Ravishing savannah pleasures a long boner piercing and tattoo

Ravishing savannah pleasures a long boner piercing and tattoo
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Since my sophomore year of college, I have been coaching sports in some capacity on an almost continuous basis. I have coached a variety of ages, ability levels, as well as genders. One thing about coaching girls, particularly at the high school and college level, is that some of the players on any given team are undoubtedly going to be physically attractive.

That is by no means one of the primary motivations as to why I coach, but rather a simple fact of life. Teenage girls working out in tight clothes put certain thoughts in any straight male's head, even if it busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day just to a small degree and is not accompanied by any inclination to act upon these thoughts.

After coaching several girls volleyball teams on the east coast, I certainly had a handful of former players who were quite physically attractive. Not that I made any sort of move towards them while they were playing for me, as I loved them like the daughters I never had, but their physical appearance was an undeniable fact of life. After spending most of my life in the northeast region of the country, I moved out to the Midwest to take advantage of a great job opportunity which was presented to me shortly after graduating from college.

Obviously, I was unmarried, as what woman in their right mind would agree to move from the northeast to the middle of nowhere in the Midwest? A few months after I had moved, I received word that a former female player of mine named Alex was traveling across the country, and was looking for places to stay along the way.

I without hesitation offered up my apartment, as I had a spare bedroom and any of my former players were more than welcome in my place. She accepted my invitation, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to see her again. Alex was now an upperclassman in high school, as she was an young cutie gets rammed in a threesome when I had coached her.

Having recently graduated from college, I was not that much older than her. She was on the taller side, about 5'9", and was of average weight, with a bit extra in just the right places. She had beautiful, curly blonde hair which hung down to the middle of her back, blue eyes, and a glowing complexion which was slightly tan after almost certainly spending most of the summer outdoors.

Needless to say, she was one of better looking players I had coached. On the day she was scheduled to arrive, I took off from work a few hours early so that I was sure to be at home when she got into town.

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slim light skin ebony rides big cock While I was cleaning up to pass the time, I heard the doorbell ring and quickly made my way to open it. Upon swinging the door open, my jaw almost hit the floor. She was definitely more attractive than I had remembered her being. Her hair was longer, she had thinned out to the almost perfect weight, and her breasts were ten times more striking than what they had been a couple of years ago.

This was almost definitely helped by the fact that her blue shirt was unbuttoned half way down her chest. Her long legs were accentuated by her short white shorts as well. Her body had certainly matured, and she had also seemed to have figured out how to make her positive features really work for her.

I gave her a big hug, and could not help but enjoy her gorgeous breasts rubbing up against me. As soon as I collected myself, I invited her in and helped her carry some of her things in from the car. I knew it was wrong and dirty to think about her in this fashion, but I could not help but fantasize about fucking her. I had not been laid since I had moved to the Midwest, and I was getting hard just thinking about ravaging the supple warmth in between her legs.

Snapping back to my senses, I started cleaning up some things as she took a few minutes to get settled in. Once she was finished, we hopped in my car and I showed her around town as a way to kill time before dinner. I could not help but glance over at her breasts on an almost constant basis during the drive, as she was flaunting them to a degree, and they simply looked mouthwateringly good.

I am not sure if she noticed my wondering eyes, but I did not really care at that point. As the evening progressed, we decided to head back to my place and pick up some dinner on the way.

Once we had arrived and the food was on the table, I went over to my liquor cabinet and started pouring myself a glass, as I typically drink something with dinner. As I was doing so, I told Alex that she could have some if she wanted; as I did not care that she was not of legal drinking age yet. She confidently accepted my offer, and I proceeded to poor her a nice, strong one. As we ate dinner, we started catching up on everything which had transpired over the past couple of years.

We talked about our families, school, and the whereabouts of some of my other former players. Each topic of conversation led to another, and as we continued to talk at the table we both continued to drink. After an hour or two of talking, I suggested that we watch a movie (as there was not much else to do in town).

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She liked the idea, and we both got up from the table to go look at the DVDs that were lined up on a bookshelf in my living room. After she picked one out, we started to walk over to my room, which housed the DVD player. As we were about to enter my room, she paused and turned towards me. "I just wanted to thank you letting me stay here and everything," she said, and then caught me completely off guard as she kissed me on the lips.

It was definitely more than a simple peck, as I had time to kiss her back before she pulled away. As she looked up into my eyes, my mind started reeling. Was that a relatively innocent thank you kiss, or was she looking for something more. I was not sure, and I definitely did not want to wrongfully assume it was more than it was, as she was still only in high school.

However, I figured I would not be able to live with myself if I let this potential opportunity slip by, so I went back in and kissed her. My heart skipped a beat as I waited to see how she would react. Apparently I had judged her intentions correctly, as she began to passionately kiss me back.

In a matter of seconds, the DVD had been carelessly tossed to the ground, I had pulled her right up against me, and our tongues were in each other's mouths. With her warm tongue continuing to tangle with mine, my dick was already hard as a rock. As I started to think more clearly, I began leading her through the door and are my tight blue jeans making your dick hard yet girl next door tight jeans my bedroom as our lips remained intact.

Drawing near the end of my bed, we temporarily broke our passionate embrace as I tossed her on her back onto my sheets. As she lay there, she began to unbutton her shirt. For the life of me I could not believe this was really happening, that I was having the opportunity to get with this absolutely gorgeous high school girl, with which any sort of sexual encounter would be extremely taboo.

As I watched her finish unbuttoning her shirt, I quickly pulled mine over my head. Pausing for an instant, I took in the unblemished beauty of her naked upper body.

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Her long, blonde hair, plump boobs, and perfectly tanned skin looked absolutely amazing. Unable to resist her for another second, I climbed on top of her, with my bare chest pressing up against hers and our lips wrestling with each other's once again. With my heart racing a mile a minute, my hips started grinding up against hers. My bulging cock was itching to escape its current imprisonment.

Moving her hair out of the way with my hands, I began kissing her neck as she passionately moaned. Working my way up to her ear, I whispered, "Do you want to go all the way?" "Oh yes! Yes!" she fervently whimpered, at which point I placed my lips back onto hers.

Her inhalation drew me in closer, as the impending climax continued to build for both of us. Not wanting to wait any longer to feel her hot young pussy, I reached down with one hand and began to unbutton her shorts as my other hand massaged her right breast. As she gasped for breath, I sat up and pulled both her shorts and her panties down off of her legs.

I used the opportunity to quickly yank my shorts off as well, allowing my seven inch member to pop right out. Seeing Alex's naked body lying in front of me, I found it hard not to cum right there. With her looking as hot as ever, I ephemerally mounted her again, reforming our passionate oral embrace.

As I prepared to enter her, I removed my lips from hers and slowly worked my way from her neck down to her voluptuous breasts. I wanted to make love to every inch of her curvaceous teenage body before the night was through. Taking her left breast into my mouth, I engulfed as much as I could before I started working stranger bangs the beauteous gal girlfriend homemade tongue around her nipple.

Licking all around her aerole, she continued to pant in the hot summer heat. Cum on ass part 2 I moved my mouth over to her right breast, I reached down in between her legs and began massaging her pussy lips. I could feel her moistness already. With my mouth continuing to go to town on her boob and my hand stimulating her at an increasingly fast pace, her moans continued to grow louder.

As I continued my way down her body by kissing and licking her from her stomach to her belly button, I could taste the hot sweat which was glistening all over her toned body. Finally reaching her lower lips, my tongue eagerly licked in and around her sweet reward.

Holding her hips with my hands, I began working my tongue into her pussy, causing her to moan and squeal like never before.

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I am usually not a big fan of going down on girls, but Alex's entire body was so beautiful that this experience was heavenly. As her juices seeped out of her and onto my sheets, I knew it was time to enter her. I climbed back up and began to kiss her again, allowing her to taste her own fluids as we ardently made out.

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I positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy, and she wrapped her long legs around me. At long last I plunged forward into her, sliding right in her moist hole. Her insides felt so warm and tight that it took my breath away for an instant, after which I began slowly pumping in and out of her.

I moved my head off to the side of hers, as we both were panting and moaning feverishly as the pace of thrusting quickened. Our lips would meet for brief periods of passionate kissing, which were interrupted only by her simply holding me close to her with both her arms and her legs. I soon found myself pressing balls deep into her teenage vagina.

Within a short while my thrusts began to quicken, and I could not hold on any longer. I plunged real mother and son incest homemade cock into her one last time and held it there as I erupted over the edge. Moaning out in pure pleasure, I sent stream after stream of hot cum shooting inside her willing teenage body, as she panted in feverish passion until she fell limp on my bed in exhaustion.

After I had drained the contents of my balls into her, I pulled out and fervently kissed her once again. After which I rolled off of her, and we laid next to each other, completely spent.

We did not need to say anything, as we were both completely satisfied as we drifted off to sleep.