Covering her face with his love spunk

Covering her face with his love spunk
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Okay, bag, pencil case, socks. Got everything, ready to start the day. One quick look in the morning, make sure my hair looks good. I stare in the mirror, observing my floppy brown hair, swiftly swept sideward across my forehead.

A few spots on my face, being 18 I know it's normal, I hate them anyway. I flex, he-man pose, observing my muscles, making myself chuckle, spotting my dimples, and stop smiling. I can't stand them either, always being told "Oh Smithy, your dimples are so cute!!" oh shut up aunt, they're not!

I flick my hair again, grab my bag and run downstairs "BYE MUM I'M OFF BUS IS HERE SPEAK TO YOU LATER", grab a bit of toast and rush out the door. I walk down the pathway, seeing the bus on the way I walk quicker and jump on the bus to school.

I'm slightly out of breath from having to rush down the path, and trying to say any words to the bus driver come out difficultly, between breaths. I hear a group of girls giggling to my right, they typical group of girls, as I glance over I spot… someone. A girl I've not seen before, with beautiful auburn hair, a small amount of freckles over her nose, the brightest blue eyes, and bright red lips.

Before I know it the bus driver is shouting at me, and I pay him and move on. As I walk past her I can't do anything but stare at her, it's as if my body has been taking over.

She spies me staring at her, blushes and looks out the window. It probably didn't help walking into the stop bus pole, I see her laugh at me, and feel my cheeks heat up as they become red. I rub my head and quickly walk to my seat.

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We arrive at school, everyone grumpy about being in school uniform in the middle of summer. I head to science class, being a class I quite enjoy, I do not mind it. I take a seat and begin to unpack my things. The girl from the bus walks in, her beautiful long red hair going down hair shoulders, and goes to the teacher. He points at me, well, more the seat next to me, and she begins to head in my direction. My heart starts thumping, what am I going to say?!?

My mind starts going crazy, thinking of what I should say, what I should do.

"Hi there, this seat taken?" I voice I hear from afar, it takes me a second to come back to reality. "Wh-What?" I splurt out. "Is this seat taken?" She says again, with the voice of an angel. "Erh, no, sorry, it's all yours. Who, erh, who are you?" I say with all my effort to not embarrass myself in some way.

"I'm Emily, call me Em, I'm new, if you haven't guessed" Em says with the cutest smile I've ever seen. "Okay, Em, I'm George… George Smith, but my friends call me Smithy" I reply.

We both take a seat and get ready to start the lesson. A while in I hear her say "God this is so difficult! How am I ever going to do my homework?", I turn to her, and say "this isn't difficult, it just takes time. You've missed a lot in previous lessons anyway; if you want I'd be happy to help you with homework and whatever" "That'd be great, thank you Smithy!" She smiles.

The day after that lesson is boring, although I did manage to get Em's number, and was feeling rather proud for that, even though she'd probably just text me for homework help. When I got home, I started to play my PlayStation, when my phone buzzed. A text from Em! My heart starts to pound just at the text message! "Stop being silly, Smith…" My hot mom xxx six 5hu look at my phone "Hi Smith!

You busy tomorrow after school!?! Would love if you could come round, my parents are out so we can snack out on sweets! :D xx" I instantly reply with "YES I'D LOVE TO xxxxxxx" but delete the message, and add a cool "Yeah that'd be cool, see you then! Xx". I fall back, smiling, at the thoughts of tomorrow. It's the next day, I rush out the door, jump on the bus, and once again seen Em.

"Hey, Smithy! Come sit here, I saved you a seat" She shouts. Slightly shocked, I walk over to the seat and sit down. "Hey Em" "You still coming over tonight?" "Yes, of course, I look forward to it" We talk about all sorts of things, getting to know each other more, I learn her favourite colour, favourite meal, where she lived, turns out she's 17, and I boast about being a year older.

I can't help but look at her body when she looks out the window. Her nice, white shirt, I notice how the tie bulges at where her budding tits are starting to grow. I see the folds in her shirt between the buttons, so I can see her soft smooth skin of her stomach. I look down to her legs, her tights hugging her legs closely, I notice how beautiful shaped her thighs her, and her skirt has slightly risen, allowing me to see a lot more of her legs then I should be able to.

I start to feel my prick harden while I stare at her legs, and use my bag to hide it.

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Emily glances back at me, and I see how scowl at my bag being on my lap, so I pretend to try and find it, trying my hardest not to show my dick getting hard in my trousers. The day drags longer then I possibly thought it could, but eventually the day of school finished and I meet Em on the bus, and we talk about how each other's day goes.

It takes some time but we get to Em's house, and soon we are in her room with our books out, studying. I can't help myself but get distracted by her beautiful blue eyes, but she looks at me and sees.

"What're you staring at?" Em asks, confused. "Oh, erh, nothing" I say, my head turning back towards my book, my cheeks going red.

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"No, c'mon! You were staring at something! Have I got something on my face?" "No" I laugh "There's nothing on your beautiful face" the compliment slips out, and my eyes widen, realising what I just said. "Oh" she says, shocked. "Well, you're quite handsome yourself" I look back up, and stare into her eyes. I don't know what comes over me, I move forward, closer to her. She moves closer to me, our eyes never leaving each other.

Our heads touch, our lips come together. I place a small, soft kiss on her lips and before I know it, my tongue is lashing over her lips, desperate to let me into her mouth. She allows it, slowly opening her mouth and our tongues dance against each other. My hands slide down her back and my other hand onto her soft face, her hands on my chest, slowly going down onto my stomach.

I pull her towards me, I'm on my back and she lies on top. My hand goes down onto her back and onto her tight young butt. I squeeze and I feel her slowly start to rock her hips against my crotch.

Em's hand slides down my chest, and down against my trousers, as she squeezes brunette babe wants breast implants gets nailed by her doctor 7 inch prick. I gasp with how good it feels and I feel her smile against my lips. She parts our lips and starts to undo her buttons, while she continues to sit, and rock against my dick.

I can already feel the heat from her sweet young pussy through her panties, under her skirt. She takes off her shirt and I take in everything I see, her beautiful budding tits, so small she doesn't need a bra, but her small nipples are irresistible to me so I lean up and take one whole in my mouth and begin to suck. Em through her head back, gasps loudly; smiling widely and soon begins to undo my shirt as I continue to suck on her small sweet tits.

Soon I'm top less, and we're back to kissing. She continues to rub my dick through my trousers, and soon is unbuttoning my trousers. Em pulls down both my trousers and underwear, releasing my 7 inch dick. She smiles once more and wraps her hand round my dick. She begins to stroke. I lean back and enjoy, she soon speeds up and before I know it I'm shooting streams of cum up and onto my stomach.

4 or 5 shootout highly, and I feel her wet tongue lick across my stomach and she laps up my cum. Seeing Em do that makes my cock instantly hard again. She laughs, but mouths at me "My turn." She leans back, and under her skirt takes off her leggings and panties. I instantly dive under her skirt and can smell her sweet young sex coming from her hairless pussy.

So smooth, I drag one finger down it, considering this is my first time I'm not too sure what to do.

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Her legs shake when I do that, so I take office chick on oral break blowjob amateur as a good sign and carry on, but when I find her hole, I slip to fingers in.

Then out. Then back in, she starts to gasp loudly, moaning sweet sounds then make me go faster. I can't resist tasting her anymore and uses my wet tongue lick her. She gasps louder than before, and she tastes so sweet, so good, then I lick more. I lick up all her young, 18 year old juices; squeeze her young tits in one hand, her tight ass with the other.

Eventually her legs shake an incredible amount, she moans loudly, uses her hand to push my head deep into her pussy, making me stick my tongue as deep as I can possibly get into her.

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She lifts her ass off the floor and lots of her young girl juices squirts from her pussy, and I lick it all up as quick as I can, as it tastes so good.