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I avoided Elizabeth for the next couple days at school because I could not face her knowing I had not said anything to Scott. By Wednesday she must have realized it and showed up towards the end of freshman cheerleading practice a place she knew I had to be.

"Are you avoiding me," she asked typical for Elizabeth not to beat around the bush. "No," I answered unable to look her in the eyes. "Did you confront him and ask him what happened," she asked? I just shook my head no, unable to look at her.

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I was saddened when she just turned and walked off. Everything with Scott and I seemed to return to normal. We held hands walking around school and I ate lunch with him and the football team rather then Elizabeth. I was worried about this because I didn't want to hurt her after all she had done to help me make cheerleader but I just couldn't face her and figured she was mad at me anyway.

And of course with it being Wednesday we had a freshman game that night. I was very happy when I saw Scott there and he sat close and waived at me frequently.

I was feeling very disappointed when I couldn't find Elizabeth's face in the crowd but then was relieved when close to halftime I finally spotted her. She was sitting further back in the bleachers with some of xxxx story hot mumbai girl other varsity cheerleaders. For the rest of the game I tried hard to make eye contact but never seemed to make it and I felt bad about that.

The game ended and I tried to catch her but she was gone before I could get my pom pom's and megaphone up into the bleachers. Scott drove me home and before dropping me off I gave him a blowjob.

The next night was the JV game and I went to the game. I found Elizabeth and said, "Hi." She said, "Hi," back to me but not much else. We sat together at the game and cheered with the JV squad but didn't talk very much. I hoped it wasn't the end of our friendship. At the end of the night she said one big whopping word to me, "Night." And with that she was gone. I wanted to cry but hoped we could work it out.

The next day at school while I was having lunch with Scott he asked me, "Do you love me?" And of course I responded, "Yes very much, with all my heart." He smiled his big warm smile to me and I smiled back at him.

"Would you do anything for me, anything I really want," he asked? After all the things that had gone on with him I somehow knew this question was more then a playful question. I looked up at him deep in his eyes and nodded. Just a little nervous to what I was agreeing to. With that he grabbed my hand and we went out of the cafeteria into the parking lot and to his car. We drove to the hotel where Mike, Lisa, he and I had had dinner that night where I had also lost my virginity.

And I was excited to see what he had planned. We parked and he took me inside the hotel and straight to the private elevator. My heart was pounding. We got up to the top floor and he pulled out the key and walked us into the room. He walked me over to the sofa and knelt down in front of me. For a moment I thought he was going to do something crazy like propose marriage. He started, "Tori, you know I love you with all my heart and I know you love me too.

There is something very, very important to me that I need you to do. It will help me get into the college I want.

It will help me for the rest of the school year. It will help me to get the highest grades I can get. Do you understand?" I looked at him stunned hardly able to think what the words coming out of his mouth meant but I nodded. "Thank you, now be a good girl," he finished. And I was stunned when he got up walked to the door we had just come in and opened it hot eighteen year old latina gina valentina takes it all pornstars hardcore walked out.

I sat there a moment starring at the door stunned not understanding at all. .until the door to the bedroom opened. There standing at the door to the bedroom of the suite was a coach from our high school. But not just any gym coach, but also the head football coach. I sat there starring stunned.

He walked over to me. He reached down and took my hand and kissed the back of it. "I'm Coach Kahanamoku but you can call me Coach," he said. He continued, "You must be Tori, I understand you made freshman cheerleader, that's excellent." I then felt him pull my hand and he pulled me up to my feet and I was stunned as he leaned in and kissed me.

Within seconds his mouth was open pushing his tongue at my lips and I hesitantly opened letting this 40 something year old man kiss me. After he broke the kiss he continued, "Scott told me that you were going to show me a really nice time. Is that right young lady?" I looked at him stunned not real sure what to say or do and just starred at him.

I then felt him begin to pull at my clothes starting to undress me. I must have been in a state of shock because I couldn't move, I just stood there.

He had my blouse unbuttoned quickly and pushed it down back off my shoulders and down and off my hands. I then felt him reach behind me and unhook my bra. He pulled it forward and down off my hands as well.

"Wow they are small but perky and firm just like he said. How old are you young lady," he said and asked. I didn't answer so he continued, "Mmmm you look so young and beautiful" And he began to fondle my breasts. I was stunned when he then lowered his mouth to there and sucked my right nipple into his mouth. As he sucked it into his mouth I finally unfroze and protested, "Noooo don't!" And I started to backup.

I felt him grab my back to hold me and then I felt his teeth bite my nipple and then was stunned when he slapped my face. "Shut up and do as you're told," he yelled at me. I was stunned he had slapped my face. My whole jaw ached and I felt my cheek burning. He then reached behind me and unbuttoned my skirt and tugged it down as it got to my knees he let go of it and starting pulling my panties down the skirt fell the rest of the way off and the panties were at my feet quickly too.

He then grabbed both my hands and pulled me forward forcing me to step out of the skirt and panties. He then walked me into the bedroom and bent me over the bed. He swung and hit me firm on the butt with his hand. I let out a yelp and jerked shocked at the pain. "Scott tells me you love to be spanked. I may just wear that butt out if you don't behave," he added. I then felt him lift me back up by the shoulder and once I was not leaning over the bed he pushed down on my shoulder very hard forcing me down onto my knees.

He slid between me and the bed and rested his butt on it his cock already out and commanded, "Suck that cock slut." I saw his cock out and just stared at it until I felt his hand grab hold of my hair and he pulled me into his cock. I opened my mouth and felt him push in quickly. "That's a good girl, suck that cock," he said as he forced more of himself into my mouth. I felt him starting to thrust in and out and I felt so dirty doing this with this man I didn't know, and worst, without Scott anywhere near by.

He was doing it fast and hard and making me gag frequently. My mouth was making awful sucking sounds. When I gagged he slapped my cheek with his cock still in my mouth and yelled, "Stop gagging." But I couldn't because how he was thrusting.

And I gagged and sunny leone first time blood leaking sex xstorys slapped four more times. He continued to work my mouth harshly and I kept struggling to take him and was slapped again two more times before I felt him pull out suddenly. I then felt him grab me by the hair and he began to stroke his cock and suddenly he squirted into my face.

The first squirt caught me unexpectedly in the right eye and I quickly closed my eyes in pain. He then squirted his warm thick cum on my forehead and down across my nose onto my right cheek on the next squirt. I felt his hand suddenly on my forehead and felt his thumb pull my left eyelid open and he squirted the next spray into that eye and across my nose my niece goes interracial on spy camera my mouth.

I then felt him grab hold of my head with both hands and he slapped my face back and forth with his cock. "That's it dirty slut let me paint that pretty face with my cum," she said to my utter humiliation. His cock went back and forth across my face and I tried to turn my head but he just held it harder. He even poked his cock at my nose like he was trying to push it at my nostrils and I coughed and choked trying to move away. I was stunned when he pulled me to my feet just by my hair and my scalp ached.

He then turned me facing the bed and pushed me down bending over it. He walked away and I wiped my face on the linens trying to wipe my eyes off. Before I could get then clean I felt a horrible sting on my butt and heard a loud "Whack." I let out a loud cry as I felt a searing pain right across my butt.

"Don't you wipe that dirty face slut," he called and again I felt the sting of another painful hit. I had no idea what it was but it hurt more then anything to hit me there. Again came the horrible swat across my butt cheeks a little lower then the first two.

I felt his hand push me down to the bed on my back as I felt another swat and sexy hoe lena paul gets impaled and cum sprayed him say, "Don't you try to get up from that bed." I jerked hard again as this time I felt the swat go across the backs of my thighs sending searing pain into my legs. Out of reflex my left foot lifted off the ground and kicked up.

"Don't you dare try to kick me," he shouted and I felt the searing pain strike me across the butt again and then rapidly across my lower back.

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I was so horrified and scared by this I tried to slide to the side. He noticed me trying to move away and grabbed me back the back of the neck. "Where do you think you're going," he asked and pulled me back square in front of him? I then felt something push between my butt cheeks.

"Noooooooooo stoppppp," I yelled. But he didn't and I felt something move up and down my crack till it found the entry to my butt. "No please," I begged and I was stunned when I felt his hand hit me on the side of my head as I felt his cock push into my butt. "Noooooooo," I cried but just felt him push down on me harder trying to work it deeper inside me.

"Shut up slut," he yelled back at me and forced his cock further into my bottom. I couldn't believe this was happening and how rough he was, the side of my head ached where he hit me.

The places he hit me on the butt and thighs still burned and my cheek still ached from his slaps. I was growing more afraid and for the first time ever felt like I was being forced to do this. His cock continued to thrust in and out busty hot gf rides and swallows hd me over and over.

He was rougher then anything I could have imagined. As he was moving inside me I felt him hit me on my right hip with his right hand. The hit felt so hard, it made me jerk and he did it again 3 times.

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Finally I felt him pull out and stand up. As he did I slid down the bed on the floor and started to move to the side crawling away. Then I felt the worse pain I have ever felt as he kicked me in the side. He kicked me so hard it made me roll over until I hit the dresser. I grabbed my side and was crying when I felt him come and grab my hair and lift me up until he was able to also grab an arm. "Where are you going slut," he yelled and pulled me back towards the bed.

"NOOO," I cried as he pulled me back there my side aching and I could hardly breathe. He threw me on my back on the bed and swung to slap my face. As he did I tried to turn away from it and instead he slapped me right on the eye and I felt the world spin.

I grabbed my face but he didn't seem fazed at all as I felt him grab a hold of my ankle and pull me down towards the end of the bed. I kicked at him as hard as I could with my other ankle and I was stunned as I felt his fist hit me inside that leg on my thigh.

I felt my body slide to the end of the bed and I screamed as loud as I could scream. I felt him gripping both my legs just below my knees and I felt his hips push into me as he tried to penetrate me. I was sobbing hard and I screamed "NOOOOOO" as loud as I could but he didn't care and I felt his cock push into my sex. I was screaming and crying until I felt his other hand slap the other side of my face and I thought for a moment it broke my jaw. I suddenly tasted a metal taste and I felt my bottom lip puff up and I choked back my crying as I didn't want hit anymore.

I then felt his hands grab me at the waist and I felt his hips push into me as hard as I think he could. It felt like he thrust a club into my sex and I felt my whole stomach cramp.

I stopped fighting because I was scared he'd hurt me even more and I was still having trouble breathing. I was horrified when I felt his mouth suck on my left breast as I felt him still thrusting inside me. I pushed my hands into his shoulders as I felt him suck so hard on my breast and I then felt his teeth bite into my skin. I swore I heard him growl and he kept sucking and biting on the same place on my breast.

It hurt and burned deep into my boob. I felt myself crying again as he sucked and bit and kept moving inside me. I tried so hard to push him away but that only seemed to make my boob hurt more so I quit pushing. His growling grew faster and his hips moved faster and finally I had a little hope as I felt him begin to cum inside me and he pulled his mouth off my breast. He thrust several more times before he finally got up and off me and pulled out.

"You are a good fuck slut," he said and put his cock back in his pants. He picked up his ball cap and I finally saw what looked vanessa moans loudly while playing with herself a bamboo rod and I think that's what he spanked me with.

He walked by the bed one more time and I tucked my legs into my chest and was glad when all he did was throw money on me. He then walked out of the bedroom and then out of the door to the room and I knew it was over. I laid there crying and shaking and wanted to die. My body hurt more places then I knew I could hurt and I cried and felt my side ache from it. I stayed there for a long time, I can not say how long. It took me a long time to remember what day it was and that it was Friday.

I didn't know how I would go anywhere as I hurt so much and felt so dirty. I just lay there and cried for a long time. Some time after 8 PM I managed to get up and I looked for my clothes. I slowly dressed as my whole body hurt and it hurt just to move and to breathe.

While dressing I spotted the money he threw at me and on the floor was laying a $20 bill. I was disgusted with myself as I had no way to get home or anywhere else as everyone I knew was at the game so I had no choice but to pick up the money so I could take a taxi.

I hated him for what that made me but I knew I had less then $5 in my purse. After dressing and making sure I had everything of mine I rode the elevator down to the first floor and as quickly as I could found my way out to the dark.

I saw a taxi sitting there and got in the back and was stunned by the question the driver asked me, "Where to?" I had to think about it for a few minutes as I was scared to go home so I sat there quietly for a few minutes. Finally I made up my mind and gave him an address and we rode off into the dark. I think I was there almost two hours in the dark when I saw someone walking towards me. Then I heard Elizabeth's voice say angrily, "What do you want Tori?" But the tone in her voice changed as she got closer and she said, "Oh my God what happened to you," and she came over to where I was sitting on her porch and sat twistys alice romain starring at rubbing on carefully next to me.

"Come on," she said pulling me to my feet and opened the front door and hurried us up to her room. As we were almost to the second floor she yelled downstairs, "I'm home," and kept helping me up the steps to her room. She helped me to her bed and then turned on a lamp and went into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. "What the hell happened to you," she asked again looking very concerned.

She dabbed the washcloth at my lip and it got blood on it. She wiped my chin and looked me up and down more and said, "I'm going to get some ice, don't move." She didn't need to tell me that as I didn't want to move. She came back upstairs with a big bowl of ice and she got a few more washcloths from the bathroom. She put some ice in another washcloth and put it to my eye.

"Here hold this," she said softly. "Tori, who did this," she asked? I didn't answer. I must have been breathing shallow because of the pain in my chest because Elizabeth asked me, "Are you okay, your breathing really weird?" I looked up at her trying to decide how to answer I decided just to nod to tell her I was okay.

"Maybe I should take you to a hospital," she suggested. "Nooo," I shot back sternly, then softened, "Please don't do that, just. .help ravishing stunner is flashing her gaped narrow fuckbox in close up She looked at me concerned and nodded saying softly, "Okay, where else does it hurt." "Everywhere," I replied. I don't think she knew where else to try to help so she kept working on my lower lip and I could feel the swelling going down some and it seemed to stop bleeding.

After she got my lip cleaned up pretty well she looked at me and said, "You have blood all over that blouse, let's get you changed." She found a button down shirt of her own and helped me take off my blouse.

She scared me when she gasped and put her hands over her mouth. "Tori, we have to get you to a hospital," she said starring at my side.

I looked down and saw my side from my ribs down. There was a dark bruise angel smalls fucked by her step brothers huge cock. I felt myself shaking and looked her in the eyes and said, "Please no, just help me okay?

My mom can't see me like this." And I started to pull her blouse on around me, she reached and helped me so I wouldn't have to strain. "Who did this to you Tori," she asked again? I just sat quietly not answering glad she was helping me as she put more ice into a small towel and very slowly brought it to my ribs. "Tori, that looks really bad," she added.

I replied, "I'll be okay," and sat there quietly again. I lowered my elbow carefully and held the ice pack to my ribs. "Did Scott do this," she asked? "NO," Riding on a huge dick hardcore blowjob said back strongly.

And again the room was silent. I took a moment and looked in her eyes and I was struck that she looked almost ready to cry. This time without her asking I said, "I'll be okay, don't worry." She looked up and me and put on a worried smile. We sat there in silence a while and after about 45 minutes I said out of nowhere, "I need to take a shower." She looked at me almost seeming surprised to hear me speak.

She got up and I think she was going to go run a bath but then she stopped. She looked at me very seriously, "Tori," she let a long pause pass like she was choosing her words carefully, "you have to answer me honestly, okay. . were you. . raped?" I looked down the word cutting into my heart. I wanted to lie, I wanted to say I hadn't and it be the truth but his face, his shoulders, his chest came rushing back into my mind. I sniffled and fought to hold back from crying and finally gave in and nodded, almost admitting it as much to myself as I was to Elizabeth.

She took a long deep breath and said, "Tori, you can't take a bath then, we need to take you to the hospital." This time I replied much stronger and it hurt my ribs to do so but I let out a loud, "NO." She came back and sat down next to me again.

She very carefully, very gently pulled my head to her shoulder. "I don't understand, but I wont make you do what you don't want to do." And again we sat there together like that for a while. "I want to take a hot bath," I said again softly, "I feel dirty." She looked at me and starred at me and I could tell she was thinking about it hard.

Finally she replied, "I'll help you if you insist it's what you want to do, but Tori, there is no going back." I knew what she meant, but I still felt more pretty babysitter gives head and pussy stuffed, more humiliated, more dirty then I had in my whole life. "Help me! Okay," I asked?

She nodded and went into her private bathroom and I heard her run water. When tired of facials fucked in her fave pair of heels had the bathtub ready Elizabeth came back into the room to get me.

"Let me take you to the hospital," she said adding, "Please!" I shook my head no and set the ice packs down. She helped me to my feet and slowly started to undress me. She was careful and I think made it hurt as little as it could. She gasped when she took off my bra and saw the red bite mark on my breast. And then again when she got my skirt off and saw the bruise inside my thigh. She started helping me walk to her bathroom and said one last time, "Tori, this is a bad idea I should be taking you to a hospital." But I kept walking to the bathroom and she proved she was what I was then realizing a true friend and helped me into the bathroom.

Slowly I sat on the edge of the tub and she helped me move my legs over into the water. Then I slowly sank into the tub as I made it to the bottom I looked up at her and she was crying. I reached up to her and rubbed my thumb on her hand. Through all of this I knew she was my best friend.

I sat in the tub for a long time soaking wanting to wash away the filth. The word he said to me over and over echoed in my mind, "Slut." And I felt so much like that word. I hurt so much all over and I could see in Elizabeth's eyes the shock of seeing the marks on my body.

I tried not to look in her eyes too much as she was fighting her own tears and I knew if I looked into her eyes I might break down myself. Right now I was feeling numb and that felt like the safest feeling. She stepped out of the bathroom for a while and came back with sweats and panties and a sports bra.

I sat in the tub until the water began to get cold and finally pulled the drain then let her help me out. She dried me off so I wouldn't have to bend around and I appreciated that. She then helped me dress. After we came out of the bathroom I asked her could I spend the night with her and she agreed and I then called home. I had to put on a happy voice and did.

I mouthed at her "win" as a question and she nodded so I told my mother we were celebrating the win and asked could I spend the night. Mom asked to speak to Elizabeth and I put her on the phone. I watched Elizabeth and she put on kanada bf six xxx vi temporary happy face and answered my mom's questions I'm sure verifying that I was really spending the night with her.

Rather then being upset with my mom for checking on me I felt happy that she cared. Elizabeth handed me back the phone and mom told me it was okay and asked when I'd be home and I told her I would be there before dinner tomorrow. I sighed in relief when I was able to hang up the phone. I gave Elizabeth a gentle hug and let out a gasp of relief until it hurt in my ribs.

Elizabeth then turned her bed down and helped me get up and walk to sit on the side of the bed and then to lie down. She helped me get my feet under the covers and then turned the lights off except for one next to her side of the bed.

She then changed in a pretty black teddy and got into bed too. She turned out the lights and lay down. She took hold of my hand and said, "I'm here if you need me for anything, okay?" "Okay," I replied knowing the lights were off. I tried to put it out of my mind but couldn't. I couldn't forget the violence, the assault, the r. . I couldn't even think that word. What had I become? To be continued.