Wicked lesbians fill up their enormous asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies

Wicked lesbians fill up their enormous asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies
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The three of us raced home from school as fast as we could Thursday afternoon, report cards in our hands. I've never been so excited to get straight A's in my life and thanks to that we got to have the wildest weekend ever. I'm Jen and this story is about a weekend of dirty sex I got to have with my boyfriend and my best friends.

My parents promised me I could have anything if I got straight A's and I knew exactly what I was going to ask for. My boyfriend Brad and my best friend Katie also got straight A's and they were with me when I got my parents together. "OK Jen, we said you could have anything if you got straight A's," my mom said. "We're keeping our promise.

What do you want?" I told them I wanted to have a food and fuck party. "What the heck is that?" my dad asked. I told them it was a party where a bunch of kids got together to fuck while covering themselves with food. Brad and I loved to fuck whenever we could and I loved to get dirty, either rolling around in the mud while playing soccer or having a food fight with friends. Just last month my parents let my little brother have a food fight with his friends for his birthday.

My parents knew how much I liked to fuck and pretty much let me do what I wanted. Brad's parents and my friends' parents were the same way. We were the smart kids in school, we all got public teen anal first time worlds greatest stepplaymates daughter grades, were respectful to our teachers and took part in school activities.

We were even active in our church. Sure, we dressed like little sluts, because the sunny lone poen xxx all thing we really liked to do was get naked and fuck and as long as we didn't drink, smoke, do drugs or get in trouble in school, our parents let us do it.

We girls were all on the pill so we wouldn't get pregnant. And we loved to fuck. Once my mom came home from work in the afternoon and found me naked on all fours in the living room getting fucked doggy-style by my naked boyfriend. She just said "hey" to us and started making dinner, even as I started screaming louder and louder as Brad pounded the tattooed teenage vixen rides a stiff dong out of me.

Another time Katie's parents let us have a sex party at their house when they went out of town for a night. That was a great night there were about 20 kids all fucking their brains out all night long. So when I asked for a food and fuck party, I knew they'd say yes.

As a matter of fact, they said they were going out of town to a resort for the weekend and taking my baby sister, so we could have the house to ourselves. The ground rules: since we were going to make a huge mess we had to stay in our old game room. My dad wanted to remodel it anyway, so he didn't care if we trashed it since he was going to tear it up. But we had to stay in there.

My mom asked how many kids there would be and I told her eight. Me and Brad and Katie and her boyfriend Steve and two other couples.

I knew my little brother Tommy would be around, but I figured he'd be with his girlfriend Ashley. So my parents said it was OK and that we could go to Costco and buy what food we needed.

I knew this would be great. Brad, Katie and I went upstairs to my room and my mom said they could stay for dinner and to wash up. I was so excited I could hardly think. I was also super-horny. There was no school the next day so Katie and I could go to Costco and buy a bunch of messy food we would be able to smear all over ourselves and each other.

And since my parents were gone the whole weekend who knew how long we could go. That sex party went all night long and what was really cool was that we had it in Katie's basement, which has no windows. We cranked the heat up really high and blasted hip-hop music.

In no time the basement was filled with 20 sex-crazed, shrieking teens covered in sweat and cum fucking and sucking in every imaginable position, with threesomes, foursomes and even bigger groups all around the candlelit room.

Well as great as that was, this was going to be better. I left Katie and Brad and had to go to the bathroom. I was so horny I started playing with myself in there. And when I came back to my room my jaw dropped.

Brad and Katie were both naked. Katie was down on her knees sucking on Brad's nine-inch cock and Brad had his hands running through her hair. I don't think they've ever fucked before but I was super turned-on by the sight in front of me. I just had to watch for a minute as Brad's big cock, the one I loved to have filling my mouth, slid in and out of my best friend's wet mouth.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer.

I slid off my cut-off jean shorts and pulled my tank top over my head to get naked myself. I dropped my knees behind Brad and started licking his asshole. This was too much for him and he shouted to Katie that was he going to cum. We all jumped on my bed because I wasn't ready for that yet. Brad pull hot and storys sxc on his arms pussy eating for a curvy legal age teenager hardcore and blowjob I shoved his cock into my hungry mouth.

Katie climbed on top of him and sat on his face so he could eat her out. We kept this up for a little while before shifting again. I got on my hands and knees on my bed and Katie laid down in front of me. As I started licking her wet pussy, Brad came behind me plunged his big dick into me. Our soft moaning became loud screams pretty quickly. Pretty soon my mom came up to remind us that dinner was almost ready.

She stuck her head in my bedroom door and I smiled at her with my face all shiny and wet from Katie cumming all over it. Meanwhile, Brad kept his hands on my hips as he pounded away from behind. "Don't you kids ever get enough?" she said. Just then, my brother Tommy looked in my room, also attracted by all the screaming. "Hey can I join in?" he asked. I didn't even know Tommy had sex before, but when he yanked off his Brett Favre jersey and pulled down his basketball shorts I saw he was wearing no underwear.

That was when I knew he was fucking around too. He crouched over Katie's face and she grabbed his cock and stuck it in her mouth. We continued this way for about 10 minutes before we all started cumming. After Brad pulled out I turned around and got on my knees again. He shot his huge load all over my face. Tommy covered Katie's face with cum too.

It was later that I found out that Tommy had been fucking for a while along with a lot of the kids in his school, and they were even younger than us. The boys always wore basketball shorts with no underwear and loose fitting T-shirts or jerseys, so the girls could get them naked for a quick fuck.

One time after a Little League game, after the adults all left and they turned the lights off at the park all 10 boys on the team were met by 10 girls on the field. They all got naked and fucked and sucked for a long time on the field. When it started pouring rain, everyone started fucking in the mud. Now there was something I had to try. The next day Katie and I went to Costco. We grabbed everything we could for our messy experience, cans of chocolate pudding, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, pies.

When we got back to my house my parents were already gone, and they left a note saying Tommy was at his girlfriend's house. Well, there was no point in wasting time. We called Brad and Steve and told them to come over now. In about an hour we set up all the food. And after that Brad and Steve came into the room, the room it was our goal to destroy before the end of the weekend.

I started making out with Brad and Katie did the same with Steve. Before we knew all our clothes had fallen to the floor and Katie and I dropped to our knees. As we sucked our boyfriends' delicious cocks we looked at each with big smiles, our mouths stuffed full. Our other guests came in next, Mark and Tammy and Seth and Amanda.

And in just a couple minutes the room was full of naked teens, all ready to get messy. Leave it to the guys. They pretty much started a food fight and pretty soon everything was flying.

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While they sprayed whipped cream around the room, the girls were grabbing huge handfuls of pudding with both hands and wiping them all over each other. I smeared Brad's cock with pudding then started sucking on it.

As I was doing this, he sprayed whipped cream all over my head. I looked over and saw Tammy on her knees giving Seth a blowjob as Seth was shoving a chocolate cream pie on her face and rubbing her hair with it. Pretty soon we couldn't take it anymore and just had to start fucking.

I got down on my hands and knees and Brad got on his knees behind me, then grabbed my slimy hips and started pummeling me. Other couples started getting into position too and the room started to fill with screams. Katie was on the floor next to me, her legs draped over Scott's shoulders as he pounded into her. As he held himself up by his arms, she sprayed chocolate syrup into his face.

This kept on going for hours and we just wanted to keep fucking until we passed out from exhaustion. We tried different partners and cocks kept getting stuck into different holes. We tried every position you can imagine and made up a bunch too. At one point as Seth was fucking me from behind the girls put a big bowl of chocolate pudding in front of my face. I kept sticking my face into it as I got pounded, and Tammy and Amanda kept smearing the pies on my head.

After about five hours we all fell asleep. The next morning we woke up covered in all the messy food, sprawled all around the room. I told everyone the rule, as long as we were fucking no one was allowed to clean themselves up. But we needed more food, so Katie and I broke the rule to take a shower so we could go back to Costco.

We all figured it was worth breaking the rule so we could get more food to cover ourselves with. Katie and I took a good, long shower and even fingered each other to orgasm while under the hot water. I walked naked into the kitchen and was surprised what I saw.

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Amanda was wearing Seth's oversized football jersey over her filthy body and had a big batch of pancake batter going for breakfast. As I stepped behind the door to watch where they couldn't see me, Seth walked naked into the kitchen and started making out with Amanda.

They started really getting into it as Seth pulled the jersey over Amanda's head. Amanda dropped to her knees and started sucking her boyfriend's cock. Then another rule was broken: Seth took the bowl of pancake batter and poured it over Amanda's head. Suddenly the kitchen was a mess and the two of them wiped handfuls of batter all over each other. Amanda got back on her knees to continue the blowjob as Seth took a big jug of maple syrup and poured it on her head.

I didn't want to think about the mess they were making and that we would have to clean it up so Katie and I left. As we walked past the kitchen to leave, Seth and Amanda had climbed on to the kitchen table and were fucking up there. We put on our slutty outfits and waited for Katie's chines gril and black cockes sister to drive us to Costco.

When we got there, we started cleaning them out. We didn't feel like getting messy again with dessert items, so we went for different stuff.

We figured we'd surprise everyone when we got home. After filling up Katie's sister's trunk with all the food, we started heading home. As we drove by a gas station near my house, I saw a friend of ours from school and got a brilliant idea.

I yelled to stop the car and Katie and I went over to the gas pumps. Brian was working the pumps and he was a senior at our school. A star on the school's football team, Brian was totally muscular and hot, and though I had never seen it, I heard he had the biggest black cock the girls had ever seen.

Katie and I waved Brian toward the gas station's bathroom and judging by our skimpy outfits Brian knew he was going to be in for some fun. The three of us went into the dirty bathroom and Brian locked the door behind us. Katie and I stripped off our clothes and I pulled Brian's pants down as Katie removed his shirt. Brian was completely hard by this point and the girls weren't kidding it was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I couldn't wait to get this thick piece of black meat into my mouth. As Katie wiped her hands all over Brian's sweaty chest, I got on my knees and wrapped my fist around his cock before sticking it my sex xxxii bff google play. I really loved to suck Brad's cock, but this one was amazing I could barely fit it in my mouth.

Katie had Brian lay down on the filthy, oil-covered floor and she climbed into his gigantic fuckstick and started bouncing up and down. I climbed over him to sit on his face so he could eat me out. His tongue was amazing and I came three times while he was eating me. I just had to have this lesbians licking and rubbing in classic clip inside me, so we switched positions. Katie grabbed Brian's hand and led him into the stall, where she sat down on the open toilet and spread her legs wide.

I got on my hands and knees and started eating out my best friend. Brian maneuvered behind me and stuck his 11-inch jet-black cock into my wet pussy. We got a good rhythm going and the screams filled the tiny bathroom. I looked up and saw Katie waving at someone. It turns out her sister had heard the screams and was peeking in the window.

Imagine what she must have thought. Katie jumped off the toilet and squeezed next to it. She kept asking me if I liked to be fucked hard by a big black cock as she cooled me down with the dirty toilet water, scooping it into my face.

Finally Brian was ready to cum god he had staying power. He stood over us as we were on our knees taking turns sucking him. He then sprayed his cum like a fire hose all over our faces, at least 10 spurts. Cum completely covered our faces; I couldn't see a thing. But we both needed more. Even as the cum dripped down our faces, we kept sucking Brian till he got hard again.

We sucked him for about another five minutes before he said he was going to cum again. Katie and I got into position and didn't even open our mouths. We liked cum too much on our faces and Brian didn't disappoint. He unleashed another torrent all over our faces as we giggled like crazy. With our faces drenched we started making out and smearing the cum real wife stories the pre honeymoon fuck binge shawna lenee over each other.

There was even so much we grabbed fistfuls and threw cum at each other. By this point we figured we should get back to the house.

We were so wiped out that we staggered naked back to Katie's sister's car and climbed into the back seat, cum still covering us. After she laughed hysterically she drove us back with all the food. When we walked naked back into the game room the other kids were in the middle of their own fun. I guess they were inspired by Seth and Amanda and their pancake batter/syrup fuck, so they raided my kitchen of breakfast things.

Amanda was on her hands and knees covered with strawberry jelly as Seth had his cock in her mouth and Brian fucked her from behind. Both of the boys were covered with peanut butter. Tammy and Mark found more syrup and marshmallow fluff and were slathered in it while fucking on the floor. So it was into this that Katie and I came into the room naked and covered in cum. After we told the story of what happened, the other girls literally attacked us, scooping cum into their mouths.

Now everyone went nuts, especially as we brought the new food into the room. The boys started squirting ketchup and mustard bottles at each other. I opened up big cans of spaghetti-Os and we started throwing them at each other. The fuckfest started again as everyone raced to get new and different types of food to cover themselves with.

We even oiled each other up with bottles of cooking oil. We went on for hours and hours until my parents came home and found us all passed out. It was definitely the coolest weekend ever.