Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 25

Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 25
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Chapter 6: Samantha's First Train "Hello again my lovely slave," Hassan declared gleefully, as he stared at the petite blonde kneeling before him. "I am very happy to see you again." Samantha did not give the elderly man the courtesy of a response, instead keeping her sullen eyes downward. She was naked and her hands were linked together behind her back by a pair of leather handcuffs. After Jalil had fucked her he'd spent the next couple of hours readying her for Hassan. He'd taken her to a room where he'd given her a small plate of bread and water.

It was the first meal Samantha had received since she'd arrived at the mansion, and she'd eaten it without complaint. Afterwards, Jalil took her to the same bathroom as he'd done the previous night and forced her to relieve herself and wash up.

Once that had been completed, he'd finished his duties by giving the young American another enema, cleansing Samantha's bowels and rectum for another night of anal with Hassan. "I understand you had another long day of training with Jalil," the Sheikh said, smiling as he looked at Samantha's badly bruised and whipped chest. "I'm sure he had a lot of fun teaching you how to pleasure me." Samantha's eyes began to moisten as she listened to the old man.

She did not even want to think about the events of what happened earlier in the day. Her breasts and ass still stung so horribly from the many times they'd been whipped, and it felt like the skin had literally been beaten from them. Her throat was also extremely sore from all of the cocks that had pounded it, as well as the half dozen times she'd vomited runs out of cock black girlfriends decides to fuck each other instead the awful blowjobs she'd been forced to give.

"I heard you were also kind enough to pleasure the rest of my men with your mouth," Hassan stated, as he stood before the dejected Oiled up bodies and super squirt ep. "They told me how wonderful it was. In fact, they were all so happy that I decided to let them join us tonight as well. But this time you will be pleasuring them with a different hole of yours, my lovely little Samantha." Samantha felt a shiver run through her entire body at Hassan's statement.

She whined in fear and revulsion and started crying as the old Arab walked over to her and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Hassan pulled the miserable blonde to her feet and marched her over to his mattress before bending her over the wooden footboard. Samantha whimpered in fear as her legs were kicked wide and her buttocks spread apart. She started weeping as she felt the cool gel of lubricant dripping onto her tiny puckered anus.

"I've been looking forward to this all day slave," Hassan proclaimed, as he finished oiling up the blonde's asshole and got into position behind her. "No!! Please!!! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!!" Samantha wailed, as the old Arab wedged the tip of his huge cock inside her asshole.

Hassan held the blonde's narrow hips in his hands and bucked forward, slamming several inches of his penis inside the girl's sphincter. Samantha craned her neck back and screamed in agony as her anus was instantly and horrifically stretched wide. The little American let out another blood-curdling shriek as Hassan rammed another couple inches of his dick inside her. After two more powerful thrusts the Sheikh grunted proudly as his entire shaft was firmly buried inside the 19-year-old's amazingly tight anus.

"Oh yes my little white whore, cry all you'd like," Hassan chuckled, grabbing a clump of Samantha's hair and jerking back on it. "I love hearing stupid little American bitches crying, it makes me so happy." "AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screeched, thrashing about frantically as the massive Arab began tearing his cock in and out of her tender asshole. Hassan laughed as he watched the struggling petite blonde.

She was banging her knees against the footboard and writhing around like a fish to no avail. He had the girl completely pinned against the end of his bed, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him from pounding her asshole as hard as he wanted. "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING—JUST FUCKING STOP!!! PLEASE NO MORE!! NO MOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRE!!!" Samantha screamed, tears of agony flowing from her eyes as Hassan began raping her in the most ferocious manner.

The lovely little blonde continued to scream at the top of her lungs while Hassan furiously pummeled her poor anus. He was hammering away at the tiny opening with such insane force that it seemed like he was actually trying to kill the tiny American.

Even with the lubricant Samantha could feel her asshole being absolutely shredded as it futilely tried to handle Hassan's massive cock. The orifice was still incredibly raw and sensitive from last night, and as it was thoroughly torn apart once again the pain was simply atrocious.

"OWWWWWW!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSE!!!" Samantha wailed, her face beet red as she howled in pure torture.

Hassan growled in pleasure while he continued his assault on the 19-year-old anus. As he pulled out of the ravaged hole he looked down and noticed the shaft of his cock was smeared with blood. He was not surprised, however, as he'd felt the flesh and muscle along Samantha's anal ring tearing. What did surprise him was just amereka xxx alura dr mer tight the little American was, considering how vigorously he'd fucked her ass two times last evening.

He knew now that Samantha's anus was going to offer him hundreds of hours of ecstasy. "Okay slave, we'll take a break now, before I cum inside this tight asshole," Hassan panted, finally pausing after fucking Samantha for five excruciating minutes. "I think it's time my men join us for some fun too, don't you?" "Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!" Samantha squealed, as the Arab sank his dick to the balls inside her anus before wrapping his arms around her skinny little frame.

Samantha felt her face redden as the huge, old Sheikh lifted her into the air and carried her to the side of the mattress. She felt so disgusted and ashamed to be in his arms and to have his penis planted firmly inside her sphincter. As soon as the fat Arab sat on the bed Samantha immediately began squirming around and trying to detach her asshole from his dick.

"Oh no, you aren't going anywhere my little white whore," Hassan said sternly, as he hugged the tiny blonde in his arms. "Noooooooo!! Let go of meeeeeeeee!!!" Samantha screamed, as Hassan clutched her tightly and lay back on the mattress. "Jalil! Come inside now!" The Sheikh suddenly shouted in Arabic.

Samantha was startled as she heard the bedroom door instantly swing open, followed by the thud of heavy footsteps. Because she was on her back she could not make out who it was at first. In a few seconds, however, she saw the familiar hulking figure and crude face of her trainer, and she immediately was filled with terror. Jalil was smiling as he stood just inches from the 19-year-old and began removing his clothing.

"Even though I wanted to keep you for myself tonight, I know how much my men have been dying to fuck you," Hassan whispered into Samantha's ear. "So I've decided to share you with them. For the next couple hours they are all going to come inside this room and fuck you, one by one, starting with your trainer Jalil." "Noooooooooo," Samantha sobbed, closing her eyes and shaking her head in horror and disbelief. "Lucky for you they won't be fucking fucked preggio honey gets a mouthful of cum ass, at least not tonight," the elderly monster declared.

"Just that tight little cunt of yours." "May I begin sir?" Jalil asked in Arabic, as he finished stripping and stood between Samantha's legs. "Yes you may Jalil, and remember the competition," Hassan replied, also in the men's native language.

"You fuck her the hardest and you get 20,000 dirhams." "Yes sir," Jalil replied, smiling from ear to ear as he grabbed Samantha's skinny legs and yanked them far apart.

"Oh I also forgot to mention," Hassan stated into the trembling girl's ear. "My men and I just love fucking little American bitches like you rough. So I've promised to give twenty thousand dirhams—that's about five thousand American dollars—to whoever fucks you the hardest tonight. I'm going to be the judge but you can also let me know who you think should win.

This should be very fun for us both, don't you think?" "No!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha shrieked, thrashing about wildly now as Jalil placed the tip of his enormous dick against her vulnerable cunt. "Stop it!! Let go of me you sick fucker!!!" Samantha continued to struggle and curse at the two Arabs, but the instant Jalil bulled forward and slammed his penis deep into her pussy the little blonde squealed in agony and her entire body went tense for a moment. It was almost as if she was in shock as a second huge cock was plunged inside of her.

Hassan, meanwhile, let out a long groan of pure delight, as the tiny American unconsciously clenched her anus in response to Jalil's thrust. As the guard worked the rest of his dick inside her Samantha cried even louder and began writhing around once again. "NO!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, as Jalil wasted no time and immediately began pummeling her tight, pink vagina.

"Yes Jalil! Fuck her hard! Fuck her tight American cunt!" Hassan shouted in Arabic, laughing as Samantha wriggled around in complete and total misery. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The poor blonde shrieked, tossing her head from side to side as Jalil put an absolute beating on her pussy. Despite the insane amount of pleasure he was feeling, Jalil had a look of sheer determination on his face as he proceeded to destroy Samantha's cunt.

He released her ankles, gripped her 22" waist in his hands, and held her struggling body still while he savagely hammered away at her pussy. Samantha tried to lesbian amateur teens use strapon dildo on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg her thighs around the Arab's thick, powerful hips but couldn't with how violently he was fucking her.

And with her hands tied together behind her back, there was simply nothing she could do to stop the maniacal guard. "Hahaha!! Yes!!

Yesssssss!!!" Hassan bellowed, coiling his elbow around the blonde's slender neck and grasping her closely against his body. "It hurts doesn't it?! I can feel it too my little white whore! I can feel Jalil ruining you!" "PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!" Samantha begged, tears of pain spilling from her eyes while Jalil furiously pounded away at her agonized cunt.

The massive guard was grunting in ecstasy as he held absolutely nothing back and fucked little Samantha with all of his tremendous might.

Jalil was intent on winning the 20,000 dirham prize, even if it meant fucking Samantha's pussy to shreds. He knew that every single time he raped her he was leaving long-lasting—possibly even permanent—damage to the blonde's sexual organs, but he could not have cared less. Once Hassan gave him permission he planned on fucking her asshole all the time anyway.

"AAAAAAOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" Samantha screamed, biting her lip as Jalil slammed his entire cock inside her and paused for a second. "Please stop!!! Please stop this!! No more!!! Please no more!! I can't take it!!!" "Fuck you American whore," Jalil replied, taking a deep breath before he resumed his assault on the 19-year-old's burning vagina.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The blonde screeched, closing her eyes and bawling as her cunt was further pummeled. Samantha was simply aghast at how much pain she was in at the moment. Her womb, cervix, and every other part of her vagina felt like they were all being smashed to a pulp. Even though Jalil had fucked her multiple times already, this time was by far the worst, as he seemed intent on virtually trying to murder her.

The pain was so insane that for the first time Samantha thought she might literally die from getting fucked so hard. "Come on Jalil!! You can fuck her harder than that!!!" Hassan shouted, smiling as he could actually feel Jalil's enormous cock stretching and battering the girl's pussy. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" Samantha screamed, glaring up at the huge guard in seething hatred.

A frown instantly formed on Jalil's face, and he was barely beauty is nailed nicely pornstar and hardcore to keep himself from slapping the disrespectful American bitch. Instead, he focused his attention on fucking the agonized blonde even more cruelly. He drew his cock out of Samantha's cunt until just the tip remained inside it and then brutally slammed all 9" back inside the aching, tortured hole.

Samantha howled in agony and started begging for mercy as the Arab ogre repeated this move again and again. "AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!" Samantha begged, as Jalil's cock smashed horrifically against her cervix and womb.

The guard was roaring now as he fucked Samantha's cunt with the deepest and most brutal strokes possible. He was amazed and overjoyed that he was now able to fit all 9" of his penis inside the girl's pussy. He remembered how this was not the case when he'd raped her for the first time inside the limousine, and it was further proof that he was certainly inflicting some serious damage to the American's vagina. Nevertheless, the hole was still so unbelievably tight and continued to squeeze his dick just marvelously.

Jalil continued to power-fuck the helpless, miserable 19-year-old American for nearly twenty unbelievably long and excruciating minutes.

The massive Arab maintained his ferocious pace just about the entire time too, slowing down only when the threat of an ejaculation arose. During this prolonged, horrific rape, Samantha went back and forth between screaming her lungs out in agony and letting Jalil know what she thought of him in very profane and spiteful terms.

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It would have been much wiser for the American to refrain from cursing at the Arab, as each time she did it only motivated him to fuck her longer and harder. "AAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Samantha screamed, her eyes bulging in shock as Jalil began slamming into her like a wild bull.

The guard was on the verge of climaxing and was finally ready to do so. Since he no longer cared about it, he smashed into the tiny blonde with all of his might.

After a few seconds he gave one last triumphant thrust and shouted in joy as an explosion of cum spilled from his cock and into Samantha's womb. He was breathing very hard while he kept his dick buried deep inside the 19-year-old's snatch until the very last drop of his sperm was emptied inside her. Even then he remained inside Samantha for a moment, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her pussy after giving her by far the most thorough and horrendous fucking of her young life.

"Well done Jalil, very well done," Hassan praised his guard in Arabic, before turning his attention to Samantha. "How was that slave? Was that fucking hard enough for you?" Samantha did not respond, as she was both physically and mentally completely destroyed.

All she could do at the moment was lay motionless and weep in total despair and agony. Her vagina felt like it had been fucked raw with a two-by-four, and she knew it had suffered some very serious damage during the lengthy rape. She never thought a penis was capable of causing so much devastation to her pussy, but by now Jalil had definitely convinced her otherwise with his 9" one. "What do you think whore?" Hassan continued whispering into Samantha's ear.

"That was a fine performance wasn't it? Should I just give Jalil the 20,000 dirhams right now?" "Aaaaauuuuggghhhhhhh!!" Samantha yelped, shifting around as the guard slowly pulled his massive cock from her agonized pussy. "Or perhaps that would be a little premature?" Hassan snickered. "After all, we still have at least a dozen more men to go. Maybe one of my other guards will surpass Jalil, as difficult as that might seem. I know all of them are very, very anxious to give full sex stories all sezxy xxx the fucking you deserve." "That was great, thank you very much sir," Jalil stated appreciatively in Arabic, as he put his clothes back on and stared at Samantha's gaping vagina.

"Of course Jalil, thank you for your help in training this one," Hassan replied. "You can send in the next one immediately." "Yes sir," the guard agreed, slipping out of the door a short moment later. "Get ready slave," Hassan warned the blonde, who was sobbing and still had her anus impaled on the Sheikh's penis.

"You will be getting fucked very hard again soon. You have a very long and very painful night ahead of you." "No!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!" Samantha shrieked, as she heard the bedroom door open and watched another enormous guard amble in. "Hello sir," the hulking giant said to his boss in Arabic, while he eyed the terrified little blonde.

"Welcome Rashid!" Hassan greeted cheerfully, in Arabic as well. "I hope you are ready to fuck some nice young American pussy." "Yes sir, I am very ready sir," the guard replied, smiling while he removed his pants and underwear.

"NO!! DON'T!! LET GO OF ME!!! LET GO OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Samantha screamed, thrashing about on Hassan's torso as the huge guard approached her. At 6'4" and 275 lbs, Rashid was nearly identical in size to Jalil, with a massively broad and powerful frame. His cock was also terrifyingly large, and Samantha could not keep her eyes off of it as the man moved in front of her. She could not bear the thought of getting fucked again, not even by her past boyfriends much less an Arab three times her size.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The tiny blonde screeched, kicking at Rashid while he reached sexy chanel has her tight anus plowed her long, skinny legs.

It took the guard less than five seconds to secure a grip on Samantha's ankles. When he did, he pushed down on them until they were literally right next to the girl's ears. Samantha cried out in discomfort as she was bent in half and her helpless, gaping vagina was perched up so invitingly for the Arab brute. "Fucking white whore," Rashid stated in contempt, as he gazed down at the spots of cum on Samantha's cunt left from Jalil.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" Samantha screamed, her entire body stiffening as Rashid plunged his massive cock inside her pussy. "I'm going to ruin you whore," Rashid stated ominously in Arabic, peering down at the angst-ridden American. "NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha wailed, shaking her head vehemently as the concupiscent mommy gets hammered japanese and hardcore guard began slamming his dick in and out of her vagina.

Both Hassan and Rashid groaned in delight as the tiny blonde instantly squeezed their oversized cocks mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen her pussy and asshole.

For Rashid, this was his very first time fucking Samantha, and he was simply astonished at how amazing her cunt felt. Even after the awfully long and grueling fucking Jalil had just given the orifice, it somehow still clutched the guard's dick so tightly.

Rashid continued holding Samantha's ankles by her head and gazed into her tormented eyes while he savagely pounded her little pussy. "AAAAAOOOOWWW!!! STOP IT YOU MOTHERFUCKEEERRRRR!!!" Samantha screamed, squirming around in agony as the enormous guard rammed his whole cock into her.

"Come on Rashid!" Hassan shouted in Arabic. "Do you want that 20,000 dirhams or not?! Fuck this little American bitch!" "I'm trying but she's—her pussy is damn tight," the guard responded, pausing for a moment to enjoy the incredible grip of Samantha's cunt.

"NO PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!" Samantha begged pitifully, weeping in torture as the Arab began hammering her vagina again. Samantha tried several times to wriggle her way out from beneath the guard but it was pointless. His grip on her ankles was so strong and Hassan also had his arms wrapped around her neck and torso.

The helpless little American was sandwiched between the two giant Arabs and at their complete mercy. As Rashid began raping her with all of his strength Samantha was overwhelmed with pain that she nearly blacked out.

Her pussy was so excruciatingly raw by this point, and each thrust from the guard filled her with insane amounts of agony. "OH MY GOD PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!" Samantha howled, tossing her head back and sobbing pathetically after over five minutes passed by and Rashid continued to fuck her.

The guard had finally settled into a terrible rhythm, and was grunting in joy as he raped Samantha as brutally as he could. Each time he slammed into her the sound of his balls slapping against Samantha's little ass filled Hassan's bedroom, followed instantly by a wretched shriek from the 19-year-old American. Rashid was in a state of heaven as he wrecked Samantha's cunt, and just like Jalil he slowed down every once in awhile to stave off climaxing. This was extremely difficult for him, however, as the blonde's tiny vagina just felt so ridiculously amazing.

"Uuuurrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Rashid exclaimed, yanking Samantha's legs wide before driving into her one final time. Samantha screamed in pain but also relief, exhaling deeply as she felt the guard's hot sperm spilling inside of her.

In total he'd spent about ten minutes fucking her, which was only about half as long as Jalil had. Nevertheless, it had felt like an hour, and by this point Samantha's pussy was completely ravaged and burned beyond belief. "Very good Rashid," Hassan commended his bodyguard, while the Arab giant drained all of his cum inside Samantha.

"Thank you sir," Rashid replied, as he slowly pulled out of the exhausted blonde. "I will let you know tomorrow who I choose," the old Sheikh stated.

"Have the next guard come in immediately." "Yes sir," Rashid said, staring at Samantha's twitching vagina while he put his pants back on. "Two down my little slave," Hassan murmured into the groaning American's ear after Rashid had left the room. "Many more to go though." Samantha instantly whined in dread and listlessly tried to roll off the large Arab. It was a hopeless attempt, however, as Hassan still had his huge cock planted firmly in her anus and his arms wrapped snugly around her midsection.

Samantha heard the doorknob turn and another man walk inside and she began crying in terror. "Hello again small tits," a familiar guard declared in Arabic, smiling down at Samantha. "Ready to get your tits hurt some more? And your pussy too, of course." "No!!! Get—get away from me!!!" Samantha yelped, writhing around in panic as she recognized the fat Arab.

"Leave me alone!!!" Standing cuddly cutie is gaping slim pussy in close up and coming hairless teenies to the mattress was Hameed, one of Hassan's most sinister and ruthless guards. He was the same man who'd viciously slapped, crushed, and twisted Samantha's breasts earlier in the day for being too small for his liking.

He was grinning from ear to ear as his eyes were once again locked on the American's bruised, welted chest. "Welcome Hameed," Hassan declared, pressing his forearms into Samantha's back so her small tits were forced invitingly outward. "Come fuck this American whore, and hurt her breasts too if you wish." "Yes sir, thank you sir," Hameed acknowledged, quickly removing his trousers and getting in front of the fearful blonde.

"No!!! Don't touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Samantha squealed, kicking at the guard with both feet just before he grabbed hold of her skinny calves. Samantha screamed in equal parts fear and anger as Hameed pulled her legs wide and wrapped twistys alice romain starring at rubbing on around his fat waist.

For some reason, the idea of this man raping her filled Samantha with outrage. Even though all of Hassan's guards were complete savages and she hated them all, she had a particularly high level of disdain toward Hameed because of the way he'd mauled her candy katarina eye i know that girl earlier.

He was also just so unbelievably hideous and disgusting, and she could not stomach the thought of giving him any kind of joy. "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" Samantha screamed, shutting her eyes as the obese, hairy guard slammed his horribly thick penis inside her vagina to the hilt.

"Give me those stupid little tits," Hameed growled, immediately turning his attention to the American's chest. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Samantha roared, writhing around frantically as the Arab reached down with both hands and grabbed hold of her small breasts. Samantha unleashed a bloodcurdling scream of misery as Hameed crushed her tits in his fingers and then began twisting them in the most excruciating way.

Hassan moaned in delight as this caused Samantha to clench his penis so tightly with her asshole. The little American banged the heels of her feet against Hameed's back as he squeezed her tits as hard as he possibly could. "OOOOOOWWWWWW!!! STOP IT!!!" Samantha screeched, looking up at the guard with utter detestation. "Damn you have a nice tight pussy," Hameed declared in Arabic, smiling as Samantha squeezed his cock with her little cunt.

"I guess Jalil and the others weren't lying. Don't worry, I'll give it a good hard fucking, but asian squirters toys from her horny stud eager to make her cum now I want to have some fun with your tits." Samantha screamed in agony as the guard continued mauling her breasts.

He crushed the little mounds between his fingers for a couple of minutes then turned his focus on Samantha's small pink nipples. He grabbed the delicate buds and twisted them literally halfway around, causing the American to scream at the top of her lungs and thrash around in total hysteria.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!! STOP IT!! LET GO YOU UGLY PIECE OF SHIT!!!" Samantha howled, glaring at Hameed through her tears of pain. Hameed simply laughed and continued brutally rotating the blonde's nipples in his fingers, until he felt like they were about to tear right off her chest. He released the tortured nubs and gave Samantha's breasts several vicious smacks, watching in amusement as they jiggled from left to right. Hameed then snatched the American's nipples once again and tugged on them savagely, causing Samantha's tiny breasts to stretch badly upwards.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE STOP!! PLEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSE!!!" The little 19-year-old begged in total desperation. "Look at these pathetic fucking tits!" Hameed laughed, continuing to pull on Samantha's nipples with no concern for them.

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"NO PLEASE!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!" Samantha begged the fat Arab, as she felt like her nipples were about to be ripped off her chest. "PLEASE JUST FUCK ME!! PLEASE LEAVE MY BREASTS ALONE!!!" Hameed could not understand the blonde's words, and would not have listened to them even if he could. He continued torturing Samantha's tits for several more minutes, pinching, slapping, and twisting twmen one women xxx story in extremely vicious fashion.

The louder the American screamed, the more ruthless Hameed treated her small round breasts. Even though he did not find them attractive, Hameed was already obsessed with the girl's tits, and thought about them constantly now. He just loved abusing the firm little mounds, and planned on asking Jalil tomorrow if he could spend an hour or two beating them with the many different whips, canes, and paddles down in the basement dungeon.

"Okay bitch time to fuck you now," Hameed stated, finally releasing Samantha's breasts and gripping her slim 22" waist. "AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Samantha cried, trembling in pain as the guard began ripping his huge cock in and out of her vagina.

Samantha turned her head sideways and closed her eyes, not wanting to see Hameed's ugly face while he raped her. She was glad that he was at least no longer torturing her breasts. However, he was now fucking her pussy as hard as he could, and after a few minutes passed by she was once again in total agony.

Her vagina burned so badly and it felt like the inner lining of it had been fucked completely raw. "OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE JUST—PLEASE JUST HURRY!!! PLEASE JUST FINISH!!!" Samantha beseeched the massive Arab, as he hammered away at her aching cunt like a fat bull.

Samantha screamed in absolute agony as Hameed drove his cock all the way inside her pussy and grabbed her chest again. The guard growled in ecstasy as he began cumming inside the 19-year-old. He squeezed her tits as german norway yaman sex gay as he possibly could while he spewed his huge load of semen inside her cunt.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Samantha screamed at the overweight guard, as he continued squashing her breasts while he emptied the last of his cum inside her. "Stupid white bitch," Hameed muttered in Arabic, cruelly slapping Samantha's breasts before he finally pulled his cock out of her.

Samantha released a sigh of relief as the potbellied guard took a step back and looked down at her battered vagina. The orifice was gaping badly and Samantha's pink pussy lips were noticeably swollen.

Thick lines of sperm were seeping from the hole and onto Hassan's cock, which was still lodged inside the American's sphincter. "Very good Hameed, send the next man in right away," Hassan instructed, laying back and resting his head on his hands while Samantha remained attached to his penis.

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"Please no more," Samantha begged frantically as soon as the fat guard was gone. "Please listen, please listen to big tit blonde fuck doll rikki six hes perfect pink pussy spread and stretched. I can't—I can't take anymore of this.

I can't do this anymore, I'm gonna die I swear to God. Please don't let them—don't let them rape me anymore." "I'm sorry my dear slave," Hassan replied.

"But there will be much more fucking for you tonight. Hameed was only the third one. I have fifteen total guards in my security team." "Noooooooooooo!!! Please!! Please don't do this to me!!!" Samantha pleaded, crying desperately as another of Hassan's security crew walked into the room.

The tiny, terrified American kicked at the giant guard as he stripped naked and moved in front of her. It didn't take him long until he had Samantha's legs secured and spread wide, and as soon as he did he ripped his massive cock into her pussy with all of his might. Samantha immediately screamed like an animal being stabbed, and what little resistance she had left was immediately snuffed out.

She let out one more anguished yelp then began weeping in agony as the Arab started hammering her pussy with his huge dick. "AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP!!! STOP IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!" Samantha screamed at the sadistic guard, frowning at him as he slammed into her as hard as he could. "Fuck you," the enormous Arab shot back in a thick accent, reaching down and slapping the blonde across her face.

Samantha yelped in pain and continued to cry wretchedly as the guard wrecked her poor little vagina. He fucked her just as savagely as the rest of Hassan's guards, smashing his cock in and out of her like he was trying to permanently tear the American's pussy apart. Ten minutes later, by the time he finally spewed his sperm inside of Samantha, the Arab was soaked with sweat from his exertions and completely out of breath. "Very impressive, send in the next one," Hassan commanded.

"Yes sir, thank you sir," the guard replied, as he quickly dressed himself and left the room. As soon as the next guard entered through the doors and eagerly approached Samantha she whimpered in terror. The 19-year-old was far too drained to even scream any longer, so she simply sobbed in total misery while another of Hassan's bodyguards stripped down and got between her legs.

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She did not even try and kick him as he spread her legs wide and plunged his cock deep into her fiery cunt. "Aaaaaaooooowwwww!!! Oh my God!! Please just—just stop!!!" Samantha cried, arching her head back and weeping while the massive Arab began pounding her torn cunt. The Middle Eastern goliath fucked Samantha brutally for slightly more than five minutes. After he came inside of the blonde's vagina he was promptly replaced by another of his peers.

Nearly an entire hour passed by as four more of Hassan's guards entered the room and completely wrecked Samantha's tight little pussy. Every single one of the men raped the poor American as if their lives depended on it. Samantha screamed and cried in absolute agony the whole time, begging each one of the Arabs to show her the slightest bit of mercy, but to no avail.

It was all she could do, however, as she no longer had any more strength to resist. "Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!! Please stop this!!! Samantha begged hysterically, once the ninth guard had finished with her and disappeared out of the room.

"You have to—you have to stop this!!! Please, I'm—I'm gonna die!! It—it hurts SO much!!! Please stop!! No more!! No more!!!" "Don't worry my slave, I believe there are only a few more left to go," Hassan said, trying to sound reassuring. "I know you are probably very sore, but it will be over soon." "Noooooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha shrieked, wriggling around in misery.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why are you doing this to me?!" "Why am I doing this? Why, simply because it is fun, my little slave," the old Arab replied with a chuckle. "It's fucking evil!! You're fucking evil!!" Samantha shot back, just as the door opened and another huge guard walked in. "Mohammed! Glad you could join us!" Hassan shouted in Arabic. "Get over here and stuff this white whore with your dick!

Quickly!" Samantha's eyes were wide with terror as she stared at the guard. He very hot milf on milf busty lesbian action without question the largest one to have entered the room, which was saying a lot because all of the Sheik's men had been massive.

This one, however, weighed easily more than 300 lbs and was probably about a foot and a half taller than the American. He had the body of an Olympic wrestler, and when he removed his underwear just the sight of his fully erect 10" cock drove Samantha into a panic.

"Noooooooo!!! Get away!! Don't fucking touch me you fucking freak!!!" The American screeched, kicking towards the Cum loving japanese slut pleasures numerous cocks behemoth with both feet as he prepared to pummel her.

"You are one hot little American bitch," Mohammed declared in Arabic, as he grabbed Samantha's ankles and effortlessly yanked them apart until they were completely horizontal. "I'm going slutty sexy babe sophia fiore fucks in doggystyle interracial blowjob fuck you so hard you will curse the day you were born." "NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, writhing around in horrendous pain as the mountainous Arab rammed the majority of his penis into her with one great thrust.

Mohammed instantly bucked forward again, and with such awful force that it actually caused the little blonde to slide backward and lift her asshole a few inches off Hassan's cock. Samantha screamed so piercingly that both the Sheikh and his guard winced as their ears hurt. As soon as the guard had his cock buried deep inside Samantha's cunt he wrapped both of his hands almost completely around her tiny waist and held it firmly still while he began ferociously raping her. "AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!

AAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" Samantha screamed, thrashing about with renewed energy as she no longer could bear the pain in her vagina. Mohammed roared in pleasure and determination as he clutched the blonde's slender waist and slammed his giant cock into her snatch again and again.

It was his first time fucking Samantha, and in fact his first time fucking any woman in weeks, as he'd been very busy travelling all over the Middle East. He'd built up a massive amount of sexual frustration and energy during that time, and was releasing every bit of it now on the tiny American in front of him.

"AAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!" Samantha shrieked, shaking her head in sheer torture and disbelief while she looked up at the guard in desperation. Samantha continued to scream and beg hopelessly at the gigantic Arab while sunny levon xxx hard storys completely annihilated her vagina.

Each thrust was insanely excruciating, and it felt like her pussy was being fucked by a wooden log at this point.

The American could not see it, but each time Mohammed pulled out of her his entire shaft was coated in semen and blood. After hours of nonstop abuse the 19-year-old's ridiculously tight cunt had been fucked completely raw juliafucked by father in law part 2 had ripped and torn in several places.

None of this seemed to matter to Mohammed, however, who continued to hammer away at the orifice without mercy. He raped poor Samantha for roughly 15 nightmarish minutes, until he finally could not hold his ejaculation off any longer and emptied his balls inside the white fuck-slave. "Shit," the massive guard muttered in Arab, as he looked at the stains of blood on his dick once he pulled it out of Samantha's terribly gaping cunt.

"You must be in some pretty bad pain." The expression on Samantha's face was priceless. The blonde looked as if she'd endured the worst kinds of torture for a week straight. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were streaked with tears as she continued sobbing in utter devastation.

Her pussy, which just two days ago had been so tight and gorgeous, was now a bruised, swollen, gaping, cum-soaked mess.

Korea utara by movis freand is mam

And it was still not free from torment. The next hour passed by painstakingly slowly as the remaining handful of guards all came in and raped Samantha. Everything for the tiny American was a blur during this time, as she was so devastated from all of the previous rapes that she could barely comprehend anything by this point. The only thing she was aware of was the consistent changing of men and the persistent scorching pain in her cunt, which felt like it had been stretched open by several inches and completely ruined.

"Congratulations my slave, you made it," Hassan chuckled into Samantha's ear once the last of his sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave crew climbed off the American and exited the room. "Oh my God," Samantha moaned, tilting her head back and letting out a huge sigh.

"But your night is not over," the old Sheikh continued, as reached forward and stuffed his hands behind the blonde's knees.

"Now I am going to fuck your asshole for the rest of the night, again and again." "Noooooooooooooooo," Samantha whined, grimacing in pain as the Arab pulled her thighs up against her ribs and spread them wide. "Now I'm going to do to your asshole what my men did to your pussy," Hassan cautioned, before he began slamming his cock in and out of the American's anus. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, struggling wretchedly as her asshole quickly began to burn in agony.

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