Old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick

Old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick
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I slept so deep and hard, that when I woke I didn't know where I was. And at first, I didn't remember what had happened the night before. But then, as I amanda johnson fucked by friend while husband sleeps that the furry, warm thing I was spooning was Pandora, Joe's rottweiler, it all flooded back into my consciousness. For the first time in my life I had an orgasm so powerful it was like I was peeing cum, yet I shot that load down the gulping throat of the eighty-pound rottweiler.

I started to wake quickly and realized that, as always when I wake, my dick was hard as a bone. And not only did I have a hard-on, it was pressed into the rear-flank of the dog I was wrapped around. The same dog who'd taken my huge load the night before. Pandora, who belonged to the big, beefy blond guy, who I'd been thinking about when I started spraying my cum into the dog's mouth.

Before I knew it, I was gently hunching my hips against Pandora's warm body. I did remember the horrific guilt I'd felt after I'd finished doing what I did the night before, but I was always so horny in the morning, I couldn't help myself.

I heard Pandora groan, as I moved my mid-section against her back and a second later, I felt her stubby, little tail wagging, right against my morning hard-on.

Logic was fading, as lust began to take over. One of my arms was wrapped around Pandora's neck, the other was under her chest and my hand was lightly gripping one of her front legs. I tightened my grip, pulling myself tighter against her warm body. I felt so good, warm and protected, holding the large, muscular dog against my naked body, that I remember wishing that I could remain there forever.

But I was well used to my wishes not coming true. I rubbed myself against the warm body of the dog for several minutes. I was to the point where I'd just realized that I could get myself off doing what I was doing, when I heard the door of my bedroom trying to be opened.

A second later, the butler's voice called my name and informed me that it was time to wake. I happily remembered locking my bedroom door the night before. A thought which also brought-on the reason I had in my mind, when I decided that the door needed to be locked.

That thought almost made me shoot my load all over my stomach and Pandora's back. I managed to pull away in time and yelled to the butler that I'd be down for breakfast in a few minutes. I thought about jacking-off, after all, my dick was bone-hard and on the verge as it was. Instead I got out of bed, with a groan from Pandora when my body moved away from her's and quickly rinsed-off in the shower, pissing in the glass cubicle once my erection subsided orgies make euro doxies groan loudly hardcore and groupsex bit, rather than going across the room to the toilet.

Which was probably a good thing, when halfway through my shower, Pandora padded into the bathroom and started taking a drink out of the toilet-bowl (I wouldn't have flushed, for fear of the shower becoming burning-hot). I went downstairs and ate quickly, giving Pandora half of my breakfast, which really pissed-off the housekeeper, though I knew the cook wouldn't mind. Then I told the butler that I was going to take Pandora for a walk in the woods and away we went.

It didn't take long for the rottweiler to do her business and afterward, we continued walking deeper into the woods. Pandora chased-up a few birds, a couple squirrels and even a rabbit, giving chase for a bit, then giving-up and returning to me for a good pat.

When we got to the river, I quickly found the living, up-turned tree and sat on one of the horizontal branches. Pandora moved right against me and pressed her nose right against the zipper of my jeans. "Take it easy girl," I laughed, "aren't you even going to kiss me first?" Like she knew what I'd said, she raised herself on her back legs and before I knew what hit me, Pandora's big, pink tongue was wetting my face. I let her lick me for a minute, though not being able to breathe, lest I inhale copious amounts of dog-slobber, I waited as long as I could before pushing her off me.

The instant Pandora was away from me, I opened my mouth for a deep breath. Much to my shock, that dog's long, fucking tongue lashed out of her mouth and right into mine, depositing more of her thick saliva on my tongue and more on my chin. I remembered the night before, when she was licking my butt, shit, when she was licking my dick, when I shot right in her mouth. Well, needless to say, my dick was hard as a bone, throbbing legal age teenager bawdy cleft is nailed well my pants.

I pushed Pandora down, so that she had to get all four paws back on the ground and started unbuttoning the fly of my jeans. It was with a conscious thought earlier, that I hadn't put on underwear, which was something I almost always did (except when I was feeling really kinky and knew that there wouldn't be anyone around to see my dick get hard, which always happened when I wore nothing under my pants (hell, it almost always happened when I was wearing underwear!).

I pulled-out my hard dick and before was able to get my hand around it and give it a stroke, Pandora was on it. I pulled my hand away and let her go for it, knowing that she could do a better job than I could. First, she just licked me. My dick, my balls, my butt and thighs and then she started wrapping her tongue around my little hard-on and pulling it into her mouth. I had to adjust my angle a bit, because my dick was so hard, that when it dragged over her teeth, I felt a slight stab of pain.

Before long, I could feel the head of my dick being tickled by something deep down the dog's throat. Her nose was buried in the scant patch of hair between my bony hips, her tongue covering the lumps of her lower teeth and also lapping at my balls, sometimes reaching up to my butthole. But when I felt the tingling start deep in my balls, I pulled away from her and my dick popped out of her mouth. Not that I didn't want to spray my semen down her throat, like I'd done the night before. But that nasty, evil thought I'd had the previous night, right before I locked my bedroom door, well, I couldn't get that thought out of my mind.

New sex game jill fuck pov play now I was afraid that if I let Pandora get me off, like she'd done the night before, I might fall into a post-come slump and be able to talk myself out of doing the thing I so badly wanted to do.

I slid down to a lower branch and turned Pandora's head away from me. It was as though I could see the lips of her pussy engorging, like a glistening, pink heart-shaped flower. I stuck the index-finger of my left hand in my mouth to coat it with spit.

My right hand was busy, slowly stroking my dick. As I'd done the night before, I rubbed my spit-slicked fingertip over both of her lips, before running it down the outside of the gash between them.

And as she'd done the night before, when I was drawing my finger back up her slit, she backed-up so that my finger went in. Again, marveling at how japanese newscaster gets bukkake during the show she felt inside, I started to finger-fuck the dog.

First with one finger, then with two and soon after, three, then four. Again, I had my hand buried-up to the thumb, inside the big, black and brown rottweiler's cunt.

And it didn't take luscious chicks lusty raunchy appetite pornstar and hardcore for her juices to start flowing and I started to see droplets dripping down to the ground. I pulled my fingers out of her, immediately shoved them into my mouth and started sucking her juices from my hand. I thought about what I wanted to do, with the taste of Pandora's pussy in my mouth.

I looked around, knowing that I wouldn't see anyone, but feeling the need to check anyway. There was once branch lower, which would line-up my face and Pandora's rump. Her tail was high, quivering rather than wagging, her butthole pulsing and the inflamed lips of her just below.

I couldn't help myself. Slurping the last of her juices from my hand, I moved down and my face got closer and closer to the object of my desire.

I tried not to think about what I was doing, as my tongue extended and made contact with Pandora. As with my finger, I used only the tip of my tongue to taste her. But before long, as with when I'd first fingered her, she moved herself back, so before long my whole face was plastered to her pussy.

Her juices tasted better directly from the source. My tongue went wild and before long, my lips were sealed around her gash and I was sucking her thick goo right into my mouth.

I was trying not to fist my dick too fast or hard. I was so excited that I knew if I went at myself with too much gusto, I'd pop my wad and end the incredible bout of lust that had taken me over. As much as I couldn't believe what I was doing, I kept my lips sealed around Pandora's pussy-lips, my tongue digging her juices from her and into my mouth.

Within a minute, my finger was back inside her heat, helping my tongue collect the lubricating liquid from deep within the bitch. I know I ate her out for a couple minutes, before I had to back off a minute and get a couple nice, deep breaths. Still tasting her in my mouth, I stared down at the red, swollen lips of the rottweiler's cunt. Without any real thought, I dropped my left hand down to my dick, slathering what was left with Pandora's juices from my fingers, mixed with my own saliva, all over my bone-hard dick.

A second later, I had my dick buried in the softest, hottest, wettest, place it had ever been. I hadn't gotten myself off that morning, as I almost always did every morning alexis texas rides big penis gracefully I'd been up almost an hour. After the mouth-action Pandora had given me, then I did jack-off a bit while I had my face buried in her cunt and now I had my dick so deep inside her, I could feel playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore balls trying to push inside.

Again, Pandora grunted, groaned and growled. But she could have, at any time, take a step forward and un-impale herself from me. Instead, she reared back, as though trying to get more of my dick inside her. At first, I tried to be gentle with her, but as I got into the fuck, I finally grabbed her by the hips and started really pounding at her. It didn't take long, less than a dozen deep, hard thrusts and I started to shoot.

Once again, there was no rhythmic pulsing, firing wad after wad of cum. It was more like I was peeing, a steady stream of cum spewing into the bitch's belly. It felt as though my nuts were about to pull-up through my dick and shoot, like cannon-balls, into Pandora's pussy. She stood there and took it, if anything she was pressing back against me, but since I was pushing myself so hard into her, it was hard to say.

If I'd shot a quart of cum down her throat the night before, I must have shot a whole gallon up her cunt. My whole body started to quake and I felt as though the only part of me that mattered two gorgeous schoolgirls experiment with lesbian sex doing more than it had ever done, making me feel more incredible than I ever imagined possible and the whole of it was centered right between my hips.

I drove deeper and deeper into Pandora, spraying her full all the cum my balls had made over-night. I just knew that this was the best there was, how was it possible that anything could feel any better than this.

I howled like Tarzan, as I fucked my first load into another living body. Pandora looked back, her teeth bared and I could hear a low growling, but it didn't matter. There was now way I was going to stop. There was no way I could. I wasn't being controlled by logic or reason. My whole being was being driven by lust and as my cum shot deep into the dog's womb, I can not say I was in control of what I was doing. The moment I started to relax, Pandora stepped away from me, began to curl her body, then fell to the ground, her tongue going wildly at her cunt, licking my spunk from inside her.

I took a couple breaths, then took my dripping dick in hand, scooping-up what I could, then depositing our mingled juices on my tongue. I could taste the bitterness of my own cum and the tangy taste of Pandora's pussy, which I'd decided I loved tasting. We waited a while, catching our breath and cleaning ourselves as best as we could, before returning to the house. I'd gotten most the fluids off my dick and balls, licking as much of it off my fingers as I could, when Pandora stood and took over the job, wiping me down with her tongue.

Of course, I popped a rod, but I didn't think my body could deal with another mind-numbing orgasm, so soon after the one I'd just had.

So, when Pandora started trying to draw my dick into her mouth with her tongue, I told her to stop and put myself back into my pants. We took the long way back to the house, following the river, rather than going directly through the woods. Pandora chased off two deer and, though from a distance, we watched a big beaver disappear into the river.

I caught hell from the housekeeper and the cook for being gone nearly four hours. Since moving into the lake-house, I stopped wearing a watch. I had no clue it had been so long. As soon as I could, I went up to my room, stripped and jumped into the shower. The whole time I was downstairs, I prayed that neither of the women could smell sex on me.

Lord knows I could. I tried to clean myself up as much as I could before returning to the house, but as I sat there listening to the two old women chastize me for being out so long, my nose was still full of the scent of Pandora's pussy. Not that I minded, myself.

But there was no way I wanted any of the house-staff to even be suspicious of what I'd been up to. After lunch, Pandora and I lounged on the couch in the tv-room, watching an old Tarzan movie. Well, I think we both slept more than we watched the movie. After dinner, my father called. I told him I loved it at the lake-estate. He said that he was glad, then asked to talk to the butler. After watching more television, I took Pandora outside, then we went to bed.

I have to admit, I did decide to go to bed a bit earlier than I might normally go. But laying there on the couch, feeling Pandora's warm body snugly against mine, I couldn't wait to get to my room, lock the door and strip naked. I fucked Pandora twice that night. Once doggy-style, with her on all-fours as I took her from behind. Then after licking my load and her juices from both of us, the rottweiler climbed over me and started licking my face.

It didn't take long for us to figure-out that if she couched a bit, my dick could reach her gash and with a bit of extra leverage from my hips, I could get myself deep inside her and fuck her face to face.

And I did. I fucked Pandora so hard that solid-oak bedframe started to move a bit on the floor. We made quite a racket. I had to shove my pillow in my mouth, to stop from screaming-out when I shot my second load deep inside Pandora. It was like she sat on my hips, trying to get as much of me inside as possible. I didn't shoot as hard as I'd done earlier in the day.

My cum spurted with individual jets this time, unlike the peeing-like cum I'd experienced that morning. But it still felt incredible with my spurting dick buried deep in the dog's pussy. I woke the next morning laying on my stomach, feeling Pandora's wet nose and hot tongue buried between my buttcheeks.

Even before my eyes opened, I felt her trying to snake her tongue up my hole. As good as it felt, I was afraid I'd shoot my wad, grinding my dick into the mattress and feeling Pandora going at my butt with that big, wet tongue of hers. I didn't want to waste my morning hard-on shooting it's load all over my bed-sheets. Joe was due to pick Pandora up sometime that day and I wanted to fuck her at least one more time before he did. Now, I didn't miss the irony that technically, I'd lost my virginity to a female.

I knew I was gay and I liked guys more than girls. But this thing with Pandora just sort of happened and after all, she wasn't a normal girl. She weighed almost as much as I did and easily could have torn me limb from limb if she wanted. I flipped over and it didn't take the rottweiler long, after she licked my face, then my dick, for her to position her self over me, so that we were perfectly lined-up for my hard, little dick to penetrate her flared pussy.

We both grunted, groaned and growled as we grinded ourselves against one another. But before I was done, I crawled out from under her, got her on the floor and started taking her like she was meant to be taken.

I pounded my morning-load as deep inside her as I possibly could, again peeing it in, rather than round after round of cum, as I normally did.

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Once I'd gotten my breath and dismounted the black and brown beast, I felt the need to actually pee. Instead of rolling over and licking my load from the gash between her hind legs, as she had the other times I'd filled her with my cum, Pandora followed me into the bathroom.

As I stood there at the toilet, trying to get the proper set of muscles to relax, so I could relieve myself, I looked down at my floppy dick and received a shock that made my whole body clench. There was blood on my dick. Globs of deep crimson among the opaline, whitish globs of my cum. I knew it wasn't my blood and I looked down at Pandora. Her big mouth was open and her tongue was lolling to one side.

She seemed just fine. I was sure that if she'd been cut somehow, enough to make her bleed, I'd have somehow known. The pressure in my bladder returned and I figured I'd take a look at her pussy once I'd relieved myself.

Before I could even work-up a stream of pee, she started licking the residue of our oiled beautiful cutie rides hard boner hardcore and massage, as well as the crimson globs, from my dick.

When I could no longer hold back, I shooed her away and started to pee. A second later, Pandora opened her mouth and moved her hulking head right into the stream of my pee. With that thick pink tongue going wild, the dog lapped my pee, milliseconds after it shot from my pee-hole. I didn't know whether to laugh, or stop her. She wasn't able to swallow all the pee that sprayed from me, her face was becoming wet there were occasional splashes of pee landing on her back.

Just as I took a breath to tell her to stop, we both heard a shrill whistling sound. With her tongue still lapping, Pandora broke away from my stream of pee and headed out of the bathroom. Even before I was finished emptying my bladder, I heard her paws clicking across the wood floor of my room, then scratching at the door and she started to whine.

I finished as fast as I could, ran back into my bedroom and pleaded with Pandora to stop as I grabbed the pair of jeans laying on my floor and quickly shoved my lanky legs into them. Then, once I'd found a shirt on the floor and pulled it on, I went to the door and turned the latch. Pandora was off like a shot. I could hear her toenails clicking on the hallway floor and her huffing breath, even after she went around the corner horny teen enjoys riding cock homemade and amateur out of my sight.

There was no way I could even think of catching up. When I finally got to the top of the stairway and looked down, I saw Pandora taking the last few steps across the entryway toward Joe. The rottweiler was more excited than I'd ever seen her. Her short-cropped tail was a blur as she jumped-up and threw her front paws on her master's shoulder.

Her tongue was already out and the moment she was close enough, it started slobbering all over the man's face. Without taking my eyes off the reunited pair, I started down the stairs. Then, as before, I could have sworn I saw Joe's tongue stick out of his mouth and swipe across Pandora's muzzle. Once back in his mouth, a perplexed look crossed his face, There was no denying that I saw him lick his dog's face a second time, only this time, he was looking right at me, not at Pandora.

By the time I reached the bottom of the staircase, the rottweiler had all four paws on the ground and Joe was bent over her, rubbing her down vigorously. And maybe I was paranoid, but I'd have sworn I saw Joe sniffing his dog, as he petted her. As I walked across the entry-way, Pandora turned away from her master, keeping her rump right up against him.

Joe started to scratch at the base of her tail, which was wagging vigorously. "Oh, you like that, don't ya, girl," he said running anya and her boyfriend having some hot licking and banging hands all over her hind-quarters.

When I was about half-way across the grand hall to them, I thought I saw one of Joe's hands disappear behind Pandora's rump and a fraction of a second later, the dog let out a sound that was something between a grunt and a howl. Quickly, Joe's hand reappeared and two of his fingers were extended. He looked them over carefully and a smile popped onto his face. Then I saw him lift those fingers to his nose and give them a big sniff and, I swear to god, he stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean.

He was still looking right at me and the perplexed expression came back to his face, which then morphed into a grin. The closer I got to them, the more that grin spread over Joe's ruggedly handsome face. He held out his hand when I was close enough to grab it.

Once again, he pulled me into a tight bear-hug and there was no mistaking the sounds of him sniffing me as his big hands patted my back. A moment later, he took me by the shoulders and held me only inches from him. He was sniffing, as well as looking me up and down. The grin was still on his face, though it had turned a bit, well, menacing.

When he released me, I almost went down, having to take all my weight back on my own feet. "Did you two have a good time?" Joe asked, looking from me, back to his dog. Looking down, I saw Pandora was laying on the floor, curled in a ball, licking furiously at her engorged cunt. I wondered if Joe could see the droplets of opaque jizm the rottweiler was licking from her hole.

"She's in heat," Joe said. I looked from Pandora back to him and saw that he was looking down at his dog.

"I hope she didn't leave any blood stains anywhere in the house. I wasn't expecting her cycle to start for a few more days." He went on to tell me that the reason he'd gone out of town was to pick-up a friend's male dog, so he could breed him with Pandora.

His blue eyes zeroed in on my own eyes and he asked, "You wanna come back to my farm with me and give me a hand this afternoon?" Just then the butler came from the kitchen and asked Joe if he was planning on staying for breakfast. Even though I'd never answered his question about helping him out at his farm, Joe asked the butler if it would be alright for him to take me for the day.

"It'll give you and the girls a bit of a break," he said with a chuckle. Five minutes later, I was sitting in the passenger seat of Joe's truck, Pandora sitting between me and the driver. It wasn't until we were on the main highway that I realized that not only hadn't I taken a shower since the previous afternoon, in my rush to get dressed, I'd thrown-on the same clothes I'd been wearing the day before. I prayed Joe didn't detect the odors emanating from my dirty body and stained clothing.

But as I sat there, worrying about how I smelled, I noticed the lump in the front of Joe's pants throb. Or at least I thought I saw some sort of movement housemate with owner at kitchn the crotch of his jeans.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled off the main road, onto a dirt two-track. Five minutes after that, a ramshackle farmhouse appeared and a dilapidated barn that looked like it was about to collapse under its own weight.

I opened the door on my side of the truck, but before I could get out, Pandora pushed by me and jumped down to the ground. As I climbed out of the truck, I heard a barking-howl coming from the old, sagging barn. Pandora was sniffing the ground, running from place to place, snorting in all she could. "Nero can smell her," Joe said, pointing toward the barn, where the barking-howling noise was becoming louder and more insistent.

"Ain't nothing that'll get a dog going like that, other than the scent of a bitch in heat." Pandora sniffed her way to the barn's huge main door and she started scratching at the weathered wood, trying to get inside, before we'd crossed the space between Joe's truck and the barn.

Joe slid the door open a bit and Pandora rushed inside. Before my eyes adjusted, the howling bark had become an intense whimpering. As my pupils dilated from being out in the bright sunlight, I saw Pandora nose to nose with a huge steel-gray dog. Nero was chained to a support beam in an open stall. The huge male looked exactly like the dog in my memory, right down to his stunning yellow eyes.

I don't think the big silver-gray dog even noticed me and Joe entering the barn. He was pulling as hard as he could at the thick metal chain, trying to sniff more than Pandora's nose. Even before my eyes were fully adjusted to the darkness of the barn, I couldn't help but notice the thick, pointed pink prick, poking from its sheath protruding from the male dog's underbelly. As we got closer and my eyes became more acclimated to the dimly-lit space, I saw that there was a string of crystalline strand of ooze dangling from the huge yellow-eyed dog's unsheathed cock.

We approached the nuzzling pair, though it was obvious that the huge silver-coated male wanted more than a muzzle to nuzzle. We were maybe glamour redhead teen babe janice drilled on her pussy on the bed feet from the stall where Nero was chained, when he finally took brilliant yellow eyes off Pandora and focused on Joe and myself.

The skin around his nose curled and he bared his fangs. I felt Joe's hand on my shoulder and even without his encouragement, I took a step back. "For a Weimaraner, Nero's usually a pretty calm dog," I heard and felt the breath of Joe's words with my left ear. His hand was still on my shoulder, but I hadn't thought his head was that close to mine.

I tore my eyes off Nero, but only for a millisecond and gave Joe the quickest of glances, just to assure myself that he was still there with me.

Then my eyes darted back to the huge yellow-eyed silver-gray dog. More specifically, I zeroed in on the thick pink torpedo, still drooling clear strands onto the straw-covered floor and still emerging from the furry sheath.

"But right now," Joe continued and I felt every word right against my ear, sending a shiver down my spine, "I wouldn't go near him for a million bucks.

The only thing on his mind is shooting his seed deep inside his bitch and he'd surely tear anyone apart, thinking they might try to take her from him.

"See 'Dora's cunt?" I heard the whispered, masculine voice in my ear and felt his hand give my shoulder a squeeze. "She wants it just as bad as Nero does." My eyes flicked to Pandora's rump. Her pussy-lips were extremely swollen and I could see her juices glistening on the engorged tissue.

At that moment several ideas hit me at once. A throb of hot blood between my legs made me realize that my dick was bone-hard already and if something didn't change in a minute or so, I'd surely cream my jeans without even touching my dick.

I realized that the whole left side of my body was warmer than the right side and after taking a deep breath of air through my nose, the potent, masculine smell of the big blond man standing only inches from me, just how close our bodies were sank-in to my conscious mind. I realized that Pandora was about to get fucked by Nero, which in a strange way made me feel a bit jealous. However, my dick gave another throb at the thought of the big male dog shoving his big prick in the bitch's pussy, considering I'd done that exact same thing three times in the past twenty-four hours.

I wondered if somehow, Joe sex rock n roll of kinky threesome figured-out what I'd been doing with Pandora.

It wasn't like the clues weren't still clinging to both my body and pretty babe takes on huge black cocks in her fuckholes interracial and gangbang. And I wondered if, somehow, Nero hadn't been the dog in my memory. Surely, I figured, if the dog I remembered licking my face as I laughed my ass off, back when I was just a toddler, would be old and decrepit, if not dead. Pandora backed a bit away from Nero. The loud, piercing noises he made hurt my ears.

He pulled even harder at the thick chain tying him to the tree-trunk-thick support-beam. And somewhere high above us in the loft, I could hear the beam creaking against something. Nero had to have weighed at least one-ten, if not more (Hell, I only weighed ninety-fife pounds at that time) and he had all of his weight pulling against the chain and, I noticed for the first time, a thick black leather collar around his neck.

I wondered what the noises he was trying to make would sound like if not constricted by the collar and chain. Though, if he weren't bound, surely he'd have already started what he was so desperate to do. Joe's hand tightened once again on my shoulder and I felt him tug me a bit.

"Come on," he said, gently leading me a bit further from the pair of dogs, "lets sit over here and watch." Before I knew it, I was sitting on a bail of straw, with the big blond man sitting only inches to my left, the heat from his body still warming that side of mine. Pandora turned away from the wild-acting Weimaraner and looked over to where we were sitting. Her tail was held high and it was quivering. Nero had become so spastic I wondered if he was going to choke himself. "It's ok, girl," Joe said to Pandora.

At his words, Nero looked at us, bared his teeth and growled. "Come on 'Dora, let him at you." And as though she knew exactly what Joe was saying to her, Pandora took a step backward. One more step back and Nero's long, pink tongue lashed-out and almost made contact with the rottweiler's rump.

Slowly, Pandora took one more step backward. The Weimaraner's tongue was on her, lapping at her juicy cunt. He nipped a couple times, but Pandora was just far enough away that Nero's fang only snapped at the air a few inches behind her. Though the big, silver dog's tongue slashed back out, easily reaching Pandora's pussy. After getting a taste of his bitch, Nero seemed to forget that Joe and I were sitting there watching. "Look there," Joe said, pointing to the underside of the huge male dog, "His knot is getting ready to pop through his sheath." Sure enough, my eyes moved from the spot of contact between the two dogs, to where Nero's glistening, dripping cock looked much longer, as more of the shaft appeared from the lightly-haired, triangular sheath dangling from his lean belly.

And inside his sheath, I could see a bulb, big around as a lemon, slowly fat granny venuse riding long schlong on couch toward the hole, from where the dog's cock was emerging.

Pandora took a deep breath, then exhaled in what sounded like a long sigh. Then, filling her lungs with air again, she took a big step backward. In a flash, Nero was up. His big body fell on Pandora's back, half of his weight supported by her, the other half still dangling from the chain. His long front legs gripped the bitch by her flanks and he started pulling her back.

At the same time his hips started thrusting and his dripping cock got closer and closer to its target. "Keep your eye on his knot," Joe whispered in my ear. He moved closer and put his arm down, behind me.

I felt his hand sink into the bale of hay, almost right under my butt, as his arm came to rest right-up against my back. I moved a bit closer to him, so that my bony left-shoulder poked into Joe's right arm-pit. I watched the dogs, my eyes focused on the big lump, trying to push out of the male's sheath.

I let-out a gasp when Nero's knot finally forced it's way through the small hole in the dog's skin. I might have gasped seeing the oddly-shaped ball of gooey tissue pop out of the weimaraner's body, though I also might have gasped in reaction to the yelp Nero let out when his knot passed through the tiny opening.

And a second later, Pandora let out a yelp, as Nero pulled her in close enough for his drooling cock to penetrate her juicy pussy. The bitch took another step back and Nero went back with her, though he remained tight against her back, his hips still thrusting to get himself as deep as he could inside her. From where we were sitting, I could just see the big ball of tissue, Nero's knot, being repeatedly shoved-up against the she-dog's dripping cunt-lips.

The chain went slack as the mating pair moved a big closer to the back-wall of the stall. The Weimaraner's hips were going like mad, trying to push the big ball of pink into Pandora's hole.

The noise Pandora made when Nero's knot finally did punch inside her body made me jump.

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I suddenly found myself engulfed within Joe's beefy arms and he pulled me tight against his hard torso. "She's all-right," he cooed in my ear. I could feel one of his hands moving gently over my right arm. His other hand, somehow, had ended-up on my left thigh. I could feel the heat of his hand penetrating through my jeans, as my eyes took in the scene of penetration before me.

"She's got that big, fucking knot inside her now, the worse part is over." And sure enough, that was the only horrific sound Pandora made. Playgirl is smashed in a doggystyle pornstar hardcore thrusting slowed a bit. Instead of fucking his bitch hard, he held himself over her and just sort of quaked and quivered. "They're tied, or locked-together," Joe explained, as we snuggled together watching the dogs breed. "That's mother-nature's way of making sure Nero's seed stays deep in Pandora's womb.

After he shoved it in, his knot got even bigger, too big to slide back out of her hole. Couldn't pull them apart now, if you tried. Not without doing some serious damage to his cock, or her cunt." Then Nero let out a deep, moaning growl and his whole body shifted. I thought he was going to fall off Pandora's back, but at the last instant, Nero got his lanky legs under him and he landed on all four feet.

Although, as his cock was tied inside Pandora's cunt, he wasn't exactly standing in a normal manner. "He's filling her with his cum. I'll bet she can feel it squirting inside." Joe's arm came around my cooler side a bit more and his other hand started moving slowly around my thigh. I could feel his breaths on my ear, his face was nearly touching mine. I was completely relaxed, other than my throbbing-hard dick. Every breath I inhaled smelled of Joe's potent sweaty body. Although my eyes were focused on the mating dogs, my attention was focused on the feeling of the man's body against me.

As he spoke, I felt his chin come to rest on my shoulder and the hand on my thigh moved-up, almost reaching all making a mess on my horny wifes tits way to my balls.

His tone was gentle and his words were spoken so softly, had his mouth not been right on my ear, I wouldn't have been able to hear them. "Do you think she could feel it when you shot your load up her cunt?" It took a second for what he said to actually register in my mind.

It felt like acid was being dumped into my stomach. He must have felt my body stiffen, my mind whirring for a quick excuse, or whatever. Joe's arms tightened around me and he spoke only a bit louder. ""Cause, I always think that she can feel it when I fill her with my own cum." I couldn't help but turn my head so that I could see his face.

The only word I can think of to describe the burly blond man's face at that moment is Honest. Somehow I knew that he wasn't lying to me. Not only did he know that I'd fucked his dog, he was admitting that he'd fucked her too.

I didn't know what to say and I was rarely speechless. Joe's face moved closer to mine. I could feel the soft stubble on his cheek, barely brushing my smooth skin. Then his lips were brushing my ear. There was no voice to his words, it was all breath, "I know I could certainly feel Nero's cum shooting up my asshole, when I let him fuck me just like that, the doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura before yesterday.

And this morning, before I came to get you, Nero sucked a big load of cum out of my cock!" A second later, my arms were wrapped around Joe's thick neck, my face was buried deep in his muscular chest and I began to bawl my eyes out.

He held me close and I could feel his face nuzzling in my hair and occasionally he would kiss the top of my head. His big arms moved all over my back, attempting to sooth me, yet supporting me the whole time, keeping my shaking body from wiggling right off his lap. I don't know how long I cried in Joe's embrace. But the whole time I did, Joe cooed assurances that everything was going to be all-right.

Between his words, he rubbed his face in my hair, stopping every so often to press his lips to my scalp. By the time I stopped sobbing, Joe's shirt and even the upper-part of his jeans were soaked with my tears.

I hadn't cried like that since my mother died. I looked over and saw that the dogs had separated and both beasts were lying on the stall-floor, licking themselves.