Japanese school girl rape virgin

Japanese school girl rape virgin
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I looked over at her beautiful face. It had an angelic, haunting, blue glow framing it. Behind her the tv (a really big, flat one) flickered and reminded me of the night two years ago when everything changed.

Her face is the epitome of perfection. She has long, straight, dark brown hair with streaks of lighter brown in it (it is the sort of hair you want to grab a fistfull of and pull hard inbetween your legs), big, green eyes ( the sort of eyes you want to look up at you as she's inbetween your legs), a cute, pointy nose and big, juicy lips that you really want to suck on (or have suck on you).

Like I said - she is perfection. Her body is by no means any worse. Sure it isn't quite as perky and bouncy as it was 20 years ago but it could put plenty of girls half her age to shame. She has a terrific 34-26-36 figure. She is 5"5 tall and weighs in at a bootylicious 130 lbs (although she claims to be atleast 20 lbs lighter). She has long, lithe legs that start from her sensuous little feet and move up her firm, toned calves into her soft, caramel thighs.

Her tits are perky 34c's with tiny but hard nipples that stick out when it's cold (or she's horny) and she has great cleavage regardless of what she's wearing (which is more often than not very little). She has just the slightest hint of abs (Pilates - it works) and the cutest "innie" belly button. But the best part of her body is definitely her ass. It's not quite peach shaped (think Jessica Alba) and not quite big and bootylicious (think Beyonce Knowles) but a perfect mixture of both.

It's both firm and petite whilst being soft and squeezable. It's not fat but spank it and watch it jiggle - if you ever got the chance to grope it your fingers might just orgasm. Her ass has this fantastic, uncanny ability to take any bottoms - denim jeans, shorts, trackpants - and make it hug every nook, cranny and crevace of her glorious butt - infact her whole lower region clung onto the fabric for dear life - all the way from her sumptuous thighs to her perky ass and her puffy camel toe.

The best is when she bends over and you see her ass, cunt, thong and slut tag (small, naughty tattoo in the small of her back saying "cum in here", skinny bitch rides a massive shaft with fervor brunette and anal with an arrow pointing to her ass) all at once from behind. She is perfection, she is Jane, she was just my 35 year old single mother - now she is my 37 year old sexy lover, she is Jane.

I, myself, (not sure if that's gramatically right but fuck it - you're just here for a wank) am Kara.

I'm 18 and I guess I'll be telling you about this ficticious (disclaimer - nothing wrong/illegal here folks, just art) tale in which me and my mother got together to make sweet, sweet, animal, hard, nasty fucking (love).

It all started 3 years ago when I discovered masturbation (I was a late bloomer). Initially, it was once a week thinking about cute boys, soon it became more frequent and the object of my desires changed from men to: men while women watched, men and women, and then just women - first strangers, then my best friends and eventually Jane, my mom.

By my sweet 16 I was orgasming 2,3,4 - once, 10 - times in a day to the thought of my mommy (and only my mommy). I imagined her confessing her secret love to me and us fucking, I imgined me confessing my secret love to her and us fucking, I imagined her raping me and us fucking, I imagined me raping her and us fucking, I imagined us in her bed, that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade my bed, in the car, on the kitchen counter, on the floor, in the shower, in the bathtub, in the pool, out in the yard, even on the toilet - I was going crazy.

Then, one cold-ish night at around 10 pm, I did something about it. My mother always tried to provide me with an open communication line regarding sex,puberty etc. that she never had and took every opportunity she could to assure me that "i could tell her anything", "I should start dating", "I should ask for advice or help for any 'change' I go through." I always shrugged it off (embarrased) by saying how I knew everything there was to know thanks to biology and sex ed at school.

During a condom ad she offered her help and my horny, sopping wet vagina decided to take it even though my head told me to run away (guess who won). "Well, mom I was actually wondering about .

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you know . how you said, like, I should, like, umm start dating and stuff and how I could ask you for some . uhh .

advice" she simply nodded and I went on " I was just hoping that maybe you could . umm . teach me to . because, you see I wouldn't know what to do on a date . so could you teach me how to like kiss and stuff?" I managed to squeek out as my cheeks went red. All that escaped her lips was a "Sure, hun" and a sexy smile (cliche you might say but you try asking your mum for hot, nasty sex you wuss).

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The ad stopped and she turned her head - once CSI was over (In 15 mins) I was going to get to kiss those big, juicy lips. I curled into a ball on the couch and tried my best not to touch myself until then.

Yes, I am aware that "nothing" has happened yet but I only have so much time and will post in installments .

any comments about it so far?