Those three beautiful girls fucked hard hardcore and massage

Those three beautiful girls fucked hard hardcore and massage
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This is a second part to the first story I wrote (HEre's the link: ). Yes, I legal age teenager bawdy cleft is nailed well, the story is impossible. I know females cant be born with a penis and the body of a female (surgeries and sex changes are another thing, though).

I am a lesbian, and I am describing myself and a girl I dated in these two stories, but these stories are made up and are no way based in reality. Hang a penis and fucking a real girl with a penis is nothing but some sort of fetish for me. MAybe not even a fetish, really, since it's something I cant do in real life, but something that every once in a while I think would be a great experience if it was possible. Also, I'm just labeling this as fantasy to escape some butthurt anon from giving me crap through comments I wont be doing any more of these.

I think I needed to get these out of my system so I could focus on more normal stuff :) +++++ It's been a few weeks since our first time, and we havent had sex since, but we've talked about our fantasies and desires. Stevie prefers rougher sex and controlling her partner. On the other hand, I was more sexually passive, and I liked how she was willing to take control of me.

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With her sexually dominating preferences in mind, I decided a shopping trip was in order. It was an ordinary Friday afternoon in September when I drove my red 1996 Cavalier to the local Target. Normally, I loved shopping for clothes, and could spend all day browsing through the racks of clothing, but today, I knew exactly what I wanted. I picked out a few thin, plain cotton dresses in my size and went in to one of the fitting rooms to try them on. First was a warm yellow dress that came all the way down to my ankles.

I looked at myself in the mirrors and turned so I could see myself from the side, and, more importantly, from behind. It looked ok, I thought, but probably wouldnt get Stevie's panties wet just looking at me. Next was a dark blue knee-length dress. This, I thought, looked much better on me as I turned and checked myself out. It fit my figure perfectly, and was form-fitting enough to show the shape of my ass.

The strapless and low-cut top allowed some cleavage to be shown, but not so much that my breasts were basically flopping out. I changed back in to my REM t-shirt and light denim pants and put the yellow dress and the few others that I didnt even try on back on the racks where I found them. Then, I walked across the store to the wine and beer aisle, with blue dress draped over my arm.

I searched up and down the aisles until I found the wine I was looking for: a bottle of Peach Sweet wine by White Oak Vinyards. I took one bottle and found a pack of Solo cups on clearance before going to the checkout lanes. The girl at the checkout lane looked about my age or a few years younger. She was just a little shorter than me with short blonde hair and the most intense blue eyes I've ever seen held out her hand as she asked, "Hey, how are you?" "I"m fine," I smiled as I handed her my dress and put the cups and wine on the conveyer belt.

"This is a pretty dress." she told me as she scanned the barcode and neatly folded it and put it in a bag. "Thanks," I smiled. "y'know it's about the same color as your eyes" She looked at me quizzically as she scanned the wine and cups. "I mean, they're very pretty," I said, which made her blush a bit.

"Thanks," she said, faking a laugh. "Oh, wow, that was kinda awkward," I said, trying to make a joke of the situation. "Your total is $40.56," she told me, as I took my debit card out of my black leather card wallet and swiped it through the card reader.

"So, what's the special occasion?" she asked as I typed in my pin number. "Me and my girlf-- um, roommate are having a date night," I told her fat rods enter tiny cunts hardcore and reality, and not wanting to call Stevie a girlfriend. She was more of a fuck buddy. "Oh, really? Sounds nice," she said, seemingly not knowing what else to say.

I blushed a little as I took my receipt; I knew she felt like I was awkwardly flirting with her. I picked up my bags as she told me sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave a nice evening." "You, too," I responded, not knowing what else to say. I picked up my bags and walked off before I could say something else embarrassing.

* * * I unlocked the door to my dorm and pushed it open to find Stevie sitting on her bed studying from her world history textbook, wearing a red t-shirt with Pikachu on the front and dark blue denim jeans. She looked up as I came it. "Hey," she smiled. "Where were you?" I held my bags up. "Wal-Mart," I told her, sarcastically, and smiled. "You better have gotten me a Starbucks on the way back," she joked. "Nope. Got something better, and I'll show you later," I said as I put the bags gently on the floor by my bed.

"Why later?" she asked as she closed her book. "What time is it?" I asked She picked up her iPhone from by her side and pressed the power button. "It's a little after five. Why?" "Because the cafeteria's open.

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I'm hungry. Wanna get something to eat?" I demanded more than asked. "Yeah, I guess so, as she dropped her book on the floor, got up, and put on her flip-flops that she keeps at the foot of her bed.

We walked across campus and talked about the normal stuff: classes, cute classmates and instructors, and new music and movies. We kept up our conversations as we ate. The whole time, I thought of how I was going to surprise Stevie.

As much as it would have been easier to just say "look at what I found at Target!" and pull my dress and wine out of the bags, I wanted to make it more special than that somehow. Finally, when she excused herself to go to the restroom, I had my chance. I took a napkin out of the napkin holder on my table and looked around for a pen.

"Fuck!" I though to myself I noticed a guy by himself studying as he ate and writing in a notebook. I got up and walked over to him. He looked up as I walked over to him. "Excuse me, sweetie, uh, do you have a pen I can use for just a minute?" I asked, feeling really awkward mofos b sides lily charms she lik calling him sweetie. "I'm the world's most awkward flirt" Mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani thought to myself.

"Yeah, sure," He said as he handed me his pen. I walked quickly back to my table and wrote out a quick note on my napkin: I've got a surprise for you at the dorm. Hurry! <3 I put it on top of her drink glass and walked back over to the studying guy, smiling at him as he watched me walk toward him.

"Thanks," I told him as I handed his pen back. "Yo-you're welcome," he stuttered a bit. I smiled at him one last time and quickly walked off out the door. As soon as I pushed the door open, I took off running towards our dorm.

As I ran through the parking lots and sidewalks across campus in the rays of the setting sun, the adrenaline was flowing; I couldnt think of anything but seeing Stevie's face as she saw me in my new dress, how she'd react, would she even like the peach wine I got? I should have gotten something more neutral like regular white wine or red wine? "I'm over thinking this!" I thought to myself.

"She'll like this. I hope". I stopped running as I reached the door to my dorm building, opened it, and quickly walked toward the stairs. I wanted to run, but I was too out of breath, so I walked slowly to cool down. It was then I realized that I had started sweating during the run. It wasnt much, but it was enough to make her face and back slightly damp. "Fuck!," I thought to myself, wondering how I was going to pretty up by the time she got back. I reached fourth floor and walked down the hall to our dorm as I pulled the key out of my pocket.

I opened the door and immediately kicked my sneakers and socks off and put them in the bathroom. I then took my shirt, pants, bra and panties off and piled them on to my shows, picked up the red towel we had on the towel rack by the shower and began wiping any sweat off of my body.

I took my bottle of perfume and sprayed some in the air and let it fall on my bare body. I came out of the bathroom, closed the door behind me, and rummaged through my dresser looking for the right panties and bra. I held up some baby blue cotton panties, and thought to myself, "nevermind" as I put them back. I picked out a strapless pushup bra and quickly put it on.

I picked up the blue dress, unzipped the back zipper, put it on, and zipped it back up. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror. I posed and modeled for a moment, trying to check myself out from every angle.

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The bright, dark blue contrasted great with my auburn hair and pale skin I felt confident that Stevie would love this. For the last touch, I opened the plastic Solo cups, poured two of them about three-quarters full, and put the on the dresser. Finally, I wen t back in the bathroom glory hole brunette big tits blowjob fat schlong started brushing my hair.

I heard the dorm-room door opening while I was brushing. "Fucking finally," I thought to myself "Jessie?" I heard her call. "I'll be right out!" I answered through the closed bathroom door. I put the brush down, took a deep breath, and then opened the door.

She was sitting at the end of her bed when I came out, her eyes widened and jaw dropped as she saw me. "Wow, you're beautiful!" she gasped and stood up. "But what's the occasion?" she asked as I walked to her. "You are," I told her as I hugged her. She squeezed tightly in return. I let go and walked over to the cups she obviously hadnt noticed.

I picked them up and gave her one. "Sit down," I said, which in my nervousness seemed like more of a demand. She sat pretty hot chick scarlett fever wants to fuck her bed while I sat on mine, facing each other "What is this?" she asked as she took a sip? "Is this peaches? This is good," she said as she took another sip. "Yeah, it's a peach wine'" I reaffirmed as I took a sip. "So, is peach wine your surprise?" she smiled?

"I bought the dress just for us tonight." "Well, only one of us can wear that, and it looks like it's going to be you." "It'll take someone else to get me out of it." I took another sip of wine.

Stevie reached to her night stand and placed her cup on it, then she took mine and placed it by hers. "You dont have to tell me twice" she said as she stood up and kicked her sandals to the end of her bed.

As she walked over to my bed, I could see the bulge in her pants. "Doesnt take you long, does it?" I giggled. She looked down. "Not when I see you," she said as she sat on my bed, fell over, and pulled me down with her. We laid there in the spooning position for a moment before nasty chicks nail the biggest strap ons and spray semen all around monstercock cumshots started rubbing her arm up and down my belly and then down toward my penis.

I felt it grow, and then she grabbed on to it through my dress, and I gasped. She got on her knees and I rolled on to my back. She bent down and kissed me; our tongues fought as we passionately kissed, and I could taste the peach wine on her lips. I reached to her pants and tried to unbutton it with one hand, but I couldnt.

She giggled as she stopped kissing, then stood up and threw them off in a flash. Almost before I could blink, she was back over me, kissing me as before. She straddled me, and her bulge under her panties rubbed against mine. She pulled away from my mouth, took her shirt off, tossed it in the floor, and looked at me with lust-filled eyes.

I looked back up at her in her white bra and red panties. "You're so fucking beautiful, Jessie!" she said in a lust-filled voice as she bent back down and began sucking on my neck.

My breathing got heavier as I wrapped my arms around her. I dont know why I enjoy her doing this, but it drove me crazy last time as well, and this time was just as good. She moved down and began caressing my upper chest with her kisses. I unhooked her bra, and she raised up. She slowly pulled her bra off and let it fall to the floor, then covered her breasts up with her hands.

"Do you wanna suck my tits?" "Yes!" I answered quickly, as I put my hands on her waist and tried to pull her back down. She resisted me. "Tell me you want to suck my tits." "I-I want to suck your tits," I said, feeling weird for trying to talk dirty. She bent down, putting her hands on either side of me, keeping her breasts above my face.

"How bad do you want them?" she asked as I gazed lustfully at them. "Tell me how bad you want them." "Stevie, I I need them." She laughed, and I put my arms around her back. Using my strength, I pulled her down towards me, taking her by surprise. I quickly raise my mouth to one and begin sucking. "Oh, God," she gasped in shock to my sudden burst of strength.

Se seemed content to let me go from one to the other for a while, moaning as I licked and sucked my way around her chest. She eventually pulled herself away from me. She got off the bed and walked to her dresser. "What are you doing?" I demanded quietly?

She turned around with a plastic bottle of something and came back to me. "Sit up, baby," she told me. I did as she asked and put my feet on the floor, facing her. As I faced her bulge under her panties, "Take my panties off," she said and smiled at me. I did as she asked and slowly pulled them past her hips and let them fall to the floor.

As she moved closer to me, I knew what she wanted. Before she could tell me, I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer and put her erect penis in my mouth. I wasnt sure how to deal with it at first, so I bobbed back and forth while licking the shaft and head.

"God, baby, mmmmmm," she moaned, tossed the bottle on the bed, and grabbed my head. She pulled and pushed at my head, giving me the tempo she wanted me to bob my head. I licked and sucked her penis as she moaned "Oh, God, baby. Jessie, mmmmm." After a minute or two, she pulled her penis from my mouth. She bent over to pick up her bottle, she looked me in the eye, and kissed me as passionatly as before.

She pushed me down on to my bed and crawled between my legs and wrapped them around her. She opened the top of her bottle as she looked in to my eyes. "Stevie?

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Lube?" I asked, excited and nervous. "Yeah," she answered excitedly as she squeezed a bit on her hand and rubbed it on her penis.

Then she leaned forward and massaged some around my asshole. I gasped at the sensation of someone rubbing fingers on my asshole. "Please be careful," I begged as she brought her penis closer to my asshole. I was excited, but was afraid it would hurt. "I"ll take it out if I hurt you," she promised as the head made contact with my asshole. She pressed the head inside me, and we both gasped. My eyes opened wide as the head went in, my mouth opened as I moaned, and I squeezed my breasts. She pushed in slowly and slightly back out.

Slowly she went in and out until her whole length was slowly sliding in and out. "Oh, God, Stevie," I moaned as she filled my asshole, and I closed my eyes "Jessie, am I hurting you?" she asked as she leaned down closer to me and put her hands on my shoulders "No, no," I responded, squeezing my breasts through my bra and dress.

"Baby, your fucking ass feels so good!"she gasped in to my ear as she moved overwatch black cat porn fucking big dick cartoon play free and out. She started pumping in and out a bit faster. "My, God, your face is fucking hot!" I knew she was losing control of herself, as she pumped even harder.

Her testicles were bumping against me as she thrusted. She was hurting me, but not unbearable, and the pain was actually somehow pleasurable. I moaned because I knew she wanted to hear me "Fuck me. Fuck my ass," I told her timidly. "Yes, baby, talk to me!" she demanded. I moaned and moved a hand down to my penis and started jerking myself.

"I'm getting close, baby. I'm going to come in your ass!" She breathed in my ear "No, take it out! I'll jerk you off!" I begged "No, I'm coming in your ass!" I couldnt stop her as she bucked harder and harder until she exploded.

"Oh my god, baby!" She moaned, almost screaming as she bucked in to my ass.

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She fell down to me and kissed me more passionately than she ever had, as her penis shrank and she pulled it out. She was sweating a little as she pulled away from my face.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back towards my erect, screaming penis. She crawled back without resistance as I scooted to the end of the bed.

She crawled off the back and grabbed on to my penis. She looked up at me and jerked it a few times before licking her lips and then putting my tip in to her mouth. "Mmmmm," I moaned as I put my hands on her heard. She kept the tip in her mouth, bobbing in and out slightly as she licked my head.

I closed my eyes and started pushing her head farther down and controlling the tempo she bobbed up and down.I knew it wouldnt be long before I orgasmed, so I wrapped my leg around her back to keep her from getting away. She was bobbing up and down, licking my shaft as I moaned "God, Stevie, I'm getting close.

Mmmmm, baby." My hands grabbed a handful of hair as I guided her faster. She moaned a bit and tried to pull away. I squeezed tighter with my legs and held exotic dominatrix spanking and humiliating her toy boy hair tight. "No, I'm going to come in your mouth," I demanded. My legs squeezed tighter and my hands pulled her hair a little tighter as I orgasmned in her mouth.

She moaned and gagged as she tried to pull away. "Oh, God!" I moaned as I emptied myself in to her. After my orgasm subsided, I let go and fell back on the bed as Stevie gagged on the floor. "Fucking hell!" she said as she looked at me in shock from the foot of the bed. I sat up and kneeled before her, careful not to get my dress in the mess on the floor.

I hugged her and sucked on her neck as she hugged back. "Next time," I demanded, "Dont come in my ass." .