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Hermione woke up late the next morning and barely made it to breakfast. She had to rush to get to Transfiguration on time and came in apologizing just as Professor McGonagall had begun to speak. "Sorry professor I was just-" she couldn't think of a satisfactory excuse and just stared dumbly at the older woman awaiting her reprimand. "Well, have a seat Miss Granger so you will not hold us up any more.

Glancing around the room she saw a chair open right behind Lavender and decided to sit there instead of her usual spot between Harry and Ron. She could smell Lavender's hair and she liked it. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about the girl's breasts since all night. She'd even dreamed about them and now she was having a hard time concentrating during the lecture portion of the class.

During practice she accidentally turned her mouse into a teacup instead of a goblet. As she entered the Great Hall for lunch she saw Percy sitting at the Gryffindor table watching the doors like a hawk.

As she entered he got a serious look on his face and tried to wave her over. She decided in that moment that she wasn't ready to speak to him about what had happened and she turned to leave. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him stand to follow her.

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She quickened her pace not exactly sure where she was headed. Soon she heard footsteps jogging to catch her up and Percy called out, "Hermione wait up." Realizing she couldn't exactly disobey the Head Boy directly she slowed her pace to a walk but did not turn around.

When he caught up to her he was breathing heavily and he put a hand on her shoulder to spin her around while he bent forward onto his knees.

"Oh, hi Percy," she tried to sound nonchalant but her voice squeaked. "Hermione, I've been trying to talk to you all day." He glanced around then pulled her to the side of the hall a serious expression on his face. "I know what you saw last night may have seemed a little strange." Hermione just stared at an interesting crack in the stone floor.

"What Penelope and I were-" Two first year boys rounded the corner and looked at them but Percy stopped dead. Looking slightly alarmed at being stared down by the school's Head Boy the two students quickened their pace around the next corner towards lunch. He turned back to her, "Listen, can we talk about this later?

Tonight at 8 again, we can straighten all this nonsense out and then I will help you with your school work. Deal?" Once again not sure she could exactly refuse this type of request Hermione nodded slightly but did not look up at the older boy. "Good then, and I promise it will be just me this time." He ep 177 foxie student want to earn money tube porn trying to ease the tension but Hermione remained silent.

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"Right." He nodded formally and turned to make his way back to the great hall. Hermione took off at a run and didn't stop until she was once again hiding under the covers of her four poster bed. She was terrified about her meeting with Percy that night and didn't know what she should do. All this worrying and excitement must have tired her out because she ended up falling asleep.

She was awoken hours later by Parvati Patil looking very worried. "Hermione, where have you been?" "Wha-?" "You missed potions and dinner. It's nearly 8 o'clock." "8 O'clock! Oh my goodness!" She leapt out of bed and ran towards the staircase completely forgetting to bring her book bag all nerves about the meeting forgotten.

She got to the door outside of Percy's room just at 8 and knocked much louder this time so he was sure to hear her. He came to the door quickly and opened it with a big smile, "Hermione, I'm glad you came.

Thank you very much." She entered cautiously and stood just inside the door glancing aroud to see if there were any other girls hiding out in there supreme hardcore japanese sex with ruka mihoshi. "First hot and mean lesbian babes kissing tender I want to apologize.

I had forgotten that Bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage told you I would meet with you last night and I asked Penelope to come up and er, hang out for a while." He paused, "Are you alright Hermione? You look a bit disheveled." Hermione looked down and saw that her skirt had turned around, her shirt was only half tucked in, and she wasn't wearing her tie.

She nodded shyly brushing her tangled hair back out of her face. She hadn't thought to straighten up after her nap. "Sorry," she said lamely, "I was-" but she trailed off lost in thought. "No worries," he smiled enthusiastically. "Why don't you come have a seat over here at the desk?" He offered her a wooden chair by a large oaken desk next to his bed that he sat on the edge of. She crossed the room slowly, keeping a good eye on her surroundings and sat in the chair turning to face the older boy.

"That's better then. Now was there anything about what you saw last night that may have been, um, confusing?" At first she thought she could just say no and the conversation would end there. In the end the curiosity in her won out and she nodded. "Well then, why don't we see if I can clear it up?" Clearing her throat Hermione looked into Percy's face and asked simply, "What was she doing?" Percy flushed, "Well you see um- she was, well she was kind of- it's something that adults do when-" "I just want to know what she was physically doing Percy, not a reason or an excuse.

I don't understand why she was bent over like that and what all the slurping noises were." If possible Percy turned an even darker red. "Well you see I'm not sure that it is an appropriate thing to share with a 13 year old girl Hermione." "I can handle it, I promise." She tried to look very innocent as she pleaded with her eyes.

"Ok, well what Penelope was doing was er- she was well- my thing you know-" "Your penis?" Hermione supplied. Percy's head dropped and he stared at the floor. "Yes, so it was in," he sighed looking back up at her. "It was in her mouth you see, she was er- sucking it." Hermione was stunned.

"I don't understand, why?" "Oh Merlin, I thought you didn't care why." "People do that?" "Oh yes, it actually feels very-" he stopped himself short. "Does it taste good?" "Well, I actually don't know. You see I've never actually been the giver, always, the receiver." Hermione glanced down at his crotch through his robes. It was clear Percy wanted to change subjects, "Well if that's everything now, I think we should get down to business here. Where are your books?" "I didn't bring them." "Oh well then, would you like to go and get them?" "No." "Ok well, do you have another question for me?" She nodded her head and he waited.

"Can I try it?" "Try what," he asked, confused. "Can I try sucking on your penis?" The words startled her hearing them come out of her own mouth but the feelings she'd had the night before had all started here and she had to know if this could trigger them again.

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Percy choked on his own tongue and spluttered for a moment. "Oh, Hermione, no of course not that wouldn't be right. Blonde milf fucks in her panties european and blowjob wouldn't be appropriate. We can't- That's only for-" Hermione looked on the verge of tears; she thought she would get in trouble for even mentioning it. How stupid of her. "I'm sorry.

Forget it." She turned to leave covering her face in her hands. "Oh Hermione don't cry." He came over to her, spun her about and hugged her, "What's the matter?" "I don't want to get in- in trouble." She sobbed.

"In trouble for what?" "Well, last night after I saw you and your p-penis I had this strange feeling, down there." She looked at him trying to portray her meaning to him, "and no matter what I did I couldn't make it go away.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and I just- I just, I don't want you to be mad at me." Percy's expression turned to shock mingled slightly with pride.

Hermione had just admitted masturbating to the thought of his penis and rather than being mad like she had expected it seemed to give blonde houswife fisting and toying her pussy the same look he had gotten when she'd asked him for help with her school work.

Hermione felt something move under Percy's robes and knew what it must be. He tried to push her a bit farther away but she hugged him tighter squeezing his prick against his own gut and making it grow. She looked up into his face with still wet eyes and begged him, "Please Percy, just let me see it again. I'm only curious.

I don't understand what all these feelings mean. Can you help me?" She was being a bit manipulative and playing to his pride now and she knew it. She felt bad but her own curiosity and desires were winning out over reason.

She could already feel herself getting wet. He said nothing but stopped trying to push her off of him and she relaxed her grip slightly. He seemed be struggling with something deep in his own brain. She decided to take the initiative and moved one hand around front of him and placed it on the now visible bulge beneath his robes. Percy was holding his breath. She dropped to her knees and rubbed it lightly through his robes trying to get a good feel for how big it was.

As she suspected her hand did not fit around the girth of his shaft. She moved lower to gauge the length and when she found his testicles he jumped a little. "Sorry," she whispered. "No, its ok just caught me off guard." She was using both hands now; one was stroking him through his pants and the other attempting to undo the lower buttons of his robes. She finally got a hand in under the fabric and began feeling her way around through the many folds searching for bare skin.

When she found it he gasped again, her cold hands had brushed right along his pelvic bone at the band of his shorts. His skin felt warm to her touch and her heart began to race with anticipation. Sliding her fingers along his hip she inched closer and closer to his waiting member. The tip of his penis protruded above the elastic waistband and was covered in a slimy substance she rubbed between her fingers.

It was a similar consistency to the juices flowing from her own private area. "Is it safe to taste?" She looked up at him. "Huh, umm yeah. If you want." He sounded like she had broken him out of a particularly good dream.

His eyes were to the ceiling and his head leaned back so his hips pressed forward into the young girl. Hermione brought her fingers to her lips and stuck her tongue out to taste the substance. It was very salty and more bitter than her own juices had smelled. She had definitely expected something a little more appetizing given the enthusiasm with which the other girl had been sucking. Either way she decided her curiosity was not quite satisfied yet.

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She looked back up at Percy and saw that he had completely undone the front of his robes and dropped his pants and shorts to the floor. Clearly his hormones had beat out his better judgment at last. His penis jutted away from his body now and looked even larger than she had guessed. A little less cautious now she reached out with both hands encircling as much of his shaft as she could. She liked the way it felt in her hands, hard but soft, very warm and even powerful feeling.

She knew about how sex worked but for the first time she wondered what it would feel like to have a penis inside her. There was no way it would fit she thought, it seemed impossible. The moment had come at last, she leaned forward lips parted slightly in preparation for the large piece of flesh she was about to take in.

The bitter taste of the fluid on his tip entered her nostrils as her lips made contact. The warm cock filled her mouth easily and stretched it to its limit. Percy pressed forward with his hips and it travelled deeper past her tongue and into the roof of her mouth. Lost for what exactly she was supposed to do next she decided to treat it like a Popsicle.

She pulled back slightly while sucking on the tip as if it were a straw. Percy gave a loud moan, "Oh, wow Hermione. That feels incredible." Apparently she was doing something right so she did it again.

This time taking his cock a little farther into her mouth before sucking it back out. Another groan escaped Percy's lips and she started feeling more confident. She liked the fact that she could make him feel so good. A little bit too enthusiastic this time she pulled maci mays tight anal fuck balls deep on top in hard and hit her gag reflex. Coughing she spit him out of her mouth and gasped for air.

"Are you ok?" Percy looked concerned. "I'm fine," she reached out and grabbed his prick again, "just have to be more careful." Determined to get the hang of this, she treated it like any knew skill she wanted to learn. Amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks could be mastered with enough knowledge and practice.

With slightly more caution she brought his tip to her mouth again. Taking in the warm cock felt right, like it belonged there, she enjoyed the full feeling it gave her. Wanting to test a new strategy she decided to go with quicker shallower sucks.

She bobbed on the head of his cock quicker and quicker and she could hear Percy's breathing pick up with her pace. "Slow down, slow down he gasped. I'm going to cum." "Come where?" She pulled off and asked. "What? Merlin Hermione how am I supposed to-" "Sorry," Hermione got the hint.

She remembered that yearn for release she had felt the night before and somehow she knew she was helping Percy to try and crest that hill. Going slower again she took him in and out of her mouth savoring the feeling and the sounds he was making.

It gave her confidence, something she hadn't felt a lot when it came to boys. She began to taste his pre-cum in her mouth again and swirled her tongue over his tip to clean it off. At this Percy gave an even more audible groan. She continued running the tip of her tongue around the head of his penis and then tickled the throbbing vein running the length of him as she took him in farther than she yet had but more slowly this time. She wanted to test how far she could go if she went less forcefully.

He pressed back into her throat and she felt the gag reflex coming. She used every ounce of her will to focus on not gagging again.

As the tip of his cock brushed the back of her throat she felt the tingling sensation but tried to relax her jaw and hold it there. After a few moments of not moving she pushed a bit further. She almost gagged again but tried even harder to relax her throat. "Merlin's nuts Hermione," Percy groaned.

"Whatever you're doing keep going." His encouragement was all she needed to press one more teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob. As she did she tried to use her throats to swallow and with a pop his prick slid into her throat. Surprised she pulled back quickly and Percy yelped. "Sorry!" "No, that was incredible. Can you do it again?" She nodded confidently. "Breathe through your nose." He suggested and she nodded again while taking his head into her mouth again.

Percy was holding his breath as she pulled him further and further into her mouth waiting to feel the right moment. It came again but this time she was ready and she swallowed his head into her throat again holding it there. She took a breath in through her nose and though it was labored she felt confident enough to go a little deeper. She made another swallowing motion with her throat and felt him slide deeper in.

Her nose brushed his pubic hair now and for the first time she noticed that it was bright red like the hair on his head. He still seemed to be holding his breath as she looked up to see the expression on his face. "Oh no," he said, "here it comes!" At that moment the dorm room door opened and a female voice called out, "Is she gone yet Perce, I'm so fucking horny." Hermione coughed the cock out of her throat again as Percy yelled louder than ever and streams of white gooey fluid spurted out of his penis and hit her square in the face.

He keeled forward and put a hand on her shoulder. They both fell, his body pinning her to the floor. She wanted to run away but she couldn't see through the goop on her face and she was now tangled in Percy's robes.

"What the fuck!" The female voice yelled. "Penny! I can explain!" He attempted to stand and trod on her hand. She screamed and he tripped over her wrapping her even more tightly in his robes she felt his penis laying on her arm as they wrestled to get out of his robes.

Penelope had stormed from the room and when Percy finally got himself up off the floor he had completely removed his robes and he raced toward the stairs. "Bloody Hell Perce!" "Get some fucking clothes on!" Hermione heard the twin's voices and then Percy bolted back into the room and closed the door behind him sliding to the floor with his head in his hands.

Hermione was frozen to the spot. She could not remember a time in her life when her brain had felt so slow. Laying on the floor still covered by Percy's robes and semen she felt some of it run off the bridge of her nose and drip to the floor.

This seemed to jog something in her and she felt around for something to wipe herself clean. Being surrounded by fabric it didn't take long. Once her face was at least mostly cleaned off she attempted to stand. Her legs felt shaky and she hadn't realized how sore her knees had become. Her gut told her she wanted to run away and never see Percy Weasley or anyone else ever again. Unfortunately i want my aunt tsuck my little cock only exit point was through Percy.

He still sat on the floor completely naked his penis now limp drooped to the floor and drops of his liquid still leaked from the end. Involuntarily she felt a tingling in her loins at just the thought of it. She wished she had gotten more time to discover what that white sticky fluid was all about. Sure it had been all over her face but she had been in no situation to investigate.

She walked slowly toward the door hoping Percy would notice her before she had to say anything out loud. She attempted to make extra noise with her feet. Suddenly Percy stood.

He looked down at her and said in a tone of voice she had never heard him use, "Don't say a word about this. To anyone" It sounded almost threatening. Hermione nodded and burst out the door as soon as he held it open for her. For the second time in two days she ran the entire way from the top of the boy's dorms to her own and dove in under her covers.