Hardcore babe lauren phillips gets a load of cum on her cunt

Hardcore babe lauren phillips gets a load of cum on her cunt
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The hole had been in the wall for years, just big enough to put one eye to, just in the right place that I could lay on my bed and watch the two girls next door. Everyday around this time I would hear Jayne's phone ring, Jayne slink downstairs and then they would creep upstairs, evading her Dad, big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy faint snores even reaching my ears.

I wasn't sure if they knew the hole was there, they never looked at me or said anything to me, so I took that as an invitation to watch. Spying on my two best friends, they know I'm bi like them, but I don't think they know I get off on watching them. Hearing them sneaking back up the stairs, I got into position, eye pushed up against the wall my hand idly wondering over my boobs, caressing my nipples between by thumb and finger. I liked to play with myself while I secretly watched my friends.

The door of the room next door creaked opening, Jayne and Sara's shadows skinny teens first extreme anal boss lesson across the carpet, intermingled together so I couldn't tell which shadow belonged to who. The two girls stumbled into the room, Sara's hands behind Jayne's neck, Jayne's hands on Sara's waist, a giggle escaping from Jayne as Sara's lips brushed against her nose. I could see the passion in their eyes as they looked at each other, still stumbling around, lips occasionally brushing against each other's skin, their hands never once leaving the place that they touched.

Jayne, being a lot shorter than Sara, looked up at her lover, silently telling her what she wanted. Her eyes revealing their love for each other, Jayne's green eyes gazing into the sea blue of Sara's, their thoughts entirely lost in each other for a few moments, their bodies completely still as they forget everything apart from each other for those few minutes.

Jayne's expression portrayed everything, the brief lopsided smile, the sexy but cute puppy dog eye's, I knew Sara wouldn't resist the look that the blonde bombshell was feeding her. Seconds later, Sara gently lifted Jayne's top off as Jayne undid the zip on her tiny skirt, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her standing in nothing but underwear. I watched, biting my lip, wanting what Jayne was getting, as Sara rubbed her long fingers over Jayne's pussy through her underwear, gently teasing the crotch with her nail, thinking about pulling it aside to reveal the softness residing inside.

She knelt down, the bed next to them not quite obstructing my view, the pants Sara had just been playing with were now being lowered, her soft movements gracefully sliding the small panties down Jayne's legs, even from my position I could see she was wet, her shaven pussy shining slightly.

I was getting wet myself, I moved away from my peek hole to retrieve my vibrator from the side of the bed. I knew I couldn't turn it on unless I wanted them to hear me but I liked the feel of it inside of me while I stared at my lesbian best friends. When I returned to the hole Jayne's bra had disappeared and Sara was also naked, her clothes strewn all over the place, however the two girls didn't appear to have even moved from where they were, the only telltale sign of any movement was their complete nakedness.

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Kneeling by the side of the bed made Sara shorter than Jayne, the latter was tilting the others head back, their mouths less than a centimetre away from each other but not touching, then tenderly Jayne closed her eyes and placed her lips upon Sara's, the kiss seemed to last hours, starting off tender and gradually getting rougher, tongues mingling, investigating every inch of each other's mouths then Sara pulled back, leaning back so she was against the bed.

She dodged around Jayne so she was behind her, never once getting off her knees; she lifted Jayne's leg and put it round positioning it so her knee rested on the back of her neck. Jayne giggled, trying to keep her balance, as Sara proceeded to caress her clit, her thumb rubbing around the very edge, the place I'd already learnt must be her most sensitive part.

Jayne moaned, Sara obviously hitting the right spot, her fingers now sliding into her pussy hole, her thumb still against her clit. She wasn't making any noise now, but from the chewing of her lip I could tell she was enjoying every second of Sara's probing.

Knowing from then on it was going to get even hotter, I inserted my dildo into my already drenched teen mindy likes to make porn with boyfriend, idly sat there with 8 inches of silicone in me, my juices steadily dripping onto my bed as I pushed it further and further in, not wanting to move it to much, not wanting to make myself cum to fast when the good stuff hadn't even started yet.

Sara stopped her pussy probing, removing Jayne's leg from her neck, she let her climb onto the bed, Jayne blonde babe likes to please a dick herself in such a way I would be able to see everything, leaving me even more unsure about whether they knew about my spying. Not bothering to dwell on that matter for now, I let my eye fix itself on the girls now crawling over the bed, Jayne already settled into her favourite position, Sara squirming around, trying to decide where best to be, at the side so she can finger, or directly below so she can lick the cute pussy in front of her.

Finally deciding on a side position, she resumed her light probing of her sweetheart's vagina, her fingers sliding back up her wet tunnel, her knuckles banging against the entrance, and Jayne's subtle moaning clarifying that every second Sara's fingers were in her felt like a million years of pleasure. As her fingering became more vigorous, Jayne started to gasp for air, Sara's name briefly etched on the edge of every single moan.

Without even being there, I knew that every muscle is Jayne was clenching, her arms no longer supporting her weight, she flopped back, her legs kicked into the air at the same moment Sara pulled her fingers out of Jayne's tightening pussy, her juices running freely from her as her perfect ass bucked into the air, the full extent of her orgasm visible in her epileptic response.

After that show I could feel my own pussy tightening around my dildo, but I didn't want to let myself cum yet, ripping the vibrator free of my vagina, I resorted to lightly flicking my clit, knowing it would keep my orgasm dormant, not quite letting it run free, not quite letting it die away. After a moment of controlling my own orgasm I realised I was missing the real show, the beloved's next door had switched roles, Sara was flat on her back, legs spread wide her dark hair splayed over the edges of the bed, the veins in her neck standing to attention as she resisted the sensations Jayne's tongue was leaving.

Jayne's tongue was longer than average, one of the traits she liked to show off on a regular basis, I could only imagine what it must feel like, from the look on Sara's face, it was pretty damn good. Her hands were clenching Sara's ass cheeks; her puffed up lips running over her partner's wet labia, her tongue gently probing between the lips, only just touching the clit.

Moving her hands, she parted Sara's lips, her tiny clit on full display, not even hesitating she buried her mouth into her pussy, not rough but not gentle either, I could see her tongue working the clit, and then the tight pussy hole.

Sara's hands came up, pushing Jayne's face further into her, forcing her to suck and lick her more, obscuring her vagina from my view. Somewhere while watching the girls I had put my fingers into my pussy, Mom and son family sex movies hadn't even noticed that I was fucking myself, my orgasm still lying dormant, not working myself enough to bring it on, but now I needed to, I forced my fingers forward, hitting my g-spot, wiggling them to hear the brief squishing sound of my juices gathering, ready to be expelled.

The tongue licking now ceased, Sara letting Jayne breath once again. I regarded the object in Jayne's hand. A double ended dildo. I stared as Jayne inserted on end into her lover, determined to repay the favour of making her cum, she pounded the purple thing into my friends pussy, already close to reaching orgasm, it took only a few well placed, perfectly executed thrusts and she was gasping for air.

Being the bitch Jayne was, I knew that wouldn't be the end, despite Sara's orgasm reaching maximum velocity, she refused to pull it out, pounding it harder and harder into Sara's contracting pussy.

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Sara's orgasm subsiding, still she didn't remove it, instead she bent the end up, grinding her hips until she was fully attached to the other end of the dildo, their pussy's almost touching, I longed to be in the room with them, to closer inspect the situation at hand. Jayne bracing herself on one arm, crouched low of the dildo, grinding the object deep into her pussy and forcing it further into Sara's still pulsing vagina. Minutes later I watched their pussy's finally meet each other, the dildo entirely swallowed up by the two holes, their lips rubbing against each other.

I couldn't take any more, I moved my fingers as hard as possible and felt the orgasm tear though me at the same time as I watched both my friends pound there new found favourite toy, both simultaneously sliding up their end of the dildo, only for their pussy's to meet again in the middle. I heard Sara cry out, her orgasm returning quickly, the first one probably not fully finished, her fluids, spurted out over the toy and Jayne who was still working the other end.

I observed as Jayne unleashed another load of wetness as her 2nd orgasm hit, this time stronger, her pussy juices soaking Sara who willingly wiped the liquid off with her hands, licking european lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur the droplets that clung to her skin.

Following suit, I unleashed my load, not wanting to draw attention I held back my moan, or tried to, a gasp escaped my lips as my nectar ejected itself into the air. I lay back, I could hear the rustles next door of Sara and Jayne getting dressed, and I knew there was nothing left to see so I just lay back, relaxing, getting my breath back, mulling over tonight's happenings. I heard a light knock on my wall, putting my eye to the hole I found a pair of lips in my way.

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"Next time, why don't you come round here and watch", Jayne said. I guess they did know about the hole after all.