be done at anytime, even if we had to work after hours to get caught up, the responsible thing to do&hellip.

Anita went to the market to get cold cuts and bread in case Marvin wanted to have lunch with us. She was still shopping when he arrived alone with the cash. I held out my hand and Marvin took it, squeezing much harder than usual. Even at seventy I could believe he still was a tough son of a gun, "Mr. Skinner," he said in greeting, "Mr.

Jones, I replied squeezing back. "Here is the cash, and oh yes, I bought you something," Marvin said, taking a small white cardboard box out of his coat pocket and handing it to me with a neutral expression on his face.

I opened the box and inside was a small yellow rubber duck, "When you squeeze him, the ducky squeaks, Dan," he said chuckling. "What a very thoughtful gift, Marv, thank you," I gave him my best poker face, "I must nikki vee was too cute for words and a real good sport to an expert on this having never owned my own yellow rubber ducky before.

What do you feed your ducky; bergamot and cloves?" He slapped me on the back, laughing, "So, Anita was tattling on her father." "I suppose you think this is amusing?" I replied, trying not to grin. "You can drop the poker face, Dan, because it is amusing and amazing, besides what's the harm in it?

What really amazes me is that my daughter got you to go along with that. I have seen changes in Anita this past year that would make any father proud. It has got back to me from Mary that you are very strict with Anita and I approve.

Too be honest, I just can't picture you sitting in a bubble bath. Mary turned me on to that when we first married; I resisted at first. I find it amazing because you are a man who hunted down dangerous fugitives and brought them back for trial. I can only imagine how dangerous being a bounty hunter was, yet you take bubble baths, and as I said, Anita got you to do that. You protected my daughter from those bikers without any regard to your own safety.

I never thanked you for that and I should have. Let's just say this rubber ducky is my way of thanking you and leave it at that." Marvin held out his hand for me to shake again, and I did, asking, "Does this mean my trial period is over, Marv?" "It is over with, yes." "Do you still think I'm too old for Anita?" "Don't push it, son." "Fine, I can live with that.

Anita will be back shortly with the fixings for lunch. In the mean time, let me show you around my home and business." "What are we having for lunch, Dan?" "Whatever Anita brings back from the Star Market, cold cuts I think, and including but limited to Mary's tapioca pudding for dessert." "Well in that case you can count me in…" I found Danny and Dad in the arsenal, the original heavy plate steel room where the small arms and ammunition were stored when the building was still commissioned.

There are two very large and extremely heavy safes Danny acquired for his business there. One holds important papers such as bonds and securities for collateral or forfeited collateral, in addition to cash which is necessary sometimes when posting bail. There is a leather plumbers bag in the safe containing handcuffs, leg irons, and other restraints including duct tape.

The arsenal is also a safe room and we are to retreat into it in the event of trouble, locking ourselves in and calling the police. If push leony dark enjoys a rock solid cock to shove there are several sliding peep holes we can stick a shotgun barrel through to cover anywhere in the adjoining room while waiting for the police.

Danny says fight safe and smart. There is a beat up hard plastic dog chew in there in the shape of a bone in the safe. I found that to be funny until Danny explained what it was for.

He said it was like palming a roll of dimes in your fist for punching but far superior; the knobby part of the hard plastic bone sticks out and you can pussy nipples girl loves to cum hard masturbate and homemade with the knobs without hurting your hand. Plastic dog bones are legal in all 50 states. This was Danny's good luck charm from the old days.

I carry one now for self defense, and I know how to use it. The safe also contains two short barreled 12 Gauge double barrel side by side shotguns that have been hard chrome plated. Danny explained that the chrome plating helps them to stand out to make the holes at the end of the barrels (bores) look bigger and intimidating when pointed at a perp.

The safe holds two high powered bolt action rifles; one scoped, and the other with peep sights both chambered in 30-06. He has two lever action rifles with peep sights chambered for the .44 magnum that will also shoot .44 special loads. Danny has two Smith & Wesson revolvers in .44 magnum and one small Charter Arms in 44 special; he explained the obvious advantages of having rifles using the same ammo as his revolvers.

Danny favors revolvers over semi-auto pistols for their inherent simplicity and reliability; the same for his preference for double barrel shotguns, bolt action rifles, and lever action rifles.

I don't know what is stored in the second steel safe. Danny was showing Dad the revolvers when I walked in on them. I gave them both a big hug and a kiss, my daddy first. "Did Danny show you the 25 yd. indoor pistol range in the utility building Dad?" "Yes and that is quite a set up with three shooting stations and mechanical returning targets.

It is also an excellent idea that the steel bullet trap on the far wall is backed up with double rows of railroad ties making it very safe. Dan mom dad bati brother huose faimly night room me to shoot with him one of these days, and you know I might just take him up on it.

"What about now, Dad?" "Now?" Dad asked surprised. "Why not, Marv?" Danny chimed in, "are you afraid Anita will outshoot you?" Turning to Danny, "Did you&hellip.I mean& taught Anita how to shoot?" "Yes, I did, Marv, and in my opinion it is a good thing for women being able to shoot and defend themselves until help arrives." I explained everything else to my Dad what I learned about self-defense and Dad's eyes were just about bugging out of his head.

I ended with," That is why my key ring is attached to the end of a hard plastic dog bone. I bet you thought it was a childish decoration." I said holding the bone in my fist. "I did", Dad admitted, when he finally found his voice, and he started chuckling, "Imagine that, my little bunny kicking ass and Dan taking bubble baths; will miracles never cease to happen.

The next thing I know you will have Dan attending church. If you have a box of thirty-eight specials kicking around, or just ten rounds, I'll bet you a dollar you can't out shoot your poor old Daddy&hellip." Marv really surprised me that day, and not because he was a good shot with his revolver; he finally accepted me, or at least was resigned to the fact that I was going to marry his daughter.

Marv managed 2 X-Rings, 7 in the ten and one flyer in the nine-ring on the B-27 Silhouette Target. Anita outshot him by putting all ten shots of 44 special rounds in the X-ring rapid stickasian petite girls love cock in mouth at twenty five yards.

I then put up three targets, holding up two fingers. Anita demonstrated the rapid fire double-tap drill, drawing from the holster and putting two shots in the center of the first target, the second and one in the third. Anita quickly opened the cylinder, ejected the spent cases, inserted five live rounds from a speed loader, closed the cylinder and brought the revolver up to scan for potential threats, reloading in less than five seconds.

Anita is a natural shot and took to shooting like a rubber duck takes to bathwater. I drilled her in practical or combat shooting techniques that will pay off in a pinch, and taught her the hand signals Duke taught me to communicate without words. I selected my stainless steel Charter Arms Bulldog five shot .44 special revolver with a 2 ½ barrel for Anita.

It is small and light weight at a mere 21 ounces. It has soft black rubber grips to absorb the recoil. Its small size is easy for Anita to conceal. Stoked with the CCI Speer Gold Dot 200 gr. hollow point, this little hand cannon is reliable and has tremendous stopping power in a small package. Marvin gladly paid up his bet and hugged Anita, praising her and saying she had grown up to be a strong and responsible woman, adding, "You always will be my sweet little bunny." During lunch when the subject came up, "What else did Danny teach you about deadly physical force, Anita?" "He explained I should always be aware of my surroundings and it is best to avoid trouble and retreat whenever possible.

He said that deadly physical force is a last resort and it is best to talk my way out of a situation whenever possible. I should learn to fight smart to the best of my abilities taking into account my physical stature balanced against my strengths and weaknesses, repeating it is best to walk away from a situation whenever possible and there is no shame in retreating to safety.

I should never allow anyone to lay hands on me. If talking doesn't work, put a hurting on anyone who tries. Finally, and most importantly, I must never underestimate my opponent. If I am backed into a corner without any means of escape and my life is in danger, show no mercy and shoot for the center of mass. Keep on shooting until the threat is neutralized&hellip." After starting Anita on the paperwork I saw Marvin to his Dodge Caravan. Somehow I knew Marvin wanted to ask me something, and I was right.

That and the fact that he was calling me Dan which was a good sign from heaven&hellip. or whatever. "Well, Dan, are you still too obtuse to admit that God is looking out for you. Do you walk alone seeing only your footprints in the sand? You haven't done too badly in life. My daughter loves you and I'm certain you love her. How did you put it…oh yes, more than all the stars in the sky? Who do you think made the stars in the heavens and put them there, Dan?

Do you think they appeared out of nowhere? Are you ready to discuss having a relationship with God, again, man to man, just you and me? "I might be open for a private discussion and perhaps an eventual mediation provided the venue is to my liking." "I can live with that, son. With divine intervention you will detour around hell entirely and after a brief stay in Purgatory, will be stuck with me for all eternity&hellip." We celebrated our one year first day-we-met anniversary with a cozy dinner at Chang's, ordering our Peking duck in advance, and reserving the small private dining room for special customers or family members; the general public is not invited or is even aware it exists.

Along with the duck we had prawns with broccoli and clouds ear mushrooms, our pot of tea, finishing with a glass of plum wine and orange segments. We walked home stopping along the way to hug and kiss, well, mostly me stopping to hug and kiss him; not that Danny objected because each time he picked me up and spun me around.

We shared a big paper cup of hot chocolate on a park sex servant and boss wife and decided to take in a movie. While there, we shared a bag of shelled pistachios.

Danny is not what you would call a material man, and I wracked my brain for months deciding what to buy him. I decided to buy him a pocket watch and Mom and I went antiquing.

My Mom is a shrewd bargainer and she does so politely and firmly with her natural feminine charm. We found a very nice Elgin antique coin silver pocket watch in my price range. The owner explained it was a size 18 triple hinged case with a 7 jewel movement. Further, he advised us it was recently cleaned, oiled, and regulated by a master watch maker, showing us the receipt of service.

He said the crystal was not original but a perfect reproduction and Mom praised him for his honesty. Needless to say Mom turned on her charm and we purchased it for fifty dollars less than his second rock bottom price.

Our day finally arrived. I insisted that Danny unwrap his present first… I was so excited…when he opened it, well, he was speechless.

Danny looked xxxxxxxxx sonny lion full sex stories vidio me, and then the watch, and then at me again. I could tell from the surprised look on his face which immediately turned to one of pleasure; he was pleased and excited with his watch.

The one thing about Danny is that he never lies. You might not like his answers if you press him, just ask the codfish, but he never lies.

"Anita!" he said, hugging me, "this is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. They say it is better to give than to receive but wow!" "Now it is your turn." and he gave me a small box wrapped in red foil paper.

"I have to be honest with you, jelly bean. They are not new; they are estate jewelry. However they are one of a kind and custom made with a duplicate created of the original diamond and rubies set in platinum. The duplicates are of cubic zirconium stones set in 10 karat white gold for everyday wear. They are part of a set and the choker will grace your neck at the wedding reception when I show you off." It was my time to be speechless.

They were in the shape of snowflakes, both pairs and he was right, I couldn't tell them apart. The diamonds in the snowflakes were not chips but flawless marquise cut 3/4 carat diamonds graduating to ¼ carat at the tips forming the shape of a snow flake. The snowflakes dangled off of a 5 carat heart shaped cut ruby set in a post for pierced ears.

I counted twenty diamonds in each earring…twenty! "I hope you like them, jelly bean. There is a ring with the set. Do you remember when I asked you what size ring you wore? Well, your engagement ring won't have to be sized." "My engagement ring?" I asked, incredulous. "I hope you won't be disappointed, the duplicate in zirconium is missing from the set.

I do have papers of Authenticity from the GIA for every single gem stone though. We both know we will marry, Anita. We knew in our hearts the first day we met. I plan on making our engagement official next year on this day in May if that's OK with you. Can we keep this a secret, no tattling?

I can't thank you enough for my watch, wow. I want to go and get a chain and fob for it; perhaps we can go together sometime tomorrow. I'll have to start buying suits with a vest that has a watch pocket so I can carry it with me always…wow, Anita, I'm getting off subject.

Your Dad and I are off to a good start now, and I&hellip. "Hush," I said, putting my hand over his mouth, and then I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. "Yes, Yes and Yes. I won't tell anybody, not Mom or Dad or Aunt Joyce…just knowing Danny, just knowing," and then I started crying for the second time in two days, this time tears of love and joy as he held me, rubbing my back gently until I stopped&hellip.

Danny's close friend John Anderson died at the end of May and Danny took it very hard; even though you wouldn't know it from the way he acted until… He was a rock at the wake and funeral for the widow. My poor Grumpy Bear disappeared late in the afternoon immediately after the funeral and didn't answer his cell phone or the many messages I left in his voice mail.

Besides being his fishing buddy, the old gentlemen judge was Danny's mentor and the closest thing to a real father Danny ever had. Dad went ice fishing with Danny once last winter, proclaiming the sport was much too cold for him&hellip.I think at the time Dad was being stubborn and that he was actually beginning to like Danny. After midnight, Dad and I went looking for him. I had a pretty good idea where Danny might be by looking in his closet. Danny changed into his fishing clothes; his long-billed waxed canvas cap, patched green rubber boots, a red flannel shirt and cargo pants stained from years of wiping his hands on them after he handled the fish and bait; he didn't take his fishing tackle, however.

Dad waited by the car in the parking lot while I went out to get him, bringing the old green and black wool plaid coat he wears fishing when the weather is cold.

The weather was starting to get cold but the sky was clear and all the glorious stars in God's heaven were there for all to see. Danny was sitting on one of the red sandstone boulders at the end of the breakwater at Point Breeze staring out into Lake Ontario.

"Danny," I said quietly, and he turned to look at me. Even though it was dark here so far out from the lighted parking lot I knew he must have been crying at some point. I put his coat over his shoulders, "Are you cold?" he didn't answer, "Do you want to talk about it?" and he shook his head for no.

I took his hand in mine; his strong hand was so cold. We walked together to the lighted parking lot where Dad met us. When he saw my father, Danny wiped his face with his hand and straightened up as if nothing was wrong.

It amazes me how he can do that, put everything aside and deal with what is at hand. "Marv," Danny said, nodding his head in acknowledgement. "Dan," my Dad replied, nodding back. I could hear the concern in Dad's voice in that one word, even though Danny might not have.

"I find it very peaceful out here, and I'm afraid I've lost track of the time." "We were worried about you Danny," I said, squeezing his hand. "Thank you, both, but I'm fine." "No you are not, I," I started to say when Dad interrupted. "You heard the man, Anita, let him be. I'll call your mother and Joyce and tell them everything is fine. Why don't you drive Dan to his home? You know how much you enjoy driving that Corvette&hellip." When we got there, I locked the door behind us, "Your hands are still cold and look at you; and you're shivering, poor baby.

I know what will make you feel better," I took Danny's cold hand and led him upstairs to the bathroom where I undressed him, wrapping his flannel bathrobe around his shoulders while the bathtub was filling with hot water. I lit one peppermint candle, added the peppermint bubble bath, dropped his duck in, and when the tub was full of bubbles, turned off the lights and climbed in, "Get it, Danny.

I'm not asking you, I'm telling you." Danny nodded and got in, "Good&hellip. lean back against me and I'll hold you until you teen has surprise for you attempted thieft warm," I put my arms around him. "There will be no work for you tomorrow or the next two days. I'll take care of the arrangements and reschedule our appointments.

I'm doing this as your personal secretary for your own good. I'm saying this as Anita," I touched his face gently, "sometimes we all need to be babied and this is what you need now. Nobody can be tough and strong all the time. When we lose someone we love, it's OK to cry." "I…" he started to say. "Hush, I will broach no argument from you, Danny. Do you remember when you kissed my hands and asked me to do something for you and I did.

It was for my own good. I'm asking you now Danny. When you are sad, I am asking that you promise to come to me. You don't have to grieve alone. You never have to be alone… not ever again. You can cry in private, in the next room behind a closed door if you want. Please remember, my love, I will always be here for you&hellip.waiting." Danny took a deep breath and wiped his face with his hand and leaned closer touching my face.

"After your bath you may have a glass of wine or warm milk to help you relax. Then I'm putting you to bed. I will be spending the night." Danny sighed babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob closed his eyes, taking my small hands in his big ones, kissing them; his hands were warmer now. After his bath I toweled him off and put him to bed.

I held Danny under the covers, stroking his face until he fell asleep. He looked so peaceful and innocent in my arms; innocent like the little boy in the photo, hugging a dog he loved will all his heart: It was a pure innocent love; one could see it in his precious little face. I recalled the story my father always told during Passover in our church, Called "Footprints in the Sand" by Mary Stevenson. One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.

Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were boobs pressing and licking by man sets of footprints, other times there was only one. This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord, "You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always.

But I have noticed that during the hot and mean lesbian babes kissing tender trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand.

Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?" The Lord replied, "The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you. I had to keep from crying because I'm convinced in my heart of hearts the Lord carried us to where we could find each other; all love comes from, God, and true love is a miracle of life.

I had to keep from crying; I had to be strong for Danny, for my miracle. I was still thinking about the picture in his wallet, the only photo that he owned.

I was trying to imagine what it was like for Danny that day, when that social worker removed him from that home, his little tear stained face pressed against the glass of the car window as they drove away&hellip.leaving his dog, Patsy, behind, never to see her again&hellip. I awoke in the morning with Danny asleep next to me.

He must have been exhausted and drained because he is always up in the morning before me on those nights I spend with him. I lie in his futon luxuriously lazy and comfortable propped up on the pillows waiting for him to bring me a cup of coffee.

This is Danny's way of spoiling me because it is not beneath my dignity to bring him a lousy cup of coffee, something he was willing to pay damn good money for. I always smile when he brings me one because Danny turned prospective hires away over a cup of coffee, and I spilled a cup of coffee on him.

I smiled and touched his face lightly. Danny opened his blue eyes to look at me He was smiling back and there was nothing but love in his eyes, "Good morning jelly bean," he reached with his hand to push my hair behind my ear to touch my face, "I love you, Anita, more than all the stars in the sky.

I'm sorry. I was such an ass to worry everybody the way I did. I'll apologize to everybody today before I do another thing" "You will do no such thing," and I snuggled closer to him, rubbing Danny's head and messing up his hair, "Love is never having to say you are sorry." "Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warming your soul, Anita, and when you found me those words were never truer.

I dreamt last night my love, while I was safe in your arms. I was so tired…so very tired. I dreamt I was a little boy again without a care in the world running in a field with my dog, Patsy. We were running and running, joyously and carefree when we came to the crest of a hill and looked down to see a white sand beach near an ocean and we ran down to the sand.

We ran and ran in the wet sand, but Patsy kept falling farther behind, and when I looked back, she was just a tiny speck. I looked down at my feet and then up at her&hellip. she was gone. All I saw was one set of footprints in the sand…mine&hellip.I didn't understand.

When you touched my face, I awoke and looked into a face of love, yours." "Would you like to make love?" I asked, "We have the whole day to do that or lie here and cuddle." "Yes, ma'am, and then will you baby me some more?" We made love, facing each other lying on our sides, entwined as one. It was sweet and gentle…calm and unhurried, although no less passionate. The passion was pure and loving…like a communication of souls. My orgasm was like warm bath water, placid, soothing, and cleansing; although my orgasm was no less satisfying as when Danny ravishes me, when it is hot and burning; it was different, this gentle orgasm, it was intimate in quality&hellip.

Stunning idol exposes huge bum and gets anal rode Danny came, he held me with his manhood still inside of me, running his fingers through my hair, until I finally got up to make him his coffee and then see to the business&hellip.

By July the wedding was fast approaching. We ladies spent the next two months; actually, eight Saturdays, looking for the perfect dresses while Dad and Danny spent those days fishing. Out of the blue, Dad bought a used boat with a stem to stern extended warranty/ maintenance service agreement from the Silver Lake Marina.

The agreement included a boat slip for the season and inside storage over the winter. All Dad was required to do was to get into his boat and go fishing. As the wedding reception would be a lavish affair, we ladies purchased two formal outfits; one for the Church wedding and one for the reception in the Grand Ballroom.

We Palmer women decided that we would wear the same outfits to the Church to send a message of solidarity and dignity. It was also in keeping with proper and maci mays tight anal fuck balls deep on top after all we would be in Church.

We will wear identical navy blue cashmere wool blend knee length dresses with white lace collars and ¾ sleeves with the same lace on the sleeves; taupe stockings and black pumps.

We also decided to wear our hair down, but pulled back away from our faces on the sides. We will wear white pearl earrings to show more solidarity. Our hair will be held in place with simple gold barrettes.

Oh yes, our plain gold crosses on their fine gold chains. My hair seemed to be growing so fast now; perhaps it was love helping it along. I would be wearing my hair long from now on whether Danny approves or not.

It is a comfort to know that he more than approves of this glorious Palmer woman tradition. Our evening gowns were another matter entirely. We would not allow the men to see them until a few hours before the reception and we decided to wear our hair up. Mom and Aunt Joyce chose identical conservative long sleeve gowns of elegant black lace and satin while mine was chosen to stand out regardless of what the other women might be wearing.

This is another tradition between Mom and Aunt Joyce as married Palmer women and sisters, dressing the same for formal family petite brunette dp and big tits public cash i am a dicksucker for a qb such as weddings or funerals; dressing the same is kind of like their trademark. They have their own tastes which are different yet similar the rest of the time, particularly when it comes to colors. My beautiful evening dress was a xxgerdaxx f (new york united states viewers mermaid style strapless evening gown in emerald green with a glistening and sparkling beading that accented the pleated bust and the same beaded appliqué at the center of cum drenched gloryhole euro toyed with dildo threesome cumshot empire waist.

It has a pleated bodice that is layered and draped like found in dresses of this mermaid style and it has a lace up back to insure a flawless fit, and it fit me perfectly. Danny will be wearing his black suit bought new for the old judge's funeral. We would be attending the wedding and reception hell or high water with our heads held high. I received my wedding invitation RSVP that allowed for a guest, meaning a male escort or boyfriend; boy, won't they be surprised.

My separate and personal invitation was sent to my parents address. It read in part: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Evans Douglas, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Samuel Jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of Tiberius Marcus Douglas and Hannah Marie Jones on Saturday, September 22nd, two thousand and one………… End of Chapter 2.