Mandy bright big tits babe get dp and got a facial penetration and gangbang

Mandy bright big tits babe get dp and got a facial penetration and gangbang
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LAURA, MY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR, PART 2 As an 11 year old girl, I met an older neighbor in the swimming pool of our apartment building. I went back to her apartment with her and she fingered me to my first orgasm. Continuing. After that first session with Laura I couldn't get enough.

I would make any and every excuse to see Laura, usually at the pool in the apartment building, but sometimes I would just go straight over to her apartment and knock on the door after she got home from work. Over those next few weeks we became quite good friends. One thing I really loved was that she never talked down to me; it was always as though I were her equal even though I was really just a young girl.

But it was not in the pool, but inside her apartment that the most interesting things happened. After she had stimulated me until I had my first orgasm, I found myself playing with my pussy several times a day. I fingered myself to orgasm many times, but none of the orgasms I gave myself compared with lola foxx and johnny sins home study orgasms Laura gave me.

She was never in a hurry, never too busy and always took her time with me. Needless to say, our explorations progressed from us just fingering each other to orgasm, to trying other things.

I'm pretty sure the next major step up from being fingered was to be given oral pleasure. Now at that age I was pretty naive and had never even thought about the possibilities of using a mouth on a pussy. In fact, until Laura kissed me the first time, I'd never really thought about kissing either. That was something you did with parents and aunts etc, but certainly not grown women. So one particular day, Laura must have decided I was ready for oral sex.

We played around in the pool for a while: every time I saw her exclusive –lean paul and best blowjob little pussy got wet, which she thought was amusing.

She used to call me her horny little baby girl, among other things. After splashing around for a while, we went into her apartment. Of course, after the first couple of visits, we didn't waste time having drinks or watching TV -- we saved that up for after we'd had sex. I remember that Laura peeled her wet Bikini off, exposing her pussy, sat on her bed, and pulled me over to her. We were both pretty wet at this point.

She slowly pulled out the waistband of my Bikini bottom and gently lowered it, taking care to run her fingers around my ass cheeks and then around to my pussy. As always, she pulled back my vaginal lips, exposing the little nub she called my "clitty." This time, though, instead of laying me down on the bed as she'd done the last couple of times we'd done it, she leaned forward while I was still standing, almost touching her nose to my pussy.

She kind of sniffed at my cunny, then looked up at me, smiled and said softly, "Mmm, that smells delicious." Now strangely enough, I knew what she meant. Ever since I could remember, I sometimes put my finger up inside my pussy lips and smelled it. It's a smell I used to love, and still love, even to this day. Mind you, smelling someone else's pussy is much more of a turn-on than just smelling my own.

I don't like a really strong stale odor, that smells fishy, but a fresh pussy smell -- yumm. So having smelled my pussy a couple of times, Laura suddenly put her mouth on it. She didn't just touch her lips to it, but put her whole mouth on it. This was completely unexpected by me, and I think I must have jumped back because I felt her hands move to my ass cheeks and gently pull me back towards her.

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Then I felt her move her lips back and stick her tongue into my little hairless crack. As she slid her lips up and down the length of my pussy, she used her hands to hold my ass steady, her finger, gently caressing the crack between my cheeks. More quickly than ever before I felt my excitement rising as her lips moved quickly up and down my story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro. I can't remember whether or not she did it that time, but at other times she would just hold my pussy against her mouth and rub her tongue on my perineum, the spot on the underside between my pee hole and my poop hole.

Just doing this was enough to get me totally worked up. Suddenly the excitement mounted until I couldn't hold back and I had the most fantastic orgasm I'd had up to that point.

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As always, my legs almost collapsed underneath me and Laura had to use both hands to hold me up. She removed her mouth from my still wet pussy and gently laid me on the bed, looking down into my eyes.

"How was that, baby girl?" she asked. "Awesome," was the only word I could think of that would even come close to describing the intensity of my orgasm. "I thought you might like it," was her reply. At that, she lay down alongside me on the bed, putting her arm underneath my neck. I half rolled over and snuggled up to her, my head in the crook of her neck, my arm across her breasts, my leg across hers, my pussy pressed into her hip.

She turned her head so that her lips found mine and we kissed, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. Since the first time we'd kissed I'd become hooked on it, especially after Laura told me I was the best kisser she'd ever known. As she rolled on to her side, I could feel her still-wet pussy pressing into my belly.

I could feel it move and could feel the trail left by her pubic hair against my hairless body. I moved my arm and started gently playing with her pussy, sliding prime cups big tit teen and fat ass white bitch share with your mommy finger into her vaginal slit and rubbing it in and out softly.

Slowly Laura rolled on to her back and I knew this was the signal that she wanted me to get her off too. I'd fingered her off several times before and enjoyed it almost as much as having her do it to me, especially when she came with my hand inside her cunt. I wondered if Laura would want me to suck her pussy like she did mine. I was a little bit nervous because I knew her adult pussy would probably be more than my girl's mouth could cover all at once.

But suddenly I knew I wanted to try.

I also wondered if I'd like the taste of her pussy juice, and if I'd be able to swallow some of it. So I moved my head down and tentatively licked the top of her pussy, taking some of her vaginal cream on my tongue. I put my tongue in my mouth and tasted it. Surprisingly, it tasted almost of nothing, but quite sweet.

"Does it taste OK?" Laura asked, spreading her legs apart and pulling my face into her womanhood. I re-entered my usual deaf mute state and just nodded. I guess I was pretty nervous about how I'd perform. As an answer, I put my mouth on her pussy and stuck my tongue into the slimy slit.

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I had to open my mouth as wide as I could just to get my tongue inside. "Use your hand too," Laura advised, so I moved my hand so that I was running my fingers under her pussy and into her ass crack. I then began moving my finger into her anal opening, wetting it from the juice that slobbered down my chin while I was sucking on her pussy hole. After only a couple of minutes of this, Laura's body went rigid, her pussy got even wetter, and I could feel the first throbs of her cumming travel up her pussy through my fingers and tongue.

"Thank you, baby girl," she whispered so I could just hear her. "It wasn't too gross, was it?" Still the deaf mute, I shook my head.

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I was trying to work out the taste of her pussy juice. It really didn't taste of anything much at all; it was more of a sensation in my mouth than a taste. I'd worked out in our previous sessions that it smelled a bit like my own, so I guess I thought it tasted pretty much like I would expect, only a little stronger I guess.

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Laura pulled me down to lie on top of her, my lips touching hers, my pussy pressing into her soft tummy and her pussy, still wet, between my thighs. We kissed for a good few minutes, during which time, my pussy went from being fairly wet while I'd been sucking her, to sopping wet. She could obviously feel it so she asked, "Are you ready to go again?" Vigorously I nodded my head.

Who wouldn't want to have that feeling again? And again. And again. So she rolled me over on to my back, knelt between my legs, took my pussy in her mouth, a nipple of each of my little breasts in each hand and started sucking.

With the intense stimulation of having my nipples played with and my pussy sucked, it was only a minute or less before I was having another rippling orgasm.

Completely spent, I lay back on the bed, Laura lying beside me. She cradled my body with her arms and we both drifted off to sleep.