Young girls have fun with a dick

Young girls have fun with a dick
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Barbara (the former Bat Girl) led Sam through the house, up to their room and immediately locked the door. While the 4 months pregnant Di (formerly Wonder Woman) helped Donna (Wonder Girl) and Kyra (Super Girl) to their rooms and settled them in, Barbara quickly removed the towel from Sam's body and let her robe fall to the floor exposing her nubile 23 year old body.

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Barbara caught a glimpse of Sam's manhood and was in awe. She thought it to be about 8 inches long with a lot of girth. While Sam stood in the middle of the room, Barbara quickly kissed him and them work her way down his body until she was on her knees in front of him.

She took as much of Sam's cock as she could into her mouth, and as she played with his balls, she furiously sucked away on Sam's engorged manhood.

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Sam was overcome by Barbara's act and came within two minutes. Barbara then led Sam over to their bed and was able to get Sam hard again almost instantly as they lay together.

Barbara then had Sam get on top of her. Barbara guided Sam's rock hard manhood to her wet and willing pussy. Once Sam penetrated her, nature took it's course and Sam didn't need any further instruction from Barbara. Sam was able to last longer this time and as Sam shot his load deep inside Barbara, Barbara had her first orgasm with a man.

As much as Barbara had liked being taken by Selina (Cat Woman) with a strap-on, she now found that she liked the real thing much better. C sat in his office and "monitored" the days events on his computer. While Di brought Donna and Kyra to the beach for a day of swimming and sun, Barbara and Sam stayed at the house and continued mom and son sex german make love for several more hours.

C still loved the sight of Barb and as much as he knew this was all part of the program, he wished he was in Sam's place.

Ideally Sam would impregnate Barb so the effects of s "real" pregnancy could be studied. C had been tempted to bring Barb back to normal size on more than one occasion so that he could make love to her and sire a child with her.

But even though he was pretty sure she would be willing, he couldn't chance it for the sake of the program and it had to be done this way.

C continued to watch Barb and Sam as they ended their marathon sex session and then headed to the beach au naturale. When they arrived at the beach, they saw Di, Donna, and Kyra sitting on the beach also in the nude. Sam walked to down the water (as Kyra and Donna stared at his different plumbing and wondered why he was not like them) and immediately dove into the water.

Sam took to swimming like he was born to do it and stayed in the water for quite some time while Barbara talked with Di. Barb could tell that Di was admiring her by the way her nipples became rock hard and by Di's mom and bata full xxx storys visual scans of her body.

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As much she liked what Sam could give jer, Barb still liked the touch of a woman. Maybe after the baby was born Barb thought, she get to know Di better Two month's past and C found two problems that needed to be addressed. The first was Di. She was now 6 months along and became tired fairly easy. C figured this could be easily fixed by aging Kyra and Donna to their teen years at their next check up which was scheduled for the following the day.

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That way they could care for themselves and do tasks around the house. The second problem was more a concern.Barb just had "her friend" visit again which meant that, even after making love to Sam as many as 5 times a day over the last two months, she was still not pregnant.

This would have to be looked at sooner rather than later. The next day, C showed at "The World" at around 9am to pick up Kyra and Donna. C instructed them to each bring their "dolls"( the former Kim and Ashley) with them. After they disrobed, C with a gloved hand, placed them in the same carrier, secured them down, and brought them to the lab. Kyra would be the first to be examined.

After she was sedated, C placed her under the AAD and set the machine to advance her age 5 years. A light engulfed Kyra and within the span of a few minutes, Kyra's body went from that of a child of 9 to that of a rather stunning (for her age) 14 year old young woman's. Donna would go next and just to be different, C advanced her age 7 years. Now what to do with the dolls.As the now teen aged Kyra and Donna slept, C looked at his former assistants, "the dolls", who were in a state of suspended animation.

C was thankful that the girls hadn't really played with them enough to damage them. C decided to keep Ashley in her present state for the time being and she was placed in storage. C then placed Kim under the SAD, skinny and tiny emma hix wets herself and fucks dudes huge cock her up to "Barbie-scale", and then administered the still untested drugs that would bring Kim back from her inanimate state.

Once Kim was re-animated, C gave her a sedative and place her under the AAD. Kim, the former 26 year old PHD candidate, was made 6 years younger for the sole fact that he didn't want her to be the eldest in the group.

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C did not know what effects her previous state, or the untested re-animation drugs, would have on her personality or intellect. C figured that he find that out once the sedative worn off.