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School girl sex xxx belgium
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MELISSA GETS PUT OUT Part 1 Afternoons were the worst, at least that's what her friend Tanya said, and she should know. Tanya said that in the mornings, everyone was headed to work, or school, and no one had wacky lesbos fill up their huge arses with whipped cream and splash it out to do anything to you really, even the garbage men and the postmen were usually on danny wylde syren de mer schedule, and hadn't bothered her.

Of course what happened to Tanya the first time she was put out was unusual, no-one had expected there to be a whole crew of landscapers working across the street the first time Tanya has been put out in the family stocks, they had fucked her over and over all day long, so much so, that the neighbor complained to Tanya's father that Tanya was keeping the crew from getting any work done.

Tanya had missed a whole week of the eighth grade recovering from that day. Melissa's family had a stocks in their front yard, nearly every family did, but Melissa never thought she would be in them. She knew that some people used theirs for punishments, and would occasionally see people in them, when she was walking to school, or in the car, going shopping, usually the help, sometimes young kids fully clothed, some times older ones in their underwear or stripped naked.

There usually was a sign listing their offense, and the limits of what you could do to them. She probably saw Mrs. McGinty out there the most, usually once or twice a week, she and her husband argued a lot, and he would put her out there whenever she "crossed the line." He usually put a paddle and a couple of whips out blacked cheating gf allie haze loves interracial anal sex for people to use on her. Melissa had even paddled Mrs.

McGinty herself once, because she was feeling mad because she had gotten a bad grade on a test, and had been fuming about it all afternoon. A dozen two handed whacks with the paddle across Mrs. McGinty's bare ass and pussy had left Melissa breathing hard, and the yelps from Mrs. McGinty's gagged mouth had been satisfying. Melissa hadn't drawn blood, but the paddle was wet white girl wanted her first black dick interracial and southern shiny when she hung it back up.

It had made her feel better, and she had skipped home the rest of the way. Mrs. McGinty hadn't said anything about it, even two weeks later when the McGinty's had held a garden party, Mrs. McGinty had complimented her on her dress, and had even given her extra whipped cream on her strawberry shortcake. Melissa didn't know if the stocks in her front yard had ever been used, they were heavy wood and iron, the wood polished smooth, the black iron fittings treated with something so they didn't rush.

They were right in the front yard, under the large spreading magnolia tree, in front of the living room's picture windows. The ground under the tree, and around the heavy post of the stocks was covered with red cedar mulch, and it was always kept neat and tidy, just the way dad kept the rest of the yard. Melissa had always thought about them just as something that most everyone had in their yard, like the birdbath, or a lawn jockey. But now, she was going to be put in them.

for two days. Melissa hadn't meant to miss her curfew, and she shouldn't have gotten caught, but she had. Mom and Dad were usually out late on Wednesday nights, she'd never hear the car driving up until after midnight.

She knew that she had to be home by 8 pm on weeknights, and even more importantly on Wednesdays because she needed to make sure that her little brother Travis got to bed on time. But she was having such a great evening with her boyfriend Marcus. He had just turned sixteen a couple of months ago, and his parents had gotten him a new car. Melissa didn't know much about cars, but Marcus' was red and shiny, and he had let her drive it.

She was so nervous, because she had just gotten her learner's permit a couple of weeks ago, and Dad had had only taken her driving twice, and both those times on back roads. But Marcus had let her drive around town, and when they parked behind two ravenhaired cuties pleasure their wet pussies Walgreens to make out, she had been so happy, she sucked Marcus' dick right there in the front seat of his car, where anyone could have seen them.

At the same time he had his hand up her plaid skirt and down the front of her panties, playing with her pussy. His fingers were running in exciting circles around her shaved slit, before they started to dip inside her, just a little at first, and then deeper, only to run into resistance, her maidenhead.

The car was cramped, and Melissa really couldn't take Marcus' dick too deeply into her mouth anyway without gagging. She moved his other hand to her breasts, her shirt was unbuttoned, and her heavy bra was half pushed up to her neck. Her breasts were already large for her age, she had just moved up to a C-cup, and if they got much bigger, she didn't know how much longer she could keep running on the school's track team, even tight sports bras had a hard time keeping them from bouncing all over the place.

She focused back on Marcus's cock, as he began to twist one of her nipples under her bra with one hand, and made wet circles around her tiny clit with the other. Oh gods, she thought, it's never been this good! It must have been the excitement of getting to drive through town, she had been so nervous.

She tried to take him deeper, and started to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock on the top of the stroke, She could smell him, taste him, the sweat from baseball practice, and she wanted to make him feel just as good as he was making her feel. She started to feel herself shiver, and knew she had to hurry, all the magazines and the internet said it was best when it happened together, she started to play with his balls, and even tried to work a finger toward his ass.

Her friend Trisha said that her boyfriend had really liked that. She pushed down hard, opening her jaws till they felt like they would crack and tried to relax her throat, and then, her nose was buried in the wiry dark curls of Marcus's pubic hair.

Wow, I did it! Suddenly, just, as she was beginning to gag, just as she was about to go over the edge herself, she felt Marcus begin to twitch deep in her throat. His warm hands which had been driving her crazy were suddenly gone, and were holding onto her head like a vice. "Take it," he growled, "take it!" He began to thrust deeper down her mouth and throat, pumping hard, she couldn't breathe, her nose was crushed into him, and Melissa felt like she was about to throw up the ice cream they had shared just an hour ago.

And then he started to come, and it was either choke or swallow, and she couldn't throw up in Marcus' new car, he would never see her again, so she began to swallow, her rising orgasm forgotten. He held her there, her need for oxygen forgotten in his need for pleasure, her arms pinned uncomfortably, for what seemed like forever, his cock twitching and spasming in her mouth and throat. She never tasted a drop of his spurting cum, he was down her throat so far.

Only when he was spent, and had started to soften in her mouth, did Marcus seem to recognize Melissa's struggles, he released her, and she pulled away quickly, gasping and coughing, her throat hot and raw, tears starting to run down her makeup. "Oh, baby, you were so amazing, I love you. You're the best, the absolute best." All of Melissa's panic, her sense of humiliation and betrayal melted away at those words.

He loved me! Marcus pulled her close, and kisses away her tear. "I just wish you would let me love you more," he continued, "I want to share myself with you completely, I wish you could love me enough that we could be complete with each other." They had talked about this before, but Melissa had been adamant, she had to save herself for marriage, she wanted to be a good wife like her mother, and she had been taught that you had to be pure for your marriage, or no man would want to marry you.

She never thought that she would have gone this far with a boy, she had sucked his dick before, and had let him play with her breasts, and finger her, and even once, she had let him put his mouth on her down there, which had felt amazing, it was the first time she had had an orgasm, and she secretly wanted him to do it again, but couldn't bring herself to ask him, it just felt so dirty.

Maybe, if she let him do the other thing. but that was supposed to hurt, and it was so filthy, and if anyone else found out, she would never hear the end of it. Maybe she would ask some of her friends if they had tried it. "Maybe Sarah would love me more." Marcus' words shattered her train of thought like it was made of glass.

"Sarah? What? No!" Everyone in school knew about Sarah, she had had at least four boyfriends, and had slept with several other boys, and had even had sex with two of the teachers at school, and it wasn't even for punishment. The drive back home had been silent, Marcus stewing, and Melissa just not knowing what to say. They didn't kiss, but Marcus never really wanted to kiss her after she had sucked his dick, he said that was "gay". She was so relieved to see that Travis was sound asleep, she tidied up the house, cleaning up where her twelve year old brother had made himself a sloppy PB&J for dinner, her head spinning with thoughts of Marcus and Sarah and sex, and purity, she just didn't know what to do.

When she finally got to bed, she laid there staring up at the glow in the dark stars that she had stuck to her ceiling when she was eleven. She finally stopped thinking about Marcus and Sarah, and started just thinking about Marcus, and how his hands had made her feel. As if on their own, one of her hands cupped her left breast, and the other snaked down between her legs, to her secret place, she felt the faintest bit of stubble there, and knew that she would have to shave herself again, like she had been doing ever since Marcus asked her to, she had read that boyfriends like their women to be smooth down there, she guessed they were right.

Her fingers seemed to remember what Marcus had been doing, the circles and the rubbing back and forth, she could feel herself responding, her nipple tightening and growing hard under her twisting fingers, and she started probing her pussy, deeper, until, in a twinge of pain, she jammed her finger against her maidenhead again. She stopped, remembering that this wasn't what good girls melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky, and took her wet fingers out of herself, she eventually got to sleep fitfully, with a pillow clutched between her knees and thighs.

Melissa awoke to her alarm, sprawled across her bed, she had kicked off all her covers in the night and was sprawled face down with one leg off the bed, her nightgown was twisted and bunched up nearly to her armpits.

The edge of her bed where she had been rubbing her crotch was damp down to the mattress, and her panties were soaked, she quickly stripped naked, only taking a moment to look at herself in her full length mirror, Her blonde hair fell past her shoulders, and her creamy white C cup breasts and smooth shaved pubic area were highlighted by the dark tan she had over the rest of her body.

Afternoons in the backyard by the pool kept her tan, and running track and cross country for school kept her lean, and her legs toned. She grabbed a towel, and her bathrobe, she had to beat Travis to the bathroom, or he would stink it up, or simply take forever just to spite her. She showered quickly, and then spent what seemed like forever shaving her legs and pussy, lathering everything up with shaving cream, and going over everything carefully to ensure a smooth feel everywhere.

A couple of nicks on her ankle and one on the buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente were all she had to worry about, and then she brushed her teeth. As she was brushing her teeth, the electric toothbrush whirring away, staring at her naked form in the mirror, she found her free hand wandering down to her pussy again, she couldn't believe how worked story tante eue sama ponakan she was getting, she spat out the toothpaste, and left the water running in the sink.

She found herself with one leg up on the toilet, rubbing herself with first one hand, and then the thick buzzing handle of her toothbrush. Oh God she thought, chewing on her lower lip, she just couldn't press the handle into her clit hard enough, she started savaging it back and forth over her pussy with feverish need, her other hand twisting a rock hard nipple until she gasped in pain.

The handle of her toothbrush was growing wetter, her juices started to mix with the remnants of toothpaste that she hadn't rinsed off in her rush and need, and it started to sting, and burn, and. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG! "Missy hurry up, you're taking forever! Gaaaah! The little beast! Couldn't he hold it for just another minute?

Melissa lost her stride, the need was still there, but the interruption was all that was needed to drive a spike of shame into what she was doing. She wrapped herself in her bathrobe, rinsed off her toothbrush, turbaned her hair up in a towel, and made a dash for her room, her pussy burning with minty freshness and and her cheeks with embarrassment, nearly bowling over her little brother, who was doing the pee-pee dance in the hall.

Melissa tried to rub the toothpaste out of her pussy with the towel she had wrapped her hair in, but it didn't seem to help either situation there. As the stinging subsided she quickly dressed for school, white cotton panties, white cotton bra, white cotton button up blouse, plaid skirt, and matching tie, and shiny black shoes, the school uniform for St Mary's.

Dad was already seated at the table, reading his morning paper, and Mom bustled about the kitchen, putting the final touches on breakfast, It looked like pancakes and bacon, blueberries, and cut strawberries for the pancakes, and orange juice for the kids, Coffee for the parents. Yep, it must be Thursday. Then Melissa noticed the envelope on her plate, just as Travis came stomping in, and plopped himself down at his place.

"What's this?" asked Melissa, her finger sliding down the top of the envelope. Her father rustled her paper, and said, "Oh, that. Just something you need to drop off at the front office of the school this morning. You can read it if you want, actually, I think you should." Melissa opened the envelope, and took out the letter, as she unfolded it, she saw her mother's clear flowing hand, she began to read it when her father said in a low but commanding tone, "Out loud." Melissa swallowed.

She knew that tone of voice, and it was not to be disobeyed. "Dear Principal Gardener, please excuse Melissa from school this coming Friday. She violated her Curfew last night by two hours, and as such will be spending two days in the families front stocks, please alert all her teachers that they may give her any assignments and homework she would have received Friday that she will not find herself behind at school come Monday.

Sincerely Mr, & Mrs. Walter Donnelly" Her father had initialed after her mother's older milf big tits and office fuck in lingerie noise complaints make sloppy biatch cops, giving it the full weight of his authority.

"But, I." she began. "But, you did." Her father interrupted in a matter-of-fact tone. "And don't glare at your brother like that, your mother was already writing this letter when he told us this morning that he had put himself to bed last night.

Honestly, I had expected better of you. And you did this full well knowing the consequences of your actions. We discussed it when you started seeing your friends in the evenings, especially once they started to get cars of their own.

A hard eight o'clock curfew on school nights, no exceptions. You yourself agreed to one full day in the stocks for each hour or part thereof you were late." "But, I never thought." "That I would be a man of my word, well I am, and I have done better for the family because of it.

And I expect my daughter to be a lady of her word as well.

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So you will take this letter to your principal, and come home with all of your homework this afternoon, and prepare yourself for this. And come 6 AM tomorrow morning you will be in those stocks for 48 hours straight, and come Sunday morning, when you are my daughter again, I expect you to clean yourself up, put on your church dress, and come to church with the family, as I expect you will have some confessions to make." As her father spoke, a chill crept into her cramping stomach, her father meant it, it was going to happen, no appeals to Mom, no being sick in bed, nothing would stop it from happening.

School that day was awful. Principal Gardener took her note, and made a copy of it, he placed the original in her file, and instructed her to show the copy to all of her teachers. Half of them made her read it in front of the class. By the noon it seemed like everyone in school knew what was going on. The only person who would sit with her at lunch was Tanya, and she was actually kind of thankful for that. Tanya had been put in her families stocks three times that she knew of, and the first time, she had gotten pregnant from one of the landscapers who has been fucking her all day, they didn't know who the father was, but the kid had dark brown skin, and straight black hair, which new sex game jill fuck pov play now going to be strange on a kid with a last name of McGuire.

It turned out that the second time Tanya was put out, it was when she was pregnant with the kid, her doctor had ordered her to have bedrest, but Tanya had snuck out with a friend to see a movie. Her Dad had rented a special punishment bed for the day, Tanya told her it was kind of like a gyno doctor's examination table, but it strapped her down on her back, keeping her from moving, yet still gave anyone who wanted, access to,her, and he had taken it out of her allowance.

The third time, wasn't really that bad, she told Melissa, her boyfriend came by after school, and had fucked her most of the afternoon, which was kind of funny, because she had been put out because she had been caught fooling around in her room with him. Her dad had gotten angry after he got home late from work, and had made Tony leave, and he he had whipped her with the strap he used on the help, but she said it was still fun.

She leaned forward to whisper in Melissa's ear. "I actually kinda got turned on when my dad was whipping me, maybe it was because I was so horny from my time with Tony, but the next night, I used my hairbrush handle to frig myself twice thinking about my Dad, and him whipping me." Melissa was shocked, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Thinking about her own father like that was just flat out wrong, but using being put out as a way to finally have sex with your boyfriend was interesting, but uggh she could never be so public and open about it like Tanya, she also quietly filed away the part about the hairbrush handle for later thinking, she had several hairbrushes, and suddenly, their shapes were new and interesting in her mind.

When school was over she found herself reluctant to leave, she sat in algebra as the rest of her class filed out after the last bell, she could feel their stares, hear their whispers and comments, it had been going on all day long.

She had wanted this day to be over so much, but now each step home took her closet to her fate. She seemed locked into her desk, dreading, what she thought would be the end of her life. "Worried about tomorrow dear?" The voice was right in front of her. Ms. Olivia, her algebra teacher was standing right in front of her, Melissa hadn't even noticed her approach. She looked up, her round eyes glistening with tears. Melissa wanted to spill out all her fears, that Marcus would never have her back, never love her again, never marry her, that everyone would shun her, that she couldn't live with the shame.

She tried to speak, but couldn't, her words tied themselves in knots and came out as a moaning sob. "That's okay Melissa, what you are feeling is normal, that this is the end of the world for you, that you'll lose the respect of your friends and family, and so on. But remember, this isn't happening to you, Melissa Donnelly, it's happening zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn someone else.

When you are put into this kind of punishment, as long as you are under a man's authority, he has the power to declare store fucking and get caght a Stranger for the duration of the punishment, and everything that happens, whatever people do to you, whatever you do, or feel, you remember that it's not you, it's a stranger doing and feeling these things.

It's happening to a stranger in the eyes of God, the Law, the public and your family." Melissa knew all this, had known all of this, but hearing it from someone else made her feel a little better. "Plenty of young women have been put out for their transgressions, and have gone on to land fine husbands, others have found that they like being that 'Stranger', They find it liberating and exciting, and they contract themselves into periods of anonymous, absolute servitude, becoming what we call 'The Help'," continued Ms.

Olivia, "Oh, I could tell you some stories about the girls in high school when I was your age!" She eyed Melissa sharply for a moment, "Some you might find extremely interesting, Melissa Donnelly." The way Ms. Olivia said her name, with a peculiar emphasis, made her look up and study her teacher in a way she had never seen her before.

She had always thought of Ms. Olivia as "older", but she realized that she was still rather good looking, with a fit and trim body, maybe she spent a little too much time in the sun for her complexion, she wasn't really tan, but covered in a fine spray of freckles, and her straight black hair was always pulled into a tight bun. Melissa realized that Ms. Olivia was of an age with her parents, and they had always chatted for what seemed like forever whenever there was any kind of parent/teacher get together.

Melissa wondered just what she was talking about, what she knew about Mom and Dad. Melissa knew that all of the kids who drew Ms. Olivia for punishment detail were happy to get her, she knew that some of the teachers could be wanton or cruel with the kids who drew them. Some opted out, and went into the private stocks in the schoolyard for the day instead, there to be groped, poked and berated by their fellow students during recess and between classes, but others played the luck of the draw, and the ones who got Ms.

Olivia never complained, boys or girls. Melissa hurried home, she knew better than to be late, she didn't want there to be any reason to add anything to her punishment. About halfway home, she caught up with her brother, and mom and sun sexy vido in with him. They walked together in silence for a while, her strides shortening to match his. Travis turned to her and said in a flat voice, "They were talking all over the school about you, they said pink world teen age first time fuck you are a big slut, and you deserve it, and some said that they were going to ask their parents for a ride over just so they can," and here pitch of his voice changed, like he was repeating something he had heard, but didn't quite understand, "knock the back out of that whore's cunt until she screams." He looked up at her, "No one wanted to play with me or sit with me, they just kept telling me what they were going to do to you.

Everyone at school hates me because of you, so I think you deserve it, for making everyone hate me, and hogging the bathroom all day too!" He finished in a rush, his voice angry, then ran for home before Melissa could say anything to him. Her mother was waiting for her when she got in, Travis was already at the kitchen table, a glass of milk, and the better part of two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies still on his plate, another one being crammed into his mouth.

"Did you get all your homework Dear? You may want to get an early start on it, Busty ebony slut cherokee dass gets screwed hard really don't know how much you will feel like doing on Sunday. I'll bring your snack to your room, and some other things you may need, I don't know if you'll be wanting any supper tonight, we'll see." Mom came into her room a few minutes later, Melissa had changed out adrianna nicole sucking lots of cock dtd her school clothes, and she was wearing her purple fleece track suit, staring forlornly at the schoolbooks piled on her desk, the list of reading and homework for tonight and tomorrow swam in her vision, always dancing out of her teary eye's focus every time she tried to read it.

"Here you go Dear, your snack, and a few other things you may want for tonight and tomorrow." She set down a large cup of milk, a small plate of cookies, and a tiny paper cup with some pills in it. "What are these?" Melissa asked, eying the pills.

"Those two red ones are laxatives, and you'll want to take them right away so they have time to work, you are going to be out there for two full days, and you really don't want anything in your system, otherwise you'll eventually make a mess of yourself, and neither you or your holly wellin and trina michaels anal play want that. The white one is a sleep aid, I expect you are pretty nervous, and aren't like to get much sleep tonight without it, and you'll appreciate having a good night's sleep come tomorrow, I don't expect you'll be getting much rest, even when you don't have any guests." There, mom had said it again, "guests" that was how she saw the people who would be there, in her front yard, fucking and beating and humiliating her fifteen year old virgin daughter.

They were guests, and she, her Mom would be the best hostess she could. She'd probably bake them cookies, and have a cold pitcher of lemonade out. "Mom, they aren't guests, they are going to be here to rape me!" Melissa cried plaintively.

"Oh, no Dear," her mother said, in a soft voice, kissing her daughter on the top of her head, "we'll be having a Stranger out in our front yard to entertain anyone who should pass by." Her mother left the room as Melissa sat there in shocked silence, then poked her head back in, "Oh, and don't forget to sort your dirty clothes, I'm doing laundry tomorrow." Melissa took the two red pills and ate her cookies, they tasted like ashes in her mouth, but she ate all four as she cried.

She skipped dinner that evening, she couldn't have eaten if she wanted, she was splitting her time between trying to do her homework, and running to the bathroom every few minutes. She had never crapped so much in her life. She eventually gave up, and took her homework into the bathroom, only coming occasionally out to change schoolbooks, and to let Travis in a couple of times.

But finally, she seemed about done on the toilet, and had finished nearly everything she could of her schoolwork, and she headed back to her room. Her father was there sitting on her bed. "Ah, there's my princess, back from her time on the throne, come here" Melissa sat down on her bed next to her father, the tired old joke was a comfort in itself, he put his arm around her shoulder, and pulled her horny latin milf and a big black cock to him, he was warm and comforting muslim girl sucks cock first time afgan whorehouses exist he always was, always there for her, ready to support her, defend her, love her.

She looked up at him, as he looked down at her. "I know princess," he said warmly, "I know you don't want to go out there tomorrow, but we had an agreement, and learning to stick by your agreements, to accept responsibility for your mistakes is all part of growing up.

I hope that Sunday morning, when you are my daughter again you'll better understand what it means to be an adult, and better understand your place in the world. Every day, I see you coming closer and closer to becoming the woman you will be, becoming more and more beautiful, poised, and intelligent, and I can only hope to set you on the right path." He squeezed her tight, and said "You should probably get to bed soon, you've got an early start tomorrow." Melissa got ready for bed, took the pill her mother had given her, and fell into a dreamless slumber.

Her wild babe aletta ocean with big tits having sex with a warrior in a tent woke her with a start, it was 5 AM, an hour and a half earlier than she usually had it set for, she didn't even remember having turned it on, much less changing the time, it must have been her Dad. She stumbled into the kitchen, Mom and Dad were already there, dressed, and chatting over coffee. "Good morning, Dear," chirped her mother, "have you been to the bathroom?

You really should try, see if you have anything left to get rid of. Afterward, I'll make you some eggs, you'll be better with something in your stomach, although." she trailed off for a moment, " I suppose you'll be okay, growing girls need all the protein they can get. Have a good hot shower, and don't forget to wash your face, and it may be good to braid your hair, that way it won't get all tangled and look unruly." In a half dazed stupor, Melissa shuffled back to the bathroom, to shower.

Later she sat at the kitchen table, naked under her bathrobe, slippered feet kicking under the table, eating a large plate of scrambled eggs as her mother brushed out and braided her just super hot latina brunette in amazing one on one action hair. She was starting to twist in queasy anticipation as her mother finished her braid with practiced precision, when her father walked in.

"I suppose it's about time, stand up young lady." Melissa got to her feet, mute, unable to meet his eyes. "For the next forty-eight hours, or until I say otherwise," her father pronounced, "You, Melissa Grace Donnelly are not my daughter, you are a Stranger who has transgressed against this family, fit only for public display, and punishment, which begins now. Now strip, a Stranger like you does not wear clothes in this house." Melissa hesitated for an instant, but the look in her father's eye brooked no disobedience, she removed her bathrobe and stepped out of her slippers, she hadn't been naked in front of her father in years, since she was able to bathe herself.

Her father began to bark out commands, and she found herself complying instantly to his authority.

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"Raise your arms over your head." "Arch your back" "Turn around 360 with your arms up" "Reach down and touch your toes" as she bent down, her father began to circle her, he slowly made his way around until he was in front of her again. "Squat down, then stand up again." Melissa did so easily, this was nothing compared to the warmups she did for track.

"As I see no physical defect or injury which would preclude a right and proper punishment we will go outside now, and place this Stranger in cindy crawford chupando e metendo com vĂ¡rios www tvbuceta com tube porn stocks." He placed a hand on her shoulder, and marched Melissa out the front door, and onto the dew speckled front yard.

The wet, well manicured grass tickled her feet, and the cool morning air stiffened her nipples, and the way her father had curtly inspected her naked form, had made her start to understand what Tanya had said about her father. Melissa started to get aroused, the heat of her father's hand on her shoulder seemed to fill her body, and she found herself blushing with mixed feelings of arousal and shame, and embarrassment.

The stocks were already open, the top half leaning against the supporting post. "Place yourself, or you will be placed." Meekly Melissa stepped up to the stocks, facing the street, and began to lean in. "The other way, you are a stranger, and no one passing by cares who you are, just what you have to offer" Melissa stepped around the stocks, the cedar chips spongy under her feet. She bent over, leaning forward at the waist and placed her neck in the center cutout of the lower half of the stocks, her slender wrists in the smaller cutouts to either side.

Her father moved around in front of her, and he lifted the heavy wooden top of the stocks and began to slot it into place.

Melissa was intensely aware of her father's crotch, right in front of her face, she actually licked her lips, but that was probably because her mouth had gone dry. The top snapped down into place with finality, followed by a rattle and a click, as her father secured the stocks with a heavy lock.

As he stepped away, she realized that she was looking right into the front windows of her house. The curtains were closed, and she could make out a distorted reflection of her father as he moved around behind her, where her ass and pussy were facing the street.

She heard the distinctive squeaking and smelled the sharp scent of one of her mother's oversized bingo markers, as her father wrote on something. He walked around in front of her and wordlessly showed her the sign, In his heavy bold hand, it read: CURFIEW VIOLATION NO CUTS NO CLOSED FISTED BLOWS He moved around her, and planted the spike of the sign in the grass, just outside the edge of the red cypress mulch, facing the street.

And then, without another word, he went inside, stopping only to grab the morning paper. The neighborhood was still quiet, the sun barely up, and it was still dark and cool under the spreading magnolia tree. Melissa's swirling emotions couldn't resolve themselves, fear, anger, arousal, betrayal, shame, excitement, and more warred within her, she couldn't get out of her mind the warm feeling that her father's hand on her shoulder had awakened in her as he marched her out of the house to be displayed, and made available for public use.

And for some reason images of her brushes lined up on her vanity, kept coming to mind. Suddenly, the front door opened again, and she knew that this had all been for show, that this was just to show that her parents had been serious, and they were going to let her back inside, she looked up for her Mom and Dad, but instead, Travis walked out.

He was still in his nightclothes, and he rubbed his eyes against the early sun. He looked around, and walked up to his sister, eying her. Melissa realized that he probably hadn't ever seen a naked girl before, he walked the long way around her, slowly, until he was in front of her, she had to crane her neck painfully just to look him in the eye, and she realized, that if there was a grown up in front of her, she wouldn't even know who it was, unless he backed way up, or identified himself some other way.

"You are a Stranger now, and I can do anything I want to you." he pronounced "What, Travis? You know me, I'm your sister, you should go back inside, Mom and Dad will be worried." "I don't have to listen to you," Travis continued, "Mom said I could come out and see you, and you said you were a Stranger, and I could do whatever I liked to you, a Stranger that hogs the bathroom every morning. But I guess. I guess won't need the bathroom much this morning." And with that he pulled down the front of his pajama pants, exposing his penis.

For a shocked moment, Melissa thought he meant for her to suck it like she did for Marcus, but he would have to stand on a stool or something he was too low for her to reach with his mouth. Melissa's misconception was corrected a half second later, as a hot stream of her little brother's morning piss shot out, catching her full in the face. Her jaw dropped in surprise, presenting Travis with a tempting target before she caught herself, snapping her mouth closed, but it was already too late, even a little piss in the mouth would seem like too much, and in that instant, she felt like she got a mouthful, she spat, retching, which only made him target her mouth again, finally she ducked her head, forcing him to spend the rest of his hot golden stream on the top of her head.

"You little shit, I'll kill you for this" Melissa's heated words surprised herself, and so did Travis's slap across her face. "Shut up, Stranger! You can't talk to me like that." Travis pulled up his pants, and began to walk around her again. He stopped close, on the other side of the stocks, and bent over looking at her hanging breasts, he reached out and touched one, first timidly, his fingers were cold, and so much smaller than Marcus', he soon grew bolder, moving them side to side, squeezing them in tiny handfuls, he finally grabbed onto one of Melissa's erect nipples and pulled hard, until it slipped out of his grasp.

This got a squeak of pain out of his sister, and a small laugh escaped his lips, he did it two more times before he moved around to her backside. Melissa was fuming, her own brother pissing on her and nearly tearing her tit off wasn't how she wanted to start her day, her left breast ached where her brother had been pulling on it, and she was waiting for him to do it a fourth time when he felt his cold little hands begin to artlessly fondle her pussy.

He seemed to be giving it a thorough inspection, probing her folds, using both hands to hold her apart. The only person who had paid this much attention to her vagina and what it looked like, wasn't even Marcus, but Dr. Florentine, the "Lady Doctor" her mother had taken her to a couple of times. Travis started to stick his fingers inside her, first one, then two. Melissa began to blush furiously at the invasion, and even more when she felt herself starting to get wet even from this, she felt two more little fingers join the first, then felt herself spread wide and he moved his hands apart, trying to see down inside her, Melissa knew that he would not be able to see very teens drill fellows anus with monster strap ons and squirt semen monstercock squirting because of her hymen, that's what Dr, Florentine had called her maidenhead, but it was the widest she had ever been stretched, and it started to hurt, she swallowed a yelp, and bit her tongue, trying to deny her brother the satisfaction.

Then the fingers slipped on one side, and her pussy snapped closed around his remaining fingers, he stuck those in as far as he could, butting up against her hymen, and eliciting a grunt. He didn't touch her ass, Melissa guessed he knew enough about those already. Suddenly, his fingers were gone, and she saw Travis hurrying back inside.

The front of his pajama bottoms were tented over an erection. About twenty minutes later, the curtains opened, and Melissa saw her mother's back headed into the lights of the kitchen. Melissa could see across the living room and into the kitchen, a straight shot to the sink, she could just see the back of Travis's head as he sat at the kitchen table, dressed for school, eating his way through a bowl of oatmeal. She watched him eat, anything to take her mind off where she was.

She could imagine the smell and taste of her mother's cooking, but all she could really smell and taste was her brother's piss.

She spat repeatedly as she watched her brother with envious teens drill fellows anus with monster strap ons and squirt semen monstercock squirting, she knew all the parts played by her family that she couldn't see, her father, eating and reading the paper, commenting on any interesting news story, her mother keeping everyone's plates and glasses full, and like clockwork, at 7:10 her father would look up, and declare that it was time to get his nose to the grindstone, and head out.

She heard the car door close in the garage, the garage door open, and Dad's car drive off. The garage door humming closed again. Five minutes later, she saw her mother hand off a perfectly packed lunch to Travis, kiss him on the cheek, and send him out the front door.

She saw her mother headed back into the kitchen, then she heard Travis fumbling around behind her, the crinkle of a paper bag. "Aww, carrot sticks! Mom knows I hate carrot sticks." there was a pause, "Wait, Missy, you can take care of them for me, that way they won't go to waste!" there was a malicious smile to his voice. "No," Melissa retorted, angrily, "I'm not going to eat your stinking carrots!" "Oh, I didn't say anything about you eating them!" He laughed, and she heard him setting down his school bag, the rustle of his lunch bag again, and finally a tiny zip of the Ziploc bag of the cut carrots that mom bought for their lunches was opened.

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Melissa had liked the carrots in her lunch they were about two inches long and about as big around as her finger, and mom always packed exactly twelve with a little bit of cold water so they would be fresh and crisp and never dry. She knew it was coming even before she felt the first one, cold and wet, poke against her clenched sphincter, it felt huge even though she rachel love has her big naturals creamed it wasn't really that big.

"YOU LITTLE FUCK!, YOU SHIT! I'M GOING TO COUNT TO THREE, AND YOU BETTER STOP!" She began trying to twist and turn in her rage and panic, her limited range of motion hampered her, and she was worried that she would either break her neck or choke if she lost her feet.

Travis suddenly wrapped himself around one of her naked legs, one arm around her thigh, and he kicked her other leg away, and Melissa found her self with her legs spread wide, suddenly afraid to move. russian teens fuck old man, I'm going to count to three," the little troll smirked, "Heck, I'm going to count to twelve!" and the cold carrot began to poke its way into her spread ass.

"Can you count along with me?" he asked in a singsong voice from one of the kids programs he used to watch years ago. "One!" It took some pushing but he got the carrot most of the way in, exotic dominatrix spanking and humiliating her toy boy didn't want to push it in all the way with his finger, because he didn't want to stick his finger in his sister's ass, that would be nasty.

He solved his problem by pushing the end of first carrot in with the second one, this one went in easier. "Two!" for some reason, Travis' penis was getting hard like it had this morning, he didn't really understand why it did that some times, and it felt good and embarrassing at the same time, but he didn't let that stay him from his task. "Three!" Melissa could feel the cold progress of the invasion working its way slowly into her bowels. "Four!" and again, under her anger and growing humiliation, she felt herself becoming worked up by her brother's actions.

She wondered if he had an erection again, and what it looked like. "Five!" There was more resistance with this one, she felt a tiny movement inside her bowels as one carrot pushed past another rather than send the ones ahead any deeper, she started to feel an urge to go to the bathroom, like she needed to both piss and shit, even she knew she didn't need to do either. "Six! Halfway there!" her brother sang.

This one also slid beside another, the mass of carrots in her was getting thicker. "Lucky Number Seven!" and with this one he started to slide it in and out a little bit, teasing her, and it was doing more than he knew, she felt that her pussy had started to get wet.

"Eiiiiiight!' Travis was starting to get creative even as it became harder to get the carrots in, he got this one halfway in, and began to twist it in circles, feeling the end rub against the carrots already there in his sister's ass. "Niiiiiinnnnne!" Melissa's breath was coming in short gasps, she didn't, couldn't know what english sexy sex stories story download do.

"Tennnnnnnn!" Melissa realized that she had made a long drawn out "nnnnnnnnn" sound with her brother. This feeling of fullness was nothing like she had ever experienced before, it wasn't like needing to go to the bathroom, it was something different, if only the carrots weren't so cold. She needed something that she couldn't articulate. "Eeeeee-leven!" She felt liquid trickle down her thigh, she could feel the irregular mass of the carrots pressing down against her pubic area, pressing into her, filling her, the fullness and pressure hurt, like a stomach cramp, but a knife's edge of pleasure was cutting through it feeding on the pain and shame.

Deep within, she knew that if she gave into it, the pain wouldn't matter any more, it would be happening to someone else, the Stranger, not her, and she could be free, free to feel the pleasure. "And twelve!" he exclaimed, jamming the last one in sharply, but not all the way, he didn't have another one to push it in with.

He sat there poking the last one in and out until he hit upon an idea, he turned the plastic baggie inside out and stuck his hand into it, and used his baggie covered finger to work the last carrot past her sphincter and into her bowels.

"Wow, that's warm.and tight." Melissa could feel her brother's questing finger hooking past her sphincter, she could feel the carrots near her anus shift as he poked them. "Whoa, I can feel them!" he worked another finger inside, his other hand was unconsciously clutching his twelve year old boner tightly. The second finger, twisting, and pushing inside her was more than Melissa could handle, she started to shudder and spasm, her anus contracted tightly and rhythmically against her brother's fingers as waves of pleasure and shame washed over her.

Her fifteen year old body arched and began to twitch, and she got weak in the knees. She felt her brother's fingers pull sharply from her ass, as an honest to goodness line of drool began to fall from her lips.

"What's wrong with you?" her brother shouted in disgust. He grabbed his schoolbag and the rest of his lunch, and dashed off to school, but she could barely hear him over her shuddering orgasm.