Sunny leone husband licking pussy

Sunny leone husband licking pussy
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We played video games for the next hour or so before Kristin texted me "OMG u had sex with Jon?" "What the hell Chris, why'd you tell Kristin I had sex with Jon?" I asked Chris.

"Sorry I didn't think it was a big deal to tell her cuz she introduced you two" Xxx story sexy story sexy story replied. "I guess but did you tell her not to tell anyone else?" "No, but I'm sure she didn't. What does it matter? He doesn't even go to our school." I texted her back "Yeah, we had a great night and it just happened. I didn't mean to tell Chris and the guys but they tricked me." "So what you guys wanna do tomorrow? Pool?

Movie?" Randy asked. "I don't wanna do a movie cuz I'm broke so we gotta do something that's free unless you guys are paying for me." Brent answered. "Ok so pool or we gotta pay for Brent or we gotta think up something else. What you wanna do Chris?" Randy continued.

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Kristin texted me back "That's crazy, I mean you two are really cute together it's just crazy that you had sex. Are you gonna see him again?" "I hope so. I wouldn't just have sex with him if I didn't really like him and wanna see him again. Have you told anyone else?" I texted back. "I don't care, we could go to the pool or go hang around the mall or something. Text and see what other people are doing and we can meet up with 'em" Chris replied.

"We can't go to the mall cuz Brent is just gonna be stuck with nothing to do there with no money." I said. "It's not like he ever buys anything" Chris replied.

"No but if we eat he can't afford anything and even if you don't buy anything you can't have fun if you know you definitely can't buy anything." I said while waiting for a text back.

"What's wrong Zac?" Randy asked. "I'm talking to Kristin since Chris told her I had sex with Jon. I'm waiting to see if she told anyone." She replied as I was explaining the situation to Randy. "I happening carolyn grace candy mcgovern odette lanvier nicole segot tell anyone but Jess saw the text message. She hasn't told anyone so it's just between us and u guys." I was so relieved. "Ok cool I just wanted to make sure it didn't spread all over.

Thanks for introducing us I had a great time." "Only you guys and Kristin and Jess know so it shouldn't be a big deal. So what are we doing tomorrow?" I asked. "Cool, I don't know, see if Kristin and them are doing anything. If we can't think of anything else we're goin' to the pool as a fallback." Randy replied. "By the way, are you guys doing anything tomorrow. We can't think of what to do?" I texted. I almost immediately got a message back "that's great u r welcome.

U guys r so cute. We haven't made any plans yet u guys have any ideas" I texted back "just the pool as a fall back" "The indoor?" "yeah the outdoor is closed for winter" "That's what I thought, yeah we can go to the pool" "Ok guys, they haven't made plans but are game for going to the pool" I announced.

"Sounds good." Chris said. Randy and Brent both concurred. "Ok we'll meet you there at 11. Hey if I tell you something can you keep it absolutely to yourself?" I texted Kristin.

"Of course" "Ok, I figured since you set me up with Jon I owe you something and I was wondering if you like Chris cuz he has been crushing on you for a long time. You can't tell him I told you, but would you be interested in him?" I broke the message into two texts. "Wow, I had no idea but I guess he has acted a little strange. Why hasn't he said anything?" "He's afraid you don't feel the same way and it'll get weird when we all hang out. So are you interested?" "Yeah, he's a really good guy and he's cute.

If he asked me out I'd say yes." "Ok thanks. Don't tell him I said anything and he will hopefully get the guts to ask soon if not tomorrow. Thanks again for introducing me to Jon." "Your welcome, see you tomorrow" I put my phone away and looked up.

They had turned off the TV and video games. It was pretty late so I got under the covers. Chris slept on the floor with a sleeping bag and Brent slept on the couch and Randy slept in the bed with me.

They usually rotated who got the couch or bed when they stayed at my place. "So Chris, you think you are gonna ask Kristin out tomorrow?" I asked.

"I don't know man, if she said no then we'd spend the rest of the time at the pool feeling weird." He replied. "Well I think she'd say yes." I told him and nudged Randy.

He figured out that I had asked Kristin. "Yeah man, I don't know for sure but I think I heard she'd be down if you asked her out. Just try it and if it doesn't work out she's cool and wouldn't be chubby coed christine rhydes gets her pussy banged and we're here for ya." Randy said. "Really, you guys think I should?" Chris asked.

"Yeah man, ask her out right away tomorrow that way if she says yes you two can hang out at the pool." Brent added. ********************************************************** The next day we met up with Kristin and some other people at the pool. I also invited Jon.

We forced Chris to ask Kristin out and she said yes so he spent most of the time hanging out with her while the rest of us played water volleyball and Jon showed up half way through the game.

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He came out of the locker room and waved to us. "Damn Zac, he really is hot haha" Brent said quietly to me. Jon looked amazing last night when it was dark and now in the light he looked even sexier. He was perfectly tan muscular but not so hard and ripped that he looks bad just the perfect amount of muscle, definition, and softness.

He had just the slightest bit of hair like I had noticed the night before but now I can see that it makes him look even sexier with the perfect amount of hair in just the right places. And his legs had the same perfect amount of hair with well built calf and trunks that go down to his knees and a lightly defined v shape from his stomach down his trunks.

Again not too defined where he looks too hard but defined enough to see the v. His arms were big and strong and shoulders thick and broad. "Dude, he's already your boyfriend. Quit drooling and just go over there." Brent told me.

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We all hung out for a while and then Jon and I went to the hot tub to hang out while the rest stayed in the pool for a while. We chatted about anything and everything. Basically we just picked up from the previous night. Jon was a year older than me and lived about 20 minutes from me. He was an only child like me and had been out for only a couple years. He also acted totally straight.

We also discussed sexual interests and he's mainly a top and though he likes his ass played with he doesn't like receiving anal that much but is willing. It was cool with me because I am mostly a bottom. We talked some more and realized how perfect we are together because he likes to be more of the dominant role and I like to be more submissive. Neither of us are into pain or hard core bondage but sometimes soft stuff.

We also both don't like PDA so neither of us were going to pressure the other into kissing or anything in public. He had to go early so I went to the locker room with him to say goodbye. No one else was there so we started making out. I got hard very quickly and Jon slid my trunks down just enough to pull out my hard on which he then blonde teen takes on a big cock hardcore to put in his mouth as I leaned against the locker room wall.

With one hand he felt around my stomach and chest and the other wandered to my backside and I felt a finger penetrate me and almost collapsed. Jon used his arm that was on my chest to pin me to the wall so I wouldn't fall and continued bobbing his head and rolling his tongue and swallowing while he finger fucked me faster and faster and I couldn't avoid moaning but kept it as quiet as I could while he continued and finally I tightened on his finger and blew my load into his mouth and he sucked harder and harder making sure to swallow all of my cum.

My knees buckled and he was holding me up with his arm pinning me to the wall and his hand underneath me. I regained my strength to stand and he pulled my trunks back up. "You better go back out to your friends and I gotta get dressed and head out." He said after pulling away from kissing me.

"What about you?" I asked as I put my hand on his groin. "Later Zac" He smiled "I gotta go you have fun with your friends and I'll see you later." I headed back out to the pool and joined my friends again.

"Where's Jon" Brent asked. "He had to go." I said with a huge smile on my face as I sat down and got in the pool with them. "Why are you so happy about that haha?" Brent face changed to shock and whispered "You didn't?

Did you?.oh my god you did. You just had sex in the locker room!?" Randy got closer "What?! Did you?" "No, I didn't have sex in the locker room. We just said goodbye cuz he had to leave." I told them quietly.

"Then why do you look so happy?" Randy asked "Don't lie man I can tell when you're lying." It's true, Randy could always tell when I was lying so I had to tell him. I quietly told them "We didn't have sex, he just went down on me" "You lie" Randy said too loudly. "Ok, shut up." I whispered "He went down on me and uh, and he finger fucked me." Their jaws dropped. "Dude, right there in the locker room? That's crazy.

You lucky son of a bitch." Brent said quietly. He turned to Randy "Why the hell can't we find anyone while Chris is finally dating Kristin and this fucker is getting screwed in the locker room?" "Haha I don't know man but we better start looking for some girls" Randy laughed back.

Chris came over "Hey guys, what's the plan? Kristin and those guys had to go." "Well to bring you up to speed, Jon left but first he nailed Zac in the locker room ben 10 sex ebony full episode now Randy and I are actually jealous of you two" "What, you had sex in the locker room?!" Chris asked in shock.

"Haha, no he went down skinny amazing chick meets a dick girlfriend and hardcore him and gave him a finger" Randy corrected.

"A finger?" Chris asked. "I was trying to be discrete, he gave him head while he finger fucked him." Randy continued. "Holy shit" Chris exclaimed. "Jesus guys, can we keep it down and not talk about this. It's bad enough that you guys are suddenly needing to know every detail of my sex life but we're not gonna discuss this in public." I told them while I got out of the pool.

"Let's head out we can go back to my place and think of what else to do today." They followed my lead and Brent mumbled "I wish I had a sex life to be embarrassed about" We all laughed.

We went back to my place and watched TV while we thought about what to do the rest of the night when I got a call from Jon. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. I cleared it with the guys and accepted. I got dressed and they headed out to a movie and said they'd be staying at Randy's place while his parents were gone for the weekend and I could go over there after dinner if I wanted and Jon was welcome to stay over too.

************************************************* We finished dinner and when we got in the car he asked "You wanna come over to my place for a little bit?" "I thought you wanted to stay with me over at Randy's house." "I do. I'm wondering if you wanna go to my place for like an hour or so. My house is empty right now and I thought we could be alone for a little bit before going to your friend's place" "Oh, yeah that sounds great" We got to his house and he led me up to his room where he proceeded to throw me on the bed, rip off his shirt and lay on top of me.

I undid his pants as he did the same to mine and shortly we were making out naked and rolling on his bed. I moved down and started rolling my tongue around his cock before putting it in my mouth and sliding one finger into his hole. He put his hand on my head and forced me down on him until he was almost fully in my mouth and throat.

I kept sucking and moved my finger around inside of him making him breathe harder and harder and grunted "uhhh get up here Zac" I moved back up to kiss him naked hottie sucking piss out of her snatch he rolled me onto my back.

He pinned me down and began kissing my neck and down my chest licking gently on my nipple as I began to moan. "ahhhh ohhhhhh" he kept moving down and stuck his tongue in my naval and licked around my abs before sucking my cock momentarily and then pulled my legs apart and licked my ass getting it full of his saliva. His tongue almost inside me made my cock ooze precum as I continued to softly moan. Jon got up and grabbed a condom from a drawer and put it on before lifting my ass up a little with my legs spread.

He pushed the tip inside me and slowly forced his way all the way in me with my legs spread as he hovered over me. He slowly fucked me as I felt up his chest rubbing his nipples and holding his strong arms as he began moving faster. He kept sliding in and out of me faster and faster while my heart raced and moaned louder and louder "ahhhhh AHH ohh OHHHH Jon OHHH JON UHHHH AHHHH" He pinned my arms to the bed turning me on even more and fucked me even harder as sweat ran down his body and dripped onto me.

It was too much I began cumming on my stomach even though it hadn't been touched. I screamed and tightened up on his cock while cum shot all over my stomach.

Jon grunted and thrust hard cumming into the condom inside me. He pulled out of me and went down spicy j and diamond kitty fucked lick my cum off of my stomach while I lay there panting. He finished licking up my cum and grabbed my hand pulling me up.

"Let's go take a shower" We went into his bathroom and he pulled off the condom and threw it away. I saw his softening penis covered in cum and dropped down to it as he started the shower. I sucked up all the cum I could and we began washing off. We got dressed and headed over to Randy's house. "What's up guys" Randy said as we went up to his room. "How was dinner?" "Good" I replied. "Must've been really good. You were there for three hours." Randy laughed. We got to his room and Brent had to ask "So did you screw at the restaurant too?!?

Every time you guys go out alone you take twice as much time as it should." Jon looked at me questioningly. "It's ok, they are gonna be like that. For some reason they demand to know everything about my sex life." Jon laughed. "Yup we gotta know, just not the graphic details" Chris added. "We went back to my place for a little while" Jon answered.

"Gonna need more than that." Brent said. "Ok, I made Zac cum on his stomach just by screwing him then licked him clean." Jon said with a smile. "Ok Jon, I like your enthusiasm but that would be the graphic part we don't need to know. Work on that, just meet us in the middle haha." Brent said laughing.

"Is it bad that I just got a little turned on by that?" Chris said with a dumb and disgusted look on his face. "Haha ok guys let's just let it go. You now are totally up to date with just about every detail of my sex life so let's just watch a movie or something." I said trying melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky end the awkward investigation of my relationship.

We all took a seat. Chris and Brent on the couch, Randy sat on his bed and Jon sat down next to him and I laid on the bed with Jon and laid my head down on his stomach.

"Awww how cute" Brent joked. "Shut up Brent" I laughed. "Seriously though, that's cool but don't start screwing here haha." Brent replied. We all laughed and agreed no one was going to screw tonight and started watching the movie.