Gratifying gorgeous babe with oil massage hardcore and blowjob

Gratifying gorgeous babe with oil massage hardcore and blowjob
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I had finally discovered freedom.

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Life was perfect when you were sixteen. I had a car, a job, and a new computer. I could cruise around town for as long as I wished, and go where I wanted. Right now I black anacondas vs nadia ali to go to my friend Jeremy's house. He was down, from his breakup with his girlfriend. So I, who was in the best of moods, decided he should be too. Jeremy lived across town and we didn't get to see each other as much as we would like.

We met in middle school and were friends since seventh grade. But now we went to different high schools and only got to see each other about once a week, when we got together to play cards. When I got to his house I saw only his car in the drive. So I ran up to the door and started banging on it like I was being chased by the villain in a slasher movie. No one answered so I thought maybe no one was home. I turned sex xxx scholl six vidoes leave when I heard someone coming down the stairs on the inside.

I slimed as big as possible when I saw it was Jeremy and he opened the door when he saw me. Jeremy was 6 foot 3 and 3 inches taller than me. He had brown hair and eyes like mine. But my hair was a bit longer. Jeremy had more bulky muscle than me. I had more of a swimmers build you could say. But I was by no means a swimmer. I was still a virgin and I was pretty sure he was too at the time.

I was Bi but I was not out as it were. My high school was hell for known gay kids and I had no wish to participate in that area. So I dated some girls and liked them. Sadly none of them was interested in sex. But life went on. "Hey you doing anything," I asked looking at him.

"Nope," he replied with a jerk of his shoulder. I knew he wanted to be alone from the way he was looking at me, but I wasn't about to head the warning. I charged in. "Kay. Then I'll invade," I said pushing passed him and walking into his house. I could feel his eyes rolling and the smile break on his face on the back of my neck as I calmly walked through his kitchen and into his living room to turn on the T.V.

Jeremy had cats, so all of the furniture in his house was covered in plastic. I took it off of my favorite chair and dropped down in a move meant to make mothers wince. Jeremy came in, leaning against the wall, gave me a look that said he was thinking on what to do next about me. "Don't worry," I said not taking my eyes off the T.V., "I'll be sure to be in your way." He rolled his eyes and smiled again, then plopped down into the chair next to me.

Then he heaved a heavy sigh that made me frown. I looked over at him and saw that he was still in pajamas at six at night. He had taken it hard I thought. Which was weird because he had been the one who broke up with his girlfriend? "So do you want to talk about it," I asked him turning my head back to the T.V. in a strictly male gesture. He gave another sigh and said nothing.

So we sat and I waited. At one point I noted aloud his parents weren't home yet, but he said they wouldn't be back until Monday and it was Saturday. After that we said nothing. We watched T.V. until nine O'clock when it had gotten dark and I had to go.

"Why don't you just spend the teen babysitter gobbles pornstars and big dick he said when I got up to leave. "Why not," I replied smiling again. So I called my mom and told her I wouldn't be coming home. I hadn't actually spent the night at Jeremy's house since his fourteenth birthday when he had me and two other guys stay over and we got in trouble for not going to sleep when we were told.

I guessed that his parents wouldn't let him have anybody over again after that. But with them gone we were free to break a few rules. We went up to his room and played video game until about midnight when I crashed and fell asleep.

I woke up to go to the bathroom and 2:47 blaring at me in red from the clock across the room. I who was on the top bunk of Jeremy's bunk beds climbed down and found Jeremy at his computer.

I came up behind him intending to scare him and yelled into his ear, "WHAT WE LOOKIN AT?" Jeremy visibly jumped and shot a glance over his shoulder before hurriedly closing the web page he was on. But not before I saw the picture of a guy screwing the daylights out of another.

Jeremy blushed so deep a red he seemed to glow in the monitor light room like a light bulb. I felt my throat go dry as I summed up the situation. Seeing as Jeremy's six inch dick unsheathed from his pajamas and standing erect for me to see and the porn on the screen left little to the imagination as to what he had been doing.

He was uncut like me and the same size as me a part of my mind noted. Jeremy got up to leave and was mumbling an apology when I grabbed his arm and said, "It's alright. I don't mind at all." I couldn't believe what I had just done or saw. I knew I was Bi, but was Jeremy too? My mind was racing with feelings and thoughts I had never really entertained about Jeremy. I had always assumed he was straight and that was that. But his blushing face and bulging dick that he was failing to cover with his cupped hands was proving me different.

I let go of his arm and went and sat on his bed and cupped my swirling head in my hands.

Then I looked back up at him. He was afraid and looked like he almost had tears in his eyes.

I had no idea what to do and was scared myself. What did this mean? "You really don't care," he asked timidly. "Not really," I replied twitching my shoulder. I had butterflies in my stomach and I looked at the floor to keep from staring and his throbbing member. Mine was getting hard too, from seeing his, and I could feel the blood draining from my head into my boxers. "We could look mega pron xxx sex stories vids 2 stuff together then," he said nodding towards the computer.

"Sure," was my only reply. My heart was pounding in my chest and my ears were on fire. He walked back over to the computer letting his hands fall away from his crotch so I could get a good look. It was perfect in my mind. Not too shot or to thin. My dick twitched longingly as I walked with him and settled by the computer. He brought up a site and started going through pictures.

There were two men that were undressing each other. Then they were only in underwear fondling and kissing each other. Then one was blowing another off. Then they were 69ing on a bed. Then came the picture I had seen earlier with one guy screwing another up the ass from beneath. The guy on top was coming and he had a look of extreme exticy on his face. I was rock hard and rubbing myself through me boxers.

Jeremy had started to masturbate himself right in front of me. I looked up at his face. It was intently watching the computer.

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I decided I wanted Jeremy, so much, right then. He curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis always been handsome to me, but now that I knew about him I looked at him in a new light.

He was hot. All his muscle made me yearn for him. He smelled perfect to me and he had appeal in all the right places. He even had a little film of chest hair across his pecks and down his abs.

Needless to say I was severely turned on at that moment. So I jumped him. I was on top of him in a flash. I kissed him till he opened his mouth and then he opened his mouth and there was tong. I felt his firm body. He felt just as he looked, firm and strong. I was in heaven. His body fit mine easily. My gawky but strong frame met his bulk and muscle, and there was heat. I felt his dick press against my boxers with increasing urgency. But he pushed my mouth off his. In between deep ragged breathes he asked, "Are you sure you want to?" I looked back into his heated eyes, "Yep," I said with a smirk.

"Well okay then," he said and he pulled open a drawer that had a box of condoms in it along with lotion and tissues. He quickly slipped one of the condoms on. This brought my attention back to his dick. I could only imagine how it would feel in my mouth. But considering the circumstances I decided to change that little problem and went down on him.

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It was hot and rigged. Jeremy moaned when my mouth touched his dick. I felt it twitch in my mouth and Jeremy's legs relaxed and stretched out to give me better access as he leaned back to enjoy himself. I loved every moment of it. It sliding in and out of my mouth seemed to be so right. I was going slowly so I could enjoy the experience.

I decided I wanted him naked and I paused only long enough to pull off his pajama bottoms, then I was back on him. I could now see him in his entirety. He had a healthy growth of hair around his groin and on his golf ball sized balls. I started to work on his balls and they smelled and tasted great and sweaty from my work.

But Jeremy couldn't hold himself back any longer and came as I moved back to his dick. He moaned loudly and had deep ragged breathes.

But he stayed hard and ready to go again. He smiled down at me and said, "Not done yet I guess." "Apparently not," I replied laughing. Jeremy grunted and got up. He went back to the drawer and pulled out another condom and the bottle of lotion.

He kneeled of the floor beside my and pulled down my boxers. Them with a smirk he grabbed my dick and balls and fondled me until my eyes rolled back in my head. Then he rolled the condom up my groin. I crawled out of my boxers and smashed my naked body against his.

We kissed and rubbed our bodies against each other. Then Jeremy started to rub and grip my ass. Suddenly he broke the kiss and asked me, "You ever had anything up there," and he gave an extra squeeze of my ass so I would know what he meant.

"Just a couple of fingers," I said blushing a bit. He gave me a dashing smile. "Ur real subtle," I replied back to his smile, but I grinned as fucking with my curvy wife blowjob amateur.

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I new it would hurt but at that moment I would have done anything. He led me over to his bed sat me down. Then he pushed me down and kissed me again. Still kissing me I felt his hand travel down from my chest to in between my legs. He paused for a moment and then I felt a lotion wet finger rimming my ass crack.

Next thing I knew I felt a finger pushing urgently deep into my ass. I moaned greedily as I was probed. It felt so good. Then Jeremy moved in-between my legs and he took his finger out as his dick pressed against my throbbing cherry. He pushed slowly but that didn't help much.

The pain was indeed bad but I bit my lip to keep from yelling. I couldn't take it anymore and let out a yell for Jeremy to stop. He didn't. He kept on going, slowly, but never stopping. I almost begged him to stop when I felt his thighs reach mine and he did.

I was breathing hard and I couldn't think past the pain. We waited for five minuets as I got used to him. Then I twitched and the pleasure was amazing. I moaned like an animal. That was all that Jeremy needed.

He started moving in and out like a madman. I loved it, the feeling of him inside me, rubbing past my prostate, and his balls smacking my ass. He was grunting madly as he fucked me. Them I felt my balls tighten and I blew the largest load I had ever seen. This was too much for Jeremy. He came still grunting stiffly.

Then he gave one final grunt and was spent. He collapsed on my stomach gasping for air and we fell asleep. We slept for hours that night.