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Day 2 Emily woke up with a wonderful feeling, she had slept nude and a small wet spot on her bed told her, how horny she was. As the janitor would not be at the school today, Emily practically could start her day on whichever time she wanted, but the work would not do itself and she actually was looking forward getting into the shed again. Just thinking about yesterday made her wet. But she decided besides standing up early, she would first do some research, so she powered up her PC.

First she looked up woodlice, delighted she learned, that they do not transmit diseases and also loved dark moist places.

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As she was looking on the pictures on the website, her pussy tingled remembering how those little things crawled all over her pussy lips yesterday. It took her some willpower not to start masturbating right then. Next she checked the cockroaches, they too liked dark places but also like it warm, some species transmit diseases but they mostly found in hospitals and they looked different from the ones in the shed which was a good sign in Emily's eyes. She also learned, that they could grow rather big, but as it seems the ones in the shed belonged to a smaller species which somehow calmed Emily a little, she did know if she would have let insect crawl over her that are the size of tennis ball.

On the other hand, she would feel something this big even better. Emily's thoughts were trailing off for a few minutes imagining all kind of insects and the feeling of them crawling over her naked skin. After reading both articles she felt ready and left the house, she was wearing a red top with a fitting red bra, that she didn't like this much because it has gotten doggy style anal fucking for sophie lynx little tight over the last year, but she was not planning on wearing it long today.

She had switched her hot pants for a some loose but still quite short sports trousers. Also she brought a backpack with two bottles of water, some food in plastic bags and some other stuff with her. She reached the gym with the shed beside it and again looked over the pile she had formed yesterday beside the large dumpster, everything was like she left it yesterday.

The sun was shining bright and only a few clouds were visible, nonetheless it still was a little fresh so her nipples were getting hard. She opened the padlock with the key the janitor gave her yesterday and switched on the dim light inside the shed.

Sure that no one was around, Emily stripped off her top and bra and put them into her backpack, which she left near the door on a box. Filled with anticipation she slowly walked to the old mat she had masturbated on yesterday. No insects were crawling over the mat and Emily was a little disappointed for a second but then remembered that they liked it dark, so she lifted the heavy mat a bit to look under it and there they were, a crawling mass of cockroaches and woodlice running around in panic caused by the disruption of Emily lifting their hiding place.

Her crotch got really hot seeing all those little insects running around to the next dark slid to crawl into. She would make sure one of those would be her slid. Quickly she pushed her pants and panties to her knees and sat with her naked ass on the dirty cold concrete floor.

Pushing her legs under the mat, which she lowered down to the ground again, so that her legs were under the mat while the rest of her body was still outside.

Now she waited, it didn't take the first roaches long to come back and crawl over her exposed legs. After maybe ten minutes, the insects were swarming her lower body. It was such a turn on, she had to fight the urge to push her hand down there and masturbate, instead she played with her tits. Pulling and pinching her nipples, made her even hotter, she racy raw franceska jaimes london keyes katsuni jessie volt manuel ferrara her nipples over the rough surface of the mat over her, which made her nipples burn.

But she liked the unpleasant feeling. She could not distinguish the individual insects crawling over her, instead it was one big trickling sensation, only near her pussy she could feel them more precise. Carefully she lifted the mat a little and pulled her panties and pants back up. On the way she pushed dozens of insects off her legs, but she hoped at least a few would remain in her panties.

Lifting her ass off the ground, she put her pants back on, feeling quite a few insects trapped in her underwear. Satisfied with this, Emily stood up, brushing the rest of the insects on her legs away. Now to work, again she started carrying old equipment out of the shed, putting them beside the dumpster.

It was hard work but she liked the light breeze playing around her naked breasts and the sun gently warming them and in contrast to that, the rough material they were sometimes pressed against while she was carrying stuff like old mats outside. In addition to that, the insects in her panties kept her entertained the whole time, some had even found their way through her legs and realsex les babes get horny at the gym now crawling around her butt, occasionally hiding in her butt crack.

From time to time Emily just had to stop for a moment and enjoy the feeling her little lovers gave her by wiggling around in her panties. On one of the old shelfs she found some hooks with blue flat bands attached to them, probably for hanging a banner of some sort, but she hadn't seen any banner yet.

Luckily Emily could come up with a different more wicked use. She dropped her panties on the spot, only two of the cockroaches were running away the rest was hanging onto her skin or swarming the wet spot on her panties her pussy juices had made. She took four of the hooks from the shelf and spread her legs apart a little more.

First she just stood there fingering her sweet wet little pussy. She inserted two fingers and as she felt comfortable she added a third one, spreading her a little more. She felt quite full with three fingers inside her but kept going, pushing them with each thrust a little deeper into her hot and throbbing sex. Stretching her a little more each time until all three finger were completely inside her. As she felt ready, Emily took her fingers out of her pussy and grabbed the four hooks.

She pushed two of the hooks into her stretched and wet pussy, slowly she pulled the two bands from the hooks on both sides around her leg until they met on the other side, with one finger holding them in place, she knotted the bands together, pulling on the hooks and so dragging her right pussy tia ling fucks boy her best scene asian street hookers kung pao pussy forcefully to the side.

She proceeded on the other side, gaping her pussy wide, held open by the hooks. The feeling was both arousing and a little painful but Emily enjoyed the thought of having her pussy open to the cockroaches.

Hihi, what a fitting name for them if they hopefully would crawl into her. Emily grinned on this thought, it made her practically dripping. But to make this sure, she had a little trick up her sleeve. Stepping out of her pants, she walked with spread legs to her backpack near the entrance. Crouching down beside it, she pulled the food out, that she had brought with her in little plastic bags.

The one she was looking for, had some apple pieces and a banana in it. She opened the bag and decided to take the banana first. After she peeled it, she took a bite from it, before she broke up a small piece and pushed it into her pussy.

Waddling back to the mat with all the insects under it, picking her pants up on the way, she again lifted the mat up and slid under it, careful not to pull on the hooks in her pussy. She did slide herself deeper under the mat this time, until only her head was looking out from under the dirty, heavy, blue mat. Emily lay there for about 20 minutes enjoying the occasional feeling of a cockroach crawling over her, trickling her feet or legs, but it took them surprisingly long to find her sweet gift for them.

After the long wait, Emily nearly came as the first cockroach found her pussy and pushed itself into her wet flesh. The feeling was amazing, she could feel every move of the insect inside her, how it found the banana piece and started tearing bits out of it. To Emily's regret the cockroach tried turning around and proceeded to push itself out again.

But in the small space of Emily's pussy turning around was not so easy and the insect struggled a bit, which had its effect on Emily. With every move of the cockroach, every buzzing and pushing, she was pushed further towards orgasm and with the last few attempts of the insect, Emily came hard, biting her fist to keep herself from moaning too loud.

Her whole body shook as the cockroach finely came free and ran away into the darkness. For a while Emily just lay there enjoying the feeling of blankness inside her head. Feeling satisfied, she was just about to push herself out from under the mat, as more insects came crawling to her pussy, pushing their small bodies into her.

Overwhelmed by this new sensation, Emily stopped cold in her move and lay back again, waiting what the roaches would do to her. If one was enough to make her come, how would a whole group pushing themselves into her little pussy feel?

She was about to find out. Spreading her legs a little wider, she concentrated purely on the actions around her pussy. Also opening her legs more caused the hooks to spread her pussy even wider, giving the cockroaches an easier access to her private parts.

Several big cockroaches had found the entrance to her pussy and were now all trying to push themselves into her, blocking each african beauty sucks cock interracially in pov action and gets faciali and stretching Emily even more.

She laid there for some time letting the insects penetrate her, crawling inside her pussy, she could feel them caressing the inside of her pussy. Loving the feeling, Emily had to forced herself out from under the mat, careful not to close her legs too much.

Standing up she noticed that quite a lot of insects had found their way inside her and they seemed to like it there. Also the ones that did not make it inside were now swarming around her pussy, drinking her juices. Walking back to her backpack, she took another slice of banana and pushed it between her legs, giving her little lovers even more reason to stay inside of her.

After that she put her cloth back on except her bra of course, the blue bands from the hooks were shown beside her panties. After that she got back to work, she still had to clean the shed before the janitor came back, on the other hand she wasn't sure when this would be.

He said a couple of days so he wouldn't be back today and probably not tomorrow. But probably was not enough, it would be unimaginable terrible if he would find her naked, masturbating with a bunch of insects crawling all over her. The thought about the insects made her horny again and the cockroaches crawling inside her did their part too.

This was all so depraved, why was she doing this? She asked herself. But then the tingling in her clit stimulated by an insect passing over it reminded her. The feeling was so good and felt so right, maybe she was depraved, maybe deep down inside her she was just a sex hungry slut, who was aroused by insects. In addition to that the thought that insects were so repulsing, made her horny as fuck, knowing they were at the moment crawling inside her panties and around her cervix, giving her pleasure with every step.

Emily broke free from the trail of thought and started to sort through the old sports material again, building a small pile of still useful stuff near the door and carrying the rest out to the dumpster. The sun was now at its peak and Emily had pushed, pulled and lifted dozens of mats and broken trampolines and a bunch of other stuff like old balls and ropes to the dumpster.

The whole time the insects were crawling inside her panties, moving in and out of her pussy, keeping her in a constant state of arousal, causing her to have multiple little orgasms over the last hours. Moving seemed to irritate them, so her carrying all this stuff, made them active. At one point she nearly fell as she was carrying a heavy box filled with inflated balls, because the sensation nearly overwhelmed her. She could catch herself at the last moment, by holding on to the open door of the shed, but in order to, she had to let go of the box, resulting in a lot of half inflated balls rolling all over the place.

Luckily they didn't roll very far, but it was nonetheless annoying picking them all back up after her orgasm had faded enough for her to stand back up.

The time was flying by for Emily, she had worked for hours without taking a break, not counting the occasionally drinking pause for a few seconds. Now she was exhausted and really had to pee, the problem with working in the shed was, that there was no toilet in there and with the school closed, there was nowhere to go. Hadn't the janitor thought of that? Probably not, he was in such a hurry as he left. Emily tried to think of something, which proofed rather hard in her state of arousal, her mind constantly wandered back to the cockroaches and the feeling they produced between her legs.

But the urge to pee got stronger every minute and having her pussy spread the whole time was also not a pleasant feeling, but she didn't want to trap the insects inside her pussy.

Finally, she came up with a solution, not a good one as she yr old julie sucking cock on the hiking trail girlfriend and firsttime, but acceptable in her eyes.

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Pushing her pants down, she crouched down. From out her backpack she took one amazing lesbian sex on the massage table with danie daniels and tanja tate the two bottles she had brought with her. Luckily she already drank one.

Holding the bottle under her pussy, she started peeing, it was quite difficult to hit the bottle opening. Not only because she was a girl, but mainly because the hooks spreading her pussy made her stream of piss rather wide. After she was finished, she examined her doing, most of her piss had landed in the bottle which was about half full now, but nonetheless there was a small puddle of her piss on the floor.

Closing the bottle, she put it back into her bag. A few insects came crawling to the puddle, seemingly they lost their fear from her. Somehow she liked the thought of this. She pulled her pants back up and got back to work. As she was trying to push a large box out that was made out of multiple wooden segments stacked on top of each other, which had a broken top segment, suddenly she had another twisted idea.

The box was quit large and if Emily would pull her legs up a bit, she could totally fit into the lowest segment. The box had wheels that, with a leaver on the side, could be lowered into the box-segment, so that the box was standing firmly on the ground without a gap between the wood and the floor.

She rolled the box near the mat with the cockroaches and fetched some fruits from her backpack. This time she took the apple pieces, drawing a line from the mat to the box with the apples, leaving a little wet trace of apple juice on the ground. Finally, she put the apple pieces down inside the box after she had lifted the top segment off, but put it back on to keep the inside of the box dark. Her little trap was set, now she just had to wait, in the mean time she continued throwing old balls and other small stuff out.

From time to time she looked in the direction of the box, satisfied she noticed cockroaches and woodlice crawling towards the box on the trail she had left them.

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After an hour of working, she returned to the box, carefully she gorgeous sadie sits on a thick member the top of the box and nearly let it slip, the box was crawling with insects, she could hardly make out the ground under the mass of little black and brown bodies.

Slowly she let down the leaver to lower the box onto the ground and trap the cockroaches inside. The scene made her even hornier as she already was, pussy juice was running down her tides from her held open cunt. Emily pushed the rest of the banana into her pussy, much to the delight of the cockroaches already inside her, they seemed to like it in there and Emily liked feeling their movement. But they soon would get company down there she hoped. Stripping out of her clothes, Emily tilted the top of the box to the side, holding on to it with one hand.

Carefully she lifted one leg and slide it into the box. For a moment she hesitated, sitting down on the wooden wall of the box, directly on her spread open pussy. It hurt but somehow was stimulating her too. After a short period to gather courage she lifted the second leg off the ground and swung it over inside the box. Her legs were not quite long enough to reach the ground while sitting on the edge of the wooden wall, so she had to lower herself with the strength of her arms, which proofed rather difficult while holding on to the top of the box.

As one of her feet touched the crawling mass of insects at the bottom, she stopped. But as she lowered her feet completely to the ground, the insects made room for her in an attempt to not get crushed.

Standing on solid ground again, she ducked into the box, lifting the top back in place, leaving her and the insects in a twilight, just illuminated by the weak shine of the lamp in the shed that shined through the cracks between the segments of the box.

Pressing her hands against the walls, she slowly let her ass sink to the ground, again the cockroaches made room for her.

As she finally sat, she leaned back, resting her head against the wall. It took her a few minutes before she completely lay down inside the box, legs spread as wide as she could, which was not a lot, and her legs pulled up a bit because she was a little too tall for the box.

She couldn't see much but already felt dozens of insects crawl all over her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, while playing with her nipples. She didn't want to touch her pussy, the cockroaches should caress her there freely without her interrupting. Soon she was swarmed with cockroaches and woodlice, they crawled all over her, their little feet tickling her skin.

They seemed especially interested in her pussy and her nipples.

Emily just lay there with each passing second and each additional pair of feet crawling on her, a huge orgasm drew nearer. As more insects pushed themselves into her wet pussy, she finally came hard. Joy filled her world, her mind becoming blank. She had to open her mouth to let out a loud moan, not caring if any insect would crawl into it.

The orgasm kept on going, as more cockroaches pushed into her, trickling her clitoris and biting her nipples. Again and again she came, till blackness spread inside her head and she passed out. Emily opened her eyes, but it was still dark around her, she needed a couple of seconds to remember where she was. Now she could make out the dim light through the cracks in the wood. Her whole body itched and a second later she remembered why, insects crawled all over her.

Also her pussy felt really full. How many cockroaches may be in there, she asked herself. She didn't know how long she was out so she got up slowly, her joints stiff from laying in the box for god knows how long.

She lifted the top of the box off, letting light into the box, a last time she enjoyed the sight under her, the floor inside the box crawling with insects and not only the floor, but also her body. There had to be at least a hundred cockroaches climbing her body. Somehow she liked this picture. She noticed that her normally flat belly seemed a little bloated, probably from all the insects crawling around inside her pussy.

With the insects still clinging to her skin, she climbed out of the box, putting the top the lesbian took the bus and the mischief was begun onto it. She walked to her backpack, but before she did anything else, she untied the nods of the hooks still holding her pussy spread open.

They had become too unpleasant to tolerate any longer. Pulling the hooks out, she hoped the cockroaches would not suffocate without her pussy held open. But on the other hand cockroaches were resilient creatures, they would manage. Her concerns were unnecessary, after she had pulled the last hook out, her pussy closed a little but not completely, it stayed open a bit, probably because it had been spread so long, or because there were too many cockroaches inside.

Emily didn't care, she sighed in relive, it felt good to not have her pussy spread by force anymore.

She was in a dream state, looking back to the box and remembering the wonderful orgasm she had in there. Preoccupied she reached into her backpack to get something to drink, her mouth was really dry, she really had to find her phone and check the time, but first she had to drink something.

Her hand found the bottle, pulled it out, she opened it and took a big gulp, bevor she spits out in disgust. A salty taste filled her mouth, looking down on the bottle, Emily recognized her mistake. The bottle was filled with a yellow liquid, her own piss. She totally had forgotten about her pissing in it. Great now she had the taste of piss inside her mouth.

But after coming down a bit she analyzed the taste more precisely. It was not too bad, of course it was not the best, but not unpleasant. It was the unexpected taste, that made her spit out in the first place and somehow the thought of drinking her own piss had something kinky to it, which she liked. Eyeing the bottle, she took another small sip. Indeed, her piss tasted not too bad, it even was still a little warm and she was really thirsty.

So she brought the bottle to her lips and drank, not putting the bottle down before the bottle was empty. Finally, she found her mobile phone, she checked the time and was shocked, it was nearly six o'clock. Had she been out this long? Or did she just enjoy her multiple orgasms before that too long? She had to go home or her parents would worry were she was. Brushing the insects off of her, leaving the ones inside her pussy mia and angelina ride on two shafts big tits and asian they were, she got dressed completely and took her backpack.

Emily hesitated a second before turning off the lamp, she let her sight wander through the shed. She really liked this place.

A minute later, she had turned the light off and closed the padlock on the shed and was well on her way home, her pussy still full with cockroaches, trapped by her panties.

She liked the full feeling they gave her and she loved the feeling their movement inflicted between her legs.

After several orgasms today, she still desired the feeling her little lovers gave her. It was in a way addicting.