Mom and son xxx full time poroncom damloding

Mom and son xxx full time poroncom damloding
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Part 1 The time had come to teach my beautiful daughter what it meant to be a woman. At the tender age of 13, she had tortured me for the past year or so, wearing skimpy clothes around the house, sitting on my lap - always making sure she sat right on my cock and wiggling around just enough to feel me get hard and then getting up leaving me with a hardon as I watched her wiggle her ass out of the room. I just couldn't take it anymore.

My desire to have her was too strong. I was going to show her what being a little cocktease would get her, and if she was going to act like a lil slut around me, I was going to make sure she turned into the cock-hungriest slut on our street. It's now Friday night, the big night of my plans. I can tell the sleeping pills I had sliped her in her drink were taking effect. She lay with her head on my lap watching a movie, dozing off to sleep. When I was sure she was completely out, I gently picked her up and carried her to my bed.

She did not wake up at all. As she lay on her back, I call my friend who I had talked to earlier that day, and tell him that we are ready. He says he will be over in half an hour. As I waited, I set up the video camera and start taking some digital photos of Heather as I undress her, revealing her barely teen nubile body.

I think to myself how fun it will be to post some nude photos of her on her myspace page so all the kids in her school will brother forced sister tfuck laundry room what a naughty little slut my daughter is.

Her young, pert breasts were more lovely then I had imagined them to be. I spent some time playing with my daughter's nipples, pinching them between my fingers, making them extremely hard. I then go back to removing her clothes, snapping pictures of my young slut as I do. She now lays before me on my bed, with only her panties on, the same panties I had wrapped so many times around my cock as I shot stream after stream of my cum inside them, wishing I was pumping her full of cum.

I wondered if she ever noticed how much I would fill her delicate little panties with cum, as Alia bhatt and varun dhwan xnxx had made one of her chores to wash the laundry, hoping she would see my cum covering her little panties that she wears over her tight young wet lil pussy.

Tonight she would learn what it felt like to have a man cum in her for real. She will find out how it feels to have hot cum being pumped way up inside her as she is being fucked hard and deep by a man's cock, as it penetrates her with it's entire length. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out several ropes and slipped them around her wrists. After I tied them tight, I removed all slack from the rope and fastened them to my headboard.

I now had my girl right where I've wanted her, naked and helpless to stop the constant cock-stuffing her lil virgin pussy was about to recieve.

At that time my buddy Darrel walked through my bedroom door. He smiled when he saw Heather in the position she was in. I had seen two busty blondes and two long poles straight samantha check her out many times, and knew he would jump at the chance to get his cock up inside my daughter.

There were many times when I was still married to her slut of a mother that I had watched him pump his 9in cock up inside my wife, as we had many threesomes, but something was especially hot about the thought of watching my 13 year old daughter take the same cock that I saw disappear into her mother's pussy so many times before.

I told him to start the video camera as I positioned my head between Heather's legs. Just the smell of her sweet young pussy made me want to cum more then ever before in my life. I knew she would be wet, as her panties were always filled with big tit blonde fuck doll rikki six hes perfect pink pussy spread and stretched delicious adolescent juices of my sexy daughter.

They were always covered with her thick cream and I wondered how much she would rub herself and just who she would be imagining fucking her as her fingers explored her virgin pussy. As my tounge touched her damp little panties, she stirred a little, breathing heavily. With my hand I pulled her panties aside, revealing her wonderful fully shaved pussy for the first time. I stared at my little slut's beauty for a second before diving my tounge inside her.

She had the unmistakable delicious taste only a virgin can have. She was wetter and creamier then I ever imagined. If you ever have the opportunity to slide your cock up in my daughter, do yourself a favor and make sure you go down on her so you can taste the most delicious young pussy you will ever taste in your entire life. And after you make her cum all over your tounge, penetrate her with your cock.

Fuck my lil Heather deep and hard and treat her like the little cockslut deserves to be treated, like a little cum hungry slut. As Darrel ran the video camera, I continued my tounge's assault on my daughter's virgin pussy.

"Daddy.?" is the first thing she said, "What's goin on?" I didn't answer. I just instensified what I was doing, inserting a finger inside her as I sucked her lil clit between my lips, forcing her to moan. The whole time I licked her out she was asking me to stop and asking me why. I never said anything in response, just continued to lap up all her juices that her young pussy was involuntarily offering me.

Then I felt her arch her back and explode into orgasm, causing her to scream in pleasure. My daughter had just recieved the first of many orgasms she will be givin by a man. As she bucked her hips, pushing her young pussy down over my tounge, my face was covered with her delicous cum.

And when her orgasm had subsided, I whispered into her ear, "now you little slut, I am going to hold you down as I watch my friend push his entire cock up inside your virgin pussyand he is going to fuck you like a little whore slut!" She started to protest so I grabbed my ball gag and placed it around her mouth, fastening it tightly behind her head.

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I nodded to my friend and he placed the camera so it would have a good view of us fucking my daughter. As he undressed, he unleashed his 9in cock which stood straight up.

So I removed her panties completley and pushed Heather's legs apart and watched as he moved in between her legs and guided it closer to my daughter's bald pussy.

I told him to rub it up and down her slit, and as he did, I whispered, "You like that, baby? You like the way a man feels between your legs? You wanna feel him inside of you, don't you?" She shook her head no as tears filled her eyes. I told her that it will hurt at first when he penetrates her, but soon she would love how it felt to be fucked by a nice big cock.

I said, "Are you ready to become a woman, baby?" Again, she shook her head no wildly so I grabbed her chin with my hand to steady her head. I then looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Ok, show her what little cockteases get in my house." I could feel his body pushing into hers, and Granny bbw mega big melons minka looked into my barely 13 year old daughter's eyes as she lost her virginity to my best friend.

Her eyes closed in pain as her tore through her hymen, and then stopped halfway inside her to let her adjust to the feeling of having a man inside her. I whispered to her that she should open her eyes when the pain is gone as I caressed her cheek with my fingertips and reassured her that it was ok and that I loved her and that she will thank me for this later.

A minute later she slowly opened her eyes and I again nodded to Darrel. He slowly withdrew and then thrust inside of her deeper. Again and again he did this, slowly picking up his pace and going slightly deeper each time. I watched him penetrating my daughter and thought, "what a lucky man!" I know I could have taken her virginity, but I wanted her to feel like a complete slut, and I'm sure me making her fuck my best friend would do the trick.

After several minutes I felt her body relax and could see that she had started thrusting her hips to meet his as his cock plunged inside of her. I knew then that she was hooked! At 13 she was already loving taking a huge cock up inside her. I knew that this girl would soon be seeing more cocks and swallowing more cum then most girls that work in porno.

I removed her gag and kissed my daughter on the mouth, forcing my tounge into hers. She did the same and we kissed as she was being fucked hard and deep. She was moaning loudly now just like her mother use to when Darrel would fuck her. I asked if she liked it, and all she could reply was "uh-hmm!" "I wanna hear you beg him to fuck you!" I said to her. "Please." is all she said. "No, say it all." "Please fuck me, don't stop!" she said softly at first and then louder.

I saw him grab her hips and ram his cock all the way inside her, all 9 inches. With each thrust, the entire length of his shaft would disappear inside my daughter, causing her to moan from pleasure each time.

I could tell he was chitown thick bbw taking monster dick kingkreme stretch to cum so I untied both of her wrists and placed her hands on his ass. She instinctivly pushed him into her each time he thrust inside her. Soon Darrel was shouting that he was going to cum and I said to let her feel it inside her.

With one more deep thrust his cock erupted inside my daughter. She could feel his hot, sticky cum hitting the very back of her vagina, filling her up with his sperm. This sent her over the edge and she stated cumming too, bucking wildly as he continued emtying his balls inside of her young pussy.

I was so proud to watch her as she dug her fingernails into his back until her orgasm subsided.

Darrel collapsed on top of her, deeply kissing his newfound young little cockslut. I watched as she kissed him like the whore that she was now becoming and she look over at me and said, "Thank you, Daddy. Can you fuck me now too?" I said "of course," as Darrel withdrew completely, causing his cum to start to victoria summers i fucked my best friend s girlfirend out of her pussy.

I told her to close her eyes as I dipped two fingers inside her, scooping a large amount of cum out and bringing them to her lips. I covered her lips with his cum and snapped a few photo's of my daughter like this. Then I said, "If you want Daddy to fuck you, you must show me what a little slut you really are." Without any further encouragement, Heather gladly licked her lips, sucking up every single drop of cum she could.

As she swallowed it, I could swear I heard her slightly moan "mmmmm" to be continued. This story is completely fiction, but I will write one that is true.

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Several times I have had cyber-sex with my sexy Heather and I will write our conversations for you all to enjoy if you are interested, and you can read how my sexy 13 year old would slide 2 fingers up inside herself as she told me how much she wanted to fuck me when she thought I was a 22 year old guy that she never met. hehe