Piss drinking sluts lucia love amp julie skyhigh pee swallow sz

Piss drinking sluts lucia love amp julie skyhigh pee swallow sz
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Working Girl Despite the fact that Ophelia was standing on a corner in short-shorts at 9'o clock at night, everything was pretty good. You see Ophelia was part of the private pleasure industry also known as prostitution.

She was a white woman 24 years young and took this job mostly to spite her ex and her overly Catholic parents. Ophelia was pretty good at her job, she even says so herself.

She owns the corner for a block and every direction and isn't afraid to fight for her turf with her slightly muscular body and boxing beautiful chicks know how to use a vibrator. She specialized in all types of sex from blow-jobs, to tit-fucks, to anal, to foreplay, to cosplay, to roleplay and even stripping for a client. Getting into Ophelia looks: she is tall for age with shoulder length blonde hair that has pink highlights in it, she has DD size tits that look perfectly proportionate on her wide frame, and her ass looks like someone stuck balloons in each cheek.

She had a 4 pack on her stomach, but didn't show if for fear of intimidating her customers. The short-shorts (as stated early) she wore had a zipper that ran around underneath the entire fabric providing for easy access. She also wore her roommates pink butterfly shirt which was 2 sizes to small and made her breasts look like they were about to rip free. Over all that she wore a jaguar robe that was ankle length. Ophelia (or "O" by her friends) didn't work in a nice side of town.

She worked deep in the ghetto and her main customers were gangbangers and wanksters trying to get off. Due to a rap concert the streets were empty however; you see Ophelia works for herself and uses a 100% of her money on things that she needs like paying rent on a mediocre apartment when she could easily afford a hotel on the more classy side of town.

Tonight, however, was destined to change Ophelia's life forever and I don't mean in a necessarily good way. Ophelia stood rocking back and forth on her heels and sucking on a blow pop.

It was about that time where it was in between the sun going down and the streetlights coming on. Off in the distance you could hear the concert in the stadium going full force. The streets were completely deserted, because everyone was either at the concert of locked safe inside their house.

"If I don't get a customer in the next 5 minutes I'm going home." Ophelia said out loud. Strangely enough 3 minutes after that a black woman came out an alley way a few yards away from Ophelia. She wore a calf length red dress, makeup, expensive looking ear rings, and what looked liked fake C-cups.

Despite her looks she had an air about her that radiated confidence and Ophelia like her straight away. The black woman approached Ophelia directly and stopped a few feet away. "Can I help you?" Ophelia asked grumpily. "Just checking out the merchandise" she said.

Her ears perking up at a potential customer Ophelia struck and exaggerated pose that left the woman struggling for breath from laughter. Pulling herself together the woman circled Ophelia every now and then checking an area for fat or copping a feel on Ophelia's ass or tits.

"Are you going buy or what?" Ophelia asked sweetly. "Pretty sure I will" the woman said "by the way my name's Sierra but you can call me C." "Alright Ms. C where do wanna take this?" Ophelia asked. "What's wrong with right here?" C asked. Walking forward the black woman gently nudged Ophelia forward and bent her over the hood of a car.

"You know you look so good I could fuck you right here." The woman said grinding against Ophelia. "Fine with me." Ophelia said shocking the woman "You're going to pay double though." Standing up Ophelia turned around to face the woman who was laughing uncontrollably.

"You've got spunk, come on there's a warehouse my cousin owns, its right down the street." C simply started walking away. Not one to lose a quick buck Ophelia walked behind her down the street and around the corner to a warehouse on Hooker's Harbor.

It's really called Hangman's Harbor, but with the amount of drug users and hookers dumped into its waters it could be called both. Entering amazing gal has a bit of butt with guy an ajar back door C turned on the lights. Nice wife gets throatfucked with a nice result were rows and rows of furniture covered in white sheets.

Leading Ophelia up the steps into the office C instructed Cathy to sit on the console. "What's the price?" C asked. "It's usually 20 dollars and hour, but for you I'll make it 10." C smiled at this. "No matter what I do?" C asked. "As long as you don't hurt me permanently." Ophelia replied. Walking up to the sitting woman, C pulled Ophelia's head into a lip lock. The battle was ferocious between the two tongues as each girl wrestled with the other for dominance.

C pulled her head back in defeat of the more talented woman, leaving a thin line of saliva connecting their tongues. Grabbing the bottom of Ophelia's shirt C pulled it up and over the woman's head. Once the shirt was off C dived into Ophelia's valley, groping Ophelia's natural tits the entire way, causing the white girl to groan. Pulling back C took one nipple into her mouth while kneading the other. C started sucking so hard, Ophelia half expected to start lactating right then and there.

Removing her hand from Ophelia's glorious breast, C snaked her way down to Ophelia's zipper and pulled it down. Wasting no time C started with 2 fingers deep into Ophelia's pussy.

This caused Ophelia to moan loudly and start squirming. Holding the woman down C got on her knees and started licking Ophelia's now wet hole. The smartly dressed woman was an expert with her tongue, sending waves of pleasure deep into Ophelia's pussy and sucking on Ophelia's clit. So good was C that after 10 minutes of jaw work Ophelia orgasmed.

She squirted her juices almost as quickly as her client could lap it up. As Ophelia came down from her orgasm she felt a strong hand holding a rag over her face. She could only struggle for a moment before the world went black. Back in the world of the conscious, C held the rag over Ophelia's mouth for a couple more seconds then removed it and whistled loudly. Right away wife fucking a homeless guy more women came into the office from either door.

"Good job Tiffany" the white woman said who wife fuck by balck dude scream like she was the brains of the bunch walking behind another woman with a slow gait.

She power she gave off threatened to suffocate anyone who underestimated her despite the fact she looked like she was 40. The totally buff white woman in the lead, who looked like she was in her mid twenties, merely grunted in approvement. As if they had rehearsed the scene 100 times the muscular woman, in army cameo pants and a wife beater, lifted Ophelia into a fireman's lift. The boss approached Tiffany with a smile on her face. "Good job Tiffany, now come on we got to get these girls to the cells." She said.

Walking out the warehouse the woman dumped the girls into the back of an unmarked black van. The woman with cameo pants hopped in the back while Tiffany and the woman in charge got in the front.

Pulling off the van turned out to street and then onto the highway out of town. In the back Tiffany could hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Looking over the chair the muscular woman was using the Asian business woman's mouth as a device to get off her thick cock. With a grunt the woman came all over the woman's face and used her hair to wipe the excess off her easily 9 inch cock. As they pulled up to their shack in the woods Tiffany unbuckled. "I'm glad we're here, I have to piss like a racehorse." The muscular woman said.

"Didn't need to know that Sheila" Tiffany said over her shoulder. As the woman in charge exited the car Tiffany hurried and clambered into the backseat, pulling up her dress you could see the outline of her limp cock against her red thong. Pulling the thong out the way Tiffany exposed her pink lips and put her legs into the air.

Coming around the back of the car the older woman jumped back in surprise then chuckled. "I need you now Sarah." Tiffany growled feverously fingering her female part. Looking back over the shoulder the under woman thought for a second then pulled down her pants revealing a rapidly hardening foot long cock. "Nice to see your still so big boss, you've been so busy you haven't had time to fuck me in months." Tiffany said "What are you waiting for?

Tear my pussy apart like you love to do, leave me limping days, make me your bitch again!" "I guess a quickie isn't out of the question." The older woman replied.

Leaning forward the woman speared the younger black woman with her massive dick. Tiffany opened her mouth to scream out in pleasure, but her mouth was covered by her employer's hand. The mature woman didn't last long inside the black pussy because of her lack of sleep, food, and overall energy.

After about 10 minutes she clumsily pulled out and Tiffany sat up right away and put her mouth on the woman's cock to swallow her release. Tiffany easily swallowed everything her boss had to give and then wiped her mouth. "You still taste like water melons Sarah." She smiled. "Alright enough fun let's get these girls inside." Sarah said stuffing her cock back into her baggy jeans.

Inside the back of the van were 3 girls. Tiffany, the Asian business woman in a suit, and another whore who was black, looked like she was in her early twenties and had on nothing but her birthday suit. Grabbing Ophelia in a fireman's lift Tiffany carried her into the house and brushed against Sheila as she left the house.

Walking into the living room of the log cabin, Tiffany turned right into a hallway and opened the door at the end with her foot. Her heels making click clacking sounds against the stone steps, Tiffany descended into the darkness. Right behind her Sheila flicked the light switch with her forehead, since she had a girl under each arm. In the cellar of the shack were 6 more girls, except these girls were in skanky british sub gets cunt pounded roughly fingerfucked and ballsucking a little taller than they were and allowed them only a few steps of room before they had to turn around.

There were woman from all over the ethnic spectrum, from black to white to Indian to Asian to Mexican.

At the site of their captures the prisoners shirked to the back of their cages. There were a total of 10 cages so there was still a cage left at the far end of the room after the new girls were deposited. Leaving the room Sheila blew a kiss at the prisoners and hit the light switch. "So you're gonna add the new Working Girls to website tonight?" Sheila asked "That should bring some more clients in." "You know what?

I'm feeling kind of queasy I think I'm gonna lie down now K?" Tiffany said walking into her room. Punching Tiffany on the shoulder, Sheila walked out the cabin to pull the van into the back. Inside Tiffany's room she stared at her ceiling and listened to her radio. What was the feeling she felt?

This throbbing in her chest that she had felt when Sarah adopted her when no one else would because of her anatomy. This aching that Tiffany thought would forever only be there when Sarah made love to her. The aching feeling that resurged when she was kissing Ophelia.

Tiffany tried to bring that feeling back by seducing Sarah, but it never showed. There was another feeling, but this one wasn't in her heart, but at the back of her head. A creeping thought with tendrils that would soon burrow deep into Hair pulled while fucking zoe parkers pussy doggystyle pornstars hardcore psyche.

The thought that possibly, just maybe, that what she was doing was wrong. Lost in her thoughts Tiffany drifted off to sleep while watching a porno on her T.V. She dreamed of the day her life changed forever, the day Sarah adopted her. It was a hot summer day at the orphanage and as always Ms. Johnson refused to touch the thermostat so the children found refuge in the pool or in the shade provided by the trees. There were about 70 kids in all at the Johnson Manor for Children. They ranged from infants abandoned on the door step to kids finally leaving the mansion and starting lives at 18.

Tiffany Cardwell was sitting in the grassy front yard and was staring at the clouds. Her birthday would be tomorrow and she would turn 16, although she already had the figure of a twenty year old, the cup size, and the attitude to boot. She wore skinny jeans and a plain T-shirt without a bra despite how much Ms. Johnson scolded her about it.

As Tiffany wondered if that cloud looked more like a potato chip or a car, a green GTO drove up front driveway. Parking her car a woman got out wearing a red dress and high heels. Sitting up Tiffany watched as the woman strode into the mansion radiating confidence. Wanting to see what the lady was doing here, Tiffany ran up to the side of the mansion and climbed the vine strangled gutter pipe.

At the top Tiffany hopped off the pipe and landed on Ms. Johnson's terrace which was right outside her room/office. Tiffany often came here to watch jack off as she watched Ms. Johnson masturbated, or pulled out a strap-on to fuck a maid or a female teenager about to leave the orphanage. Tiffany only needed to wait a few seconds before a maid ushered the authority ordering woman into the bedroom.

Without being asked the white woman sat down in front of the crabby Ms. Johnson. "I'm interested in adopting a child, my name is Sarah Winsor and here are my credentials." Sarah said sliding a document across the table. After taking a minute to examine the papers, Ms.

Johnson broke out into her famous 50 year old smile that just lit up the room with happiness and joy (sarcasm). "Very good, would you like to take a look at the nursery room?" Ms.

Johnson asked. wild waves of hardcore joy european and blowjob I'm looking for a child at least 13 and up and she has to be a female" Sarah explained what she was searching for. "Ahhh okay. Well here are teenage females." Ms. Johnson said after searching for a minute through her file cabinet. She handed the younger woman, what looked like from Tiffany's perspective, 12 portfolios. While going through it she paused of 6th document studying it intently.

"Is this document accurate?" Sarah asked. "I'm afraid so" Ms. Johnson frowned "She was dropped off here at the age of 4 and remembers nothing of her parents." "Can I speak with her?" Sarah asked, but Tiffany was already sliding down the gutter and running towards the front steps.

Tiffany nearly collided with Ms. Johnson 2nd in charge, Erica, when she opened the door. "Oh good there you are sweetie, Ms. Johnson wants to see you." The young white woman relayed. "Okay" Tiffany replied trying not to show she was out of breath. Hands shaking Tiffany walked upstairs and knocked three times on Ms. Johnson's door. "Come in!" Tiffany heard Ms. Johnson's whip like voice and tone.

Walking Tiffany closed the door behind her and stopped 5 and ¾ feet from Ms. Johnson. Sarah stared at Tiffany as if she was a piece of meat on a slab, her eyes undressing her. Snapping her gaze away from Tiffany's C-cups Sarah turned back to Ms. Johnson. "Why don't you introduce me to the young lady?" Sarah asked.

"Certainly Ms. Winsor, Tiffany the lady in front of you is Ms. Sarah Winsor an owner of a business dealing with trade. Ms. Winsor this is Tiffany a child living here." "Nice to meet you Ms. Winsor" Tiffany said standing at parade rest. "Please don't call me Ms. It makes me feel older than I really am." Sarah smiled. "Ms. W- uh I mean Sarah here wants to talk about adopting you after she spends some time with you outside the orphanage." Ms.

Johnson said. "Sounds great and I can't wait." Tiffany said unable to contain her smile at the hope of finally leaving the manor with a parent. "Good. Meet me by my car in 5 minutes, don't worry Ms. Johnson I'll wild babe aletta ocean with big tits having sex with a warrior in a tent her back by 9." Taking this as a dismissal Tiffany calmly walked out the room, but once she was out she sprinted down the hallway and then down the main steps through the foyer and did a cartwheel off the patio and into the sunlight.

Turns out Tiffany only had to wait 2 minutes before Sarah came striding out the front door at slow by meaningful pace. Gesturing toward the car Tiffany got in almost jumped back out as she touched the metal seat belt. Strapping in Sarah got in a turned on some "cruising music" as she called it, which was quite simply some soft rock.

"Its pretty hot out here, how about some ice cream?" Sarah asked pulling off. "Sure thing." Tiffany smiled. It was a relatively quick trip as Tiffany asked unimportant questions such as "what's your favorite color?" and Sarah answered. Pulling into the ice-cream parlor parking lot the 2 girls exited the car laughing.

When they got in Tiffany ordered a vanilla sundae with strawberries and Sarah order a chocolate sundae with sprinkles. "So what brings you to this small town?" Tiffany asked. "I'm looking for a child to adopt, but since all my friends told me how stressful it is to raise a baby I decided to just get a teenager." Sarah explained.

"Why can't you just have a baby by yourself?" Tiffany asked curiously. "I'll show you why later" Sarah said smiling. After they finished their Sundaes they walked over to the arcade across the street where Tiffany schooled Sarah in a fighting game. "I'll show you how to play" Tiffany said after she won for the umpteenth time.

Getting behind Sarah Tiffany wrapped her arms around her and placed her hands on top of the older woman's hands. Slowly Tiffany took Sarah through basic training her face deep in Sarah's back because it smelled like a garden of flowers.

Before Tiffany knew it she was hard at a full 7 inches and was slowly humping against Sarah who was laser focused on the game. Tiffany could feel precum dribbling down her leg as she moved back once Sarah beat the final boss. Leaving the arcade Tiffany walked behind the flamboyant Sarah so the older woman wouldn't notice the plain outline of her stiffy against her skinny jeans.

Strapping in they pulled off again, this time Sarah took them to the river just as the sun was going down silhouetting the city on the other side of the river in a brilliant orange golden hue.

They sat in the car and watched the sunset together while eating candy. Suddenly Tiffany felt Sarah's hand on her leg, but she just assumed it was Sarah trying to make an emotional connection. However as the hand moved further towards Tiffany's crotch she began to feel uncomfortable.

When Sarah hand came to a stop directly on top of Tiffany's cock, Tiffany remembered Sarah knew what she had underneath her pants. They sat there for a while with Sarah's hand on Tiffany crotch and Tiffany fidgeting nervously.

Then Sarah simply removed her hand, much to Tiffany's surprise/confusion/ disappointment. "Do you remember when I told you I would show you why I couldn't have children?" Sarah suddenly asked.

"Y-Yes." Tiffany stuttered. "Well this is why." With that Sarah freed her limp cock from underneath her dress and let it fall against the steering wheel "Who would want to have sex with me?" Tiffany's jaw dropped as she stared at the older woman's cock. After a minute she managed to articulate words again. "You have a penis?" Tiffany questioned. "Yes and so do you." Sarah answered.

Tiffany closed her mouth again and with a shaking hand she reached out and touched the head causing Sarah to groan. "Here is what's going to happen." Sarah said "You have 2 choices, you can stay at that orphanage until you graduate from high school or you can come with me which will open up a world filled with possibilities you never knew existed." Tiffany thought over this with an intense look on her face.

Getting out the car Sarah sat on the hood of her Mustang, Tiffany followed soon after. After a while Sarah sighed explosively and got on her knees in front of Tiffany.

"What are you doing?" Tiffany inquired to the kneeling woman. "I'm hastening your decision" Sarah shot back. Tugging on Tiffany's zipper Sarah managed to get it free and was slapped in the face by Tiffany's cock. Wasting no time Sarah went to work blowing the now groaning teenager. Sarah easily took Tiffany's cock all the way down her throat licking it all the way.

Then she pulled back as the inexperienced and over stimulated girl climaxed. Wiping the cum off her face Sarah tasted Tiffany's cum and smiled at the sweet taste. Standing up Sarah ramming of a taut euro anal gap Tiffany's lip and pushed her onto the hood of the car in a fierce wrestling match. Pulling back Sarah stood up and hiked up her dress, used her front fender as a stepping stool and lowered herself directly on top of Tiffany.

With the woman bouncing up and down on her cock Tiffany was in heaven, her heart was in her throat and everything just felt&hellip.right. On Sarah's end of things it feeling was mutual. With every bounce Sarah's cock made a wet slapping noise as it impacted Tiffany stomach. "Ohhh I love you Ms. Winsor!" Tiffany cried out as she climaxed. Leaning forward Sarah whispered "I love you too Tiffany" as she hopped off the girl's dick.

After that the adoption process went smoothly and soon Tiffany was riding in the front of Sarah's muscle car with her few worldly possessions in the back and all was right with world. In her sleep a contented smile crept onto the woman's face as she curled up and her lights cut off after sensing no movement for 30 minutes.

Ophelia blinked her eyes awake as she sat up on her covers, stretching her arms she stood up and banged her head on the top of the cage. Opening her eyes Ophelia tried to figure out what was hanging over her bed, but instead she got to survey the basement she would be living in for a long time. Her cage was against wicked centerfold gets cum load on her face gulping all the cream basement wall at the far end of the basement.

Right next to her was a crying Asian woman dressed in a suit lying against the back of her cage. "What&hellip.The&hellip.Hell?" Was all Ophelia could manage. "Don't burn too many brain cells trying to figure this out; short and sweet you've been kidnapped." A 40 year old woman said from the middle of the room. After processing this shocking information, the last thing Ophelia remembered was her orgasm. Before she could do anything else Ophelia doubled over and heaved into the pale inside her cage.

"Don't worry most people throw up after their 1st contact with chloroform." Another woman Cathy couldn't see said. "What are they going to do with us?" Ophelia asked, recovering her breath. "They call this place women's Eden" the first woman explained "My name is Elena by the way. This is basically a sex camp for dick addict blondie giving great fellatio in pov they come for miles around to enjoy us." "Enjoy us?" Ophelia questioned "To fuck us." Elena clarified "When a woman looks at our pictures in the foyer they pick one of us to use until their hearts content.

She doesn't even have to be fully female, shemales and hermaphrodites are welcome too." "What about pregnancy?" Ophelia choked back a sob.

"As far as we know getting pregnant is the only way to leave this place. When you go into labor they take you somewhere and you aren't seen again, we don't know what happens to you, but it is probably better than this Hell." "How can they do this?

I mean for how long?" Ophelia was on her knees trying to keep from sobbing like her Asian companion. "Most of us are whores, except those Mexican twins over there." Elena gestured to the foremost cages. "They're illegal immigrants and they don't speak a lick of English. To answer you latter question I've been here for 20 years." Ophelia remained quiet at this revelation, silently scanning the room.

There was another sleeping girl who was naked in the cage diagonal to Ophelia. "How many customers do they get a day?" Ophelia asked. "3 to 4" Elena replied blandly. "You know I heard there are a chain of these Women's Edens, one in each state" A black woman said in a cage to the left of the Asian woman.

"Don't try to scare the girls Rock" A woman who Ophelia couldn't see said. "SHHH!" Elena commanded "Sounds like clients." "They usually bring the new girls along when clients come so we can show them the ropes." Elena explained. Sure enough a large muscular white woman came down the steps and opened the cages for the two Mexican twins and Elena. After taking them upstairs she came back down and retrieved the now docile business woman for her cage.

30 minutes of silence after that the muscular woman came down again and opened the woman who thought there was chain of Edens across the U.S. cage and also opened Ophelia's cage. During the 30 minutes the naked black girl woke up and Ophelia explained everything to her and was pleasantly surprised when she didn't cry but merely sat there stone faced. Ascending the steps Ophelia was surprised that they weren't cuffed or shackled in any way. Based on this she concluded that (1.) the woman believed that she could stop them if they tried to escape (2.) there were more guards outside and probably with guns (3.) the cabin was too remote to be easily found or to easily escape from.

While going over the possibilities they were taken outside and bathed club group sex proves real fun for everyone the warm rays of the sun as they walked towards one of the 10 guest like houses in the cabin's back yard.

Walking past the first house Ophelia heard the grunting and moaning that was all too familiar with the sound of her trade. Entering the 3rd furthest cabin Ophelia came into contact with the kind of people who rape slaves. However it was a distinct possibility that these people didn't even know that the women they're using are being held against their will. "Alright now" the muscular woman rumbled "the Tosh family wants to do a Colonial America slavery roleplay with Miss Trish here and Miss Ophelia is here to OBSERVE." After making sure everything was situated and understood the woman left and Ophelia had time to observe the clients.

There were 3 women a 17 year old a 16 year old and a 35 year old. They all had heavy Southern accent so Ophelia assumed they live or lived in one of the Southern States.

Standing on her tippy toes Ophelia looked over at what the Tosh family was doing, they were picking sex toys much to Ophelia's interest. As some sort of cosmic joke the youngest Tosh had the largest rack with a D-cup. The second oldest had a C-cup while the mother had either a large B-cup or a small C-cup. "Alrighty here" the mother began "why don't you girls go wait outside in the field?" The girls obediently followed the directions and stepped outside and into the nearby flower field.

"Can we escape from here?" Ophelia asked. "No and we've all tried, it's a 5 mile run to the nearest paved road and they have dogs and tranquilizer rifles." Trish answered with a heavy Brooklyn accent.

Before Ophelia could ask any questions the family exited the cabin and Ophelia backed up to the edge of the field to watch. The family tried to seem confident, but Ophelia had been at her job for 1825 days plus and she saw the slight tremble in the hand or the ever so faint shiver and knew that this was the family's first time. "The master says to get back to picking cotton" the 2nd oldest said to the black girl. "What if I don't want to?" Trish said arms crossed "Then we'll make you!" the mother said flanking Trish from the side and grabbing her arm.

Trish had obviously done this type of roleplay before because she managed to put up some resistance, but not enough so that the 3 girls couldn't put her on the floor.

Putting her face down into the dirt the family put her ass in the air as they took off Trish's skinny jeans to reveal Hello Kitty underwear. Once her pants were around her ankles the oldest pulled up her skirt to reveal a white strap-on and shoved it into Trish's mouth. Inspired by their mother initiative the daughters pulled their strap-ons free from their pants and the 2nd oldest placed it into Trish's pussy and started to fuck the 'would be' slave doggy style.

The youngest however experienced a moment of indecision and stood there stroking her fake cock whiles her sister and mother fucked the slave. An idea popping into her head Ophelia approached the busty girl from behind and groped her tits through her shirt causing her to jump. "Is something the matter Master?" Ophelia asked kneading the girl's nipples between her fore fingers. "N-Nothing at all slave" she stuttered. Turning the girl around Ophelia kissed her with all her might.

The girl apparently had never been kissed with such passion before because she was too shocked to kiss back. Ophelia worked her tongue around the teenager's mouth and slowly worked the girl onto her knees and eventually onto her back.

Sitting up Ophelia and the girl both gasped for breath, but before the girl could do anything Ophelia stood up and unzipped the zipper on her shorts revealing her bright pink pussy lips.

The teenager could only watch as Ophelia lowered herself onto the 7 inch strap-on. Removing her pink shirt Ophelia's tits bounced free and flopped wildly with Ophelia's bouncing. The girl wasn't with pleasure as the strapon was double ended which means that there was an equally long 7 inch strapon inside the girl that thrusted in with Ophelia's every bounce.

"Do you like my service Master?" Ophelia huffed. "YES YES!" was the girl's reply. Turning her head Ophelia watched as the eldest daughter and her mother pounded Trish's ass and pussy with synchronized thrusts.

Looking down Ophelia managed to catch the girl eyes roll up as she climaxed. Disappointed she didn't reach her orgasm Ophelia zipped up her shorts and wandered over to Trish and the other clients.

"Take it you fucking slave!" the mother yelled. "Yes yes!" Trish grunted, her head in the flowers "I like your white cocks pounding my unworthy pussy!" About 10 more minutes of this was required before the girls reached their climax. With screams of pleasure all 3 girls climaxed in the makeshift cotton field.

Standing up the mother and daughter enjoyed a sloppy kiss as they bathed in the fresh scent of sex. The muscular woman must have been watching because she exited the main building as soon as the mother returned the sex toys. After directing them to the front desk the woman took the girls back into the basement and locked the door. However on the way to the basement they passed Tiffany as she walked towards the showers. There was a cold awkward silence between the women until Sheila led them into basement.

The group baths within the basement were the other girls were, pushing them inside Sheila closed and locked the door. "Welcome back." Elena greeted them with a smile. "Don't forget to grab a shower buddy so they can help you reach those hard to reach spaces." She said over shoulder. Turning around Ophelia was about to ask Trish to help her, but the woman had already walked off.

Slowly rotating 360 degrees, the only girl without a partner was the sniffling Asian woman. Approaching the flat chested woman Ophelia merely stepped into the woman's space and let the water wash over her. "You know I shouldn't even be here." She sniffled much to Ophelia's surprise. "I was just visiting my aunt, before a business meeting when all of a sudden a woman asked me for help claiming her boy was stuck in a grate in the alleyway beside my aunt's house.

I&hellip.well you know how that turned out don't you?" Ophelia could only wrap her arms around the woman to convey the feeling the shared. "My name is Samantha McCool" she said. the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette Winston" Ophelia smiled "Now how about we get you clean huh?" Grabbing the soap Ophelia rubbed it along her tits and then hugged Samantha spreading the soap along her back. Ophelia moaned into Samantha's back as she washed the Asians back with her mammoth tits.

The washing soon transformed into an effort to obtain the orgasm she was denied earlier. Sensing her fellow prisoners pent up frustration; the shorter woman turned around and placed her fingers at Ophelia's entrance, after receiving a brief nod Samantha went to work fingering Ophelia to an orgasm. When Ophelia did orgasm she moaned loudly, but either the other girls didn't notice or didn't care because they said nothing about it.

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Washing up the girls waited while the muscular woman came back down and let them roam around the basement. What Ophelia didn't notice a first was the weight lifting sets in the 2 back corners of the room where the girls worked to stay in shape. Walking around the room Ophelia introduced herself to the other kidnapped women and discovered one of them, an Indian woman by the name of Jasmine, was 3 months pregnant.

Apparently this was all they were allowed to do; shower, fuck each other or the clients and sleep. Needless to say Ophelia just worked out until Sheila and 2 armed female guards corralled them into their cages and gave them a surprisingly luscious dinner. Unknown to anyone else a plan was forming in Ophelia's mind. A plan that would require lots of sex and listening to the sound her heart made when it saw Sierra again.

With ideas swirling around her head, Ophelia drifted off into a surprisingly easy sleep. Upstairs what Tiffany would give to be at peace as Ophelia was. She couldn't sleep with her mind constantly going back on how she betrayed Ophelia. So she went to her alternative way of sleeping which was passing out from exhaustion and only one person could exhaust Tiffany like she needed to be.

Tiffany walked into Sheila's room as the woman stuck her cock into a pan of warm apple pie. Sheila didn't hear Tiffany enter because she had somehow retrieved Tiffany's video collage of Sarah fucking her; in the shower, over the kitchen table, outside in the field, in the van on the side of an active highway, on the roof, and there was even an instance where Sarah fucked her in an airplane bathroom.

The video was currently showing Tiffany getting mauled outside in the field. Sheila was muttering something that Tiffany couldn't her until she got closer. "Oh your mouth is so great Tiffany." Sheila moaned "Why haven't you let me fuck you these pass years?" "Maybe I wanted someone who cared for something other than my tight cunt." Tiffany whispered in the masturbating girl's ear. Sheila nearly fell out her bed when she jumped up. "HOLY SHIT!" Sheila yelled loud enough to wake the dead.

After Sheila calmed down she remembered what she had been doing with the pie still on her cock. "So how much of that did you hear?" the muscular woman rocco siffredi and kelly stafford sex analysts amirah adara alexis crystal kitty b malena debora mad. "I would tell you, but you would probably shove your cock down my great mouth." Tiffany smirked "But I'm not here to make fun of you for resorting to fucking a pan of pie." "I want to have fucking unbelievable sex until I pass out." Tiffany proposed.

Sheila stared at the black woman sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave front of her, removed the pan from her dick and gently sat it on her dresser and then turned back to the beautiful woman sitting on her bed wearing khaki shorts and a wife beater. "Do you need a doctor Tiffany?" Sheila asked concerned.

"For fuck's sake! Just sit back." Tiffany yelled pushing Sheila with surprising strength. Pulling down her shorts Tiffany's hard 10 inch cock sprang free. Approaching the large woman holding her cock, Tiffany lifted up the herm's balls and simply shoved her cock into Sheila's pussy. All of her frustration, misery, and anger Tiffany worked through her cock and into Sheila's hole. Grabbing Sheila's shoulder Tiffany managed to increase the force of each thrust 3-fold.

The feeling of her cock inside the ex-gang banger was amazing, Sheila's pussy held Tiffany's cock like a bear and Tiffany loved it. Feeling her imminent climax Tiffany pulled out of the groaning woman and shot her load along Sheila's monster, coating the cock as well as the bits of pie still on it.

Feeling all the past 2 days emotions leave her body like the tide, Tiffany fell forward onto Sheila's bed. Tiffany wasn't the only one feeling drained, unbeknownst to Tiffany Sheila had climaxed with her feminine part while Tiffany was fucking her. Sitting up the woman hurried to stand up so she could fuck Tiffany.

As Sheila turned around she remembered the time she met Sarah and Tiffany. A year after Sarah adopted Tiffany Sheila turned 17. She lived in a house by the beach with her lesbian parents who adopted her when she was a baby. Sheila usually sat inside her parent's closet as she masturbated while watching her mother, Kayla Hunter (26), doggy fuck her other mother, Whitney Hunter (24) with a strap-on. Sheila hated her cock, but at the same time she couldn't ignore it.

She couldn't wash in the showers with the other girls on the basketball team, but when she got in the shower she couldn't help but jack off to the image of the head cheerleader. Whenever she saw whip cream she instantly got hard thinking of her own sperm. To top it all off her mother, Kayla, molested her whenever her spouse had to work overtime. She would come into her room and force herself onto the already well built teenager. She would force Sheila to eat her out while she abused her ass or she would fuck her with a strap-on while telling her what a freak she was with her cock or when she is really frustrated she'll let Sheila cum inside her then make her stand outside for an hour with no clothes.

Afterwards she threatened the teenager with sending her back to the orphanage were she was beat daily and left the helpless girl to cry herself to sleep. It was a fairly warm August weekend as Sheila lay on top of her roof under an umbrella. She didn't want to go into the house because Kayla was in a rage again so she camped out on the roof which had a spectacular view of the ocean.

You could see for miles around on top of the West Coast house, but I bet you'll spend the majority of your time staring at the breath taking blue-green waters that seemingly sparkled when the sunlight hit them just right.

Oh and you couldn't forget about the girls that walk along beach. Wait, Tiffany sat up noticing the girl, this was a private beach there shouldn't be any people on it. Slowly walking to the edge of the roof Sheila climbed down the ladder she'd place and put the ladder back into the garage.

Carefully navigating the rocks Sheila picked her way down since it was faster than taking the long winding path to the beach. Looking up Sheila could see that the girl was black and had on a skimpy 2 pink piece bikini.

Her large sunflower hat covered her eyes from the rays of the sun as she walked along the shell filled beach. "Hi!" Sheila called out walking up. Turning around the girl shot a smile that stopped Sheila cold, the smile seemed to dominate her field of view as time slowed for Sheila.

"I said Hi" the girl waved her hand in front of her face for the 3rd time. "Oh yeah uh hi." Sheila snapped out of her revere. "Nice day for a walk on the beach huh?" The girl asked. "Yeah yeah" was all Sheila could get out, because if she told the girl the beach was Private she would leave and never come back and Sheila was certain where this girl was is where she wanted to be.

"My name is Tiffany what's yours?" Tiffany smiled "My name is Sheila Hunter" Sheila smiled back. "Want to have some fun?" Tiffany asked. "YES! Yes I mean yeah sure." Sheila calmed herself down much to her embarrassment. "Then you'll have to…CATCH ME!" Tiffany yelled turning around and running into the waves dropping her hat in the process. After a moment of surprise Sheila took off after the already calf deep black girl. They had loads of fun splashing around, collecting sea shells, and Sheila even showed Tiffany the cave she found at the far end of the beach.

However the time flew between the girls and the sky was soon dark. Promising to meet Sheila at the cave tomorrow Tiffany left clambering over the rocks on the far end of the enclosed beach. With a smile on her face walked back up the winding path to the backdoor patio. Inside she heard noise, after shifting the curtain so she could see Sheila saw Kayla fucking Whitney over the table with a strap-on.

The feeling returned in her pants and Sheila remembered why she couldn't truly be with Tiffany as she jacked off to her parent's sex.

After they finished up Kayla hot blonde teen with glasses rubs pussy until she cums to back door and Sheila acted like she was just coming up the pathway. Kayla let Sheila into the house, smacking the teenager on the ass when her spouse wasn't looking. Sitting down for dinner, Sheila wondered why Kayla had such a big smile on her face.

Apparently it wasn't Sheila's imagination as Whitney commented on it as well. "Well I have big news." Kayla smiled "Today I went and got injected with a donor's sperm so we could have a baby." Whitney got up and sobbed tears of joy into her wife's neck thanking the woman. Kayla however wasn't interested in Whitney at all as she was staring directly at Sheila. Right then and there Sheila knew that Kayla hadn't gone to a hospital and that the truth was that Sheila was about to become straight hunk getting fucked anally for some money tube porn mother.

Putting up the pizza dishes the family all sat down under some covers and watched a movie. Kayla's hand slowly snaked into the helpless Sheila's pants and started fondling Sheila balls causing the teenager to grow to her 6 inches pitching a tent in the shared cover. Removing her hand from her adopted child's shorts, Kayla snaked her way into Sheila's growing bosom.

After finishing the scary movie, the still sniffling Whitney retired to bed leaving Sheila with Kayla. Wasting no time Kayla put on a video of her fucking Sheila on the beach. "So what do you think honey?" Kayla asked her daughter sitting on top of her lap. "You're fucking sick that's what I think." Sheila growled.

"How can you talk that way about your baby?" Kayla said grinding against Sheila rising erection. On the video Sheila was crying at getting her ass abused and in real life Sheila was crying at the mental and emotional pain she was enduring.

"Oh hush up you, when the baby gets here we won't even need Whitney." Realizing what Kayla meant the teenager broke into sobs again as she came. "Good night honey." The sick woman kissed Sheila on the forehead, pulled a strap-on out of a drawer and walked into her room. Needless to say between what was going on in her heart, mind, and the noise her parents were making Sheila got no sleep that night.

The next morning Sheila woke up angry because of the dream she had when she finally fell asleep. Sheila was hopped up on rage, but had no outlet because Kayla was at the doctors with Whitney. Then Sheila remembered Tiffany and a twisted smile came over the broken girl's lips. Looking at the clock and seeing it was 9:47, Tiffany knew she had another 2 and a half hours until Tiffany showed up. Shedding her clothes she walked around the house for no reason what-so-ever.

Entering her parent's bedroom the mentally broken girl decided to leave a little present for Kayla so she masturbated and came on her incredibly white pillow. Looking for something else to desecrate Sheila sat down at Kayla's computer and turned it on. Checking the History Sheila went to the most recent saved video labeled Big Cocks Small Holes.

Halfway into the video Sheila smashed the laptop enraged by much of a sadistic bitch her mother was. She had hurried guys to gangbang Whitney while she videotaped it. If anything this confirmed what was already on Sheila's mind, Kayla had to go!

Deciding to get a head start on Tiffany, Sheila left the house 15 minutes early after she put on a 2 piece bathing suit and wrapped her cock underneath itself so Tiffany wouldn't see a bulge. Sitting for a while on the beach Sheila thought about what she was about to do. Tiffany showed up a few minutes later wearing the same bikini as yesterday. With their greetings Tiffany could tell something was wrong with her new friend.

"What's up?" Tiffany asked. "My parents that what!" Sheila snapped, but Tiffany didn't cower at the larger girls anger. "You said you had something to show me in the cave yesterday?" The black girl asked. "Yeah yeah follow me." Sheila abruptly got up and started at a fast pace to the other end of the beach. After clambering over the rocks they got inside the cave. Inside was a mattress, covers, and basically everything one would need for a camping trip. "So what was it you wanted to show me?" Tiffany asked taking off her hat.

"Turn around." Sheila said almost at a whisper. Turning around Tiffany wasn't too shocked to see Sheila's cock hanging out the side of her swimsuit. There old man cums in teen xxx tina met her boypartner at a concert in a bar a moment of silence as Sheila stood there staring at Tiffany for a reaction.

"So what you're going to rape me now?" Tiffany asked arms crossed. "W-well uh T-That's uh yes?" Sheila didn't know what to say, her plan didn't include Tiffany being unfazed by her cock.

"If you're wondering how I know, I felt it when we were splashing around and I jumped on top of you." Tiffany said. "You don't care that I have a dick?" Sheila asked wide eyed. In answer to Sheila's question Tiffany pulled her bottom down and let her black cock spring free. For the second time that day Sheila was confused deeply.

"If you hate your parents that much why don't you come with me?" Tiffany asked. "I would, but only one of my sexy babe railed by nasty pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette and reality is bad the other one would be helpless without me." Tiffany said almost in tears. "Oh come here Sheila." Tiffany said as the now crying girl sobbed all her emotions her anger, her frustration, and her misery into Tiffany's chest.

Falling back latina shy girl goes wet i met her on the mattress their cocks began to rub together and become hard. Pulling back Sheila looked Tiffany in the eyes. "Is who you live with really that great?" Sheila asked. "She's just like us if that's what you mean, but that is then and this is now so shut up and fuck me." Tiffany commanded.

Obeying her command Sheila reared back and plunged deep into Tiffany. That was basically how they spent their evening with Sheila slamming into Tiffany in all sorts of positions and cumming inside her multiple times. About halfway through Tiffany breathlessly suggested they move onto the beach. So they did and before they even got fully off the rock Sheila tackled Tiffany and started slamming her ass. After what seemed like too short a time Sheila's parents pulled up and Tiffany had to go.

"We are in to green GTO across the street from your house." Tiffany told Sheila as she climbed over the rocks. Turning to face her house Sheila began her slow walk up. Elsewhere Tiffany limped to the car and sat down beside Sarah. "How did it go?" Sarah asked through a smoothie. "How did you think it went? I'm fucking limping." Tiffany retorted. "I know you didn't want to let that girl take you, but it's for the greater good" Sarah smiled "As for that mouth of yours I'm going to have to wash it out with my own soap." With this Tiffany smiled and bent over to give Sarah a blowjob.

Back at the Hunter residence Sheila opened the back door and entered the house. Cutting the phone cable Sheila snuck around her parent's loud bedroom. Putting a chair against the front door from the outside Sheila walked all the way around the house and came in from the back again.

Opening her parent's door she quietly stepped inside, but that wasn't even necessary as the women were making more than enough noise. "I'M ABOUT TO CUM!" Whitney yelled. "Oh yeah me too!" Kayla grunted furiously humping Whitney.

"YES YES! FUCK ME SHEILA!" Whitney yelled as she climaxed. "What the fuck!?" Kayla yelled as she orgasmed as well. Pulling the strap-on out Kayla stalked around to the side of the bed her strap-on flapping ridiculously.

Seizing her wife by the shoulder Kayla got right in her face. "Even now of all times you still want your daughter to fuck you!?" Kayla roared putting Whitney into tears. "I'm sorry I can't help it!" Whitney cried as she ran into the bathroom. Turning around Kayla received a powerful right hook to the face courtesy of Sheila. Keeling over Kayla landed on the bed with one hand already on her soon to be black eye. "What the hell?!" Kayla roared. Not answering her mother, Sheila yanked Kayla's strap-on off snapping the straps with strength she didn't even know she had.

Pulling the knife she picked up off the kitchen cabinet Sheila held it Kayla's neck before she could say anything. Oh how Sheila wanted to cut Kayla's throat so badly, to feel her warm blood spilling over her blade, but it would be no fun fucking a corpse. Leading Kayla into the living room, Sheila dug deeper into Kayla's neck forcing the woman onto her knees.

"I'm feeling kind of lazy at the moment, so why don't you pull out my cock?" Sheila said. Unsure on how to react to a teenager with a knife Kayla obliged fishing Sheila's cock out her pants. Leaning over a little bit, but still holding the knife Sheila retrieved a bottle of lotion and squirted some along her shaft.

"Now give me a hand job." Sheila commanded. Kayla's mouth opened then closed like a fish out of water before stroking Sheila.

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The teenager groaned as she got her cock worked by her rapist of a foster mother. Groaning loudly Sheila let loose her first load of the night directly onto her mother's face. Kayla jumped back in shock and tried to wipe the goo off, but to no avail she only spread it. Wiping her cock off on the couch Sheila approached Kayla once again with her cock at attention. "Please I'm sorry." Kayla begged.

"After what you did sorry isn't good enough now suck!" Sheila ordered. Taking hold of the cock once again Kayla licked the tip, obviously inexperienced on how to give petite teen whore smalltits and group sex proper blowjob.

Sighing at her mother's ineptness Sheila grabbed the back of Kayla's head (knife still in hand) and plunged her cock as far as it would go into the woman's mouth. Kayla struggled with her hands beating frantically against Sheila's thighs. Kayla may have been suffocating, but Sheila was in heaven inside her mom's mouth. Pulling out to give her some breathing room, Kayla sucked in a large gasp of air just as Sheila came once again.

Kayla sputtered jizz as her oxygen supply was contaminated as it flowed down her throat, gasping for clean air Kayla was on all fours. Not wanting to lose her momentum Sheila grabbed both of Kayla's legs and dragged the older woman towards her.

Grabbing both of Kayla's cheeks Sheila shoved a finger into the sadistic woman's ass. Even from the car Tiffany could hear a woman's scream and smiled as Sarah slammed into her cunt in the backseat. Back in the house Sheila had worked her way to 3 fingers before Whitney finally came out the bathroom to see what all the screaming was about.

Shocked Whitney backed up into the T.V. set as she watched her wife get anally violated by their adopted daughter.

"About damn time, I was wondering when you would get here." Sheila smiled "Now I can get on with the main course!" Spreading Kayla groaning ass Sheila leaned over her elder and whispered in her ear. "This is for everything&hellip.mom" Then Sheila ripped her mother's ass open as her other mother watched. Kayla could do or say nothing because of the pain that was racking her body, all her body would do is leave her mouth hanging in an 'O' shape as the pain slowly died down.

On Sheila's end of things there was no coordination, no timed thrusts, or groping of any part other than the else in front of her. It was as Sheila had turned into a primal beast built only to fuck.

No matter how primal the beast was though, Kayla unattended ass made quick work of Sheila cock as Sheila orgasmed. The only sign of the orgasm was Sheila grunting as she continued thrusting oblivious to the world around her. Sheila's cum covered Kayla's rectum completely and leaked onto the floor after there was no more room inside Kayla's ass. Pulling out with a *PLOP* Sheila stood up above the knocked out abusive woman her cock swinging freely.

Turning toward Whitney Sheila stalked forward, scaring her other mother into movement. Whitney ran into her room screaming and locked the door behind her. Sheila wasn't deterred by this obstacle however as she still had the knife and simply jimmied the door open as she had done 100s of times before. "Hello Hello Police!?" Whitney was trying to call the police, but to no avail. Seeing Sheila Whitney jumped over the bed and ran into the bathroom, she tried to close the door behind her but a towel hanging over the door prevented that.

Backing up slowly Whitney grabbed a hair dryer as her defensive weapon as Sheila entered the bathroom.

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Not fearing any danger Sheila simply just walked up on Whitney as she stood there shivering and gently sobbing. Getting face to face Sheila stuck out her tongue and lick Whitney's lips. Grabbing the woman's chin Sheila forced her tongue deeper into the unwilling mouth. Seeing no other option Whitney opened her mouth and let herself be orally violated by her adopted daughter. Snatching the hair dryer out the terrified woman's hands and sat down on the closed toilet seat.

"Tit-job" Sheila said pointing towards Whitney's DD-cups. Nodding in understanding Whitney grabbed her breasts with both hands and placed them over Sheila's cock. Going down the older woman received a groan of encouragement from Sheila Whitney bounced her tits around the cock stroking it to full strength. Once she was ready to go again Sheila stood up abruptly and Whitney back on her ass realizing she was getting into being raped.

Seeing her exit Whitney ran out the bathroom only to trip over thin air as all white girls do in horror movies situations. Walking out the bathroom Sheila grabbed the dazed Whitney by the arms and dragged her out the bed. Using Kayla's handcuffs that she so often used Sheila, she handcuffed the struggle woman to the top bedposts. Even in her crazed state Sheila knew her limits and knew she only young sex parties michelle can dp and cum shower for michelle 1 orgasm left and she was determined to make it count.

Searching through Kayla's DVD collection she pulled out the one marked Sheila gets double penetrated and put it into the DVD player which was hooked up to a projector above the bed. As the video got started Sheila crawled on top of the still crying Whitney blonde gape inseminated by bbc creampie and amateur simply lay on top of her with her cock ready to enter her lower lips at any given moment.

The video began to play it started off with a handcuffed and gagged Sheila on Kayla's bed. Kayla then came in from the side wearing a strapon and holding a dildo. Seeing this Sheila cried out and struggled desperately against her bonds. "This is what I had to go through" Sheila whispered into the now still Whitney's neck "now it's time you felt it!" Rearing back Sheila slammed into Whitney's pussy over and over again. She grunted as Whitney moaned as Sheila's cock hit all the right spots.

Grabbing Whitney's tits Sheila used them as grips as she fucked her own mother. However with the amount of times she came that day Sheila was only good for 2-3 minutes. That however was enough to bring Sheila to her finally climax and dump her load into Whitney's pussy.

Pulling out Whitney dropped the knife and just walked out the room as the video played her cumming into the air as Kayla rammed her ass. Walking over the still comatose Kayla Whitney grabbed to bowl of oil off kitchen counter and poured it all over the carpet floor.

About a minute later Sheila walked out the front door as the flickers of flame could be seen through the living room window. Approaching the car Sheila silently got into the backseat and Sarah turned around to face her. "Welcome to the family" Sarah smiled and then pulled off into the night. Smiling at the memory Sheila plunged into Tiffany's cunt and the sounds of grunting and moaning could be heard all night long. Ophelia sat up from her dreamless sleep as a tired looking Sheila slid their breakfasts through bars in her cage.

Eating the eggs, bacon and grits Ophelia finished up the last touch ups on her escape plan. Unfortunately this plan didn't include everybody, but once Ophelia got back to civilization she would call whomever and let them know what was going on here. Finishing her food and filled with excitement Ophelia struggled to hide her smile as the first customers of the day trickled in. The 3rd customer was actually a party and ordered Elena and Ophelia.

Striding confidently out the cell the duo were steered to the cabin where Sheila told them to wait. Once Sheila left Elena moved towards the wardrobe as Ophelia watched she applied make-up and put on a French maid outfit. Turning around Ophelia was shocked at the fact Elena looked like she was in her early 30s rather than her mid 40s.

Deciding to follow Elena's lead Ophelia donned a schoolgirl outfit with a red plaid skirt and a top that barely came below her tits. Elena took up a kneeling position at the foot of the bed while Ophelia lay on the bed her face buried in a pillow. "This is going to be sweet!" A girl exclaimed outside the cabin.

"I don't know I'm pretty sure this is illegal" a softer voice said. "Don't worry about it Amy, your just anxious because you're going to lose your virginity today" the first voice replied. "Yeah don't sweat it Amy" a deeper voice said. The trio walked into the cabin and Ophelia could finally put voices to faces. The one called Amy was the 17 year old Asian girl Ophelia assumed.

The 1st voice would be her older sister Ophelia guessed as they were carbon copies except the sister astonishing redhead milf gets nasty with her stepdaughter lesbian fucking like she was about 5 years older. The third and final voice was their black chaperone that despite apparently being an avid weight lifter looked like she was as old as Elena.

"Good morning masters how may I help you?" Elena smiled and shocked Ophelia with her French accent. "Yeah yeah whatever" Ophelia popped some gum she found on the dresser and refused to face her clients. "Since you're so shy you get the schoolgirl Amy we get the maid." The black woman ordered rather than said. "Yes LaKeisha" Amy said poking her fingers together.

Taking off their tops Ophelia discovered that this LaKeisha had a huge pair of tits compared to the older sister's B-cups. The chaperone's 4 pack was no dude fucked teen on backseat of car exhibitionist piercing to Ophelia as she knew by the woman's mannerisms that she tried hard to stave off old age.

Going down their bodies Ophelia and Elena both noticed the compressed cock against Lakeisha's pants like a spring ready to bounce free. The older sister, who Ophelia found out whose name was Susan, managed to beat her caretaker in a race to take off all her clothes save her panties. Walking up to Elena Susan removed her 6 inches from her panties. She was followed by LaKeisha with her impressive 10 inches slapping her toned thighs.

Since Susan got their first the maid took her cock into her mouth first while stroking the black woman. Turning her attention to the timid teenager (Ophelia wandered if it was her fate to get saddled with inexperienced kids) Ophelia sashayed up to the girl and wrapped her in a big hug causing her to jump in surprise. "No need to be so jump sweetie" Ophelia whispered into the girl's neck.

Gently leading her over to the bed Ophelia looked back over at Elena who after giving blowjobs for 20+ years had become a pro at it and had already caused Susan to cum in her mouth. Intentionally tripping over her feet, Ophelia onto the bed pulling Amy with her. "Oh please don't be too rough, it's my first time." Ophelia said in her best innocent schoolgirl voice.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" Amy waved her hands frantically accident slapping Ophelia's breasts a couple time causing the woman to moan. Deciding straight forward seducing the shy girl wasn't working, Ophelia changed her tactics. "When you hit my tits it felt so good, could you do it again?" Ophelia asked knowing that the girl's nature wouldn't permit her to say no. Seeing the girl was about to object Ophelia added "But if you don't I'll never forgive you." After taking time to mull this over the Asian girl agreed sealing her fate.

Amy started off with a little nudge against on tit, but after glancing at the glare the schoolgirl was sending her way she knew she would have to hit it harder. Rearing back she slapped the tit hard eliciting a pleasurable groan from Ophelia. Feeling empowered Amy pulled back and slapped the tit again causing another groan to emerge. "I'm such a bad girl aren't I?" Ophelia asked in her naughty voice.

Before she could stop herself Amy answered "Yes you fucking are! You're a bad girl that needs to be punished!" Bringing her had to her mouth Amy was shocked at what she had just said. "So are you going to teach me a lesson teacher?" Ophelia asked grinding against Amy's pelvis.

"Yeah I will." Amy said trying to get into the mind frame of a Master and a Slave. Grabbing the bottom of Amy's shirt Ophelia lifted it up and over the girls head stopping only to kiss her. Once the shirt was off Amy stood up while Ophelia lifted up her skirt and spread her soaking wet pussy.

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Looking over to her senior Ophelia saw Elena getting bent over a table by Susan while LaKeisha skull fucked her with her cock from the other end of the table. Turning back towards her charge Ophelia watcher as Amy unbuttoned her pants to reveal her extremely small dick.

It was even a full 2 inches and by Ophelia's calculations it wouldn't even grow above 5 inches. Sighing in disappoint Ophelia started fingering herself, expecting to have to bring her own self to an orgasm. However Amy had other plans as she began stroking her miniature 6-shooter.

It grew from 2 inches to 4 to 6 and showed no sign of stopping. Looking up Ophelia's jaw hit the floor when she saw Amy's cock at a whopping 9 inches and 2 inches thick, being bigger than her older sisters. "Time to teach you a good long lesson." Amy growled. "I-I-I don't think that will fit!" Ophelia said honestly scarred for her pussy.

"Should've thought of that before you got yourself kidnapped shouldn't have you?" Amy said "Now shut up it's time to serve your detention!" With that said Amy slammed her cock into Ophelia's well lubricated pussy and began fucking Ophelia up.

Ophelia's tongue lolled out her mouth in pleasure as she climaxed right away. She could feel Amy's cock stretching the very walls of her pussy with every thrust and it felt so good! Looking down Ophelia could see the faint outline of Amy's cock it was that big.

Speaking of Amy, the girl must not have gotten out much because her face was screwed up in pleasure from the sensation she was feeling Ophelia's cunt. Over with Elena LaKeisha came in the elderly woman's mouth. "Let's switch places I'm tired of her mouth." The black woman suggested, but her words fell on deaf ears as Susan was too busy enjoying Elena's lower lips to hear anything.

After trying and failing several times to get Susan's attention an idea came to Lakeisha's head and brought a smile to her face. Walking around the table the black woman simply bent Susan over Elena and shoved her black cock into her tight ass. "Ohhh!" Susan screamed out as she came inside Elena much to the woman's shock. "Get-your-cock-out-my-ass!!" Susan screamed between thrusts as LaKeisha lifted the woman out of Elena and into the air.

"Your ass feels so good!" The black woman yelled as she came inside Susan's ass. That didn't stop her for a second though as she kept thrusting throughout her climax spilling her cum.

Through this Elena wasn't watching, no she didn't get paid to watch (even though she didn't get paid at all) she was busy jerking Susan off as she got fucked by her chaperone. Getting back to Cockriding in different positions big butt bigtits, the woman had lost all feeling in her legs after her umpteenth orgasm and she could see lovely teenie spreads yummy slit and gets deflorated Amy was getting close to her orgasm.

"I'm about to cum!" Amy yelled and tried to pull, but to no avail as Ophelia wrapped her legs around her. "Go head and cum! Fill me up with your hot sperm! Make me yours!" She yelled. Spurred on by the encouragement Amy came inside Ophelia shuddering the entire time and painting Ophelia's inner walls white. Pulling out Amy's cock was already returning to its miniscule state and the girl had passed out from exertion.

Taking a break and walking over Elena handed a hd fantasyhd hitchhiker cameron dee gets creampie on car drink. "It helps keep your cunt nice and tight" Elena explained as Ophelia downed it in 3 gulps. "AHHH!" One of the other girls yelled from across the room as they came. After one last orgasm LaKeisha lowered her charge to the ground and slid her limp cock out.

Taking a minute to collect Amy LaKeisha approached Elena and went in for a sloppy deep kiss. "Next time your pussy is mine." LaKeisha said. "I'll count the days Master" Elena smiled. Stalking out the cabin the girls headed towards the main lodge and where they were intercepted by Sheila. "Where are the clients and where are you girls going?" Sheila questioned the women. "The clients are getting dressed, and were heading back down into the cellar." Elena said.

"Good girls and Elena?" Sheila asked. "Yes?" "I want you to go to my room." "Of course" Walking off Sheila entered the cabin the duo had just left, probably to discuss payment Ophelia thought. Stopping in her tracks Ophelia turned as she heard a sob from Elena. "What's wrong?" Ophelia asked. "Didn't you hear? She wants me to come into her room. Every girl she has impregnated has gone into her room cuddly teen is gaping narrow slit in close range and coming a night.

She probably wants me to try and give birth before I'm too old." "How old are you?" Ophelia asked walking the woman into her house. "36" Ophelia froze in her tracks "You've to be fucking with me." "Why do you say that?" Elena sniffed.

"You just look so&hellip." "So what?" "Good for your age!" Ophelia sighed to herself as she dodged that bullet.

Spitting up with Elena, Ophelia headed back toward the cages. Passing by the kitchen Ophelia made a detour and grabbed what looked like a car key and a pregnancy test stick off the counter.

As look would have it the opportunity Ophelia was looking for presented itself before Ophelia even got to the basement. Tiffany was entering the bathroom with a robe wrapped around her body. Sucking in a deep breath as if that would give her some extra reserves of courage, Ophelia walked into the bathroom.

"Sheila I don't feel like doing th-" Tiffany cut herself off when she saw who had entered the bathroom. "Hello Sierra" Ophelia smiled. "My name is Tiffany" Tiffany said below her breath. "Okay then Tiffany, how are you doing?" Ophelia asked, not waiting for a response she bulldoze on "I'll tell you how I'm doing. I'm a prisoner in a prostitute camp somewhere in the middle of the fucking woods getting fucked by hermaphrodites and lesbians, but it's all good because I'll forgive you.

At this Tiffany heart soared when she heard those words from a woman who she didn't even know for a full day yet felt so strongly attracted to. "I'll forgive you if you kiss me again like you did that nig-" Ophelia couldn't even finish the sentence as Tiffany dropped her robe and crossed the tiled floor with an inhuman quickness to capture Ophelia's lips.

The kiss was ever so more passionate because both girls knew that they may never get another chance. Tiffany swung the ex-prostitute into the open shower door deepening the kiss the entire way. The only way you could describe that moment would be a burst of intense red passionate light filling up the sky and blinding the tiny little people inside each of their hears.

"I want to fuck you" "Fuck me then." Without missing a beat Tiffany place her cock against Ophelia's pussy, turned on the shower, and then went balls deep. Despite still being weak from Amy Ophelia vowed that she made this session special. Ophelia bent over at a 90 degree angle so Tiffany could mount her properly and mount her Tiffany did.

From the hallway you could hear Tiffany's balls smacking Ophelia with every push. Inside the shower there were no words said, just passionate love making between 2 women. After a good 10 minutes Tiffany orgasmed inside Ophelia instinctively knowing that Ophelia wanted her cum. Switching her position Ophelia started sucking Tiffany off as the shower water flattened both the girl's hair. Inside Ophelia mouth it was a vacuum as the woman applied all her blowjob techniques to obtain her prize.

"Omi-god your mouth feels so good" Tiffany moaned as she came once again. Washing up the couple exited the shower and Ophelia roughly sat Tiffany down on the closed toilet seat.

Kneeling in front of the black girl Ophelia began to give Tiffany a tit-job to revive her limp cock. Up down, up down went Tiffany's DD as Tiffany's cock reached its full 10 inches once again. Standing up Ophelia sat down directly on the cock, climaxing as she did so. Ophelia's tits bounced freely as she timed her bounces with Tiffany's thrust for a gymnastic routine of sexual gods.

Halting her bouncing Ophelia slowed to a slow gyrate as Tiffany climaxed inside her lover's womb once again.

"That-was-amazing." They both gasped at the same time. Remembering where they were the girls scrambled to put on their clothes once more. "Ask Sheila to use the bathroom when she brings you breakfast" Tiffany said. "I will and Tiffany?" "Yes?" "I know I barely know you and we haven't been together for more than 24 hours, but…I love you." Silence "I love you too Ophelia." The two girls embraced and then Ophelia ran into the basement where she would take a shower and then go to sleep for the night.

Tiffany's mind however was a whirlwind of emotions and questions. Was what she was doing actually justifiable? If she loved Ophelia so much why was she letting her lover get fucked every day?

How would she escape? With all this going through Tiffany's head she didn't even hear the moaning from Sheila's room. "You haven't fucked me in so long" Elena said pulling back from a kiss. "I'm sorry I've just been so busy" Sheila apologized nuzzling in her secret lovers neck.

"One last thing before I go?" "Anything!" Sheila almost jumped up. "I want you to stop fucking Tiffany if you really love me." "Of course, I won't even look at her again." They kissed and Sheila grew hard once more. "So how's is the escape plan coming?" Elena inquired.

"Almost ready." "You said that a week ago" "Tomorrow or the day after." "I'll hold you to that" "That isn't the only thing you should be holding." A gentle breeze from Sheila's open window blew the door shut, but didn't eclipse the moans emanating from the room. Just as Tiffany had said to do Ophelia asked Sheila for the bathroom when breakfast came. "Yeah Yeah just hurry up and don't get any ideas" Sheila yelled after Ophelia.

Entering the bathroom Tiffany stepped out the shower and the couple enjoyed a long deep kiss. "Now turn around so I can actually use the bathroom" Ophelia ordered. After Ophelia was done Tiffany turned back around to see Ophelia looking at something. "Tiffany I'm pregnant." Ophelia said whirling around with a pregnancy tester in hand. The silence was so thick you couldn't cut it with diamond, as Tiffany slowly took the pregnancy test stick from Ophelia's hands.

"How could this have happened?" Tiffany said quietly "We have to tell Sarah so she won't&hellip." British amateur milf and white master my peeping playfellows step son was unable to finish her sentence.

"Tiffany, what do they do to the pregnant women?" Ophelia asked wrapping her arms around the distraught black woman. "Sarah sells the babies into slavery and then kills the mothers" Tiffany choked out retching into the toilet. "Will you let that happen to me?" Ophelia asked "NO NEVER!" Tiffany had to be calmed down by Ophelia's embrace before she caused them to be discovered.

"Calm down I believe you." Ophelia said. Taking Tiffany's hand Ophelia placed it on her stomach "If you want a place for a child to grow up and thrive you have to get out of this mess. Now think where would a key be required? "Only a couple of places Sarah's office, the cabins out back, the basement, the van, or the motorcycle keys but those went missing yesterday……DON'T TELL ME." "Calm down and yes I did, but we can't escape with just a dirt bike, we need money so we can start a new life.

Where does Sarah keep the client's money?" Ophelia asked. "It the wall safe in her room, I'll find a way to get to it." Tiffany stated confidently. "And I will prep the motorcycle deal?" "Deal." After another kiss the couple separated to fulfill their jobs. On Ophelia's end she could only hope that a client picked her.

About halfway through the day she finally got chosen by a Puerto Rican. Determined not to screw the plan up Ophelia picked out the sexiest dress she could find. It was black and had fabric that criss crossed over the breasts not really hiding anything and extended down to Ophelia's calves.

Walking into the cabin the woman was surprised to see Ophelia lying on the bed with her ass in the air wiggling it. Closing the door behind her the 23 year old freed her 5 inches from her pants and approached Ophelia like she was going to destroy her with her cock. Sighing in relief Ophelia knew that if she wanted to get to the motorcycle she would have to fuck whoever chose her into a coma and her job just got a whole lot easier.

On the harder side of things Tiffany entered her foster mother's office. "Can I help you dear?" Sarah asked not looking up from the paper work she was writing. "I think you know what I want&hellip.mom" Tiffany struggled to hide the contempt in her voice, contempt born from the fact that her mother had convinced her to kidnap women and turn them into slaves. "I'm afraid I don't have time to have sex with you right now dear." Sarah sighed.

"I'm not asking" Tiffany said crossing the room with lengthy strides. Walking behind Sarah Tiffany started examining the uninteresting trinkets on Sarah's dresser.

"I know you love feeling when you fuck me. When your huge fucking cock pounds my tight black pussy you enjoy it so much don't you? You love having a busty black bitch at your disposal so you can dump your load into her sweet cunt whenever your cock kinky couple seduces a smoking hot teenager hard." Although on the outside the dirty talking wasn't getting to Sarah, when her cock rose from beneath her formal business skirt Tiffany knew she was successful.

Unzipping her pant Tiffany let her semi-hard cock lay across the paper work Sarah was reading. "So what are you doing exactly?" Tiffany asked. "You're really not going to let this go are you?" Sarah sighed.

"Not until I get what I want." Tiffany smiled. "Stand up…please" Standing up Sarah's cock hit the desk and scattered her paper, causing Sarah to sigh again and Tiffany to giggle. Shedding her pants slowly Tiffany bent over Sarah's desk and wiggled her ass in front of Sarah. "Come and get it." Fully intent on finishing this quickly Sarah took a firm hold on each of the black girl's ass cheeks and shoved her cock into Tiffany's pussy causing the girl to cry out as the large intrusion entered her.

Sarah was grunting from exertion and Tiffany looked like she had instantly orgasmed as her eyes had a cloudy look. Leaning over Tiffany grunted as she came inside the girl, something she hadn't done in 5 years.

Sarah fell back in her chair exhausted, but Tiffany wasn't done with her yet. Sitting on top of her foster mother's lap Tiffany began grinding against Sarah's crotch once again rising her cock filthy mother id like to fuck like her milkshake Sarah's feeble protests. Standing up again Tiffany slowly lowered herself onto Sarah's long thick pole. Once Tiffany got the full foot inside of her she could feel the head of Sarah's cock brushing up against her womb and Tiffany was pretty sure Sarah could feel it as well.

Wasting no time Tiffany began bouncing up and down on Sarah's cock with her cock making a wet slapping sound when it hit Sarah's stomach. It was a déjà vu moment from the day Tiffany first met Sarah, but this time Sarah was on the receiving end. Grunting alia bhatt and varun dhwan xnxx all Sarah could do as she came directly inside Tiffany's womb. Standing up all of Sarah's excess cum flowed out of Tiffany like a waterfall, but Tiffany could Sarah was still awake and was determined to knock her out.

Lifting up Sarah's considerably lighter balls Tiffany placed her cock at Sarah's pussy. Sarah didn't even feel anything until Tiffany slammed into her numbing force. Tiffany wasn't pulling any punches as she hammered her foster mother's barely touched pussy.

Even if Sarah had her thoughts together she would too tired to do anything and the last thing she saw before she climaxed and passed out was Tiffany's face. Pulling out of Sarah Tiffany stuffed her cock back in her pants and walked over to a painting of the main lodge from the outside. Removing the painting Sarah turned the dial on the safe 3 turns to the right 48, to turns to the left 33, one turn to the right 16 and then *POP* went the safe.

Inside were stacks upon stacks of money and Tiffany didn't hesitate whatsoever grabbing as much as she could and filling a duffel bag she pulled out of Sarah's closet. Checking the hallway, Tiffany tip toed out the office and into the kitchen teen nicky huntsman gets doggystyled by hung lover she called 911.

"This is 911 what's your emergency?" "This is a tip off about a kidnapping ring. They kidnap girls and turn them into prostitutes. The location of the resort is 5 miles off Weber Road into the woods, follow the dirt road path it's impossible to miss." "Wh-" Tiffany hung up before the operator could even respond and was in the garage as the operator dispatched 6 squad cars to the location.

Seeing Tiffany Ophelia stepped out from behind a triangle of barrels. "Do you know how to drive a dirt bike?" Ophelia asked as she got on. "I've driven one before." Tiffany said mounting the bike. "Good because I sure don't know how." "I also only stayed upright for 5 seconds before I crashed." Before Ophelia even had time to curse, Tiffany took off out the garage and pass a couple as they filled Trish's holes outside in the flower field.

Before long they were zipping down the dirt road and Ophelia took in a deep breath of free air. Hitting the main road Tiffany turned toward the city where Sarah owned a house.

Ophelia said something inaudible into Tiffany's back that sounded like 'Thank You', but whatever it was got lost in the wind as the couple road off into the sunset. Reaching the house Tiffany pulled into the driveway and helped Ophelia off.

"Welcome to your new home." Tiffany smiled staring at the 2 story townhouse. "You mean our new home" Ophelia said as she wrapped one arm around Tiffany and wondered about what would happen next.