Mia khalifa take off her clothes

Mia khalifa take off her clothes
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THE BEGINNING This all started a few years ago. I was 32, just finished up college after spending ten years in the Navy. I went to work in the Trust Department at the Corporate Office of a regional bank. I was working with a fantastic married woman, Jane. She was a tall redhead, with huge tits, a nice ass, and long, sexy legs, but her most sexy attribute was her pretty mouth. Jane was a couple of years younger than me. At first, I was not sure how to take her. She was nice and friendly and I wasn't sure, but I thought she was flirting with me.

It seemed like every time she wore a low cut blouse or dress, she made a special effort to talk to me and bend over so that I got a good view of her beautiful tits. The file room was rather cramped and whenever we were in there together, she seemed to go out of her way to rub her tits against my back or squeeze by me and bump her ass against my crotch.

Also, whenever I wore a short-sleeved shirt, she would run her hands lightly over my biceps and comment on how strong my arms were. Also on occasion I would overhear her conversations with her friend, Betty. They all seem to have the same theme, the lack of attention she was receiving at home from her husband.

One time I heard her tell Betty that the night before she had come into the living room naked while her husband was watching TV to ask when he would be coming to bed. Not taking the hint, he told her it would big tit pale brunette teen and ebony anal cum the sugar daddy dilemma awhile.

She went back to the bedroom and when he didn't join her after about 20 minutes, she "let her fingers do the walking". I was thinking it might be advantageous to make a move but the next day, Upper Management put out a memo re-enforcing the Company policy against fraternization and sexual harassment.

Thinking it might be better to be employed, I decided to cool my jets and find my relief outside. Her comments and contact remained unchanged and it was a couple of weeks later that I pulled up behind her car at a light on the way to work one morning.

I followed her for a couple of miles to the office and at every light or stop sign, I could hear the squealing of worn brake pads. Once we were in the garage, I parked not far from her and on the way to elevator, I mentioned that it sounded like the brake pads on her car, a Cobalt Blue Chevy Nova, needed to be changed.

She told me she had mentioned it to her husband, but money had been tight since they had moved into their new house and he was not that mechanically inclined that the repair would have to wait until after he returned from his two week training class. I told her, that she was in luck. My former roommate had left a GM brake kit in my garage when he moved out and I would be willing to do the job on the upcoming week-end.

She asked what I would charge her, and I told her I would settle for a home cooked meal when her husband got back. She agreed and we decided to get together later in the week to finalize the details. The next day, a Thursday, I overheard her talking to Betty again. The jest of the conversation was that her husband had left that morning and the night before he was not receptive to her advances.

Her comment was, "that makes two months now, without. If this keeps up, I am going to own stock in the battery company". They both laughed and moved out of the file room. That Friday, Jane and I discussed the details of her dropping her car off. She told me Betty had agreed to follow her over to my place when she dropped of her car. If I would drive it over to her house, she would give me a ride back to my house.

She also said I shouldn't have to wait for my meal and if I didn't have any plans for Saturday night, she could bring the ingredients over to my place and cook my dinner there.

Jane also asked if I had a VCR. When I answered yes, she asked if she could bring over a tape smutty milf like her milkshake japanese and hardcore watch it together after dinner.

She said, with her husband out of town, she didn't feel like spending Saturday night by herself.

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I agreed and we made plans for her to drop off the car about ten the next morning. I went out Friday with some old buds, but holding true to form, my dry spell continued and I ended up heading home, alone around midnight. Waking up about 8, I hit the gym for a quick work out and made it back to my place about 15 minutes before Jane and Betty pulled up to drop the asian futanari gets cock rubbed hardcore cumshot off.

Jane said there had a slight change of plans and the Betty would drop her off about 5:30. I thought that would be okay. I ran into a few minor problems, but overall it went smooth and I was done with the brake job about 12:30. I did a quick oil and filter change of her car and my truck. I raked some leaves and mowed my lawn. By the time I was finished, it was a little after 5. Jane showed up a short time later. I went out to help her bring it the bags of food from Betty's car.

Betty left, and I showed Jane around the kitchen. She was wearing a maroon jogging suit with a jacket that zipped up the front. It did nothing to hide her huge tits and tight butt. I was a little "gamey' and excused my self to shower and shave.

Under the hot spray of the shower, I remember all the magnificent views I had of Jane's fabulous cleavage. This caused my dick to harden.

I thought it would be a good idea to relieve the pressure, so I lathered up my cock and stroked it until I shot a huge load of cum into the tub. I directed the shower stream to wash the remainder of my load down the drain.

I finished my shower, shaved, and brushed my teeth. Once in my room, I splashed on a light coat of English Leather dressed in a pair of sweat pants, t-shirt and socks. I joined Jane in the kitchen.

She had removed the jacket to her jogging suit. She had on a rather tight (at least through the chest area) sleeveless low cut white tee. I thought I could make out the faint outline of her areole through her shirt and her nipples were making a slight out point on the shear t. I was sure I was in for some more cleavage shots. Jane was seeping on a glass of white wine and offered me a glass. I accepted and when she poured it for me, I noticed she had brought over two bottles with her.

I was thinking she must be planning to do some serious drinking tonight. I stayed in the kitchen with her while she cooked dinner. We chatted and as Jane moved around my small kitchen, there some cleavage shots, "accidental" body contact between her tits and my arm and her butt and my crotch.

I thought to myself that it was a good thing I had stroked off in the shower or else I would have popped some serious wood right there in the kitchen. We had dinner, a chicken, vegetable and pasta dish, at the small table in the dining room. The conversation was light, varying between xstory stepson blackmaiel rape stepmom in kitchen gossip, work topics, and world events.

She did tell me that her husband was gone for two weeks and his company's orientation for new managers. He was in the first stage which consisted of a 4 days retreat with no outside contact. He would be unable to call her until Monday evening at the earliest. Desert was vanilla ice cream with strawberries.

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Jane asked if I would like to finish off with coffee with some Bailey's Irish Cream. It sounded like a perfect top off to her delicious meal. She suggested we have our coffee as we watched the movie. She would brew the coffee while doing the dishes. Jane asked if I would start a fire. It was early October, and the fire would hold off the evening's slight chill.

I had the fire going just as Jane came in from the kitchen with two steaming mugs. She popped the tape into my VCR and we settled into a couple of big throw pillows by the fire. The movie was "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. As the movie progressed, with each sex scene, Jane's nipples became indian uncle umesh fucks neighbour and records prominent and her hips seemed to squirm more and more.

I had just thrown another log on the fire as the Piano scene began. As Richard Gere's head dipped into Julia Robert's crotch, Jane's nipples appeared like them were going to burst through her shirt. Our eyes met, and the next thing I knew, we were locked in a torrid embrace.

After about ten minutes of some very torrid and heavy tongue exchange, I cupped one of Jane heaving breasts. She broke our embrace and I was afraid she was going to stop me in my tracks.

Instead she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head and then reached behind herself and in one motion undid and removed her bra.

As it fell away, I was treated to the vision of two of the most perfect tits I had ever seen. I would have guessed them to be a DD cup, with little sag. Both areoles were about silver dollar size, pink and perfectly positioned. Jane fell back into my arms and we continue our hot kissing session.

I took one of her tits in my hand and alternated between gentle massaging it and lightly pinching the nipple between my thumb and fore finger. My ministrations were greeted by moans of approval from Jane.

I laid her back on one of the throw pillows so that I could alternate my actions between her two fabulous breasts. I slipped my leg between her legs and pressed my thigh against her crotch. Jane responded my humping her mound against my thigh as I moved my mouth down to her right breast. As I sucked on her hard nipple, I was squeezing and tweaking the other breast. After a minute or two, I would switch my mouth to her other tit and move my hand to her other breast. Jane was moaning her approval and urging me on.

In just a short time, I could feel a warm dampness against my thigh as the urgency of her humping action pick-up. I hadn't even directly touched her pussy, and I was sure Jane fucking my clients daughter bang bros about to cum. In just a few moments, she pushed her pelvis against my thigh and held it there. Her back arched and she let out low guttural moan.

"I'm cuuummmming, oh Fuck, I' cuuuummmmming, Oh God, Fuck, I cuuuummmmmming", she cried out as I felt a very warn sticky moisture in the spot where her crotch was in contact with my thigh. I held light pressure against her crotch with my thigh until her breathing returned to normal.

We exchanged another series of deep passionate kisses. "Oh God", she moaned. "I can't remember the last time I came that hard" she said as I looked deeply into her eyes.

I grinned and said, "I am hoping it will be very soon that you cum that hard again." I reached for the waist band and started to tug her sweat pants and panties down. Jane raised her hips and I pulled both off her legs. She was now completely naked, laying on a throw pillow before me. "Hurry, get your clothes off", she moaned in a deep sexy tone. "I need your cock in me now." I had something else in mind for the immediate future.

Spreading her legs, I pushed my head between her thighs. I licked the inside of both thighs as I worked my way to her red fur mound. While running my tongue up and down hot slippery slit, I slipped my right hand down and inserted my middle finger into her hot snatch. As my finger established a steady rhythm sawing in and out of her pussy, my tongue began to rotate her clit in circular motion.

I maintained constant contact with her love button despite the constant thrusting of her pelvis against my face. In just a very short time, she was again crying out in continuous orgasm, as my face was drenched with her pussy juice.

After about three more orgasms, she was begging me to stop. I rose up from between her legs and settled on a pillow beside Jane's naked panting body.

Jane cuddled up next to me. "Give a couple minutes to catch my breath, then I will take good care of this" she said as she fondled my raging hard-on through my sweat pants.

True to her word, just a few moments later, Jane shifted her body down between my legs and began to slide my sweatpants down. As my cock popped free, I hear a slight gasp escape her lips. Without saying a word, she lowered her head and engulfed my hard dick in her warm wet mouth. Within seconds I was experiencing the most magnificent blow job of my life. I was sure I would blow my load any second.

Sensing my impending load, Jane raised her mouth off my cock and said, "You can cum in my mouth later, right now I need to ride your big hard fuck stick." She moved up my body until she was straddling my hips. Holding my dick with one hand, she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. I couldn't believe how warm, wet and tight she was.

Once I was all the way in, she lowered her lips to mine and we shared a long deep tongue kiss, sexy lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and blast it out she began to rise and lower herself on my hard cock. "Oh, it's been so long she I have been fucked. It feels soooo good." She soon settled into a nice rhythm. She would lean forward so I could suck on her tits, then lean back so I could rub her clit as she rode my cock.

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I could feel her juices dribbling down my balls. It wasn't that long before she said, "Can you cum for me Sailor Boy? I am so close." Then I could feel her cunt muscles tighten around my dick as she climaxed again. Her warm juices were soaking my balls. I was close and that send me over the edge. I thrust my hips up and unleashed the biggest load of my life. I could feel my dick spasm five or six times as I shot load after load into Jane's fiery pussy.

As we both began to breathe neighbors mom blowjob the blue balled comrades brother again, Jane slid off my cock and down my body. She took my deflating dick into her mouth and gave it an expert tongue bath.

Once she was done with that task, she laid her body next to mine and we cuddled next to the dying embers of the fire. We snuggled under a comforter, enjoying that enjoyable post-coital intimacy.

We both dozed for a few moments, and then decided to adjourn to the bedroom. We spent the rest of that night and all of the next day, fucking and sucking in every imagable position.

When she left Sunday evening my dick was red and pleasantly sore. We had an enjoyable two weeks while her husband was away. I have a couple of stories to give you about that and our time together after her husband returned.