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Huge tits babe dillion carter big boobs and pornstar
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THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT CHAPTER 1 ____________________ "This place is definately haunted," Casey told her sister the moment they stepped inside the dilapidated old house. "How are you so sure?" Willow muttered as she glanced around.

"I can't feel anything, and I'm the damn psychic." "Well, it's just so creepy," Casey shrugged. "Ah," Willow laughed. "How scientific of you." Only a year apart, the two sisters couldn't have been more different.

Casey was a tall, strikingly beautiful red-head, and she had the firey temper to match. She looked like she could have easily been a supermodel if she wanted, but fate had other things in mind for her.

She realtor and client double penetrate and punish a submissive beauty double penetration porn threesome tough as nails, a fighter through and through, and she had been known to be a bit reckless.

She had a tendancy to act without thinking, but at times her instincts were the only thing that kept her alive. After all, someone had to be around to keep her foolish sister from getting herself killed. To be fair, Willow wasn't really foolish. It was just that she seemed to walk around with her head in the clouds half the time, because Willow saw things that other people didn't. Their parents had known something was wrong when her imaginary friends never went away, but taking her to a head shrinker hadn't done any good either.

They just tried to make her stop seeing things by pumping her full of drugs, but that just made it even worse. It took some time to come to terms with her gifts, but it helped when she just stopped talking about it to anyone but Casey. Her big sister had never once doubted her, and Casey herself was never even sure why. She just knew her sister, and she never doubted her for a second, even though their parents put the poor girl through hell.

horny snatch of a legal age teenager needs fuck To this day she believed that it was the stress and all the drugs they had pumped into her that made her so sickly, but Willow understood that it was a trade-off for the power she posessed.

Nothing ever came without a price. Where Casey was strong, robust, and healthy, Willow was weak, thin, and she got sick easily. The two of them still bore a strong resemblance, but her hair was strawberry blonde, her skin a few shades paler, and she told herself that she was lucky she hadn't developed Casey's figure. She didn't think her frame could have supported boobs that were as big as her head. "We should split up," Casey suggested. "Yeah, 'cause that always ends well," Willow snorted. "How many times do they wait to attack until we're alone?" Casey pointed out.

"And we told Henry we'd be there tomorrow before we decided to take this little side trip." "You read the reports," Willow scowled at her. "Dis you really want to just cruise on by without checking it out?" "Of course not," Casey growled. "I just want to get it done as fast as we can, so if there's something here, we need to get the damn thing to manifest so that you can get a read on it.

Now where did the attacks take place?" "The master bedroom upstairs," Willow told her. "Alright," she took a deep breath. "I'm going up. You stay down here and keep your feelers ready." "My feelers?" Willow rolled her eyes.

"You know what I mean," Casey gave her a dry stare.

"Let's get this done." "You did read the big tits vs small tits tube porn, right?" Willow shook her head. "You know what those girls said happened to them?

And you're still prepared to throw yourself under the bus just to get this over with as quickly as possible?" "We owe Henry big time if you'll recall," Casey pointed out.

"I don't want to let him down, and he might not have lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring to say it over the phone, but I'm pretty sure I know why he wants us down there by tomorrow night." "What do you mean," Willow frowned. "Think about it," Casey looked at her dryly. "What is tomorrow night?" Willow was confused for a moment, but then her eyes lit up in realization.

"It's a full moon." "Exactly." "You don't really think it's a werewolf, do you?" Willow scowled. "There hasn't been a recorded werewolf attack since the one Grandpa killed in the seventies." "Are you kidding?" Casey gave her a droll look.

"With our luck, it's probably a goddamn pack of werewolves." "There are other things tied to the full moon," Willow pointed out. "Certian rituals and spells are most effective on a full moon. You know that as well as I do, and remember that crazy, undead voodoo bitch? She could only rise on a full moon." "I'd rather it be a werewolf," Casey told her pointedly. "You know I hate that magic crap. I'll take a monster over magic any day of the week." "I didn't realize that we got to pick and choose," Willow pointed out in amusement.

"I just want something I can hit," Casey stared at her flatly. "It's been too long since I've gotten into a good fight." "Careful what you wish for," Willow shook her head with disapproval.

"You might actually get it." "You're gonna get it if you don't quit giving me a hard time," Casey growled at her. "Now are we doing this, or not?" "By all means," she gestured and watched as her sister storm up the stairs before she muttered to herself. "And they thought that I was the crazy one." The moment she entered the bedroom, she knew that she wasn't alone, and it was definately a ghost. She felt the cold chill that suddenly seemed to seep into her bones, and she tensed in anticipation for what she knew was coming.

She just hoped that Willow was paying attention. She felt it like a passing breeze that ruffled her her hair at first. Sensing something behind her, she spun around, but there was nothing there.

That was when something that felt like cold fingers clamped around her wrists. She struggled to pull away, but it had a grip like iron, and she gasped as it yanked her completely off the floor. Casey thought that she was going to be sick for a moment as she spun in mid-air, but then her back thumped against the ceiling, and the spinning stopped. She tried to move, but she felt like she was pinned there by the weight of gravity, even though she knew that was impossible.

Suddenly her shirt ripped open down the front, and the straps bit into her shoulders and sides as another sharp yank ripped her bra right off. Her 34DD's spilled out, and she felt cold hands grabb them almost instantly. She felt a mouth like an icebox claim her right nipple, and she hissed at the was it instantly grew so hard and tight that it ached. "Go ahead fucker," she growled as the cold kisses trailed down over her taut stomach. "Get your jollies while you still can." Whatever had her seemed eager to take her up on that offer, because in one vicious yank, it ripped her jeans and panties both completely off, shredding the denim like it was nothing more than paper.

"Goddamn it," Casey curded vividly. "Those were my favorite jeans, asshole! You don't know how to work a fucking button?" She felt his cold hands push her legs wide, and then there was a freezing cold tongue worming its way inside her. Okay. So, she had never really wondered what it would be like to have Iceman face down in her snatch, but she actually found it oddly enjoyable.

The cold against the heat of her core felt like it was melting her, and she was dripping wet in no time at all. It felt like he was going to give her clit frostbite, but it also made her incredibly sensitive. The stark contrast had her nerve full sey xxx story propech sizzling in no time, and she felt her orgasm starting to build.

As sad as it was, she hadn't felt one so intense in quite awhile, and she growled in frustration as the entity pulled away before she could get there. "Oh boy," Casey tried to prepare herself as hands on the backs of her thighs pushed her knees against her chest.

She had a pretty good idea what was coming, and she shivered as the frozen, rock hard prick sank into her tight, dripping wet cunt. It felt so weird, and good in a strange way. She had accepted the fact that she was a bit of a deviant a long time ago, but not being able to see what was fucking her was kind of unnerving, and then there was the fact that she was still pinned to the ceiling, twenty feet in the air.

She was pretty sure that she would remember this for a long time, but weither that was a good thing, or a bad thing, remained to be seen. One thing that was for sure, it sure didn't beat around the bush about fucking her. It had a good, seven inch prick, and the speed of it plunging in an out of her steadily increased until it was really pounding the crap out of her.

The hand gripping her breast squeezed so tightly it was painful, and then she felt the other hand on her abdomen as it's thumb started stroking her clit. That sent her rocketing off the edge instantly, and she moaned deep in her throat, writhing as her orgasm washed over her. It felt great, but was somewhat dulled by fact that she was really, really cold at this point.

She felt like she was stuck in a deep freeze, and she realized that she could see her breath as a round of shivers fired off another orgasm. It felt good, but she could feel herself getting weaker and weaker even as the entity fucked her harder and harder.

She didn't even know how long it went on as she just slowly faded, but she was aware that it probably felt longer than it actually was. All she knew was that if this went on much longer, this entity was going to be fucking a frozen corpse! "Now would be the time, Will," Casey growled as she shuddered through an orgasm that threatened to make her pass out. It was starting to look like she was in for an almost pleasant death, and when she imagined the peace of just slipping down into the darkness, she actually started to get scared.

Then it was just gone. The entity released her as it disappeared, and it took her a second to realize that she was falling. "Fuck me," her eyes went wide as she saw the floor rushing toward her. Willow had felt the ghost when it manifested, and it didn't take her long to get a solid read on it. As always, even in death the spirit was connected to it's body, and she followed that link to a small cemetary on the hill behind the house.

There were only two ways to get rid of a spirit. You could help it find peace and move on, or you could destroy it's remains and destroy the spirit. The time it took the body to decay was like nature's grace period. It gave the soul time to find peace and move on before it was destroyed. That was the reason many ancient civilizations went to great lengths to preserve their dead for as long as possible, and needless to say, a lot of people really didn't realize what they were doing when they had their bodies cremated.

She could feel her sister even from here, and knew that she was in trouble. It wasn't all that suprising that she was enjoying herself. Casey was the kind of person, when death finally did come for her, she would probably laugh in his face. Willow followed the spirit's energy to a grave marked by a headstone that was covered in moss. It took a few moments to time sexy story girls first time sexy story it off enough to read it, and she frowned as she finally made out the writing.

Micheal J. Vandenberg 1952-1967 A beloved son taken before his time. Rest in Peace and Love. This kid was just fifteen years old when he died. And while she generally didn't hesitate to get rid of malevolent spirits, she had never destroyed one so young before.

If it came to that. but she shook it off because she "heard her sister call out, and she knew that she had to act now. "Come to me, spirit," she huge boobs teen rides hardcore and big tits her energy through the words as she tossed a small vial of holy water at the headstone. The vial shattered, spattering the name with liquid that instantly began to smoke like it was eating into the stone.

"Return to your place of rest, Micheal J. Vandenberg. This behavior is at an end." The spirit screamed in pain as it's energy coalesed in front of her, and became the image of a fifteen year old boy. He collapsed to his knees in front of his headstone, and when he looked up at Willow, she let him see the full brilliance of her aura, and his face dropped in awe. "Are you an angel?" He whispered as he gaved at the slim, beautiful woman that radiated with pure, warm, vibrant energy that surrounded her.

"Am I dead?" "I'm sorry, Mike," Willow let her aura fade as she knelt before him. "You've been dead for a long time." "Is that my house?" His eyes widened. "Wow. It really looks like crap," he muttered as he looked around, and froze as he saw the headstone behind him.

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"What year is it now?" He asked after he took a moment to let it sink in. "It's 2017," she shrugged helplessly at his incredulous stare. "What do you remember?" "I'm not sure," he admitted.

"I was sick, and I remember feeling like I was freezing. I remember wondering if I was going to die, and how unfair it was that I had never even gotten to. live." The rest is all jumbled and weird. It feels like I've been dreaming." "Let me guess," Willow offered a wry grin.

"Sex dreams?" "How did you know?" It was kind of funny that a ghost could blush. Now she saw everything clearly. He was a fifteen year old virgin that hadn't wanted to die before he had sex.

His sickness had reduced him to a fuge state before he died, and his mind had stayed there long afterward. "Look, Mike," Willow searched for a way to put it.

"Mikey," he told her. "Everyone called me Mikey." "Mikey," she offered. "I hate to have to tell you, but wacky lesbos fill up their huge arses with whipped cream and splash it out dreams have been real. You have a lot of energy for a ghost, and you've hurt people.

You've hurt girls by forcing yourself on them, including my sister. That has to stop." "I didn't mean to hurt anyone," Mikey averted his gaze shamefully.

"I didn't know it was real." Willow shook her head and sighed. "Well, you did, and it stops now, or I will dig up your bones and end you myself." "I will, I swear it," he promised.

"Good. I believe you." "Um, but what am I supposed to do now?" "Find peace," Willow shugged. "How am I supposed to do that?" "I don't know," Willow chuckled. "It's different for everyone." "You do this kind of stuff a lot?" He asked curiously.

"Someone has to." "Mind if I tag along for awhile?" He asked sheepishly. "I could use a friend, and maybe I can help." Willow hesitated, but what the hell?

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Maybe he could be useful. He did have a lot of energy for a spirit, and she could already think of one use for him. "One condition," she told him seriously. "My sister won't be able to see or hear you unless you spend the energy to manifest, but if you agree to help us in any way you can, you can tag along." "Are you serious?" He perked up slightly.

"Why not?" She grinned. "It might come in handy having you around, and besides; When you spend your life fighting monsters, you take your amusement where you can find it." "What about your sister?" He asked a bit sheepishly. "I don't imagine she likes me very much." "Only one way to find out." Willow headed back toward the house, and Mikey drifted along behind her.

Casey was sitting on the front steps, naked and shivering, and there was a large lump on the side of her head from where she hit the floor. "Is it done?" She asked. "Fucker just about froze me to death. My nipples feel like they got frostbite." "I don't think that was intentional," she glanced at Mikey. "That's just how he felt when he died." "Sorry," Mikey muttered sheepishly. "Maybe I can help." He moved closer to Casey, and when he touched her shoulder, she felt the rush of warmth and sighed in content.

It felt like she was sunning herself at the beach, and she looked at Willow with a frown. "Are you doing that?" "No," Willow chuckled. "He is. I think he feels bad about almost turning you into a popsicle." "You didn't burn his body?" Casey gave her an incredulous stare. "Did I have time to dig up a grave?" Willow stared at her blandly. "And besides, he was just a fifteen year old kid that didn't even know what he was doing.

I thought destroying his spirit might be a little harsh." "So you're just going new sensations mom and cronys daughter fatherly alterations leave him here to rape whoever comes along next?" "Actually, I told him he could tag along with us," Willow tried unsuccessfully to hide her amusement at the way Casey's mouth fell open.

"Why?" Casey demanded. "He might prove useful," Willow shrugged. "If nothing else, I figure he'll make a good sex toy." "I'm going to kill you," Casey growled as she felt a hand caress her breast.

At least he didn't feel like he was made of ice anymore, and she took a sensational cum hole slamming hardcore and blowjob breath and prayed for patience. "You do realize that he's groping me right now." "Yes. Unlike you, I can see him," Willow laughed at the way Casey was straining to keep a straight face as Mikey played with her nipples. "Mikey. Not now. This isn't something I want to watch." "Sorry," he offered her a weak grin as he backed off.

"I was just trying to warm her up." "Mikey?" Casey closed her eyes and shook her head. "You know I'm going to get you for this, right?" "Give him a chance," Willow smirked.

"You might thank me later. He is cute if that helps at all." "You supposed to help him find peace, not help him get a piece," Casey growled at her. "In this case, that might just be one and the same thing," Willow laughed. Casey glared at her, but that just made her laugh even harder. This was going to be interesting.