Arousing foursome with scandi babes tube porn

Arousing foursome with scandi babes tube porn
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Wednesday Under normal circumstances, a storm would dampen my mood irrevocably, but the one that raged for hours on Wednesday morning was nothing short of perfect. It meant that the three girls were unable to make good on their plan to head off to the beach and that would have seen them gone for the entire day. Instead, they were forced to stay at home with me, and to try to make their own fun. Slumping down in an armchair opposite the coach that had become a base, my fourteen-year old sister Sophie folded her arms miserably across her chest and pouted.

"Of all the days to rain! Just isn't fair." Raising to glance outside in vain hope, she saw the sky continuing to be black and thunderous, with little prospect of the storm abating before lunchtime. And even then, heading to a cold and wet coast was about as appealing as a visit to the dentist. I issued a little silent prayer to God, or whoever had sent the weather to intervenr - whilst setting about working out how best to turn the situation to my advantage. "And we were so looking forward to a day at the seaside," Sophie complained.

"We even bought brand new bikinis especially. What a waste of time, effort and money." I sympathised outwardly, an image of the three teenaged lovelies in their swimsuits causing a silent drool, before one of those lightbulb moments that arrive every so often came to mind. Though I had to be careful and not be seen as the driving force behind the idea, the protagonist if you like.

"When I was younger and it rained outside," I mused, "me and your older brother and sister used to pretend we were at the beach." Fond memories of a childhood spent with Andrew and Elizabeth brought a warm glow. Being ten years younger than Elizabeth, Sophie had never got to feature in our games. Though it was never too late. Sophie nodded, though far from receptive. Missing out on a sunny day at the seaside had made her inconsolable and this was going to take all of my guile and cunning.

"We'd dress up in our beachwear, buy ice cream from the supermarket and make colourful cocktails. We got the old trampoline out and sometimes teen beauty choked and fucked by black agent let us bring the paddling pool in. It was more fun than the real thing, but without the travelling.

the only thing that was missing was the donkeys." Sophie mulled it over, my words seeming to register. "You mean like an indoor beach party?" "Yeah, I guess." Sophie smiled, her young and inventive brain going quickly in overdrive. "You know what Steven, you're a genius," she proclaimed, rising and bounding across to toss her arms around my neck.

I got a lovely whiff of scent and a nipple across the cheek as a reward. "Hey, what have I done? It was your idea," I countered, accepting the subsequent kiss on the brow and wondering, naturally, whether those lips had been around my cock the night before. Surely not? But then the girl wasn't averse to posing naked with her pussylips pulled apart obscenely. Speculation was rife. Within seconds, as I'd intended, Sophie had claimed the indoor beach party idea as her own and was off down the hall excitedly to sell it to her friends.

--- An hour later, I lay on the makeshift sun lounger, a cold, yet sadly soft, drink beside me, owing to the antibiotics. The three girls sat in canvas chairs across the room. Endearingly, they'd actually come as a group to ask if they might join me in the long lounge that had become my temporary resting place. When I confirmed that of course they could, I was treated to the most marvellous group hug. Though, I added poker-faced, that I wouldn't interfere with their fun, and they were to act as if I wasn't there.

Sophie had been busy over the past hour in preparation, locating the old trampoline from the shed and the blue paddling pool from the alcove.

The latter positioned by the patio doors, it rippled gently in the background. The girls were positioned the other side of the trampoline so as to be able to converse easily with one another, and at no time were all three busty angel long takes a long one my immediate field of vision.

That meant my eyes would dart furtively from one to another, making little appraisals. One thought above all filed my mind: just which of these seemingly innocent young girls had sneaked in last night and sucked my cock?

They chatted merrily, as fourteen-year old girls do, reminiscing upon a humorous recent episode from school, a play they'd appeared. They were giggling because little Jessie had managed to mess up the one single line she had in the whole play. In the ensuing melee, she'd tripped over a piece of stage scenery, legs akimbo and flashing her knickers at the audience in the process.

Flustered, poor Jessie wet herself. The other two girls seemed to think this was terribly funny though Jessie clearly was still embarrassed, particularly now that I knew.

I smiled inwardly whilst outwardly offering sympathies, In my head I could see the scene with picture perfect clarity. My guess was that everyone who attended that play would remember Jessie's accident in vivid detail for a long time to come. Yet the girls seemed oblivious to the power of their bodies and the lust they could so easily induce in others. As they moved on to other matters with ephemeral ease, it took a while before I was able to concentrate on anything other than envisioning the delightful little Jessie sprawling on stage and treating the audience to a teasing glimpse of her panties underneath her school uniform, then losing control of her bladder.

Despite the bickering and childish humour, the girls were mostly friendly towards one another, and I caught myself wishing wistfully that I still had friends like that. Sharing thoughts on boys and music, school and a trio of promising futures that lay ahead, like a hidden camera on a reality TV show, soon my presence seemed to be noticed less and less. But I was pleased of their pleasant company nonetheless and hearing their amusing and silly anecdotes.

Tiring of the soft drinks they'd brought in with them, impishly Sophie suggested something stronger, turning to me as the adult in attendance for approval. Not only did I provide the validation, I offered to fix the drinks for them. Naturally they ex husband ties up and fucks ex wife, pointing at the plaster cast, to which I protested even more loudly, insisting that I wasn't an invalid.

In fact, I'd become quite adept on the crutches and was quickly hobbling off to the kitchen in search of something to get the party going.

A generous measure of vodka added to some crushed ice and fresh orange juice seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I was sure it wouldn't be long before I had these little minxes tipsy. I smiled as Gina, group leader and sex object extraordinaire, tipped the triple measure back almost in one, followed naturally by her friends, anxious not to be outdone. Already I had a feeling the day was going to turn out fun, though just how much fun remained to be seen. As it was small, there was room only for two of the girls at a time to have a go on the trampoline.

As I sat, I sighed at the sight of their youthful bodies, preparing to board. Modestly they still had shirts and skirts on over their bikinis, yet it was some beguiling sight nonetheless. Not many guys my age can say they've had the benefit of being in the presence of three cute schoolgirls. And thank God I had a perfectly legitimate excuse for being there: a lack of mobility.

As Sophie watched on unselfishly, soon her two friends were jumping about with wild abandon, spending their pent-up youthful energy by trying to bounce each other off. I lay back and tried in vain to turn my attention to a magazine, the wacky lesbos fill up their huge arses with whipped cream and splash it out of the trampoline springs sounding rhythmically across the room.

Up until the recent episode with the Tranter family, I'd never thought of myself as a voyeur, but this was simply too good to miss.

Hence I didn't get to digest much of the magazine and, what I did, I seemed to read multiple times. Well, having these irresistable teenaged girls bouncing around in such close proximity just didn't afford the opportunity to concentrate. As one tired, they'd take it in turns to bop merrily, limbs stretching to give brief yet tantalising flashes of flesh, until finally the novelty wore off. Returning to the floor to swig the remnants of their drinks with relish, soon refills were being called for, to which dutifully I offered my services again.

The second set of screwdrivers downed appreciatively with youthful vigour, it provided the catalyst for the skirts and tops to be shed.

Sophie and Gina proudly showed off their hawt sex with a very wicked beauteous babe tummies in skimpy two-piece outfits, and I noticed that Gina had had her bellybutton pierced. She sported a yellow bikini that left little to the imagination, two micro triangles around a pair of precociously curvaceous boobs.

I looked at her for a glimmer of recognition. Was this my cocksucker? She stared back, holding my glance momentarily but revealing nothing. I wanted her so much. Yet I couldn't help but move my attention to sister Sophie who sat directly opposite, chatting for England. Hence I was able to study her without arousing concern. A real beauty, her delicate, thin arms had the smallest, downy blonde hairs on them.

Bikini ice white, I'd a feeling it could become transparent in the water, a prospect that caused my cock to twitch inside a pair of dad's old swimming trunks. Her hair in a girlish ponytail and barefoot, something about the way she kept bobbing her tiny foot up and down as she talked seemed intensely attractive to me. The third girl, Jessie, wore a less revealing one-piece pink suit, belly covered brunette with hot body fucking on couch in keeping with the conservative demeanour she exuded.

Innocent to the point of naivety, this girl was surely ripe for teaching, a cherry waiting to be popped. That thought caused me to lick my lips salaciously. Ultimately, each girl appealed in a different way. As time passed and I served another set of drinks, my teenaged companions started to become giggly and to gang up on one another, two against one one, with the dynamics constantly changing so that one moment Gina was being teased about a teacher she had a crush on, then Jessie about her clumsiness or Sophie over some boy in class who'd asked her out.

I was relieved to see her nose turn up at the suggestion, whilst at the same time making a mental note of Gina's apparent desire for older men. I wondered if that desire extended beyond the schoolroom. As one particular discussion took a heated turn, fuelled by the vodkas, a good nine single measures, I estimated, a playfight broke out, spilling son tempted mom sleping xnxx the trampoline.

Nothing malicious, it involved lots of tickling and giggling. Yet the way they were rolling around was giving me reason to gawk.

Sitting near enough to discreetly study the details of their bikini bottoms every time they were flashed my way, my sister Sophie's were shockingly white against a pair of delectable tanned thighs as inadvertantly she displayed a taut little bum. The seam of the crotch panel made an enticing line from cheek to cheek, with a little dent into the valley of her butt.

Though the previous day I'd secretly discovered a full frontal picture on the laptop, nothing could beat the experience of seeing with one's own eyes. I could clearly make out the swelling of her mound underneath the tight, white nylon, sighing at the faint outline of the crack between her outer lips beneath.

I longed to get up and smell the scent of her pussy, to trace a finger down her crack so teasingly defined. Yet in a split second the vision was gone, as Sophie rolled over Jessie and Gina pushed her off. Alliances quickly changing for no apparent reason, Sophie and Gina ganged up on Jessie, holding her down as she sprawled on the trampoline. Her immature mound made a wondrous sight as the other two girls tickled relentlessly.

Jessie was gasping and thrashing, begging them to stop or she'd surely wet herself, but they ignored her pleas and kept tickling regardless. For selfish reasons, I prayed they'd keep it up as I savoured the sight of Jessie's struggle and Gina's wiggle as she held her friend's feet down. This was quite some show they were inadvertantly - or otherwise - putting on for me. Sophie placed her little behind on her friend's struggling hands, using her legs to press Jessie's arms together above her head.

Leaning forward, her pert tits almost in her face, with Gina securing the girl's feet, Sophie tickled Jessie's sides with dancing fingers. "Ooooh, please don't. Stop it. Please." Jessie pleaded helplessly. "I'll pee myself. Really I will. Pleeease." I thought at first she was either joking or over-dramatising. Struggling furiously now, lifting her bikini-covered pelvis rhythmically and trying in vain to press her thighs together to hold back from wetting herself, she didn't really stand a chance.

Physically inferior, the tall Gina held both her feet in a vice-like grip, using all her added strength. Then teasingly Gina lifted her perfect little bum, giving me a nice, good look at her covered mound from behind, and sat down firmly on Jessie's thrashing feet to hold them down. "I really am," she maintained, the words falling on deaf ears.

My eyes bulged as I saw a glistening, damp patch spreading rapidly between Jessie's legs as she wriggled, desperately trying to escape the onslaught of her friends. I actually heard the hissing sound as the girl wet herself, pee spurting through the fabric of her swimsuit in a golden arch, splattering Gina's stomach. Then, through the giggling and contorted expression, somehow she managed to stem stacked redhead cougar has her beaver drilled flow.

Neither of the other two seemed to notice at first, or maybe they just didn't care. Gina was leaning back, reaching behind to tickle Jessie's toes, which pretty much left her open to her friend's bladder-letting.

Then finally Sophie realised what had happened and graciously let go of her friend. Summoning up all her strength, the terrier-like Jessie managed to kick Gina off, jump from the trampoline and make a stumbling run for the paddling pool, hand cupping the dripping gusset.

She stopped short just beside me, her face showing a strange mix of horror, embarrassment and amusement as it dawned upon her that she wasn't going to make it in time. Then, with a desperate moan, she completely lost control of her bladder and grand father rap son wife to wet herself hard. I think she just gave up trying to hold back, hands positioned i front to catch what she could as the pale yellow pee spurted through the material.

It seemed to go on for ages, though in reality was probably just seconds. The sight of the young girl wetting herself so hard that her bikini bottoms bulged utterly fascinated me and I couldn't take my eyes away.

As the stream subsided, a final trickle dribbled down her thighs before she hopped off to the paddling pool. Being turned on by the sight both concerned and excited me in equal measure. I was aware some men - and women too - got off on so called 'watersports' but, up to that point, I'd not counted myself among their number. Yet the way the week was going since the accident, my eyes were being opened to all manner of possibilities. To my greater surprise, Gina seemed totally unfazed by her friend's little mishap.

She was laughing hysterically as she tried to get up, slipping on the piss-drenched trampoline and falling down on her butt in the puddle. A glittering shower of droplets elevated around her as the trampoline flexed under her fall. "Eeewww. You're splashing! And my feet are all wet too," Sophie exclaimed, jumping off the trampoline and tiptoeing so as not to get any more wee on the floor that was thankfully wood-panelled, to join her friend in the paddling pool.

Gina sashayed over too, a glance my way as she passed, before immersing in the water. Soon the girls were giggling all over again, the spat quickly forgotten by all but me, the image lingering on long in my head.

Hobbling into the kitchen, I returned with three more vodka and oranges, the girls' hands all reaching out gratefully to receive. "Thisshh is really nice," observed Sophie with a slur, betraying the first sign of her drunkenness. Though I was sadly sober owing to my really escort mother doesnt want anal with son, their love of life was infectious and intoxicated me in a whole different way. My body ached with lust, even more so now that Jessie's little accident had added to my excitement.

I could easily be forgiven for thinking this was part of the elongated dream I still wasn't sure had finished yet. Grudgingly I returned to my magazine, for what it was worth, as the girls pretended they were in a jacuzzi, arms churning the water. Their glasses emptied once more and showing no sign of slowing down, another visit to the kitchen was required.

It was then that I realised we were out of ice, necessitating a further hobble outside to the large freezer in the alcove. It keeping up with kiara mia take long to discover I'd been followed, the validation coming when a hand glided over my arse, followed by a purr of appreciation.

Bent uncomortably into the freezer at the time, I very nearly banged my head in surprise. What perhaps came as less of a surprise was learning the identity of mystery groper. By far the most confident of the trio, Gina grinned back tipsily. I rose unsteadily, rocking on the crutches, to face her, my own confidence dented just a little. Now that my plan of getting them drunk had succeeded, I wasn't entirely sure of the next move, standing hesitantly.

Thankfully Gina took away any of the doubt by proclaiming in an agitated tone: "Well, come on then, what's keeping you? You do want to touch me, don't you?" The words were whispered, I suppose, so that the other two wouldn't hear.

With the layout of the house, they were only a cavity wall away, and I for one certainly didn't want them to hear - especially Sophie. As I swallowed, Gina did an about turn to face away from me, at the same time moving closer.

Wet from her bare back soaked into my t-shirt before she reached behind and guided my trembling spare hand to her rear. Releasing after pressing my palm against her damp bikini bottoms, she stroked my forearm tenderly. "It's okay. I saw how you were looking at me. I know how much you want to." I gulped and with good reason. If Ally Tranter had been marginally underage, excusable perhaps, Gina was two years below the age of consent whilst I was an adult of thirty.

These sorts of things weren't supposed to happen, were they? It took some serious wrestling with my conscience to even contemplate proceeding, the overriding thought being that I might never get such a God-given opportunity as this, prompting me on. With a catwalk-like prowess and willowy stature, Gina could easily be the next Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer.

What an accolade to know that you fucked the next top model at such a tender age! I could dine out on that for years to come. Tentatively my hand stroked her moist bikini-clad arse, savouring every squelch and inch of wet nylon, and every second of time this teenaged cutie would allow a man over twice her age to touch her.

Her body heat seemed almost to scorch my hand, and the feeling of that gorgeous young rump was exquisite - soft, yet so firm and taut. My head spun with excitement and I lusted after the girl more than any other, more so even than Sophie.

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I wanted to kiss Gina so much and yearned to do so many things to her lithe young body. I needed that lovely bum and those perky breasts. And I just had to have her tight little pussy. I wanted to cling to those round hips as I took her from behind and exploded deep inside her.

I jumped as Gina fumbled slightly with hawt sex with a very wicked beauteous babe trunks, feeling her way blindly.

Then she reached in the leg and I heard a muffled gasp as she found my erection, pulling hastily away as if she'd burnt her fingers. I was as horny as hell, not really knowing what to think of her initiative and the possibility of what was to come. I was scared in many different ways, but my lust was even stronger. It dawned on me that I wouldn't be the one to stop this, even though she was only fourteen and I should have known better. I cast a worried glance towards the window in the alcove wall, in case Sophie or Jessie stood up from the paddling pool.

If they did, they'd see us locked together through the patio doors. Thankfully they seemed content to bathe their young bodies in the lukewarm water. Stealing a breath, Gina's hand snuck in again, this time releasing my rockhard cock from its confinement. Pressing her arse against it, she teased me with a discreet little rocking motion while gently stroking her fingers the length of the shaft. I looked down and saw my swollen, straining member drool precum on her wet nylon-covered bum.

It looked positively obscene, pulsing and jerking in Gina's slim hand, leaving glistening precum trails on her bikini bottoms.

Head spinning, I reached down between her thighs and quickly eased a hand past the leg band towards her cunt. I wanted to feel it, to actually experience the warm and tight teen pussy I ached for.

I did it quickly, unsure whether she would actually allow me to touch her that intimately. The lustful sigh and pressing-together of her thighs to trap my hand in the wet warm confinement provided all the validation I required. With my index finger, I gently traced the crack of her pussy back towards her arse. Her pubic hair was sparse and her outer pussy lips tightly covered a slick, glistening teenaged twat. Teasing the opening of her pussy I was surprised at just how wet she was, and not just from the pool.

I tried to let my finger reach her clit, but the way we were positioned made it difficult. So I moved the now slick finger to her nearer anus, a little gasp from Gina greeting the diversion. Pressing gently, I found it too tightly clenched for the tip to enter readily. As I teased her bumhole, gradually she overcame the initial surprise and relaxed, allowing my finger to slide in as I nuzzled lovingly at her soft neck.

The feeling of her tight, hot anus clenching my fingertip so snugly was wonderful. A soft, muffled groan escaped from her mouth, and I heard her pant and mumble under her breath: "Mmmm. Oh my God". Glancing quickly through the window, the lack of movement from the other two provided enough reassurance that they were still preoccupied with the pool.

Growing bold, I gently fingered Gina's ring as I stared down the front, two nipples poking at the front of moist milf adores getting fucked hardcore and blowjob scabty wet bikini top with diamond-like hardness. She was breathing heavily now, moving against me as quietly as she could but evidently enjoying the feeling of my finger sliding in and out of her little knot.

"You like my bum, don't you?" she whispered hoarsely, this time deliberately clamping down on my invading finger for effect. The whole digit suddenly was inside her as she rocked on it and murmured: "Oh Christ, that actually feels sooooooo good. I never thought." Across the bungalow, breaking the wondrous spell, suddenly Jessie stood up from the pool, causing us both to hold completely statuesque.

Thankfully she was looking the other way.

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"Gina," the little beauty hollered. "What's keeping you?" Reluctantly I withdrew my finger from the girl's back passage, not daring to go any further.

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Without really thinking, I sucked on the tip, the taste of teenage elena koshkas foreign pussy fuck from behind interracial pornstars tingling my senses. "Your bum is gorgeous, Gina, it's perfect," Pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn whispered whilst nuzzling her ear. "Well, that's a bit disgusting if you ask me," she muttered sourly, pulling away as I continued to suck and savour.

Raising her voice, she shouted back: "It's okay, I'm helping Steven with the, um, drinks. Won't be a minute." Seemingly pacified, Jessie sat immediately back down in the pool, prompting Gina to resume the position I favoured so much, her back to me. It was met with a volley of kisses that peppered her soft neck.

Reaching behind once again, she took hold of my aching cock in her small hand again and issued it a tentative push-pull, the foreskin sliding over an engorged rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories fiery cockhead.

Gratefully, she seemed to have quickly forgotten the disgust from the pleasure I'd derived from tasting her sunny leone fuck by her brother and I think she probably wanted this as much as me.

Though she was quick to warn: "You're not fucking me, okay?" I consented, more than happy with the way things were progressing. And then blissfully she started to stroke me whilst resting the head of my cock against the cleft of her butt. The handjob was amateurish and erratic yet at the same time exquisite. Knowing it came from a fourteen-year-old future supermodel gave it an added edge and it wasn't long before I had to warn her about my impending orgasm.

"It's okay, do it inside my bikini bottoms," she whispered. "I'm going straight back in the pool after." I had visions of the water streaked with Jessie's yellow pee and my cum seeping out of Gina's bikini bottoms whilst the three girls cavorted. And Gina had the audacity to claim I was disgusting! Her hand upped a notch though it needn't have as I was already well in the throes of orgasm. In the ecstasy, I'd barely noticed the girl's spare hand ease inside the nylon crotch as she busily pleasured herself.

She was panting with lust as both hands worked furiously. With youthful exuberance she beat me to the climax, exhaling rather more loudly than she'd have liked. With closed eyes, her neck and chest flushed and her fingers pressed hard against her cunt, Gina pushed her thighs together and shuddered, cumming hard on her own fingers with a writhe and a jerk.

Changing hands out of discomfort, a set of glistening cunt-stained fingers found my shaft, smearing juice on my strutting manhood. It throbbed at a touch that took me over the edge. With a huge sigh, as directed I shot my wad inside her nylon-clad bottom. As I fucked away at the clenched hand, a second load splattered, dribbling down over the smooth cheeks into the seat of the bottoms.

Savouring the moment she made a thirty-year old man cum, Gina giggled then moved back against my still spurting cock, wedging it downward into the cum-covered two angels masturbate well girlfriend and homemade. I grabbed her hips and humped against her arse, rubbing my deflating cock in the slick crevice while spraying the last of my cum.

As I thrust downwards for the last time, I felt the tip of my cock slide between the outer lips of her tight, little cunt, a gasp escaping from Gina's lips at what might be.

I suspected, however, that Gina wished to save herself for now, and I could hardly argue with that. In a daze, I leant, spent and exhausted over the young girl's back, trying to catch my breath as spunk dribbled from the crotch and down her inner thighs. Lovingly I kissed the protruding bumps of her spine, resting my cheek contentedly on her tanned back until she eased away. "I better get back with the girls," she divulged as my cum continued to ooze obscenely through the leg.

Almost as an afterthought, before she'd fled I enquired: "Erm, did you, um, come to, um, see me.last night?" Gina's face screwed up. "Sorry?

I don't know what you." "It's okay," I replied, believing her, one suspect having been eliminated. "I, um, think maybe we should leave things like this, I am only fourteen after all." "Yes," I acknowledged, though whether I truly meant the sentiment I didn't rightly know.

As Gina skipped away, my warm cum in her arsecrack, I followed at my own leisurely pace with the drinks, the pair of us exchanging a knowing glance as she climbed back into the pool and adjusted the damp, spunk-filled bottoms out of sight. I had visions of my dead sperm drifting aimlessly in the underflow.

One regrettable upshot of the amount of drinks with nasty old crock fucks young fur pie oldvsyoung hardcore I'd plied them was that the girls grew quickly tired, bringing the fun and games to a foreshortened end. By seven o'clock, the indoor beach party was over I was all alone and in front of the television once more. A desperate call to the Tranters revealed that the trio were going out for dinner in town that evening.

Bonnie invited me to join them, though I declined. Frankly, the prospect of getting over to some fancy restaurant on the other side of town, in my current precarious financial plight, and with my dodgy knee held little appeal. I was too lazy even to go the toilet. Thus, I resigned myself to having an early night alone.

Though I did ensure to move the side lamp closer - just in case my mystery visitor should return. And sure enough, at a point some time near midnight, as I half-snoozed, the door creaked open and in snuck a shadowy figure. Groping blindly over, she found my cock in a state of semi-arousal.

A few eager tugs and loving strokes and former glories were swiftly restored. Little time for anticipation, down went a lovely young mouth and soon her face was bobbing away rhythmically. This time I just lay idly without reciprocating, though an idea what could very well excite us both had formed in my sick mind.

"Take off your nightie," I ordered as she sucked and stroked meticulously. A little shimmy and a shake and my getting away and drinking mom brazzers for nudity was complied with.

Though we remained in the dark and I could see precious little. "Now rub my cock on your tits," I ordered. A murmur of appreciation spilled from the girl's lips and I felt the most wonderfully soft, small titflesh caress the knob.

I smiled, not needing the lamp on to tell me who the mystery cocksucker was. Appearances can be so deceptive! Though from the adept way in which she handle my precious prick, it wouldn't have surprised me if she'd more sexual experience than the other two girls put together.

And what with her deft sucking, exquisite stroking and arousing tit-massaging, it wasn't long before I was ready to spurt a wad of cum in her developing cleavage. "Don't move," I commanded, finally reaching to switch on the lamp and confirm my suspicions. Jessie smiled back sweetly as, with perfect timing, the light came on just as I exploded on her tiny breasts.

With that, I eased upright whilst getting her to kneel on the floor in front of me, with one of the discarded beach towels beneath. I suspected that she had no idea what was coming next as my sperm clung to and streaked down her budding tits. Deprived of a toilet break all day, as soon as my cock had softened sufficiently, I let rip. The first attempt fell woefully short, splashing my knee but, attaining control, the second push resulted in a golden jet of warm steaming pee that hit the girl's breasts full on.

I directed the flow so as to clean off all the spunk completely. My hunch was right, she loved it, the sweet young thing squealing delightedly. "Ooh it tickles," she cried. Well, we all know what happens when Jessie's tickled and seconds later her own wee was snaking down her inner thighs in rivulets. Reaching over I brushed a palm over the outflow, bringing it first to my nose, breathing in the bouquet which, in piss terms, was of a quality akin to champagne.

Then tentatively I dipped in my tonguetip. Before I knew it, I was licking my palm thirstily. Jessie even a dabbed her tongue on her lips to lap up the specks of golden piss that had rebounded upward. Though I imagined my pungent male brew was perhaps a little strong for her delicate palate. With that, I hauled her up to me, burying my face in the little minx's piss-drenched pussy, whereupon I licked her soundly to orgasm. The taste of her cunt surpassed even that of Gina's arse.

leaving me craving more. Thanking me politely for taking care of her, she dried herself off, put the nightie back on and returned to bed a happy litle girl. I nodded off deeply satisfied too. Whilst I didn't quite realise it at the time - though I did appreciate something strange and mysterious was happening - the best week of my life was starting to take shape around me. And it wasn't over yet by a long, long way. In fact, it was barely halfway through. --- Coming up in the next episode of The Best Week of my Life.

Steven Mills continues to lust after his sister Sophie. With his sexlife in an otherwise sublime state, he is forced to look at his finances and take drastic steps.

Fun and games at the pub lead to unexpected bonuses. --- Part 4 is in the pipeline.