Hottie in red dress sucking in fake taxi

Hottie in red dress sucking in fake taxi
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Hi there, as always I have changed the names and the when things happened, everything else is a true event. Each story can stand on its own. However, you should read the stories in order to give more background. Typical Day, One Fine Night I woke up with my wife's leg draped over my face. It took a moment to orient myself. I had fallen asleep in her crotch last night. She was still asleep and breathing softly. I moved very slowly out from under her leg as not to wake her.

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It didn't work at all. She woke up and greeted me as she always does with that smile and a good morning. She jumped up to be the first in the bathroom. I waited and she came back in and laid down on the bed. I looked over and Oliver was just quietly watching and laying on his blanket. I laid down facing with her. She looked at me and chuckled saying "Ugh, sleeping didn't help your breath at all. Back down you go!" She pushed me down to her lower abdomen.

Her hand petting my hair. I could smell the musky odor from her pussy after last nights adventure with Oliver. It was turning me on a little. My wife laid there for a while silently staring off into space. I didn't bother her. I liked where I was. After a while, she asked, "Did you enjoy last night?" Well, there was only one response to that "You know I did hun. It was amazing. I loved the taste of you two so much!". There was quiet for a short while again, to the point I started to wonder.

Sara said "Well, it was fun and it's no wonder you like Oliver, that dog can fuck. I feel kind of strange about it though." not wanting to stop her processing I asked, "How so?" even though I could have told you the answer.

Sara took a moment and responded "I feel almost like it was cheating. But I did enjoy it more then I thought I would." "Babe, I do it with Oliver all the time, you don't consider me to be cheating do you?" I asked. She said "No, but then I don't consider myself a dog's bitch either and you do. Its always been a turn on for me to watch you get fucked by him." My wife is seldom so blunt with words. Until the last few days, I could count on one hand the number of times she used the word bitch.

She has not in the last three years called me that once, and now its been twice in twenty-four hours? It was a thrill and humiliating at the same time. Something strange was going on. I just stayed quiet to let her think. Oliver got up and started to prance around.

I got up to go let him out. Sara stood up and asked, "where are you going, and just what are you doing?" I said, "Just going to let Oliver out". She took my arm and stopped me then pushed on my shoulder. "Nope, I want some quiet time, your down on all fours".

We have done this for a while. When Sara wanted quiet time I would be just another dog to her. She would watch TV, read a book, take a bath, pet the two of us now and then. Sometimes she would even play tug with a rope or fetch with a ball, I learned to enjoy it very much.

She got to have her downtime. Oliver during those times, if we were in the bedroom, would mount me as often as he could. So, I said, "ok let me go to the bathroom first". She said with a smile and twinkle in her eye, "I will take care of both of you right now. Down and quiet now." I got down, on the floor. She put her robe on and Oliver was already at the door. She looked down at me and said "come" so I followed.

She opened the back door. Oliver rushed out. She just looked at me. I quickly got the message. I went outside. We have twelve-foot walls and a green belt behind no second story houses in the area, so I was assured of my privacy.

However, I sexy sluts have fun in the swamp never done this before. I was not sure exactly how far we were going. I turned to look at the bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay naked in public and ex girlfriend door and Sara was gone.

I could hear the cups for the coffee pot, so I guessed what she was doing. The urge to pee was so bad I moved over to the side of the house and just let go. Pee pooled up and got on my knee as if flowed downhill but I was in the middle of going and couldn't stop.

Just then my wife walked around and said "good girl" she always calls me a girl when I am on all fours. I was humiliated a little bit as we have never pushed it this far. I finished and she called me and Oliver in. The grass dried my urine covered knee. I went inside. She sat down and started to drink her coffee.

So Oliver and I just messed around for about thirty minutes or so. Where he went I followed. So where did he go? The bedroom of course.

When I am naked and in the bedroom, Oliver knows he can mount me at his leisure. He has been trained for that over the years. Anal gaping and hot ass fucking from beautiful lesbians I knew what he had on his mind.

Our bedroom has the bed, a small open area in front of the bed and two chairs set up as a small reading area where Oliver's bed and my bed are. I knew what Oliver had in mind so I went over to the beds so I could put my head down on something comfortable. Oliver was already prancing around, looking for his best direction.

I could see his dick already sticking out and getting hard. He jumped on my back and pushed me forward within an inch of a chair. I was sure I was about to get smacked in the head with it. I must have made a noise because Sara came in just then coffee still in hand. Oliver was starting to jab at my butt.

I could feel him back there. I licked my finger to give myself some lubrication and suddenly I felt a wet finger up my ass. I DID smack my head on the chair this time. Sara had moistened her finger with warm coffee and pushed it in without warning.

She moved it around for just a second or two and then removed it. She has NEVER in our whole marriage done something like that.

Oliver with the added lubrication found his mark. He slammed into me. Already being caught off guard and slightly confused I wasn't ready! My ass sinched up and there was pain that I have not had for a couple years. It felt good and painful at the same time. The pain was a nice pain, in this case, it felt so good. Sara read my face and just smiled.

Oliver was going to town.

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The pain was going away as my ass went back to normal. Sara sat in the chair in front of me with her robe slightly open. She took a sip of coffee and watched for a minute as Oliver like a piston fucked me as hard as he could. Sara then put the coffee down and slid down on the chair. She has done this on the edge of the bed now and then. She will sick a few fingers in her pussy and cum while watching me get fucked by the dog.

This time, her pussy was right in my face as I had hit my head on the chair when she fingered me. Her pussy smelled musky from the dog cum last night, and it smelled a bit like pee as well. Not unpleasant just not normal for my wife. Sara looked down at me, then with a commanding voice said: "Lick my pussy, you little bitch".

I didn't even have time to register the words she said as I dove right in. I started licking her pussy lips and parting them. I did full laps from the bottom to the top like I watched Oliver do last night. When I hit her clit it was fun to feel her jump under me.

My body being rocked back and forth by Olivers thrusts into me, caused my tongue to do an in and out motion as it went up and down. She had the strangest taste to her. It didn't stop me or slow me down, however. Sara, smile and asked "Taste good?" I couldn't respond between her pussy and Oliver. "I left just a little pee for you. I hear dogs go nuts at the smell or taste of it." Wholy fuck she was right.

I shot a load of cum on the floor right then. Here I was, my face in my wife's cunt, still tasting the remains of cum from the dog, and pee from her bathroom this morning. The fact that I just came all over the floor because of my wife's words turned me eighty shades of red. Sara chuckle and I looked up to see something strange in her eyes. I workout cfnm babe sucking voyeurs cock cumshot feel Oliver's breath on the back of my neck and my ear.

He is drooling on me at this point. That tells me he is close. I could feel the knot of his prick trying to push its way in. After a few years of us fucking he has no problem with it going in. It starts to expand in there and I can feel every movement he makes. I am licking as hard and fast as I can on Sara's clit.

I want her to cum so badly. Oliver stops moving and I can feel him starting to throb and jerk inside me. I know he is cumming. Sara starts to cum at the same moment. Its almost like they timed it. I moan into her pussy as I am overwhelmed by it all. Oliver finishes filling me with cum raises his leg over me. I know when are stuck for at least ten minutes or so. Sara's eyes start to open. She reaches down, "your such a good girl" petty me slowly on the head. I stop licking and lower myself to the floor.

Sara sits back up and closes her robe. We all wait for Oliver to shrink down. As Oliver plops out of me, his cum runs down my leg. He goes off to clean himself, as always. Sara just smiles, "I am going to shower now." I start to get up and join her. She turned with a scowl on her face. "Just where are you going little girl?". I stop, my mind is racing. I look at the shower. She smiles and says "Dogs are given baths. You don't get one right now" Off she went into the shower.

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Leaving me with a face that smells like urine and dog cum, and dog cum running down the inside of my leg. I am left there to ponder what is going on with my wife. What are we doing as a couple? What is this change and do I like it? It's a bit humiliating. Oliver gets up and starts to head over to me again. Its been a whole five minutes and he is ready for round two. I put my head down as he hops up.

What a weekend this has been!