Sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european

Sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european
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After waiting nearly a year for you to come to Minnesota during the winter, you finally arrived.

I waited in the baggage claim area, while you made your way from the airplane. Once you found your way to get your luggage, I was there to great you with open arms and a big kiss. I was so happy that you where here that I found it hard to control my excitement.

You were tired because of the long flight, but I found you as beautiful as if you had just prepared to go to a party. We waited for your luggage and at last it was coming around on the carousel, I quickly grabbed it and off to my waiting car we headed.

Seeing you and having you now in Minnesota with me brought a feeling of pure ecstasy.

As we sat in the car, waiting for it warm up, I turned to you and placed a warm, gentle but passionate kiss on your trembling lips. You were a little cold sex stories real indin sex story to the temperature, but after just a few moments of kissing, we both started to feel nice and toasty warm.

As I started to drive, you snuggled up close to me, and laid your head on my shoulder. You were very tired from your travels, and napped lightly while I drove to the house. Once we arrived you lifted your head up and were amazed that we had already home, not realizing that you had just slept for forty five minutes. I took your luggage from the trunk of the car and brought it and you inside. Once there, I saw that you were starting to shiver from the cold again. So I went and started a fire in the fireplace.

As the fire grew larger it began to crackle, the glow inside the room turned it very romantic. So I turned off the lights, placed you on a bearskin rug in front of the fire, wrapped a blanket around you and went to the kitchen to make us something warm to drink. When I returned I saw you there, with the glow of the fire as the only light, you were breath taking.

I had never seen anyone look so beautiful in my entire life. As I approached, you turned and gave me an incredibly warm smile, and I could tell by this smile you were happy to be here with me. As we sat there and drank our Irish coffee, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Every word you said sounded like a song, every smile was as bright as a light house, and your eyes showed of fire, but not that of the fireplace. By now you had become very warm, and with seeing you like this, I also became immune to the cold.

I reached over and gently moved some hair from your gorgeous face, then leaned into you and gave you a very passionate kiss. We stopped only for a moment so I could move closer and sit right next to you on the soft bearskin rug. Once there, I tenderly laid you down and started kissing you again. I made my way from your lips, down to your neck and over to your ear lobe. The more we kissed, the warmer we became. As I continued to kiss your neck, my hand made it to your shirt and started undoing the buttons that blocked my way from your succulent breasts.

One by one I worked my way down until all of them were unbuttoned and I had nothing blocking me from touching your mountains of soft, warm, luscious breasts. While my hands rubbed, squeezed, pinched and twisted, my lips returned to your trembling lips.

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But now your lips weren't trembling from the cold, but rather from the excitement of the moment. As our lips pressed together and our tongues probed each other's mouth, our bodies became more entangled. The scent of your perfume was driving me mad, to the point I was no longer able to control my actions.

While we continued to kiss, my hand had now made its way down and was starting down inside your pants. When it finally reach your pussy, I found it so warm and wet that simply by me touching it, you exploded with an climax like you have never felt before. When you were finally able to regain your control, your hand swiftly went to releasing my swollen tail from my pants.

When it came out of my pants, your eyes became transfixed on it until you had enough and placed your mouth over tip. As I watched anxiously waiting for you to take it all into your mouth, you just stopped and looked up into my eyes. With desire in your eyes, you slid as much of my tail as you could fit into your mouth.

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The feeling was so incredible; your mouth was warm and wet, just as your pussy. As your mouth slid up and down on it, my hips began to pump in rhythm with your movements.

Both my hand went to the top of your head and grabbed your hair to hang onto.

I used your hair to pull you deeper onto my continuingly growing tail. You were making me feel incredible, that now I guy cums on luscious cutie after sex to make you feel as good as you were making me feel.

So I tenderly pulled your head up and guided it all the way until it was lying on the bearskin rug. With the heat and glow from the fireplace, I kissed my way down your body until I was sandwiched between your legs. As my tongue began to probe in your pussy and your body began to tremble, my hands once again began massaging your breasts.

You tasted so amazing my tongue and lips could not get enough of your sweet pussy. As your excitement continued to build, I started to lick, probe and kiss even more. Your hands grabbed on tightly to the fur of the rug as you exploded again with a miraculous orgasm.

As you started to relax, I guided myself up until I was staring directly into your eyes. With desire in both of our eyes, I gently placed the end of my tail at the opening of your pussy but waited a few moments before I allowed it to enter deep into your waiting pussy. As you waited with great anticipation, I slowly eased it into you, little by amateur aussie wife black guyging outdoor until it was all buried deep inside of you.

I could hear by your low moans that you were enjoying this very much. I started to slowly pump it in and out, going deeper and deeper and harder with each thrust of my hips. This continued until with the fear that I would orgasm soon, I pulled out and lay down beside you and had you now climb up on top of me. But first to my amazement, you quickly and willfully placed your mouth once again on my tail and started licking every part of it.

Once all of your juices were cleaned off, you finally guided it back into your pussy. As you sat over me, with my tail deep inside your pussy, you started rocking your hips back and forth, giving both of us immense pleasure. I reached up and started pinching and twisting your nipples again. All at once you fell forward almost exhausted from pure pleasure, when you were close enough I took one of your nipples into my mouth and started sucking and licking it.

Your body terrible as you climaxed hard once again. With watching you work your magic on me with only the light of the fireplace flickering away, I decided to place you back on the rug. Once I had you right where I wanted you, I ascended back on top of your incredible body, placed my tail back deep into you, had you squeeze your legs together as I started to pump it with great force deep into you, again and again.

After what seemed only a few seconds, my orgasm began to build, and when I knew I was going to explode, I pulled it out and allowed it to spray cum all over your body.

After I finished, I found that it had truly exploded everywhere. It was in your hair, on your face and completely covered your chest. Now after an hour or more of making love, I snuggled up next to you, covered both of us with the blanket and laid there staring into your eyes, but before we fell into a deep sleep, I whispered "Welcome to Minnesota amore mio," and the fire continued to crackle away.