Amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks

Amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks
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My name is "Nikky"…I was molested from the age of 7 to high school. There were various situations and people at different times. I think these instances continued due to priors that made it seem to be "OK" for the next one to take place, but all the while knowing it was wrong.

I am an African-American female & black people don't talk about being molested…hell, we don't talk about sex! Everything is on the hush or swept under the rug.

This caused me emotional issues in my adolescent & adult years. When I was 27yo this turned taboo for me as I found myself replaying scenarios of some those acts during solo masturbation.

I felt disgusted, dirty & embarrassed. I tried cleaning up my thoughts but several weeks later I did again. I struggled with the guilt that something that had affected me negatively I was now reliving during masturbation & bringing myself to climax. I've analyzed my dilemma & figured something triggered it & will write about that later. I've searched the net for reasons why this was happening & couldn't find anything that involved women let alone BLACK WOMEN!

So if there are any black women who can relate its cleo and friend get their mouths stuffed share your experiences & other taboos. My stories are TRUE!! Names are changed. This story takes place when I was 7yo. My mom & Aunt Beatrice both lived in the same apartment complex & worked nightshifts (12-8) and so my cousin Tiff 9yo (Aunt Beatrice's daughter) & me were left in the care of my Aunt Pat who was my mom & aunt's cousin.

She was married to Uncle Tony and had a daughter named Tanya the same age as me.

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She lived close to our school so she was the best candidate for the job cause in the morning it was a short 10min walk there. She'd walk us there & my dad'd pick us up after school and european lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur us home.

Aunt Pat would babysit us mostly weeknights & Sundays. She was the one who took us to church & church functions but was far from uptight. Although she carried herself as a conservative woman in public, that wasn't the case in her home sometimes.

She'd be loose in her ways with Tony & careless around us kids. She'd wear housecoats with nothing underneath & at night see through nighties with no underwear. I'd often see some sneaky & flirty things between them. We'd be dropped off at Pat's around 7pm. Pat had a routine for us, at about 8 we'd have a bubble bath, all 3 of us girls would get in play for a while then she'd come in wash us with a washcloth then rinse us off under the shower, then towel us off.

Nothing out the ordinary. Then she would have us run to her bed lie naked on our backs while we played what she called "powder angels" which was her sprinkling us with baby powder & we'd roll around to get as much as we can on our bodies. It was fun; we'd giggle laugh etc.

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After we were done we'd put on our panties & nighties & head for the living room. It was a one-bedroom apartment & the only extra bed was Tanya's day bed in the living room.

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It had that extra bed that can be pulled from underneath & that's where we'd sleep. This routine would vary over time. One day our routine got weird…we were done with our bath & running into the room when we noticed Tony on the bed watching TV…we screamed, hid ourselves & tried running out the room. Pat blocked us & motioned us back in & said it was ok.

We climbed onto the bed naked & played "powder angels" although not as enthusiastically as we'd normally do. She tried cooing us to let loose & we "sorta"…but it was awkward.

Tony seemed to not mind us he was into his show & never said a word. After that day Tony would sometimes be present & always the in the same manner just watching TV while Pat cheered us on.

Some while later, when playing our game "powder angels" Pat gasped and said to Tiff that she had fur down there…we all laughed, except for Tiff who looked embarrassed. Pat reassured her that it was a good thing becaused it meant that she was growing into a lady. She asked Tony to take a look.

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Without reluctance he came over to look. He peeked briefly & said nothing. We put on our nighties & went to bed. Surprisingly one night during bath time Pat came in with her house coat on & sat on the side of the tub with her legs in the tub while she watched & played around with us. Tony came in to pee. He could see us in the tub as he came in but his back was to us while he peed.

I can hear the stream. When he was done he turned around to us & as if done on purpose flashed us his dick, he shook it & tugged on it. He looked over at Pat who had that flirty look in her eyes I've seen before.

She washed us with the washcloth & then got undressed & showered with us to rinse us of. I remember seeing her bush & tried not looking at it. We toweled off & headed for the room. Tony was there sitting on the bed as if waiting for us this time. Pat was naked & so were we. We got on the bed & was on our backs waiting for her to play our game but she went over to Tony & begged him to play our game.she asked him to sprinkle us all.her too.