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Teen creampie on amateur threesome webcam sex show
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My wife, Denise, and I were suny leon 2019 xxx story on alcohol and post-coitus. We were joking around and she'd asked me to tell her a fantasy of mine that she didn't know about. We'd always been pretty open with each other after I'd gotten over my insecurities (described in the story I referenced earlier), but I'd never admitted to her that the idea of her with another man really turned me on.

I knew that it would surprise her, but I worried that she'd be offended. It's not that I wanted her to have an affair. I'd want to watch and maybe even be involved. I always loved girl-guy porn and still lusted after my wife even after 10 years of our relationship.

Those desires had combined in my libido: I wanted to see her be a porn star. She broke the ice by admitting that while she's been sexually attracted to different women, she didn't think she'd ever act on it, even with my blessing, unless I was as part of the threesome. Like that would be a deal breaker for me! I said, "That would be awesome, but wouldn't you be jealous if the other woman and I messed around?" "Not as long as she was there for both of us." Hmm. Her candor gave me the courage to admit my fantasy of a M - F - M dalliance.

She was really surprised. "You're definitely not the jealous type anymore! Really?" Yes, I assured her. I told her I'd watched a video of a busty girl in a fake movie theater who was slowly groped by some guy.

He finally got her shirt up over her tits (with the help of 2 other guys - a detail I left out) and she'd jerked him off while he fondled her breasts. "That she kinda reminded me of you really turned me on. It does arouse me to think of you messing around with another guy. Is that crazy?" I didn't tell her that I also pictured her in the hardcore interracial videos I watched.

She laughed but her eyes said that the idea intrigued her. She wondered how we'd make these fantasies come true. We're both too risk adverse to troll Craigslist.

Maybe a local chatroom? "All of this talk of extra dicks and boobies is making me horny again, and I see you're already ready," she said, nodding at my hard-on.

We fucked and it didn't cross my mind again until I saw what she was wearing when she came into the room hot brunette gina devine fucked on stairs my buddy Ron was over a month later. She had on hip-hugging sweatshorts and a clingy but loose v-neck top on without a bra. Her long legs led up to beautifully womanly hips and a bubble-butt.

Her full and dense C cup breasts hung just a bit but her prominent nipples pointed straight out.

When she moved they swayed and their curves strained brunette sucks her bfs cock on the bed the fabric. Holy shit she looked hot. Ron was mesmerized and stared at her as she sat down next to me. We had smoked some pot and were spinning vinyl when she sauntered in. He realized that I caught him checking her out and made a face that said, "Sorry, man." I shrugged my shoulders like "how could you help it?" and smiled.

Denise toked and we sat in a happy daze. Ron and I stole stares at her body, Twenty minutes later, Ron went to go pee. "You look fucking hot, but you're going to drive Ron crazy. You know that his wife rarely puts out." "So he's enjoying the show?" "We both are!" "Good. Remember that thing we talked about a few weeks ago? What about Ron?

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Would that be cool? I wouldn't want to make things weird between you two if anything happens." My cock started answering for me, as the thought of her and Ron messing around in front of me caused it to swell against my shorts. I knew not only would he leap at the chance, but he also had the same urges about sharing his unfortunately frigid upeksha swarnamali sri lankan actress sex storys dawnlod. "I think it'll be fine.

Do whatever you feel comfortable doing with him. But why Ron?" I had seen them joke and flirt, but I never got vibe from her that she fancied him. "Well, he's a funny guy and I'm sure he needs something like this.

I would have cleared it with you first but I didn't think of it until after he'd arrived." "No problem. I trust him. But maybe let me lead things along, so he knows that I'm cool with it." "Sounds like a plan," she said and gave me a big kiss. "Shh! He's coming back." When the album side ended, she got up to switch it out. Instead of going between me and the ottoman, she shuffled past Ron, facing him.

Her tits bounced around and her nipples were so hard. She winked at him and walked to the turntable. She bent at the waist to pick out a record and her shorts were pulled tight against her ass cheeks.

The bottoms of the material rode up enough to expose a tiny bit of her cheeks. With a new album queued up, she started to walk back when I stopped her. "Baby, could you do something for me?" "Sure: anything." "Can you show us your amazing tits?" She opened her mouth in mock shock and then laughed. "Didn't you biggest cock makes sexy slut happy hardcore and creampie them, and feel them, enough when Ron was peeing," she lied, to tease Ron.

"Anyway … He's right there now." "Ha - well, your shirt's not left too much to his imagination. And I've always told him they were the best ones I've ever seen. Please? He's already going to have to jack off thinking of you when he leaves because of what you're wearing." "Most definitely," Ron agreed, his hand on the bulge in his shorts.

We all laughed. "Let him have the full mental picture of them." She smiled and shook her head. Then with a mock dramatic sigh, she said, "If you insist…" She crossed her arms and reached down to the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it up. She paused right at her breasts, showing some "under-boob" and her toned but just slightly bulged belly.

Damn, not only where the sweatshorts short, but they sat really low on her hips. She'd only have to pull them down slightly to expose her bush. She pulled the shirt tight under her boobs and lifted, which lifted them up slightly. The atmosphere got tight with anticipation. She slowly raised the shirt until her tits popped out and bounced on her chest.

Her nipples were hard from the friction and her excitement. Though I had seen them a lot over the years, they always excited me. Now that they were on display for Ron's greedy eyes, I felt a warm flush through my body. We both cheered and Denise covered her face in mock embarrassment, laughing hard. This caused her beautiful melons to jiggle and sway. Then she shook them at us. My erection was so hard it hurt. Ron lifted up and adjusted his obviously hard cock through his shorts.

She strode over and stood in front of Ron, who leaned forward, his face inches from my wife's tits. "Goddamn those are perfect," he said. "They feel as good as they look," I offered. Ron looked at me and then looked up at Denise. She smiled and bit her lower lip. He reached up and tentatively cupped each breast in his hands. "Ohh!" Denise sighed, feeling someone other than me touch her breasts for the first time in at least 8 years.

Ron squeezed them, his fingers pressing into her flesh. "These feel fucking awesome," he said. He began massaging them and worked his hands over them until he had her nipples at the junctions of his index and middle fingers. Then he pinched her nipples between those fingers and she moaned loudly.

She started to reach for his head to pull his face into her bosom but caught herself, and instead placed her hands over his and helped squeeze. I was actively rubbing my erection through my pants. I wanted to lean over the yank her shorts down her thighs to expose her pussy to my friend. I had just about worked up the nerve to do that when she stepped back from Ron and pulled her shirt over his hands and her breasts.

"I need something cold to drink," she announced with a shortness of breath. Ron let go of her tits and she said, "I liked that" and walked off to the kitchen. We watched her walk away - she turned and blew us a kiss. Ron looked at me and whispered, "Goddamn.

Is this really happening?" I leaned over and said, "She's been horny as hell for the last few weeks. We've been talking about threesomes and watching a lot of porn." "Can you have her give my wife whatever she's been drinking?

How far is she going to go with this?" (Laughing) "I have no idea." "Are you sure about this?" "Oh yeah. I'm loving this. I'd say follow her lead. Um, I'm be back in a few. Gotta use the upstairs toilet. Be a good boy ha ha." I caught Denise on the way back from the kitchen. "That was hot! Are you having fun?" "Oh yes!

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I can't believe that I did that, but it really turned me on." I kissed her deeply on the lips and placed my hand against her crotch. "I told Ron that I was going upstairs kimonjapanese milf with a gun go to the bathroom, but I was thinking of staying down here and watching you and Ron.

What do you think?" Her face lit up and she kissed me and hurried back to the couch. It was facing away from the kitchen, so Ron would have to turn around to see me. With Denise knowing my scheme, she would figure out a way to keep his attention while I got to indulge my voyeurism.

"Hi!" She said with a giggle. "Sounds like we've got a few minutes of privacy… " She pulled her arms through the arms holes and lifted her top, again putting her breasts on display. "What should we do?" "Well, I'd love to suck on your tits," Ron said.

"Good answer!" she beamed. She glanced past him. "I'll listen for the stairs. They adorable cutie drilled from behind hardcore massage creaky and I'll hear him before he sees us." With that, she straddled Ron and pulled his face to her breasts.

I had creeped back to the corner and peaked around, where I had a good angle to see the action. With the last album side over, I could not only see his mouth all over her tits, but I could hear him kissing and sucking on them. He'd squeezed her breasts and made her nipples stick out a bit. His mouth latched onto her right nipple and he sucked it, areole and all, into his mouth. Denise encouraged him with "yes"s and "oh god that feels good"s.

With Ron distracted, she look at me and mouthed "I love you" and "wow".I smiled at her and rubbed my hard-on. Now Ron attacked her left nipple and dropped his hand out of sight. She told me later that she had started to rub and squeeze his cock through his shorts and he took the cue to reciprocate by pressing his fingers against her pussy. I knew something fun was happening by the change of her expression. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my pulsing cock out. I began yanking it while watching my wife have her tits licked by my buddy.

Though I couldn't see it happening, I imagined that he had two fingers buried in my wife's pussy and immediately erupted, squirting from a standing position onto the carpet, about 4 feet behind the couch. Denise's loud moan caused me to look at her, and I saw that she had seen my orgasm.

It had been over 5 minutes. I didn't want to stop them but I wanted to be sure to have a front row seat to whatever would happen next. I snuck back to the kitchen but didn't step on the stairs. Instead I came back around the corner - I wanted to "catch" them. Denise jumped a bit with surprise because she didn't hear the stairs. She told me that Ron had been fingering her and she was about to take his cock out of his pants. There was a bit of commotion on the couch as they tried to quickly compose themselves.

"Busted!" I laughed. Denise was no longer sitting on Ron, but hadn't had time to move away from him, so she sat next to him. Her face was flushed. Ron's hands were covering the tent in his shorts. "I guess I got back just in time." "Yes, you got back in time … if you wanted to watch me jack Ron off, baby." "Well, yeah.

Go right ahead." The look of relief on Ron's face was priceless. All pretense gone, Denise removed her shirt completely and began to undo his belt buckle. Ron helped and pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees. His cock sprang up. It looked to be a good 7 or 8 inches long. Not especially thick, but with a flared ridge on the back of his maroon helmet. A bit longer than mine; less girthy than mine; with a different head than mine - Denise will be getting some variety.

"Ooooh!" Denise zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn. "Looks here what I've got to play with!" She drew her hands along his hairy thigh and across his ballsack. Ron moaned. She curled her fingers across his cock and started stroking to his head and back to his thick mat of pubes.

"Oh yes!" Ron sighed and leaned over to grab her right breast. Denise later told me his left arm went around her and down the backside of her sweat shorts, grasping a handful of ass that he'd hold until he came. Denise loosened her grip and slid her hand up and over his bell. His cock head bobbed a bit as she drew her hand down over it. Her thumb softly tickled the fleshy underside.

A few more strokes with her left, reaching across her body, and she added her right hand. After half a minute, she reached down with her left to rub his hairy ballsack. Her jacking pace sped up with Ron's breathing. He began squeezing my wife's breast repeatedly. All of the teasing and lack of action caused Ron's orgasm to come quickly. His cock head inflated more and turned a darker shade of plum as pre-cum dribbled from its hole. Denise now bent his cock slightly toward his legs, amplifying the sensation.

An instant before he came, she bent her head down and pointed his cock at the left side of her face. When its head touched her cheek, a thick squirt of cum shot out, landing on her cheekbone.

Another followed, drenching her cheek. "Mmph!" he exclaimed, seeing his balls unload onto the side of my wife's face. The next blast reached her hair. Denise rubbed the cock against her face and his third squirt hit the side of her nose and eyelid, and run down her face to the corner of her mouth. I loved jizzing on my wife's face and she enjoyed the act of mild degradation. Seeing Ron empty his balls on her face was amazing.

That mental .gif will forever cause me to instantly shoot my load. Her face glistened with Ron's cum. My dick again needed sweet bitch sits on a fat and hard penis. As she drew away, she may have quickly licked his cummy tip.

It happened so fast. She wiped around her eye with her finger, pulling his tacky jizz from near her eye.

My mind screamed, "CLEAN THAT FINGER WITH YOUR MOUTH!" For a second, I worried that I actually screamed it out loud. She fetched a couple of Kleenex and cleaned her face. Ron's cock had returned to normal, and lay on his belly facing up. He'd wiggled his shorts back up when Denise returned to the great room. She was zipping up a pink hoodie. Ron checked his watch and announced he unfortunately had to go because his son had a baseball game at 8am the next morning.

After shaking my hands and expressing the most sincere "thanks, man" ever, he tightly embraced my wife. "Thank you! I needed that, and I owe you one. Or as many as you want." "I'll take you up on that," she said and kissed him on the lips.

And the next time we all hung out together, he delivered on that promise.