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Chapter Four Thomas sighed as he sat at his computer. He loved that his parents left him the run of the house. It was nice.

It gave him time to think. Emily was still in her depressed stupor. Haley was being the nice little sister that Joey expected her to be. And Felicia wasn't talking to anyone. Things were better. Just as Thomas was about to turn off his computer and take a nap, Emily walked by his door.

She was hot babe blue angel loves rough sex with spanking a long black t-shirt and no pants. He licked his lips and followed her. Once in the kitchen, he watched her drink a glass of water. Then he was on her.

He pinned her against the counter and bent her over. In seconds, he was buried deep inside her tight snatch. "Please, stop," she cried as he fucked her hard.

He loved hearing her cries of agony. It was sweet to his ears. So he fucked her until he came deep inside her. Then he watched as she cried on the floor.

"I couldn't let you forget who runs your life," he said. "Why do you hate me? I'm sorry for being mean. But you took my virginity. I have nothing now. Can't you just stop?" Thomas yanked her up by her hair and slammed her against the fridge. "I will stop when you die. Got it? Until then, suck it up." As she ran off to her room, Thomas felt his blood pump faster.

He needed more. That's when he thought of Jessica. Gary may not be as reluctant when it's his own little sister getting her punishment. So he grabbed his keys and walked out the door. (_)(_)(_) It was quiet when Thomas slipped into Gary's house. He was pleased to see that the parents were at work. That left plenty of open time. "Gary?

Jessica?" She came around the corner and into the living room. She was wearing a black sports bra, which was funny since she had no tits to speak of, and a pair of extremely tight yoga pants. He licked his lips.

"Where's your brother?" As he waited for her response, he approached her. He loved the idea of fucking her hard. She was so small, and it would hurt her so bad. "He's asleep," she said as he backed her closer to the couch. "That's a shame.

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I wanted him to enjoy this." Before she could ask what he meant, Thomas pointed a gun at her head and pulled out his camera. "Strip." She shook, fear registering instantly.

As she pulled off her bra, tears streamed down her face. "If you make a noise, I will kill you." He licked his lips at the sight of her hard little nipples. Then she slid her pants and panties down. Just seeing her hairless little cunt had him hard. He groaned and snapped pictures as she cried.

"These will find their way into every mailbox in town if you tell on me," he growled. Then he pushed her onto the couch. In moments he was ramming into her, ripping through her hymen. She cried into a pillow as he fucked her harder and faster than he had any of the other girls. He wished that he could hear her scream. But he still came all over her just the same. As he got dressed again, he smiled. She lay in a ball crying on the couch. Her little ass looked so sweet and smooth.

"You should learn to respect your brother. That's what brought this on." He walked wild sex after oral homemade and hardcore and smiled.

Things were really getting fun. His plan was a hitch so far. Four girls had learned not to fuck with their brothers. He figured it was time for a smoke. Thomas dialed the guys and told them to hard dick is what she got! tube porn up at the abandoned house. It was time to celebrate. And as he pulled onto the road and drove off, he knew that life couldn't get any better. He had made their lives easier. (_)(_)(_) Thomas was pleased that Wesley thought to bring Lisa.

She sat there in her white lace top and low riding jeans as they smoked and joked around. She was entertaining and easy on the eyes. "Your sister is sexy," Thomas told Wesley. The party came to an abrupt halt as Gary kicked the door in. He glared at Thomas with an anger that is difficult to put into words. "You raped Jessica?" Gary growled. Since Lisa was about to endure the same fate, Thomas didn't see much reason to hide it.

He stood up and smiled at his friend. "Yeah. That's what our plan was. Rape our sisters. Make them pay." "She didn't do anything! She was being herself! All teenage girls are brats!" Thomas pulled out his gun. "I don't like your tone, Gary. Yeah, I raped your baby sister. I fucked that pussy hard. But you knew that would happen. Just like you knew Felicia would get it too." The words were too much for Gary. He turned to leave. "I'm calling the cops and spilling everything, Thomas." In one second Thomas ended that idea.

He put two bullets in Gary's back and vintage bareback in his undies tube porn his friend drop.

Lisa screamed and the others held her down. With a wicked grin, Thomas turned to face her. "You're next, Sweetheart." Chapter Five It was late when Thomas handed Lisa her cell phone. They wanted her to call Lauren over, so she had to act normal. Once the girl arrived, they would rape her as well.

Just remembering Lisa's tight pussy made Thomas throb. She had screamed and begged as they each fucked her hard. But she got the same treatment as all the other girls.

As soon as Lauren arrived, she knew something was wrong. Lisa was fully clothed again, but crying and bruised. Lauren approached her wearing a tight yellow long sleeved shirt and low riding jeans that fit her perfectly. "What did you guys do to her?" Thomas smiled at Lauren. She was always cocky. She was the type of girl who believed she was better than you.

That's why Wesley hated her. "We raped her. All of us." The words made Lauren boil. She lunged for Thomas, but Wesley and Joey held her back. They slammed her onto the table and ripped at her clothes as she screamed. Her breasts bounced softly as she struggled. And once her pants and thong were off, Thomas couldn't stop gazing at her shaved cunt. "Wesley, you take her first. She's your sister." Wesley stepped between her legs as she cried. "Please, no," she sobbed.

Then he dropped his pants and rammed deep into her. The sound of his impacts seemed to echo through the old house. And as she sobbed, he o0nly fucked her harder. Thomas snapped picture after picture. And when it was his turn, he fucked her just as hard as her brother had. By the time all the guys had their fill of fucking every hole on her body, she was limp with exhaustion.

Thomas smirked and shook Wesley's hand. "That was fun, my friend. Let's get them cleaned up and back home. I'm tired." As the guys got ready, Lisa grabbed Thomas' hand. He turned to look into her tear filled eyes. "Why did you guys rape us? What did we do?" He leaned close and kissed her cheek, which only seemed to repulse her.

"You made your brother's life hell. It's a pact we made. We would rape our sisters. Learn to respect people, Lisa.

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It gets your farther in life." (_)(_)(_) The next few weeks were easy going. Emily was still depressed, realizing that her life was always going to be run by her brother. Haley was being forced to suck Joey's cock every night before they went to bed. They had even fucked a couple of times. Felicia kept to herself.

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Jessica was worried about Gary. In recent weeks, all of the guys had been questioned about his whereabouts. But nothing was ever said about Jessica being raped. She was smart. And Wesley was still fucking his two sisters every chance he got. Life was great. The girls were doing what was expected of them. And every day, Thomas raped Emily again just to remind her that she was his now. Today was supposed to be one of those days. As Thomas walked into his house after school, he heard the shower running.

That meant Emily was bathing. He imagined her naked form and licked his lips. Once he was upstairs, he quickly made his way to the bathroom. Empty. The shower was running cold, which meant it had been running for a while.

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He looked around the house. Emily was no where to be seen. So he went out to the back deck to see if she was possibly swimming. Perhaps she had just neglected to turn off the shower. Instead, he was in for a surprise. The sight of Emily's hanging corpse from the window made Thomas freeze. Fear rushed through him. He had driven her to suicide. And under her swaying body was a letter.

Surely it confessed everything. She knew about all the girls. Thomas picked up his phone and dialed the guys. One by one he explained what was going on. They knew that their lives were over. And that meant that they had to go out with a bang. There was still one more sister left. Busty milf kara knox fucking doggy style interracial if they were going to do time for the plan, they might as well finish it.

"I'll meet you guys at the abandoned house. Get started without me. I'll be there shortly."