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Tara lynn foxx sex movies
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They were waiting in the locker room, upeksha swarnamali sri lankan actress sex storys dawnlod together on a bench. All of the other girls but one the one they were waiting for - had left already.

They knew she would hang around after what happened. It was the first time the girls' volleyball team had made the high school championships in years. And they almost won, except for a stupid fuckup on the part of their freshman libero. She wasn't supposed to be playing, but their usual girl had sprained her ankle a few days prior. Honestly no one expected this young, skinny, blonde no more than 5'4'' and 100 pounds - her tits more like small, protruding mounds on her chest than anything else - to be MVP, but they at least expected her to dig and hit the ball when she had to.

"That bitch blew our last chance to lead our team to a championship victory," Ashley said, running her hands through her dark hair.

As she did so, her head tiled back pushing her chest out slightly; the outline of her big, round breasts clearly visible beneath the jersey.

"She needs to be punished… the things I want to do to her…" Brittany, slightly taller than Ashley, with smaller tits but an ass to die for people always said together they'd form the perfect woman trailed off. Without realizing it, her hand had slid between her legs and pressed against her warm pussy. As co-captains and players, Brittany and Ashley had seen each other naked plenty of times in the shower and locker room. They'd even gone so far as to drunkenly make out and feel each other up at a party once on a dare.

As friends, though, they shared all of their intimate sexual stories and fantasies with one another. They discussed the dicks they took, the techniques they used for masturbating, the times they tried fingering their assholes and how good it felt. In fact, as a 'joke,' Ashley once bought Brittany a vibrator for her birthday and, after hearing how great it was, went out and bought her own. Recently, though, they'd began to experiment watching porn and seeing how much they hadn't done or hadn't even thought of blew them away.

They talked about watching hardcore lesbian porn, gangbangs, domination, foot fetishes, even water sports. It peeing shop bringing out the huge guns long before they realized just how much they loved the idea of incredibly nasty, dirty sex.

The thought of plain, missionary-style hetero sex was almost a turn off it seemed so prude. All of this talk had developed a certain level of sexual tension between the two.

Unspoken but certainly not overlooked. Ashley would notice Brittany ogling her in the shower and Brittany would catch Ashley staring at her ass, which, if possible, looked even better in the spandex shorts they wore. The shuffling sound of Nicole, the freshman who so royally fucked up the game, drew Brittany out of her trance, pulling her out of her crotch but not before Ashley got an idea.

As they listened to Nicole taking off her sneakers, Ashley whispered her new game plan to Brittany, who smiled wickedly and licked her lips as she could already feel her cunt moistening. As they approached her, she'd already removed her shoes and socks, leaving her smooth feet bare on the tile floor. Her toes curled in slightly when she felt how cold it was. They could tell that she was upset, and once she noticed them she lowered her head.

Her mumbled apologies were cut short as Ashley's hand slapped her across the face. She looked up in shock.

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"It's simple," Ashley said, "you lost our championship, so if you teen couple orgasm xxx poor rachael madori to stay on this team, you owe us." Glancing at behind her, Nicole could see Brittany eyeing her hungrily. "I know, I know. I'll stay late at every practice for the rest of the year." "That's not what we had in mind." Confused, Nicole racked her brain to figure out what they meant.

She looked up to ask and she noticed that now they both had that look on their faces and a slit in their spandex where their hungry pussies had given them a camel toe (she'd gotten them herself before, but didn't know what they were called). Seeing her staring at their crotches, the captains smiled. "What do you want, then?" "We want you, bitch," Brittany replied harshly. "I don't " She was interrupted again by a slap across her face. Sitting next to her on the bench and beckoning to her lap, Brittany said, "you've been incredibly bad, and you need to be punished." Suddenly, she felt Ashley grab her and lay her across Brittany's lap then felt a sting as a hand hit her ass.

But the hand didn't leave, it stayed there, slowly caressing her cheeks. "I never noticed before, but she's got a cute, firm little butt," Brittany told Ashley, whose nipples had become visible through her jersey.

Nicole was confused and frightened, but didn't try to move. After a few more spanks, she was shoved onto the floor. Ashley sat down next to Brittany and announced, "To make up for your mistake, you will have to be our dirty little whore for the rest of the night." As the realization sunk into Nicole, a wet spot began to appear on her spandex and puddle around her thighs and ass.

Seeing her piss herself turned both of the captains on and as they leaned in together, feeling their lips meet, Ashley felt Brittany's hand creep up her luscious girls engulfing smutty dick of strip dancer and begin playing with her tits and nipples. Their wet tongues began exploring each other's warm mouths.

Although shaken, Nicole couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement wash over her, seeing these two gorgeous girls together like this.

She'd never even had sex, so it was mind-blowing. When their embrace broke, Brittany instructed Nicole to stand up and undress. As she did, her pee and juices dripped down her remarkably smooth legs, making them glisten. Her petite feet were now standing in her puddle. Peeling her jersey and bra off of her sweaty body and over her head, both captains felt their pussies start to ache.

Her small breasts and unbelievably perky nipples looked so tasty and innocent on her tiny frame. Embarrassed, she tried to cover herself, but the captains' gestures told her to keep undressing.

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Nicole slid the spandex down her legs, peeling bending over to pull the off of her feet and exposing her sopping wet panties. "Mmmm look at those," Ashley admired, "I wonder what they taste like." Brittany told Nicole to take them off too, saying, "Let's find out." Nicole peeled them off as well, handing them to Brittany who bunched them up and swiftly shoved them into Nicole's mouth.

"Don't you dare try and take them out," she warned. Standing fully naked, drenched in sweat from the game and her own pee, Nicole felt like a piece of meat. Brittany and Ashley walked around her, studying her, unable to pull their eyes off of her young body.

She felt them gently rub their hands around her ass, sliding their fingers from behind her down her tight, shaved pussy all the way across her asshole and up her crack.

They tweaked her nipples slightly, though it was enough for her developing, sensitive breasts to send a shiver down her spine. They were admiring the way her already slightly tanned skin shined were it was wet. Having her stand there with her pee-soaked panties in her mouth, completely at their command made the captains jada stevens gets anal sex from huge black cock than they'd ever been. Moving in front of her, they began making out again, but this time slowly stripped each other in the oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore. Like Nicole, the sweat on their bodies made it feel more like they were peeling their clothes off, feeling them cling to their bodies.

Tongue-fucking each other's mouths, they also fondled their tits and asses squeezing and releasing them, just enjoying the others' figure. Once they were both naked, Ashley grabbed Nicole by one of her hard nipples and led her over to the lockers.

Leaning back against them the cold metal giving her goose bumps she pulled the wet panties out of her mouth and pushed Nicole to her knees. "Now eat me," she demanded, positioning the young girl's head between her legs, just below her cunt. She shaved regularly, but left a thin strip of hair just above her slit. Not knowing exactly what to do she'd rubber herself before and fingered herself occasionally Nicole gingerly stuck out her tongue and pressed against Ashley's pussy.

Angrily shoving Nicole's face into her crotch, she said, "I said eat me!" Nicole began furiously licking her pussy, and as her nose rubbed against her clit, she could feel Ashley's juices start leaking onto her face and mouth. Ashley began grinding on her face and had soon slid far enough up that Nicole's tongue flicked inside of her, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Immensely turned on by the sight, Brittany grabbed the wet panties out of Ashley's hand and after lying down on the bench, put them up to her own face, inhaling and tasting the sweet juice.

Spreading her legs and sucking on two of her fingers, she began simultaneously fingering her moist cunt. Watching Ashley play with her voluptuous breasts while grinding on the freshman's face was one of the hottest things she had ever seen. Soon, both girls were moaning as they felt themselves climax. Brittany had moved the panties from full time secretaries full french movie tube porn face and was using them to rub her clit while she shoved her fingers deep inside herself.

Nicole, her knees aching and her neck/jaw cramping, felt Ashley's legs close slightly around her head as she neared climax. Suddenly, Nicole felt a huge rush of juice splash into her mouth. Ashley had been grooling since the beginning, but something about this was different.

Then it hit her Ashley was peeing. She tried to pull back, but was held in place by Ashley's hands and legs as her warm liquid covered Nicole's face, drenching her hair and dripping down her neck and breasts.

Watching her co-captain unleash a torrent onto Nicole's cute face was too much and feeling her muscles tighten, Brittany came, shoving the panties now also wet with her own cum into her mouth to stop from screaming in case anyone was still in the building.

Ashley sank to the floor, getting her legs and ass wet with her own piss as she caught her breath. Brittany walked over to the two of them and even after her orgasm, seeing Nicole sent another wave of horniness across her entire body. Her face: wide, blue eyes, small button nose, soft lips, subtle dimples was soaked in cum and pee.

Her breasts and tight stomach were also slick, and one couldn't help but notice the small strand of cum stretching from her tight, virgin pussy to her thigh. Nicole herself didn't know what to think. She was being abused by these girls, she should hate everything about it, but something kept her there, something turned her on a little bit.

Not one to miss an opportunity like this, Brittany grabbed erotic vagina banging session hardcore and blowjob by the hair, pulling her up. "Open your mouth," she commanded, as she spit directly into it, not knowing exactly what came over her but loving how dirty this innocent girl was getting. Lying face down on the bench, she said, "I want you to do what you did to her cunt to my asshole." She spread her cheeks to reveal a slightly gaped hole (from her fingering and occasional use of the vibrator), wet from her previous orgasm.

Suddenly enjoying her submissive role, Nicole eagerly pushed her face into the best ass in the entire school, slobbering on the pucker. Brittany cried out when she felt the wet tongue poke at her and Nicole was also taken by surprise when she felt the warm hold wrap itself around her tongue, hips driving backwards trying to get as much inside of her as possible. She even began to rub her own clit as the taste and smell of Brittany's ass filled her mouth and nose.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Ashley had gotten up and retrieved her own vibrator from her bag where she kept it in case the urge struck her. She rarely cleaned it because she loved knowing her juices were always on it. Keeping it at her side, she saddled up behind Nicole and, spreading her firm ass, slowly licked her virgin asshole. It was the tightest thing she'd ever seen, and she wanted to be the one to take it.

Nicole looked back in surprise when she felt the moist pressure, but was returned to Brittany's hole by a forceful shove from Brittany. It didn't matter, she'd never felt anything so good before and knowing it was on her ass, which had until now been a forbidden area, made it even better.

Hearing her whimper in pleasure from between Brittany's cheeks, and seeing the grool drip from her cunt down her leg, Ashley knew she'd have to act quick. So she pulled her mouth away, shoved the vibrator down her throat to slicken it up, aimed the tip with Nicole's pucker, and pushed it inside while simultaneously turning it on.

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Nicole gasped, feeling her virgin hole stretched for the first time. She instinctively wanted to pull away seeing as it hurt at first, but something about the vibrations and Heard fucking big booty crmepai hand flicking her clit kept her in place. As her hole loosened and Ashley was able to slide it in and out of her more easily, she actually started to enjoy it. By now, Brittany had realized what was happening and sat up to watch her friend fuck this freshman's ass with her vibrator.

Incredibly turned on, she began playing with Nicole's nipples, which, again, were incredibly sensitive as her breasts were still developing.

Pulling, pinching, tweaking, and twisting them, Brittany could tell how much she was enjoying the stimulation. She soon got jealous, though, and had Ashley glide the vibrator out of Nicole's ass.

She asked Nicole if she wanted to taste her own asshole, since she'd already tasted one, and without waiting for a response, shoved the toy down her throat, making her gag. When she pulled it out, Nicole had built up a fair amount of saliva, so, lying in front of her, Brittany told her to spit on her cunt and get her off.

She did and instantly began sucking her clit while pushing two fingers deep inside of her. Demanding that she put in a third, Brittany reached around her leg and pushed the vibrator past her own big titted syrian girl fucked arab with big boobs hardcore entrance and into her ass. She was in ecstasy getting double penetrated like this.

Ashley on the other hand wasn't done with this young slut's asshole and after fingering her own pussy until her middle finger was nice and slick, massaged her ex-virgin pucker, eventually pushing it in all the way to the last knuckle.

She had her other hand under her crotch and was simultaneous finger-fucking Nicole in the ass while rubbing her own pussy.

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The feeling of the tight hole wrapped around her finger caused her to orgasm, shaking and pushing farther into Nicole, which in turn drove Nicole farther into Brittany. The sudden force caused both of them to climax simultaneously, with New 2019 xnxn xxx story moaning out in pleasure and Nicole's climactic screams muffled in Brittany's cunt.

Once finished, they pulled out of each other and rested a moment to catch their breaths. Ashley and Brittany stood up, and agreed that Nicole had made up for her mistake. She coyly said, "I can always make more." And just before they were about to redress, Brittany said to wait, she had an idea. Telling Nicole to lie down on the cold tile floor, which caused her nipples to stiffen, Brittany stood over her and spread her pussy open. A steady stream of liquid emerged, splashing Nicole in the face then tracing down her neck, breasts, stomach, pussy, and legs.

If there was any part of her that wasn't already dripping, there definitely wasn't now. Swallowing what had gotten into her mouth, Nicole continued to lie there in the puddle, drenched in all kinds of juices, stroking her breasts. The co-captains looked at each other and smiled, knowing that they had turned this young, innocent girl into their own dirty whore.