That amazing babe raises her blue top

That amazing babe raises her blue top
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Thx you to all of you who liked my story so far! i'm really Sorry i could add more chapter sooner. i didn't had the time to right more of this stuff since now. but, seeing some of the comment in my other chapters made me want to give you more. I'm no better in english so sorry for it. i tried my best. Also if you haven't loved the old chapter you won't like the rest so don't read it.

i't pretty wrong stuff! Go read! Harry Potter and the ring of Salazar part 10 The first weekend: Ginny's weekend part 1 Ginny Weasley woke up with the saturday morning sun hitting her face through the window of her dorm. The first thing her mind could focus on was that foul smell in the air.

Her room was smelling like shit. She got up from her bed and tried to find what was the source of the putrid smell. While looking for something rotting in the room, she looked at Sex stories local xxx b g story, still sleeping under the blanket. She made a pause in her search. Something about her friend looked odd. She leaned closer to her friend to look at the face and she understood that it was Hermione who smelled like rotten egg.

Looking at the girl face, she thought it has a little brownish colour and she saw what looked like a piece of shit stuck in her air.

When she came closer to her friend and she sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing that the actual piece of shit was really smear in her hair, she heard Hermione Granger spoke in her sleep. And what she heard made her stop right where she was.

-Fuck my ass. Yes fuck my ass Goyle, was what Hermione was whispering in a moans every 2 or 3 seconds. Ginny froze on spot. It was not normal. Her friend would never dream about being fuck up the ass by Goyle.

Her mind was working fast. Yesterday, she had a dream about sucking Goyle cock in the women's bathroom, and she to, would never want to fuck Goyle. Who would want it? Something was going on.

Some dark magic or curse must have been use one them, thought Ginny, and she would have to find a way to reveal the truth. If only Professor Lupin was still alive or even Sirius. They would have known what to do. She could not tell anyone about it. It was so humiliating.

Maybe she should go see the principal McGonagall. She decide it was the best thing to do. She leaved Hermione sleeping. It was better for her to be in the dorm than to humiliate herself with that smell of her. She was safe here. Dressing up in a little top and a pair of jeans, she got out of the dorm, through the common room and down the corridor to the principal office. The statue at the entrance of the office blocked the way.

- i want to see the principal, ask Ginny. - The principal is occupy with urgent matter concerning the ministry of magic. Come back tomorow! Answer the stone eagle blocking the way. I can't wait for tomorow. I think i've been cursed. -For anything concerning ill due to bad charms, curses or missed spell reaction, go see Mme Pomfrey or The defence against the dark art teacher.

- But, we don't have a defence against the dark art teacher yet!said Ginny who didn't want to see Pomfrey about Sexual problem. She would only give her a lecture on magic protection when having sex. -The new defence against the dark art teacher just arrived today and he's presently putting is office into place, explain the gargoyle. Now move! Your blocking the corridor! Their was no one in the alley but, Ginny decide to move anyway.

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She decide to go see who was the new teacher of dark art. 5 minutes later, in the dungeon, she was knocking at the DATDA classroom door. She heard a feint: come in it'a open. She enter the room and saw no one but, the door to the teacher's office was at the back of the roomup a little staircase.

She made her way in the back and up the stair and she pushed the door completly open. She let out a gasp when she saw who was their new teacher this year. Kingsley Shaklebolt was unpacking boxes.

He was placing books on a bookshelf when Ginny enter the room.

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Ginny Weasley! Good to see you my dear! Your the first one to pass by. I guess the news about me as not started to spread. Or does news travel faster at Hogward than at the ministry? But, Ginny wasn't listening to the man, as soon as he had spoken her name, she had forget why she was here.

Instead she started to feel weird. She could not focus her thoughts well. Or more the only thing she could focus was the old black men in the room. He mouth start to salivate a lot and she became hot. She could not remove her eyes from Kingsley. And they were staring at his crotch. The teacher saw that the young girl was acting wierd.

She seems lost in space but' before he could say anything more another knock came from the classroom entrance follow by the voice of professor Flick Wick -Kingsley! I found the key to your office! Kingsley Shaklebolt told Ginny to wait for him and got out of his office into the classroom. Ginny wanted to follow him everywhere but he'd ask her to wait so she did. She heard them have a brief discussion she could not understand because all she could think was about Kingsley.

Then, she heard it again. -I'm with Ginny Weasly, my friend, i need to go back to her. Think she has something important to say to valentines day fucking in public exhibitionist and hardcore. Ginny didn't heard the rest. She was in heat. A fire has started inside her pussy, her mouth wanted to suck on a dick.

Her tongue wanted the tasty taste of cock and her belly wanted to be full of sperm. Only her conscious mind was telling her she didn't want those things, she didn't want the professor's cock but her body wasn't listening and before the conversation between the two teachers was finish, she was naked on her knees in the middle of the room and was waiting while her conscious mind was screaming. Kingsley Shaklebolt enter his office while closing the door for more privacy.

I'm all yours Ginny Weasley, how can i help you?he said while turning around. Ginny's conscious mind was gone. -I need to suck your cock! She screamed while sex xxx sunny leone vdo for his belt and dropping the teacher's pant before he could understand what she had said. She was eating his semi erect cock with feral passion.

He looked down at her face and there she was,sucking his now growing cock while looking at him with delight in her eyes. The girl didn't seems to bother that his cock, now almost full hard, was already 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. She was deepthroating all of it. Kingsley moaned still looking at the seventeen years old whore at his knee and he knew she was not acting normaly. She must have been cursed. He also knew that the only way to stop most of the curse was to kill the curser or let the curse effect past.

He also knew he wouldn't get anything from the girl right now. Other than getting is cock sucked. Ginny let the cock slide out of her mouth with a loud pop. She looked up at the black men while giving herself slap on the face with his cock. - Please Professor Shaklebolt, please fuck my face! Begged Ginny with pleading eyes. Kingsley knew he should not do it. He was already feeling guilty about all this.

To use the young girl face like a masturbatory toy felt wrong. The little girl was still begging while kissing his balls. The man has taken this job because he was starting to get to old for the auror job.

He could have been the new minister of magic but, he wanted to teach his knowledge to future auror. He did not taught he would have his cock suck on his first day. He was single since many years ago.

When he began is job as Auror he decided to dedicate his life to work. He could not remember when he had his last pussy. Now his sexual mind was screaming: fuck the bitch!

He took hold of her head and started to fuck the shit out of it. His cock was out of her mouth and he slap her face with it then he ram it in all the way down her throat. Her mouth was full of cock.

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Her throat to. He was fucking her harder and harder. Her face was a blur, the sound of gagging and fucking were loud in the silent room and Kingsley knew athat anyone passing in front of the classroom door could clearly hear everything from her plead to be fuck harder to the sound of his cock slapping on her face every time he withdrew.

The black man would have loved to fuck her little pussy with his monster tool but he was already felling guilty beyond his moral limite and decide to finish her face pounding. He was getting close to his orgasm. He wonder if it would end her curse.

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And what curse was it? Imperius curse? It could be. One time, he had to cure a women who was curse by he husband with the imperius curse after she had cheated on him. The poor women had been asking for cum on her face in the middle of a bar toilet. And mans had give it to her. In one last move in, he rammed his dick down her throat. He could see the shape of his manhood bulging her neck and in one last moans, he cummed. He shot load after load of hot cum down her stomach.

He felt her spasms and shake while she drink it all. She was cumming to! He came so much in her belly that she would not have to eat for all day, he thought As soon as he withdraw from her throat, she felt asleep on the floor.

The professor took her in his arms and transported her to Pomfrey. But not before taking a photo of his still erected cock resting on her sleeping face and cleaning her up.