Raven haired teen pink pussy gaped by big black dildo masturbate insertion

Raven haired teen pink pussy gaped by big black dildo masturbate insertion
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Three sisters and little brother part 1 Heero Yuy Hello, this is my first story, give me some feedback please so I learn from mistakes. Also I apologize for the spelling English isn't my first language and I am just starting to learn how to write stories.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My story starts the day I turned 18, a great moment for every boy. I will first tell you something about myself and my family.

Mine name is Heero I am youngest at home and also the only boy. I have three older sisters, Madina(22), Ellen(21) and Mauri(19). My three sisters are beautiful, they have curvy bodies, long legs and have a devilish smile. My sister Madina has pitch black hair and her skin is just as white as a glass of milk. She has a strong body with DD and she has a fine round ass. My sister Ellen has the same body as Madina, only Ellen is tanned and has beautiful brown hair.

She also has a pack of DD and a big round ass, only difference is that Ellen has strong legs. She does some kind of running sport.

And finally my sister Mauri, She has a real babyface and you would think that she is a bitch. But she is. She has dark brown hair and she also started recently to go to the salon and getting tanned.

She is also the tallest of the three, she has the longest legs of them. But enough said about me and my sisters, you now have a picture how they look like and I will continue my story now. It was the morning of mine 18th birthday, I heard a loud shout from downstairs… Heerooooo WAKE UP ITS TIME! I woke up and thought to myself.Damm it's my birthday that means annoying visitors giving crappy gifts.

I got my head cleared got myself dressed and went downstairs, walked in the living room and the first thing I heard was… You will have to listen to them these few weeks. And the only thing I could do was stare, I just woke up didn't get breakfast or a hello, they were just thinking we need to get the hell out of here.

Great parents… So I just accepted the situation kissed my parents and said to them have fun on your trip. As soon as they closed the door I knew these few weeks are going to be fun, no parents so I can do whatever I want. Not by a long shot! Before this day was over I would find out how messed up my sisters are actually and the evil perverted plans they have for me.

A few hours went by, I was hanging out in australia ki blue film dikhaiye room when my sister Ellen and Mauri came in. They just wanted to inform me that the two of them where going to have a girls-day and there is money on the table for dinner. The only thing I could say was okay better for me, because the only thing I was thinking about was to get naked and celebrate the first day of my parent free vacation with some good old fashion porn.

They left the room when suddenly Mauri came back and told me that Madina would come home soon with her boyfriend, like I cared. The hours went by I already ordered some dinner Madina was already home, I think she was fooling around with her boyfriend. It was 20:00 when the pizza finally arrived, I yelled MADINA DINNER! I already started when they finally came down, during dinner Madina told me that they were going to bed early today because they have a big day ahead of them so watch the house.

I said okay and maybe finally I can jerk myself the day is almost over and I still haven't watched any porn yet. Madina finally went to her room with her boyfriend and they closed the door, when I heard that my mind went blank.

I thought to myself I need some inspiration, so I went to Ellen's room and Mauri's room. I picked some panties, they were towel drop in front of brother soft and smelled so good that I decided to take a few more items with me.

I opened Mauri's closet and I took the first thing I saw, it was a beautiful lingerie-set with black stockings.

I went to my room I locked and started undressing myself, I put on the lingerie set and I felt like I was going to burst any second.

I quickly picked a DVD I put it in and I started to jerk of, the only problem was I didn't notice that I was being loud. I wasn't even close to Cumming when the door suddenly opened and I saw Mauri standing there in the opening. She had a devilish smile on, it was like she was trying to say: you're fucked now, real real deep!

The only thing I could say was SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! She closed the door and said WHAT THE FUCK are you doing?? Uhm am xxx sexy story sunny leone sis shit am really sorry please, I started to realize how deeply fucked I am if my parents would find out that I was jerking while wearing my sisters lingerie. Don't worry, she said snapping me out of my nightmare. I won't tell anybody but I want something for in return.

What I immediately asked, she said come to my room in 5 min you'll see. And btw don't change your outfit!. GULP 5 min where over, I started walking to her room quietly, I didn't want my other sisters see me like this.

I opened the kenzie reeves wants her pussy get licked and there she was, sitting on her couch in her tight jeans still wearing her sneakers and a nice tank top which showed her boobs really nice. Sit down she said, I did I sat down on her bed in my girly uniform. She reached for a bag and pulled a few handcuffs and a few other bondage stuff. She said your secret will be safe if you just let me tie you up a little, I had no choice so I led her.

Se tied me up on her bed, legs and arms spread I could move. I said why are you doing this her reply was you will see, with that said she grabbed the blindfold and I couldn't see a thing.

What I didn't know was that she was recording everything, she wanted to blackmail me and ruin my life. She came between my legs and started to talk very weird, I never knew she was the type of girl that enjoyed humiliating a guy. You piece of shit, stealing my shit dressing yourself as a sissy, you filthy bitch boy!

I will teach your dick some manners, with that the beating started. She grabbed my dick and started to punch me in the nuts. HARD. You like that don't you bitch, your dick is getting hard so you must like that. The only thing I could say was, AAHW please stop am sorry please it HURST!! AAHW. Wrong answer she said, she stood up and started kicking me with her sneakers on, she was laughing hysterically, she was trampling my penis so hard I couldn't scream no more, I just gave up.

35 40 minutes later she stopped, she said you think it's over after this? Your mine and if you don't like it I will just post my fun little punching session online and see what people will think about it.

My heart stopped NOOO I am stuck forever in this house, It will be hell every day for me. I have a surprise for you I suddenly heard.

She looked at the door and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my fucking with my curvy wife blowjob amateur Ellen walked in NAKED with something in her hand. I couldn't figure out what it was. Ellen said its long from over, she walked to the bed and climbed on me. Her feet on both sides of my face, when she suddenly dropped herself on my face.

I was gasping, it hurt so much I couldn't believe it, Mauri already was naked and kicked me in the nuts and started screaming PLEASURE US BITCH!! With that I started licking Ellen as good as I could. But it was hard eating her pussy while getting kicks to the nuts from Mauri.

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A few minutes passed by when Ellen stared to laugh really hard, I was wondering why she was laughing but I soon found out. She started to pee on me while I was eating her pussy and I couldn't all internal two gorgeous brunettes share vaginal creampie. I was tied up and her full weight was on my face, her warm smelly pee was dripping around my face, my mouth was full but I told myself DO NOT SWALLOW!

But mauri made sure of that, she punched me in the stomach so heard that I almost jumped. I started to swallow but I was also gagging at the same time, the smell and taste where to powerful I couldn't deny the horror I landed in. My sisters kept going and couldn't stop laughing, they switched places, Ellen started kicking and punching me in the balls and Mauri was peeing on my face while looking at me with her devilish smile. After an hour Ellen picked the black thing again and pulled it up and I finally knew what it was.

A dildo to be precise a strapon! I knew then it's only getting downhill from here on. Mauri started giggling and was looking at the pictures she took from me getting pee all over me and getting my balls kicked. I was broken I couldn't resist at all and they knew it, for that reason the untied me.

But that only made things teen chicks gets facialized in threesome hardcore and jizz, Mauri slapped me and screamed TURN AROUND BITCH.

I turned around and Ellen jumped back on the bed behind me and pushed my face down, you're gonna enjoy this little bitch. Stop… let me put on mine first Mauri said.

Mauri jumped on the bed sat in front of me and grabbed my head and said I am going to ruin your face. With that she pulled my face down and started to fuck my face.

YEAAA SUCK IT BITCH.Gulp gulp aaaahw gulp gulp SUCK SUCK SUCK and behind me Ellen pushed the strapon in my ass. It didn't mind them that I was a virgin there, they just ripped my asshole wide open. Ellen was just pounding my ass like it was her last day on this planet and Mauri was making sure that I couldn't say a word. Using her hips to fuck my face, my face wet from my own saliva and spit, I couldn't keep it in and I was gagging more and more.

Ellen was spanking my ass harder and harder, YOU BITCH FUCKING SISSY CUNT YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU OOOOH HAHAHAH TAKE IT LITTLE BROTHER. Ellen pulled her strapon out and Mauri pushed me away, Ellen grabbed my legs and pulled me towards the end of the bed.

My head was dangling on the edge, what you just felt was nothing your skull is getting fucked now for real. She stood in front of the bed with my head between her legs, she grabbed my head and shoved her strapon down my throat, 20cm strapon shoved right down there like it was nothing. She was making crazy fuck movements and screaming like she was the one getting fucked.


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Didn't take long and Ellen joined in she grabbed my legs put them high and started to fuck me again. This went on for hours when Mauri finally said, you're tired you should eat something. She pulled her big dick out of my mouth and gave Ellen the sign. Ellen almost rolled me over but stopped my legs where in my own neck, Mauri gave her strapon to Ellen and she shoved it deep in my asshole.

Your hungry aren't you?? Don't worry Mauri will take care of you. Mauri went behind me, I could feel her massive DD resting on my ass while she was looking at me between my own legs. Ellen stood opposite of here holding my legs. Mauri started to jerk me off and it felt so good, all day I was waiting for this but the whole time I was getting abused and fucked.

But almost immediately it hit me, in this position I will cum all over my face! And Mauri was smiling at me while she was jerking of like she knew that I just realized what she was doing. Your hungry aren't you ? Keep his mouth open Ellen, she put her hands in my mouth and pulled my cheeks aside. AAAHW WAA AAAH was the only thing I could say when suddenly I came… I was spraying a lot of cum I knew it would get messy. My sister's eyes where wide open and shinning, they saw the enormous amount of jizz I contained and all of it was aimed towards my mouth.

My mouth was so full and I could even smell the cum. Swallow it for us little brother please, I moved my head vigorously. Ellen smiled, I know how. She punched me hard in the stomach and I swallowed every drop of it. They were laughing, were going to have so much fun little brother shall I send these beautiful pics to you? I have a few nice one of you getting jizzed on hahahahhahahah. Put the handcuffs on him, he won't run away… let's go eat something Ellen. We hot ass amateur woman gets nailed by nasty pawn keeper brunette blowjob leave you right here, you can rest for a few hours but don't forget we aren't done yet.