Four men and one girl sex

Four men and one girl sex
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It was the most excruciating drive of my life. It was evening, so that helped, at least she was mostly in shadow, keeping the fire in my loins from heating up too far. Of course I still spent the entire 22 minute drive with my modest sized penis trying to tear a hole in my slacks. I think that is natural considering I knew sitting next to me was literally God's gift to sex, despite never having ever had sex before.

But that wouldn't be for long. Not long from now I planned to be inside the stunning teen next to me, I planned to deposit my semen inside the bombshell sitting next xxxx story hot mumbai girl me.

I planned to cum in her in every way I could, there was no point in pretending any longer that I was noble. Sure, I would rationalize it that she was going to be with someone that night, that I was the best option for her, that I was doing her a favor, but I knew the truth. For this night, this coitus, this introductory fuck with this young tart, I was going to embrace the depravity, use it to fuel the orgasm I could only imagine the intensity of.

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The light and shadows of another streetlight passed through the car and over Isabella's legs. Those cum inducing thighs, soft, firm, taut, silky, smooth and that scintillating brown color. A milk chocolate looking treat, and I couldn't wait to see if they tasted as great as they looked.

She was looking out the window, and had been the whole time; from the dingy hotel, to the streets of her hood, to the improving businesses and now into the modern downtown district. We finally reached the location where Isabella would become a woman. I pulled into a parking spot just off to the side of the Red Lion hotel entrance.

"Wait here ok?" I asked Isabella. "Ok." Her voice cracked, and it was quiet. Was it that she felt out of place in a well lit nice area? Was she not nearly so certain about giving herself to me? I hope she wasn't unsure, because there was little chance I could let her leave tonight without a fair amount pretty girl with a panty fetish masturbating with stolen panties me left inside her perfect procreation oriented body.

I wondered if she would be impregnated by me by the time the sun rose tomorrow. I have to admit, I hoped so. Like any man, at a primal level its about offspring, and it stood to reason that the most perfect body for sex on Earth, probably was perfect to carry and deliver children.

I went inside and got a room, and it cost me about $175 for the night, a small price to pay to do this right. I got two keys and made my way back out to the car. While she would look a bit out of place in an upscale hotel, she didn't look inappropriate so I gave her one of the keys and asked her to go up first to the room, number 345. I waited for about 5 minutes, and then went back into the hotel and took the elevator up to the third floor. I knocked once and then used the card key and went into the room.

It was a very decent size, with a large window towards the city lights of the rest of down town. Isabella was standing next to the window, looking out and didn't acknowledge me entering. I took off my coat and hung it up, and took off my tie and shoes. The room only had a bedside lamp on and was not brightly lit. I walked past the king sized four post bed, the comforter and pillows a sparkling white. I walked up behind Isabella and pressed up against her back, my groin pressing into her lower back, my erection surely noticeable.

I slid an arm around her waist and held her. I felt her tense up. "It's a nice view isn't it?" I whispered in her ear. I followed that with a light kiss on her neck, behind her ear.

"Mm-hmm." She affirmed, still looking out at the city. "Isabella, look at me." I instructed. She spun very slowly and I pulled her harder against me, my erection pressed against her tummy, my slacks and her top the only separation.

Her right hand came up and laid on my pectoral, pressing just a smidge. I felt like she was resisting me. I was confused, she was asking me to take her just a half hour ago, but now she seemed very uncomfortable. I leaned down a tad and pressed my lips against hers and kissed her. She let me but didn't return my kiss. I pulled back and looked her in the eye. "I am ready Isabella." She looked up at me finally, her eyes watery.

"I. . I think I am too. . " "You were ready before, are you not now?" "I. . it feels wrong. This nice room, that big nice bed. This big window. This is the nicest room of any kind I have ever been in. Why. Why are you making it so nice? It felt okay for a girl in the hood, but here. . I . . sister brother ke xxx jabardasti. I am not good enough to be here. . " She looked back to the ground. I put a finger under her chin and raised her face to me again.

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I leaned down again and kissed her, this time pushing my tongue into her mouth. She resisted only a moment before letting me in and returning my kiss. Our tongues danced as our lips jostled. She clasped her hands around my neck as we made out. I pulled off long enough to pull the spaghetti strap of her top over her head and let it fall to her waist.

Her breasts were exposed again. I cupped one and then the other as I continued to probe her mouth with my tongue. Her breasts really did defy logic. How could they be so perky and firm, yet to soft and pliable at the same time. The areolas and nipples symmetrical and small considering the C cup size of her breasts.

At least I think they were C's, though they might have been large B's, I really didn't have that much experience to draw on. My penis was completely engorged and had created a wet spot on my boxers, my pre cum already clearing my delivery system to deposit my sperm inside of this impeccable body before me.

I worked her shorts off and let them fall to the floor, only now realizing she never put underwear back on. I caressed her naked ass cheeks loving the buoyant spongy consistency australia ki blue film dikhaiye her flawless bubble butt.

My finger danced around her anus, wondering not for the first time if I would enter it tonight. Leticia had shown me how great anal sex could feel, and I really did want to deposit myself in every orifice of this young girl. But best not to expect it, just hope for now. After all, I was far from a sex machine. I don't even know how many more times I could cum, I already had a few times today. I just continued to kiss and grope Isabella, fearful that the second my manhood was freed, I would have trouble stopping myself from ravaging her as fast as I could manage.

I loved her taste, her feel, her curves, her smell. I was about to be the envy of every man on Earth, even though I couldn't share it with anyone; or I should say I hope I don't let the cat out of the bag, because sex like this is something you want to share with anyone who will listen.

Eventually her top slid down due to gravity and she was fully nude. I pushed her back against the large window, curtains still drawn, until her butt cheeks were pressed against the window. We continued to kiss each other as I felt my body transitioning into fuck mode and I know I would have to take measures to make sure I was able to give her a memorable love making session instead of a blind animal lust fuck.

I felt a tiny shot of liquid go through my penis and soak my shorts. There was no orgasm so I assume it was more pre-cum, possibly a large amount to account for the liter of cum my balls were already preparing to jettison. I scooped up Isabella's legs and carried her to the bed and laid her down.

she scooted up to the pillow and splayed her hair. She bent one leg over the other her thighs caressing each other. I saw a bit of moisture on her thin coat of pubic hair. Watching her move and groove on the bed, so smooth, so demur, I felt like I was watching a movie.

That perfect skin accentuated by the pure white of the bed, the ying yang, the contrast, making an impossibly horny man hornier. I kept staring, unable to regain my faculties for a minute. I hope I wasn't drooling. I wanted to go down on her and taste her nectar and give her a pre-sex orgasm, but I knew I would never make it. It was time to give into my animal lower brain and try to impregnate this diamond.

I undid my pants and had to gingerly push down my boxers as the pre cum had stuck my cock to my boxers. Finally they were off and the shirt took mere moments. I looked down at my prick, and I swear my average cock had an extra inch and maybe more, the shaft was more red than peach colored, and the head was purple instead of red.

My cock was stretched to the max with engorging blood, it had never been so ready to fuck. I put one knee on the bed, looking up at Isabella's face, her eyes looking fearfully at my penis. While she had been ready, in the moment, knowing it was coming, it was more intense than she had thought.

My cock was bobbing, the base muscles clenching, usually used for pumping out semen, they were so over stimulated by the thought of sex with this 14 year old goddess had it trying to cum before I had even entered her unblemished honey pot.

I climbed above her, one leg outside of her right leg, the other between her legs. I reached down for a minute to give it a stroke, a common habit and my body quivered. I have never before or after felt so wild fuck special for a busty honey from a stroke. I had never been so sensitive, so primed, so ready to plant my pole. I gently spread her legs and laid down on her, my chest on her breast and our faces lined up.

I kissed her deeply again, my throbbing cock grinding against the bed, my crotch still a foot below hers. God dammit I was so close already. I sat up on my knees, I just couldn't start with a cocked and loaded gun. I reached down and began to beat my shaft, the bolts of pleasure flowed fast and powerfully, and in just 6 strokes, my cock let loose. "What are you. .

" Isabella began. "Sorry baby! RRRRRRRRR!" I have never seem cum fly like that. All four shots of my cum hit the headboard. Isabella cowered her face kendra cole in her first ever interracial threesome scene fear of getting cum blonde secretary fucked by huge cock arab boss her like before. "Oh shit. Holy shit.

Fuuu. . Hmmf." I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, I came so damn fast, I didn't even have an orgasm. Just a massive releaving of pressure. I had sat back on my calves to catch my breath and refocus. "Why? W--why did you do that? Why do you keep shooting that stuff everywhere?" Isabella for all her big talk, didn't seem to really understand until now that my penis was going in her and so was all that stuff she didn't seem to like.

But this little girl was going to learn a lot about cum. The taste, the pressure, the viscosity, all of it. She was going to have intimate knowledge of my semen. "Sorry sweetie, I just had to unload so I can do this right." "O--O--Ok." Isabella stuttered, eyeing my penis with a very unsure look on her face. I looked down at my cock, jesus it was still hard. Really hard. It was pulsing, I could see my heartbeat in it. It was beyond time. I laid back down on her and brushed her hair out of her face.

"It's time baby, is there anything else you need?" "I--I--I--I, I don't know. Maybe, maybe I don't. . don't want to. I'm sorry. . " "Just relax sweetheart, I promise to be gentle." "n--n--no, no I. . I don't think I am re--" Isabella's words were cut off my my mouth as I kissed her. I felt her hands pressing against my chest, pushing me away, but I wasn't going anywhere. I angled my head to keep kissing her while I moved my body forward to get my manhood into position to begin the greatest achievement of my life, sex with a drop dead gorgeous teen.

"Mmm-ynnnn-mmmm!" Isabella was trying to protest but her words were lost in my mouth. I found her opening after running my cock along her slit. She was squirming, trying to move away, suddenly completely sure she wasn't ready. But it was better me than those fucking vatos.

I found the right spot and began to push into her. "Nnnnnnnooowwwnnn. Rrrrrmmmbbb!" She tried to stop me. Her hands and legs trying to push me away, but was unsuccessful as my head finally pushed its way inside.

"God damn baby. Ooohhhrrrrmmmm!" I said pulling off her lips for just a minute before locking onto her lips again. One hand was gripping the bed sheet, the other gripping her thigh as I continued to slide inside her. "Jesus baby! Oh my fucking god." I panted, no longer getting enough air muffling her. "N-n-n-n-nno wait. Don't ok? Please. Pull it out ok? Please, it's too big!" She was squeaking her voice out, her face contorted in pain." "I promise you it isn't big baby.

You will find out soon enough, but. . god Isabella just be quiet ok?" I didn't want her ruining the greatest sex I could have with her pointless teen blathering. I looked down at those perfect breasts, sunny leone 3xx sex stories 2019 her eyes as I continued to press forward. I was in halfway now, and yes, her pussy was as amazing as everything else about her.

It felt like I was pushing into a very warm, extremely firm and tight tunnel, and it felt like it was riddled with bumps, massaging my cock with any movement I made.

"Hu. . hu. passionate chihiro akino plays with her big tits and pussy. hu.

. oh, wah-hah-hah. Please, I want to go home!" "I know baby, rrrrruuuah! I promise baby, I will, oooooohrrr! Jesus, how can you feel so perfect? Shit baby. . " "Please stop. . I don't want to." "Oh baby, I'm sorry, I promise it won't be long. I can't stop!" I was panting like crazy and my cock felt like it was on fire, tingling up and down.

Isabella was crying quietly, her face turned staring at the wall, one hand gripping my triceps, the other grasping the sheet in a clenched fist. I looked down at my cock, seeing that I was very close to hitting bottom. Watching my cock push into her underage twat was insane.

I felt alarm bells screaming in my head, my pulse pounding in my temples, my mouth was dry, my arms were shaking from being flexed so hard. "Oh! Oh, shit! Shit!" My voice was a hoarse whisper.

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My cock and gone all the way in. I just froze, fully in her. I wanted to savor it for as long as I could. Her pussy was pulsing, softly but in a distinct pattern from the opening to the cervix, a slight ripple in 6 areas.

It was as fine a pussy as existed, and it like the rest of Isabella was made for sex. Neither of us were moving, but her pussy on instinct was milking my cock. I looked down at her flat tummy, her cute belly button, the piercing hanging from it. I saw the muscles of the area flexing slightly here and there. Isabella was still looking to the side but she was breathing deep. I wondered if she busty in bondage with box on a head what her pussy was doing.

I literally could have never moved again and her pussy would have massaged me to climax before too long. Just fucking incredible! "Isabella, sweetheart. You did it. I am fully inside you baby. You are a woman now, your sister will see as much. If you want me to stop now baby, I will. We can be done. I just wanted to you to know what sex truly was.

Do you want me to take it out?" It's hard to explain but once I was committed, every inch of my being cared only about getting fully inside her. Now that I was, the spell was broken. I wanted to continue more than waking up tomorrow, but I was back in control. Isabelle looked back at me and wiped the drying tear lines from her perfect dolled up without make up face.

She looked down at her groin and propped up on her shoulders.

"I'm a woman. . " She said softly. "Yes baby. You are a woman now, you know how to perform the most feminine of duties. Procreating." I had trouble keeping my voice calm.

Her pussy continued to milk me, sending pressures up different spots of my cock from the base to the head, which was tightly clenched in the unused folds of her femininity.

"Do you want to stop Isabella?" I asked, fearful of the answer. Isabella, looked up at me, her lower lip hooked under her left front teeth, looking at once both innocent and impish. "No. I should know what it is like to the end. But. . but please go slow, I feel like I am not really big enough to accept you, i feel stretching." That sentence alone would be involved in every masturbatory moment going forward.

Hearing I was too big, inside the perfect sex machine. "I will baby, I am going to show you making love." I leaned down and wrapped one arm under her right shoulder and my right scooped up and held her right butt cheek. By pulling her up on my raised thigh, I was able to hold her in a position so that I could move my hips and get maximum mobility with my penis whilst being able to kiss her deeply as I slowly thrust away her innocence.

Every inch of our bodies that could be touching was as I make my long slow deliberate strokes. Her pussy gripped so tight I had to sometimes pull hard to start the retraction. I never stopped caressing her back and neck, ass and thigh. A continuous grunting moan was said into her mouth by me.

It felt like we were making love on water, the waves of the ocean controlling our coitus. "Huuuuh! Heh! Mr. Williams, wh-wh-wh- Ohh!" She closed her eyes and her head fell back to the pillow, for the first time pleasure taking place of pain of her first sinful act. "Yes baby, just let it take you. I love you Isabella! I love you baby!" I continued to thrust when I felt Isabella's legs instinctively slide up and around my hips and her ankles hooked behind me.

Her arm, wrapped around under my arms, her hands now digging into me. Big ass latina fingers her shaved pussy felt her hips buck during one of my thrusts.

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"Eeuuunnng!" Isabella squealed. I trust again and her hips bucked harder. "Ee-Eeeennneeeh! Ouuuuu!" I pumped a bit faster until I felt her pussy walls clench around me and every muscle of Isabella's seemed to flex simultaneously. I stopped my thrusting and laid on Isabella as her body stayed tense for a few seconds before she slowly relaxed and her breathing calmed.

I pulled back off of her. I couldn't believe I had controlled myself and not cum. It was like a Christmas gift. Isabella opened her eyes sleepily. "Oooh! Don't move! Oh god it's so sensitive. What was that?" "I think you huge facial of her life mayashandjobs handjob a orgasm sweetheart." "Wow.

So. . so that white stuff is in me?" "Well no, that stuff is called semen, or cum. But I didn't have an orgasm, you did." "They don't happen at the same time?" "Sadly no." I explained.

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"Oh. So what do we do now?" "Isabella, I wanted to show you what it meant to make love. I thought that was only fair for your first time. And I do love you Isabella. You're flawless, I love you and your untainted body more than my next breath. I need you to do me a favor and let me cum now, for what I did for you." "Um, ok.

What do you want to do?" She asked. "Ow!" She yelped when I popped my swelled cock head free. I walked over and turned off all the lights but the bathroom, giving the room a dark silhouette feel. I reached out and took her hand and pulled her up to her feet. I Kissed her deep and felt her embrace me. "I love you." I said to her again. I led her to the window, looking out and down at the city.

I put her foot up on kim zuluaga transexual story porno landing, pulling her legs apart.

I pressed up against her and pushed her into the sliding glass door. I reached around and massaged her breasts while I kissed her neck and back. I reached down and lined myself up to her opening. "N-no.

N-no wait, it hurts there." "You are a woman baby. A woman now. I need you to be a strong woman and embrace the pain for the next, oh, two minutes.

Can you do that for me baby?" "You love me?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at me, tears in her eyes. "Yes baby." I kissed her over her shoulder and pushed myself back inside her womb. "Nnnaaa. Ooooff. Shit!" Isabella had her head pressed against the glass and her hands trying to grip the glass.

"Oooorrrrrrrrrrmmmmmphhhff. Oh damn Isabella." I pushed all the way in, her pussy like memory foam, it held the pocket I had been in before and accommodated me instantly.

I pulled back and went ahead softly back in. Like starting a mower her pussy began to pulse again, milking me, trying to pry cum from me.

Well it was going to get its with this time. I had never felt such an aching in my balls, I felt like I had a liter of cum in my sack and it belonged wicked legal age teenagers enjoy the casting this impeccable 14 year old pussy.

I did two more slow pumps when I felt the start. That feeling every man knows. The feeling that there is nothing you can do, the cum, is coming. You can fight it and try to fight it, which usually kills half the feeling. You can yank out so avoid the risk of pregnancy. Or you can grip it and rip it, which is usually the biggest payoff.

Guess which one I chose? I reached up to her shoulder across her chest and wrapped around her waist with my other. "I love you baby. . I promise." "I love you, uuah! Mr. Wiiaaahh! Naugh! Nun! Un! Un! Un! Un! Un!" Isabella's repeating grunt matched my pumps.

I was gripping her and holding her to me in position and was thrusting back and forth into to her as fast as I could. Her body slid along the glass balcony door as I ravaged her. Her breasts, hands and pelvis making squeaking noises as they rubbed the glass. There was a light from a club across the way that every 9 seconds or so shot by the balcony. I loved the idea that people could see it, even if not well. But I was fucking the hottest woman alive.

Me! Me! And it was wonderful. Fuck sub par living, this was life! "Ohhhhh Isa. Oooommmmy gooooood baby! Ohma cum baby, ahmacum!" I grunted as I viciously pumped up into her. I felt the cum rush up my shaft and my orgasm explode out of my cock, sending shock waves through me as cum exited my unit. I pumped again, this hot fuck petite couple makin love on webcam two pushing Isabella momentarily off her feet.

"Uh-EEEEENNNNAH!" She squealed. "Ohhhhnnnooo oooorrrrfff!" I cried into her back as my cum shot out again. "Ohhhh ffukkkkkkk!" I moaned as I continued to cum for the next three pumps. I had never cum so much that I had gotten far enough past the initial orgasm to really feel the cum rush through my penis. The feeling was wild and I have never had a repeat.

"Uh-huh=huh-huh. Mmmmnnnah. Hah, hah, hah, hah." Isabella panted against the glass door as I finally slowed my pumping until I was totally drained, and fell to the floor, my already soft penis slipping out of her easily.

As I fell I shoved her to the door one more time, now a smear of cum from her pelvis had left a bit of goo, and her finger and lip prints were everywhere. Isabella slid to her knees and then the floor, next to me. I held her to me and our sweating oozing bodies laid together, feeling the ceiling fan slowly carrying our heat away.

I heard her snoring so slightly, already asleep on me. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me. Knowing I would wake up in a couple of hours, and see if I could pull my plan off.