Asian likes being fucked hardcore squirting and japanese

Asian likes being fucked hardcore squirting and japanese
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[b]Around the Block part 2: Innocent[/b] "You want me to take off my swim trunks? Why??" I was extremely confused. Maggie just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

She still stood about calf deep in the pond, Liza just looking at the two of us wondering what was going on. "Sex education was about how boys toilet poti girl xxx story girls have sex… it involves a guys penis, and I… well I just didn't really get to go to the boys' class so I didn't learn anything about a guy's… privates." Maggie was really nervous at the time; of course to two ten year olds she was just acting weird.

I didnt really get the situation or what sex was, but I started to unlace my shorts, knowing if I didn't hold up my end of the deal I'd feel bad.

I dropped my shorts around my ankles and stepped from them, revealing my four-inch prick to the two girls. I guess I should describe the two girls that ive been talking about. Liza was maybe four foot six, I was about five foot and Maggie was around five foot two, having been going through puberty. As such she had semi large breasts, 32C might be a bit of a small guess but it sounds about right for the time.

She had a splendid hourglass figure, a little baby fat around her hips and breasts that have slimmed out over the years. She had blonde hair, not dirty or bleach just plain old blonde hair. Maggie wore her hair long, so when wet it went to about the middle of her back. At that moment her entire body was glistening wet, her suit dark pink and showing off everything that a mostly developed thirteen year old would be able to show.

Liza, being only ten, was much less developed. Her blue and black schemed suit was all flat, no fat anywhere on her body and no breasts to show. Her height wasn't all legs but her legs were certainly not tiny or un-arousing (if I don't say that she might kill me).

Her dark colored hair was cut short, true to her tomboy like nature. Her blue eyes were the color of electricity, a startling contrast to Maggie's hazel color. Her eyes never left my flaccid dick, though she was frozen. Maggie was a different story. She walked group sampling of asians vagina japanese hardcore to me and knelt, looking at the two inches of flaccid penis hanging from my crotch.

No hair had ever grown yet. I could feel her breath coming irregular bursts, the hot moist air from her lips warming my wet boyhood at that moment it started to harden for the first time ever.

I was extremely confused when I felt the throbbing start, and amazed when it started to rise. Soon all four inches stood out in front of me like a miniature flagpole.

Maggies eyes gradually got wider as it rose, eventually brushing her lips and causing her to retreat her face back a little. She examined it thoroughly, finally setting her hands on me and running them up and down.

Liza had stood in the same place for a while, hands behind her back, but when Maggie put her hands on my prick she began to walk forward. "Its so warm… does it feel weird, me touching it?" Maggie looked up at me, her eyes still wide.

"It feels… good but not really good… the only time I touch it is when I have to pee and futurama hentai zapp pole for turanga girl never like this. Your hands feel cold on it ohhhh!" When she wrapped her hand around it completely it felt amazing. Then she started to jack me off, pumping her hand up and down my length.

I almost passed out from pleasure. Maggie took the hint and started to do it faster, using her other hand to feel my nuts. I was so lost in my own little world that I didn't notice Liza approach and stand next t me, curious and fearful eyes looking down.

Then I noticed her, looked down at Maggie and back up to Liza. Maggie was pumping really fast now, her hand heating up my dick and making me blissfully ignorant of Liza's curiosity. Then I came, feeling the clench in my balls and a burn in my prick, closing my eyes as waves of pleasure washed over me. Ropes of semen shot out onto Maggies face and hand, dripping off her chin into her cleavage. I woke to see Maggie sticking her finger between her breasts and obtaining some of my cum to sample.

Had I been fourteen I would have cum again. I was too in shock at the time, though I did stay quite hard. "What happened, why did you…?" Lizas voice brought me out of my coma and back to reality.

I was just as puzzled as she was. We both looked at Maggie, who was sampling some more of my cum. Liza reached down her self and brushed her fingers over Maggies lips to obtain a drop and taste it. "That is the stuff that makes babies inside of a woman, though I dont think Travis could get anyone pregnant right now. He hasn't gone through puberty." Maggie went back to cleaning herself up, though we were still quite confused.

"Maggie how does that make a baby inside of a girl? How does it get into a girl?" Maggie finally just walked into the pond and ran her hands over herself to clean up, washing the semen off herself.

After a minute she came out and sighed. Then she reached up and undid her bikini strings. When her top piece fell she slid her bottom down to her ankles. "Liza take off your suit, and ill show you.

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Or better yet Travis will. Trust me, just take it off, no one else is gonna see you!" Liza looked apprehensive, but she did as she was told, revealing her prepubescent body and clasping her hands behind her back.

Maggie wasn't so shy. Her wet breasts were firm and perky, not sagging under their weight. Her stomach was tight with the muscles she had developed in gymnastics (Liza did gymnastics too at the time, though she wasnt old enough for anything to be extremely sexy). Maggies pussy lips showed between her legs, dripping a little and flushed red. Looking back I realize how aroused she was, but at the time Kristen scott sucking on angela sommers big tits thought she was just indifferent.

Maggie sat down and spread her legs to give us a better view of her pussy lips, rubbing them and moaning a little, before calling me over to her. I knelt in front of her at her command, my eyes never leaving her sex.

Being only ten I had never seen a woman naked, and honestly I hadnt ever thought about naked women, but at that moment they were dancing through my mind. Maggies voice brought me out of my trance. " Travis! Ok, I want you to put ben 10 sex ebony full episode penis down there, and push it in between my lips. Okay? And be gentle, im very sensitive down there. Liza come over here and sit down. Have you ever masturbated?" I did as I was told, stopping when liza sat down beside Maggie and I.

"N-N-No… Whats that?" Liza was totally at Maggies mercy at that point, being totally cowed by Maggies bossy attitude and orders. Maggie could tell she was also a little scared, and the fact didn't pass me by either. "Don't be scared, its fine! Your okay, im sorry I was being bossy.

Masturbation is when you make you make yourself orgasm. You remember what happened to Travis earlier? That's an orgasm. It feels really good… really really really good! Here just rub your nipples, like that, and put your other hand down there and rub, maybe even put a finger inside… see?" Liza looked like she was going to pass out, her hands slowly rubbing and probing her body.

Maggie turned her attention back at me, my dock in position with the head barely touching her labia. "Travis, go ahead… push it into me. Just be very…" My length penetrating her body and entering her tunnel cut her off, her lips spreading and wrapping around my shaft. She gasped at the feeling and, I almost passed out at how good it felt. I pushed as hard as I could and forced my entire length into her cunt, pushing through a fleshy barrier and making Maggie cry out.

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Liza was lost in her own world, her hands tugging her nipples and rubbing her nether lips like there was no tomorrow. Eventually my hips touched Maggies, my dick totally inside of her. She was moaning, wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling me further inside of her. After a bit she told me to pull out of her, the feeling making us both breath heavily. Once out I pushed right back in, repeating the process over and over until Maggie tensed, sucking in breath rapidly and holding it in as her cunt convulsed on my length.

Beside her Liza screamed as she came for the first time. I watched the two fascinated by the difference. Liza was thrashing, her fingers entering her cunt and flying out just as fast. Her lips were squirting juices all over Maggie, who was silently tensed and unmoving, though I could feel her cunt squeezing my shaft like a vise over and over.

The feeling made me tense myself, shooting cum into Maggies cunt and pushing as deep as I could to shoot as far as possible.

The action wasn't really mine, just some deep male instinct that I couldn't ignore. When the three of us finished cumming Maggie shifted, my now flaccid cock slipping out of her with a slurping noise.

We were all three exhausted, walking into the pond and washing off before saying goodbye. "Thanks for holding up your end of the bargain Travis… maybe next time the three of us can try something new." Maggie winked and walked off in the direction of her home. Liza smiled sheepishly at me before we started off towards our houses.

We made small talk, really avoiding what had happened. But once we reached her house, she got somewhat serious, or serious for us. "Could I spend the night over at your place? My parents are going to dinner… or something like that… and well you know…?" Liza was nervous about asking, not surprising considering what had happened five minutes ago.

I was enthusiastic at the idea, sex totally slipping my mind. "Yeah! My parents will be fine with it, and itll be fun, we can build a fort like last time!!" We worked out the logistics, before heading to our separate house to ask permission.

Once it was established that the sleepover would happen and Liza would stay in my room (We were ten and annoying, they didn't expect us to fuck each other like rabbits) She headed over with her bag over one shoulder. After dinner we got to our usual shenanigans. After watching TV til eight thirty, playing hide and go seek for another hour and trying to catch my moms evil cat for another ten minutes we were ordered to bed giggling.

We began to build a fort from blankets, leaving a small space by the door to stand we made a maze of the entire room and laid our sleeping bags down as a mattress, four of them making a thick, cushioned bed and two comforters made it warm. Three pillows apiece finished off the fort completely, and Liza and I high fived before heading to the shower. My parents had ordered us to shower before bed but since we were ten they expected us to take care of it ourselves.

Liza went into the bathroom first, looking back at me with a strange look. After a few seconds she came out again. "Hey Travis, since we… kind of already have seen each other naked… why dont we… you know, shower together?" Liza was obviously still nervous, but the thought of what had already happened made me jump big cock guys gangbanging huge tits milf the idea. I went into the bathroom with her, stripping out of my clothes and putting my pajamas on the counter.

I turned to see Liza standing in the shower with her hands clasped behind her. I stepped over the tub and closed the curtain, turning on the water and switching it from bath to shower. Then I turned and handed the body wash to Liza. "Could you do it? I always miss my back." She was relaxing at the idea of being naked and alone with me, though she was still apprehensive. When I started to rub the gel over her body she relaxed completely, my touch gentle as I could make it.

I avoided her breasts and pussy, turning her around and even getting her ass before she turned again and told me I had missed a few spots. I gently rubbed her breasts, coating them with body wash and then staying there. Liza looked at me unblinkingly, the rubbing of her nipples arousing her.

She closed her eyes when I pinched them and tugged lightly, her legs shaking when I tugged harder. I turned her around and put my arms around her under her armpits so I could hold her up.

Due to the fact I was in junior football I wasn't weak and due to Liza's gymnastics she was light as air. My touching and pulling of her nipples caused Lizas knees to actually buckle so that I was the only thing keeping her up. Her moans made my prick begin to rise again, hardening blonde beauty chloeacute lacourt cant get enough of the glory hole. Finally I stopped rubbing her chines school girl sex story download and pulled her up, moving my hands down further.

When I touched her sex she bit her lip and turned her head to the side to look at me. When I looked into her eyes we leaned in and kissed, my hand cupping her pussy and my lips meeting hers as inexperienced as only two young children can manage. We kissed for a minute, my hand rubbing harder and harder until a finger slipped inside of her cunt. Then she gasped and stopped the kiss. The water was still running though we hadn't been at it for long. The thought of my parents coming knocking made my push my finger deep into her cunt and pull it out again.

Liza groaned in dismay, my kiss silencing her. I grabbed the shampoo and did her hair, soaping it and mine quickly before covering myself in body wash. We were out of the shower a few minutes after our masturbation session, dressing in our pajamas for show and moving into the fort.

My parents came in and checked on us before turning out the lights. Once the door was shut Liza and I stripped our pajamas and began to kiss again. We were laying on our makeshift bed on our sides, hugging each other tightly. My dick was pressed to her pussy lips hard, throbbing and ready.

Finally Liza rolled away, allowing me to climb on top of her and resume. " Could you… could you do what you did to Maggie to me? I know she really liked it, and well, I want to know what its like." I looked at her, a feeling I had never known surfacing for Liza. I must not have done anything for a minute because she looked hurt.

" I mean were already naked, but I mean if you only want to do that to her… oof" I kissed her hard to stop her, first time sex blood enter porin sex fairy tales my crotch into hers harder than before. On some strange instinct I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she reciprocated.

We kissed each other hard for a minute or so before I pulled away and grinned at her. I pushed my cock to her entrance and pushed hard, barely separating the lips at first. Liza felt my cock head in between her lips and moaned quietly, the feeling making her body tremble. After a moment I managed to push into her cunt, my short cock gently probing its way into her.

When I reached that fleshy barrier again, she tensed at the feeling of my push. I looked at her quizzically. She nodded and I pushed harder. The barrier broke and she cried out.

I stopped instantly, afraid I had hurt her and afraid my parents had heard as well. After a moment the tears stopped and she kissed me, telling me to keep going. I began to do the same thing I had doen with Maggie, pushing into her hard and deep, then pulling slowly. Her enjoyment was obvious, up until the point where she came.

I was nowhere near mine, Liza tensing and hugging me tight. Pressed my lips to hers and shoved my tongue down her throat, stopping the cries and screams that came with Lizas cum. Her pussy squeezed me hard, juices spraying out and covering us in our embrace. Liza kissed me back desperately, as though she wanted more of me. After a moment she returned to her normal state, pulling from me and looking at me as I continued to fuck her.

We rolled over so that she was on top of me, then rolled back. fter a few more minutes of screwing Lizas tight virgin cunt I began to tense, my cock spraying its load into her pussy. I pushed into her again, shoving my length up into her cunt and spraying deep. When she felt my cum hit her inner walls Liza came again, forcing us into another frantic kiss. My orgasm lasted a good few minutes, eventually calming and Lizas subsiding as well.

Neither of us noticed. We rolled back over so that she was on top of me and went to sleep peacefully. P.S. Liza and Maggie helped me fill some gaps, hope you enjoy. The stories go one through high school. Sorry the first story didn't have enough sex.