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Lesbian full moviegirl with girl
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Grace loved teasing boys. It was her favourite thing to do. It was better than sex; at least, she hypothesised. She'd been careful not to lose her virginity - but oh, she had been tempted, so close, so many times. She loved the label, virgin. And she wasn't one of those girls that claimed to be a virgin, but then proceeded to have sex anally.

Oh no. No genitalia had probed her lower orifices. It was a label rarely used on girls her age. Most of the others had tainted themselves at her age, ripped a part of them, 'had their cherries popped'. Whatever you want to call it, Grace was a virgin, and she was proud of it. She wasn't a stranger to the world of sex. She wasn't a home-schooled Christian that had never seen a penis with her own eyes.

She had seen plenty of penises. And it wasn't only her gaze that touched them. She used her hands mostly. Sometimes her mouth, if she was feeling even more randy than usual. Only once did she use her most prized treasure box on a boy, and even then there was no penetration. She made sure of that. That was only for the very rarest occasion that boy was extra cute, his penis was stiff, thick, royal, and she was so damn horny her dared to do it.

Grace was raised moving from town to town. Her dad was in the army. She didn't hot legal age teenager gets body fondled well him much.

Ebon jock for white holes interracial and hardcore was a nice guy and all, but she couldn't really relate to him. "You've grown up so much, my little angel," he would always say when he came back from duty. He would always give her gifts. Mainly shirts, 'Daddy's little angel', 'princess', and her favourite 'tease'.

Some of the time they were sizes too small. She grew up fast while he was away. She missed him a lot, but she understood it was his job and he had to do it. Because of her moving town to town she had plenty of boys to toy with. But her reputation never followed her, she never had enough time to grow a proper one.

That's what she liked. In each town she was just another naive innocent girl, with no sexual experience at least that's what she had liked them to believe. Grace had been a curious girl growing up. She still remembered the talks she had had with her mother when she was a younger girl. "Mommy," she had said, "what's a virgin?" "Where did you hear that?" Came her mothers reply. "Some girl said it today at school. What does it mean?" "Oh. well sweetie I'll tell you when you're a bit older, okay?" Grace had been intrigued now.

What secrets was her mother hiding from her? "Come on mommy please tell me!" "Alright alright. But don't say this to any of the girls in your grade. Their parents have to have this discussion for themselves." She had sat Grace on her knee.

"A virgin is someone who has not had sexual intercourse." "What's that?" Grace had interrupted. "I was getting to that dear.

Sexual intercourse is what people have when they love each other very very much." "I love you and daddy very much mommy, why haven't we had sex-u-al intercourse?" Her mother had laughed. "No sweety, that's a different type of love. Sexual intercourse is when a man places his penis inside the females vagina." "So. I'm a virgin?" "Yes, I would presume so." Grace's eyebrows had furrowed.

"How can I be sure I'm a virgin mommy?" "Well girls have what is called a hymen. It's a layer of skin, of sorts, inside your vagina. When a penis goes in your vagina, or a large object in fact, it will rip your hymen and you won't be a virgin any more." Grace had burrowed her brow again, thinking it all over.

Then she had stood up and climbed onto her chair and onto the table and taken off her little pants and panties and spread her legs and then her labia majora and minora, spreading her pussy, showing her hymen. "Do I have a hymen mommy?" "Grace you shouldn't do that!" Her mother had scolded. "But mommy what if I'm not a virgin?" Her mother had sighed and looked at her daughters privates. "Yes, you're still a virgin sweety, now put on your panties and pants before someone sees, please. And don't do that again." Grace had complied.

That conversation had been the start. The foundation stone in her mind. Her virginity was sacred and must be protected; preserved. Not many hands had touched her pussy, and even less eyes seen it. When a boy got too rough, when they hit her hymen with their fingers she'd abort her 'illicit' activities, slap the boy and leave.

That was her policy, and most boys obeyed it. After that came her unhealthy obsession with pornography.

She'd watch it after school when her mother was out. She'd watch as girls would take huge loads over their faces, deep inside every hole you could imagine.

She watched the tame missionary sex to the more extreme acts like triple penetration. She watched guy on guy, girl on guy, girl on girl. It all got her wet. One of her favourites was girl domination. The ultimate girl in control. Most of those videos the girls didn't get penetrated. They just teased men. Tortured men. That's what got her off. She learned how to masturbate. She already knew her clitoris was the most crucial element, but she learned ways of teasing not only boys, but herself.

She had liked that too. Intrigued by the girls tasting themselves, she gave that a try too. She tasted fantastic. Sometimes at school she when she was aroused she would give herself a taste, just when no-one was looking. When going through puberty she found the stunning effects her body had on the boys around her. They'd watch her ass wiggle as she walked down the corridor, her tiny titties jiggling ever so slightly as she jogged.

She could get their complete attention and have them mesmorised. Sometimes she'd 'forget' to brush down her skirt, allowing the boy behind her to see her panties through the hole in her chair. She turned around one class after doing that and saw a boy with an obvious boner.

That got her even more wet on the spot. Her first experience with a boy, a few years back was in the front seat of a car. The boy she had already forgotten his name had unzipped his pants and shown his erection to Grace. Grace was in awe of it its throbbing, the stiffness, the little dollop of pre-cum that had oozed out of his urethra. The boy had taken her hand in his and slowly pulled it over to his dick.

At first touch he stiffened, causing his dick to bounce. Grace had given a nervous laugh. She couldn't believe she was going through with this.

At first she stroked slowly, watching the dick head play pick-a-boo as the foreskin was pulled up and down by her masturbating. The boy was breathing harder, as her stroking got faster. She wasn't looking at his dick any more, she was staring at his face. His eyes had closed and his mouth agape. His chest was swelling with each deep breath.

She'd watched his face change as she increased her tempo. His eyes squeezed shut and his mouth opened wider, his teeth bared, as if in a silent scream, but only a gurgled gasp was emitted.

Her gaze tore from his face to his crotch. Her hand was shining from the light reflecting off his pre-cum. His dick jerked, and shot a wad of semen. Her other hand caught it. It was cupped around his dick. It was a small amount of cum, she had thought straight away but then he shot more, and more.

Her hand had filled with his semen as she kept pumping. Finally he stopped. His dick still erect, yet softer, not as hard.

Her hand was filled with semen. She had dipped her finger in and given it a lick. Her first taste of semen and definitely not her last. It was extremely unpleasant, to her disappointment. Salty.

Too salty. And sticky in her mouth. She had wiped the rest of his cum on his pants and hopped out his car, to her front door, and teenyblack hot ass ebony teen fucked and facialized her house. That was her first sexual experience.

And boy did she play with herself that night. Her second experience had been far less exciting than the first. She had to coax the boy into opening his pants, and when he did she was mildly disappointed. The boy had a small dick. Now don't get me wrong, she wasn't a size-queen that demanded a large cock she didn't even take cocks vaginally. But with a small dick there was so much less to work with. But it was enough. It had taken her a while to get this far with another boy. Too long for her liking, and she wasn't going to give this one up, no.

A cock is a cock. She'd reached out and grabbed the boys cock. This one was uncircumcised, her first of this kind. She coated his dick with the pre-cum that had leaked out of the horny boy and started stroking, getting into a slow rhythm when suddenly no more than 15 seconds in, he ejaculated. No warning signals. Weak wads of cum had drizzled out of his dick.

No high powered shots like the previous. It dribbled down her hand. She had tried it perfect blonde girl plays with her slit it two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore taste nice, like the last.

That was the last bit of fun she had had with that boy. After that she headed home and pleasured herself the nights activities going through her head, the 'sexual material' she used to get off on and it was mighty effective.

After that she had looked up on the Internet ways to sweeten cum. After fruitless pages of search material she came across a site claiming pineapple juice would sweeten a man's love juice. Goodie for her. Her next adventure was many weeks later. She'd fed the boy plenty of pine apple juice boxes over the last few weeks. Her hidden agenda. It better of worked. The boy unzipped his pants and his penis popped free.

A fine specimen, she had decided, and she got to work. She stroked his shaft with one hand, and used the other to rub his balls, and the bit of skin between the ball-sack and the anus that was, she had decided, at least on her, where she rubbed and gained pleasure from.

The boy hadn't seemed to mind. In fact he'd enjoyed it immensely. The boy had stamina, unlike her previous partner. She had to stroke him long before he ejaculated. As usual, she watched his face until ejaculation.

That's what she got off on. Watching how horny he got, the faces he pulled, the pleasure so evident on his face. He'd shot his cum.

Thick ropes of cum shooting powerfully into her hand. She remembered being so excited. Finally some tasty jizz. This was, she'd seen, what men loved.

In all the pornography she'd watched on the Internet the girls loved to swallow cum. Taking it from the source by the wad. Greedily gulping it down rope after rope. Yet, when she tasted it, she was yet again disappointed. The pineapple did help, faintly. Gorgeous blonde takes care of a dick, she had decided, cum wasn't for her.

She wasn't a cum-queen after all. From then onwards she didn't bother trying the cum. She just wiped it off on whatever was available. That was, however, until she started giving blow jobs. Her first blow job had been on a boy who couldn't get off on her jerking his cock, no matter how hard she tried. At first she thought he might be gay. Maybe, she had thought, he might need a little bit of stimulation. She hadn't bared her breasts to anyone yet.

She'd jerk 'em and leave them hanging. There had been some feeling up through the clothes, but no direct contact. She only had A cups. At first she had been disappointed when they stopped growing. "They'll grow more eventually," she had consoled herself. But they didn't, and she gradually got used to them, and began to like them. They were her titties.

Her special little titties and she liked them no matter what any boy said. Anyway, back to the boy. He'd failed to climax from hand stimulation. "Can you suck it, just a little?" He had asked. Grace had been nervous. Very nervous. She was entering uncharted territory. "What happens next, Grace? Let him fuck you? Let him fuck you up the ass? Where does it end Grace?" Her mind shouted at her. She had pushed those thoughts aside. A cock in her mouth wouldn't rip her hymen.

She'd taken the real college sex on campus from college rules vid of his dick slowly, getting used to the taste of dick.

She tried to imitate what she'd watched so very often on pornography and from his moans she could tell she was doing something right. She had stroked him with one hand while her head bobbed up and down on the top of his cock, her tongue swirling around licking every side and all around. One of the setbacks with giving head, she'd decided, was that she couldn't watch his face as he came to orgasm.

Then he had done the unforgivable. He held his hand on her head, holding his dick in her mouth and ejaculated. She hadn't been prepared for that. Maybe if he had asked beforehand she might have taken the load and swallowed it.

But he held her down. She wondered for a second if this was considered some form of rape. He shot his load in her mouth, filling it up. After he'd finished he'd taken his hand off her head. She had ripped her mouth of his dick, her teeth painfully scraping as she lifted off.

She'd slapped him, hard, and then spat his cum back at him, all over his face. That was the last he was getting of her. She had a hard time getting off that night. Horrid thoughts of him holding her head down and filling her mouth with cum until she couldn't breathe had filled her mind, but she managed to cum.

She wasn't into the whole rape-fantasy thing. The thought made her sick. The thought of some bastard who would so willingly take a girls most valuable possession from her without consent made her sick to the stomach. She soon progressed to taking off her shirt in front of boys. She hardly wore a bra. Her breasts were so small and delicious bulbs of flesh that sat suspended in place on her chest.

So tight, so fleshy, so arousing. She liked to tweak her nipples when getting off. In her own company of course. She never touched herself in front of a boy. No. She was just a little bit of eye candy for the boys eyes to feast on. She would take off her shirt, and skirt, or whatever she was wearing below, only wearing a pair of little panties. That would get the boys aroused. Sweet little Grace nearly nude in the front of a car, the boys dick in her pants.

She loved to tease them, whisper dirty somethings in their ear. Always a whisper, that was so sexy. She practised what she would say at home, sometimes while masturbating, getting off on the thought of saying them to boys.

"Your cock makes me so wet." That was one of her favourites. Sometimes she'd run a finger down her slit, her moist panties smelling strongly of her sexual arousal.

"Look at my moist little pussy. You've made my panties so wet." That was another of her favourites. She wouldn't take off her panties though, no matter how much they begged. She'd only done that once for a boy.

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It was a very special occasion for the boy. He didn't know how lucky he was, she had thought. She progressed to teasing the boys, lowering the fronts of her panties, giving them a glance of her finely trimmed pubic hair, sometimes even showing a tid-bit of her slit. Rarely though. Most of the time she wore a pair of little pink hello kitty panties.

They were her favourite. She wondered how they had lasted her so long. Night after night they'd been soaked in her pussy juice. Night after night she'd slide them down her smooth legs and masturbate furiously, sliding the dirty panties back up when she was done.

Sometimes she wore a g-string. She would tease the boys, wiggling her ass at the boys, getting them aroused. It was uncomfortable wearing them though. She never knew how girls did it, that piece of string always niggling in her crack. She preferred the smooth feel of panties neatly creased inside her crack. Sometimes she wore boy-shorts. For those of you unfamiliar with boy-shorts, they are little knickers with extended fabric covering more of the hips than panties did.

She thought they looked very sexy on her when she modelled them, and only in them, in the mirror. But nothing compared to her cute little hello kitty panties. Nothing compared. They exuded a sense of femininity.

Innocence. Girlishness. That drove the boys wild. Long before she had touched a boys penis, when she only had the fantasies and her imagination as a stimulant for her nightly masturbation sessions, she began wondering how to style her pubic hair.

A full grown bush, she had decided, was not very sexy. And she loved looking at her pussy while masturbating. She didn't know if that made her a lesbian, or rather bisexual (she loved penis too much to be a lesbian, she thought), but she just loved staring at it.

She immediately decided against the full shave. That reminded of her of her child hood, her days before puberty. Her days before masturbation. "The dark days" she sometimes thought of crissy moon is a super cute newbie as.

She didn't want to be seen as a little girl or not that little. No. She liked having pubic hair, but too much is too much. She had started first with trimming it down, so it was only a few millimetres long.

It had a nice feel rubbing it. Then she started shaving it down. She applied the cream, and after a messy (very messy) shaving cream covered masturbation session she began shaving down. Smaller and smaller, her pubic hair slowly disappeared, until she found the style she was looking for.

A snail trail. A little trail leading down to her precious treasure. The place no man had gone before. Yet small enough to be hide in her little hello kitty panties, she had made sure of that.

She had cleaned herself up, inside and out, of the shaving cream and slid her most adored panties up her legs, enjoying the sensations of the fabric against her little lips. Her aroused clitoris pressing against the fabric. Yes. She liked this style very much. Cuckold compilation mia lelani jenna ivory juelz ventura ash hollywood had thought, happily, it was there to stay and it did. The events of one special night changed her desires and fantasies forever.

This was long before she'd shown her little pussy to anyone, but not long after she had progressed to stripping down to only hot tight milfs have gym oral sex panties. She was in the middle of jacking some guy off when her phone rang.

He was oh so close, but she had jumped in fright. The look on his face, the disappointment mixed with pleasure. The needing. The longing for her hand on his dick. That aroused her more than any other sight she had seen before.

Her panties literally started leaking lubricants. She had nervously answered the phone, which was her mother telling her to come home. She had quickly clothed up, ignoring the boys pleas to continue, his dick throbbing, his balls aching for a release. Her panties had been so wet. She was so very aroused. Hot babe deserved a good pussy slam slid up her skirt and zipped it up and gotten into her shirt before hopping out of the car and running the few blocks home.

Shakily at first. She had run in the darkness illuminated only by the yellow glow of dirty street lamps. Her vagina had ached so bad. She'd ducked into a yard, only a few houses from hers, and stuck a hand down her panties and masturbated so ferociously she came within seconds. It was a beginning of a new era of teasing for her. The ultimate tease. A blue-balling so very, very powerful. She began wearing a bra, on her little nightly visits.

Not all of them were in a car. Sometimes they were in the back of a theatre. The first time in a theatre was very arousing for her. She supposed she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her. The bra was a nice touch to her little tease strip she did. An extra step, an extra piece she had to shed in front of the eager boys. Once she had even worn two pairs of panties. The hello kitty panties on, and a nice black boy-shorts.

The look of disappointment on the boy's face after she peeled down the boy-shorts had been so very arousing for her. She didn't stick with a boy very long.

Most of them were one nighters, after a few days of teasing them, that is.

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Wiggling her ass in their faces, leaning over and pressing her breasts into them "accidentally". If the boy came back for more she'd sweetly batter her eyelids and tell them to kindly piss off and if they tried to get with her or spread any rumours she'd deny everything, and, at a adrianna luna cumshot black suspect taken on a tough ride resort, claim the boy had a small penis.

That usually shut them up. But she moved often, so it wasn't hard to find new meat. She hadn't kept track of all the boys she'd had fun with over the years. The number of disappointed boys would have grossly outnumbered the number of boys who had shot their load. The night she did peel away her panties was a very important wake-up call for her. The boy was very cute, perhaps one of the cutest she'd been with. That didn't matter too much, it was the cock that got her going.

Anyway, this boy was cute, had a fantastic dick and had the stamina of a stallion. (At least, as the saying goes.) They lay on a blanket on a hill, far away, secluded. He had taken her there. "Take off your panties Grace, let me see your sweet little pussy, you're so wet," he'd urged, while she masturbated his cock, laying beside him.

He had been right. Her panties were so very wet. Little soaked kitty. She had thought for a second, but in her horny state she decided to go for it. The first boy to see her pussy.

The first to see her very fine pubic styling. She lowered her panties, slowly, trying the sexy strip tease she'd performed for herself so many times in the mirror.

Shaking her ass and flipping the top, showing her frontal crack, then her ass crack. The look of anticipation on his face was so arousing to her. He had stroked his dick slowly before she demanded he stopped, in a sweet little voice of course. He then watched her slowly slide her panties.

Down to her thighs, her knees. She had bent down at the waist, showing her pussy between her clasped thighs from behind, and took off the panties one leg at a time. She had stuffed him in her mouth, her pussy juices squelching that's how wet she had been. That had got him got. He tried to reach for his dick but she stopped him.

Her hands quivered while hovering over her hotbox. He pulled her arm forward and she fell on him, surprised. He pulled her closer and bit into her panties with his mouth, while they were still in hers. Her juices dripped into his mouth, and he ripped the panties from hers and dropped them before tonguing Grace wildly, in a frenzy.

His hand lowered down. She felt his dick probe her cunt lips. NO. She panicked. She had pushed his dick away and jumped back. "C'mon babe please," he'd begged, pulling at her thighs. "Let me be in control, she had replied. And she lowered herself down. She flattened his cock against his stomach and sat on it.

Her cunt was now pressed into his dick. Her mind had screamed at her to stop, but her pussy, her clitoris, demanded she continue. She had now started rocking, sliding up and down his cock, it hot-dogged between his belly and her pussy, his dicks length sliding up and down between her lips. Grace had grinned as she watched his face contort in pleasure. She bit her lip in anticipation.

She couldn't believe she was going to go through with it, at this advanced, naked stage. "I'm gonna cum," the boy had gasped. That was her signal. She jumped up, his dick had bounced, bounced achingly, needing more pressure, more pussy.

She watched his face contort. This cute boys face. From pure pleasure, then to shock. Then came the anger. He was ugly when angry. But she was so aroused. This was her best one yet. "What are you doing you whore?" He had shouted angrily. That made her scared.

He was madder than any other of the boys. They had mostly looked desperate and in agony. But this boy was mad. He jumped up and pulled her towards him. "You little tease," he had spat. "You're going to get a fucking now." She was in a state of pure terror.

She was going to lose what was most precious to her. Her beloved virginity was going to be torn away by this bastard. "Where would you like it, bitch. In your slutty halo 4 spartan ops movie tube porn cunt or your tight arse?" He had growled, pawing at her behind.

"Get off me you creep," she had squealed, calling for help, but they were too far away. They were far away from society. It was almost as if he had planned for something like this. The boy had pinned her to the ground, one hand around the throat, his knees pinning her thighs down, and his other hand directing his dick towards her pussy. "I think I'll take you in mom and patrons pal suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft little cunt," he had snarled.

"And you're going to enjoy this. Every, single inch." He had slowly slipped into her before hitting her hymen a genuine surprise for him. "What? You filthy slut you're still a virgin? Boy is it my lucky day!" He grinned nastily. Grace had pushed one final time, one last effort.

Her left leg had come lose, slipping from underneath his knee. She jerked her knee upward, kneeing him hard in the balls. His expression had changed from a look of malice to excruciating pain. She had kicked up again, kneeing him in the balls again. He fell to the ground. She shakily stood up and raised a foot, stamping it down on his scrotum. She could feel a testicle squish under her foot. She had reached out and grabbed her favourite hello kitty panties, leaving the rest of the clothes and ran from him, into the darkness.

She had ran and ran until she was out of breath, an hour later, far, far away. She had a dull ache in chap seduces lovely babe and bonks her pussy and her heart was hammering like a drum. She rubbed one out. Butt naked in public, her panties in her hand, she brought them to her nose often to sniff, getting off on the smell of her own arousal. She tried to get the thoughts of him and his attempted rape out of her head.

She managed to climax strongly, her juices running into the grass below her. She had then slipped on her panties and covertly hopped from yard to yard until she finally made it home in the early hours of the morning. She hopped in the shower straight away, in panties and all, scalding boiling water pouring over her for hours, until she felt she was finally clean of his filthy touch. After that it took her a while to get back with screw with hot legal age teenager wench guy.

For months she had stuck with masturbating solo in a room, conjuring images of her previous sexual adventures as a stimulant to get chaines sex with his sister, but soon came the calling of the cock.

She needed to tease. She wanted the look of agony, the blue-balling, that's what she craved. And soon she was back on the wagon.

It wasn't long after she was back teasing men that she started attempting to hook up with girls. "Hey," she had told herself, "you masturbate to girl on girl porn, you might as well try it." It was harder than she anticipated. She wasn't sure which girl was a lesbian. With the boys it had been easy. If the boy didn't respond she just moved on. There were plenty of boys that would want to fuck her not that she ever let them.

But with the girls it was different. Grace had found herself looking at them in the showers, looking for other girls that stared at other girls too. She had spotted one girl, a quiet mousey little girl. She could be really attractive if she tried. Get a sexy hair cut, apply a bit of make-up and get contact lenses and she could be a real man-eater. Though Grace had a sneaking suspicion she was more of a pussy-eater.

It took a bit of courage for Grace to talk to her, but she did. It was odd, she could talk to girls easily normally, but when she found herself with a lesbian she was clueless. Would her moves work on a girl? Would denying a girl an orgasm be as arousing for her? She didn't know. After a few days of polite hellos and small conversations the girl finally asked Grace if she wanted to go to her house and do some 'homework', to which Grace had accepted.

She dressed up that night, she wore her favourite hello kitty panties, a short miniskirt and her 'tease' shirt her dad had given her. She had almost forgotten to bring along the homework she was meant to be doing. The girl answered the door in more casual clothes and lead Grace up the stairs to her room.

To Graces disappointment the girl had her homework on the bed. They jumped on and got stuck in. It wasn't long before the girl had gained the courage to talk non-homework related stuff. "So. Grace. are you a. you know. Virgin?" She had asked. Grace had nodded in reply. "Oh wow really?" "Are you?" Grace asked back. The girl nodded shyly.

She didn't strike Grace as the type to sleep around. "Some boy. I thought he loved me. He just wanted to use my cunt," she had spat, angrily. Then her mood changed. "So you're a virgin? I don't believe it you're so pretty." "Well I am. No boy has managed to get inside me," Grace had replied, having a sudden flashback at her near-rape event. "I don't believe you," the girl had whispered. "Prove it." Grace thought for a second. She had never spread her lips for any boy, only herself.

"But," she thought, "a girl can't fuck her with a dick. A girls got restraint. She can't rape me and take my virginity." "Okay, I'll prove it," she had said. She then unzipped her skirt and flung it to the floor. Then she ravishing czech beauty lexi dona finger fucks and orgasms up at the girl, bit her lip nervously, and then she had peeled her hello kitty panties down her thighs and completely off, placing them beside her.

The girl was entranced. Grace then raised her knees up, and spread her legs out, her labia majora her outer lips, spreading. She used her fingers to spread her labia minora her inner pussy lips, and exposed her hymen to the girl.

The girl had gasped, her eyes dazzled at the site. "I wish I still had mine," the girl had said. "It looks so. sexy." The girl reached out and touched Grace's pussy. This was a first for her. The girl ran her hand over Grace's pussy, along her thighs and through her pubic hair.

"Show me yours," Grace had said. "What?" The girl replied. "Your pussy." The girl looked nervous now as she took off her tracksuit pants. She had on some plain white cotton panties, still sexy, hiding her precious pussy. "Here goes," the girl had said, and she pushed down her panties. Grace was amazed. This was the first cunt she had seen, in person, that wasn't hers.

The girl had large labia minora, they were large and visible, pushing out and were on display kind of hanging just below the girls labia majora her outer pussy lips. She had no pubic hair, and her pussy was so moist and aroused.

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Grace saw her clitoris, engorged, aroused. The girls had taken off their tops. Grace had tiny titties in comparison. Grace then rubbed the girls pussy. They started playing with each other and then the girl pounced over, sticking her pussy in Grace's face and positioning herself above Grace's pussy. They both dove in together.

Both had no experience, but both knew the inner workings of a vagina. Both sucked and licked and gently nibbled on each others moist soaking group of girl nude bath. Grace had thought briefly of denying the girl an orgasm, watching her face as she nearly came but then couldn't, but Grace had decided not to.

It would be too cruel. She needed to do that to a girl she didn't like. Both girls came simultaneously. Their moans muffled as their mouths were latched around each others pussies. They had bucked up and down, curling their toes hot fuck petite couple makin love on webcam two clawing at each others backs. Afterward the girls just lay together. Grace cuddling the girl, slipped a finger down and inserted it into the girls pussy, fully.

She could never do that to herself. It felt good. The girl had giggled, and slipped a hand down and tried to insert a finger. Grace had stopped her. "You can touch, but you can't penetrate," she had whispered, and that's just what the girl did.

They fell asleep that way, Grace with one finger in the girls pussy, the other cupping a boob. The girl had one hand awkwardly lain backward, cupping Grace's pussy. It had been a good night, for the both of them. It had given Grace many nights of masturbation material. Grace had gone in search of a new girl. One that she didn't like. A hot girl wish a shit personality. A girl she wouldn't mind tormenting. And she found her victim. A cheerleader, always talking about pussy.

Sure, she had a boyfriend, but she was always talking about the girls pussies. She also enjoyed gossiping behind girls backs, saying mean things about them. This was reason enough for Grace. "Hey Grace," she had called one time."What does your pussy taste like?" All the girls had laughed it off as a joke. Only Grace it seemed saw the inner lesbian.

She had had to wait, many days until she got her opportunity. The girl was the last to leave the showers after gym class, the last, except for Grace. Grace walked over to the girl, her body wrapped from chest to high-thigh in a towel.

"So," Grace had said to the girl, when they were all alone. "I hear you want to have a taste and see what my pussy looks like." And with that Grace had dropped her towel, standing butt naked in front of the girl. The girl gaped for a second, her mouth wide open as her eyes soaked in the image of Grace's sexy fit nude body standing in front of her.

She snapped out of it. She dropped her towel and walked over and powerfully tongued her. She slammed her into a locker in passion and the two kissed passionately, both girls completely naked, their stomachs pressed together, their pubic bones grinding. The girl had taken Grace by her hand and lead her to a bench, sitting Grace down and spreading her legs. She started putting fingers into Grace's vagina but Grace stopped her.

"Only tongue," she had whispered. And the girl complied. She tongue-fucked Grace to orgasm right in that changing room. She had a talent with the tongue. It was obvious Grace was not her first. She brought Grace to orgasm easily, using only her tongue her hands gently massaging Grace's thighs and vagina, tweaking a nipple once in a while. "She stood up and sat on the bench, wiping Grace's pussy juice from her lip, and spread her legs.

"Your turn." Grace dove in.

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She pumped her fingers inside the girl and tongued the girls clitoris. The girl gave her instructions as Grace sucked on her cunt, she knew what she liked. Grace looked up at the girls face. She looked so sexy. Her eyebrows were scrunched up, her eyes closed and her mouth agape. She was moaning heavily now. Grace stopped tongue-fucking her and used both hands to manually stimulate the girls clit, and finger-fuck her at the same time, all the while watching the girls face.

"Tell me when you're going to cum honey, tell me when you're going to cum," Grace had said. "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, keep fucking my cunt," the girl had squealed back. Grace pumped one last time and withdrew her fingers, licking them clean. She watched the girls face turn from pleasure to question. Then from questioning to desperation. The girl started frigging her cunt with her hands, but Grace had leant forward and held the girls hands back. The girls face twisted in almost agony it seemed, her hips bucking, trying to grind her clit on anything to get her release.

As the girls feeling for orgasm passed she gave up, Grace let go, entranced. It was more beautiful than she ever imagined. The girls face was so arousing.

The pleasure. The agony. The yearning. Grace masturbated, remembering the events of that night. So fresh in her memory. She came all over her fingers, and she used her special hello kitty panties to clean up the mess, before putting them back on and dosing asleep. And she dreamt. She dreamt contentedly. Satisfied. Relaxed. Happy. A hand down her special little horny chubby slut having fun with a couple kitty panties, soaking wet, cupping her pussy.

She dozed, for hours, peacefully.