Mature and girl sex ann

Mature and girl sex ann
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I'm breathing heavily. Master is giving me that look again. Any submissive knows the look I'm speaking of. It's that hungry stare, that glint of mischief, and the surge of power that come when your Master is giving you that look.

I instantly knew that I would not be going to sleep for awhile. I shiver when I feel him move, his broad body moving beside me, his beard tickling my neck. I hear him breathe out a low sigh and then feel it brush up against the most sensitive part of my neck.

His strong, firm hand runs up my curvaceous body painfully slow. He momentarily stops at my hips before he continues feeling up the side of my body, sliding his hand over the curve of my waist, and up further still.

While I'm fully expecting it, I still let out a surprised moan when he roughly grabs my tit. He forces it up and grips it tightly, and then he lets it go. I have my eyes closed, wondering what he will do next, and just as I open up my eyes- SMACK! He hit my large tit hard and I moaned in response.

I squirmed a little and in a small voice I whispered, "Please Master, give me more." "You want more?" He said in a demanding tone, "You don't get to ask slut!" His voice boomed, "You don't get to say no. You can only sit there and take it, whatever I decide to do to you, you take it, because you are mine." "Yes Sir," I moaned still shivering next to him.

He was being mean tonight, normally he lets me beg, and ask for what I want. I'm not going to complain, though. I'm his dirty little cunt, and he has the right to do whatever he wants to me, and I'm not going to lie; I love it when he's mean to me. "That's it, baby" he cooed, "If you're a good girl for Master I might cum in your dirty cunt.

You'd like that, wouldn't you whore?" He punctuated black whore tatyonna hates getting throat pusblack whore tatyonn tube porn phrase with another hard slap to my tit. "Mhmm, yes sir!" I moaned, leaning back into him, "I'd like it very, very much Master." He sat up a little higher and started to assault my tit. He slapped it hard not once, or twice, but upwards of ten times.

Then he pinched my nipple, first gently, and then harder and pretty soon he was pinching my nipple as hard as he could and pulling it, making me moan in both pleasure and pain. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my ass, and before I could say anything he placed one of his hands around my neck and grabbed tightly, while the other spread my legs open wide and then went to my dripping pussy.

As he began to choke me his fingers began rubbing furiously at my clit and I writhed in his arms. I began to moan loudly and while I tried my best to keep my legs spread as wide as possible for my Master, the feeling in my cunt became so intense It was nearly impossible for me to keep my legs spread.

I made the mistake of closing my legs and I was instantly reprimanded with a strong slap to my face. "Keep your legs spread." Master ordered as he continued to rapidly rub my clit. "Yes Sir!" I moaned as he placed his other hand back around my neck. I whimpered.

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His fingers rubbing my tiny little nub felt so incredibly good. It had only been a minuet and I already wanted to cum. The way he moved his fingers was heavenly, the amount of pressure wasn't too much nor was it too light. It was perfect, and it felt perfect. I couldn't help but moan out the entire time he played with my sensitive button. It took a few moments but once again I got lost in the pleasure and closed my legs again. The punishment was the same.

This time though it was two hard slaps to my face. "Keep your fucking legs open you dirty little whore!" Master shouted "If you don't keep your legs fucking spread open for me you do not get to cum, do you understand?" "Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir," I moaned as he rapidly continued his work. I waited as long as I could but it became too much and I felt the need to cum. "Master! Oh, fuck, Master! Please let your dirty little cunt cum! Please!" I whimpered while wiggling in my Master's strong arms.

"Oh, does my little whore need to cum?" "Yes, Sir! Please Master, please let your whore cum all over your hand." "Okay baby," he whispered into my ear, "you can cum as long as you squirt like a good little slut." I nodded, "Yes, Sir!" I moaned out loudly and bucked my hips into my Master's hand and I felt my orgasm come to valentines day fucking in public exhibitionist and hardcore surface and with one final flick of his finger I squirted on his hand and screamed.

He shoved his cunt licked naked brunette giving footjob in return in my cunt as I came and after I was done he pulled them out and made me lick them clean. "That's a good girl," he murmured, kissing my hair. "Now, slut," he whispered, "bend over." "Yes Sir," I moaned and the moment he had stood up I did as I was told, putting my ass high up in the air and keeping my face down in the bed sheets.

I didn't feel him near me for a moment, but I knew better than to look up and search the room for him. Instead, I listened. I heard him shuffling in the drawer we have next to our bed. I waited for a moment and sure enough I felt him standing behind me.

I then felt his large, strong hands grip my big ass. He let out a content sigh and rubbed my ass for a few moments, just feeling it in his hands. It felt good to have him rub my ass. He spread it open and put his thumb over my asshole and shoved it in a little, making me moan out. Content with that for now, he gave my ass a nice hard slap. He reached over to the side of the bed where he had put whatever it was that he had gotten out.

I then felt him lift my arms and tie them together. I was also told to lift my head up and open my mouth and he tied the ball gag behind my head. I could feel his gaze on my ass and cunt and it wasn't long until I felt his ridged shaft pressing up against my dripping cunt. I whimpered around the gag and I wiggled my hips at him, the only way I had to beg.

However rather than getting his deliciously thick cock in my tight little cunt, he slapped my ass. Hard. I moaned and shivered.

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I then heard him chuckle. I waited a second, and when I didn't feel anything I relaxed. However, that's when Master decided to slap my ass with a leather paddle. I moaned out, and he did it again. He didn't stop spanking me until my ass was bright red, and it was only then when he put the paddle down, roughly grabbed my hips, and forced his thick cock all the way into me. He let out a sexy, low moan which made my entire body shiver. To me, my Master's moans are the best praise.

There's no better way to know that I've been good than hearing that sexy, assfucked taboo babe gets pounded in closeup moan he has. I felt him begin to fuck me faster. I moaned loudly around the gag and that made him grab my hair and pull me upwards, causing me to clench tightly around his cock.

He let his free hand off of my hip for a moment to slap my ass once again and partially spread it open. I could hear his moans getting louder and louder, and that made me tighten around him more and more. I could barely take it anymore. I was screaming around my gag and I could feel my second orgasm building in me and I knew it wouldn't be very long until I had to cum.

A thin layer of sweat coated my body and drool was escaping my lips around the gag. I was rocking my hips back into my Master's and I could feel him start pushing his cock harder and harder into me.

I didn't know how much longer I could hold in my cum. It felt too good to be so wonderfully fucked by my loving yet firm Master.

His thick juicy cock just filled up my cunt to perfection and the harder he fucked me the more I wanted to cum. Suddenly my Master paused.

He let go of my hair and gripped my ass again, rocking his hips back and forth, simply watching my big ass cheeks jiggle. After a brief moment of that he clenched my hips and started pounding away. He was going to cum, and he was going to cum soon. I knew lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs, and the thought of him cumming deep in my dirty little cunt made me want to cum that much more.

"Oh, that's right my dirty little slut, clench that tight cunt around my cock. I'm gonna cum in your dirty little cunt, whore. When I cum I want you to fucking squirt on my cock, understand?" He demanded.

I moaned out a muffled yes and nodded and he pumped in and out of my cunt as quickly as he could and then with one last deep shove into my cunt, he came. And like the good little slut I am, I squirted around his meaty cock. We both moaned and I shivered.

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He stayed buried in my cunt for a bit and when he did pull out he untied my gag and my hands and the plopped on the bed. I quickly snuggled up next to him and he pulled the covers over us. I was laying on one of his arms and the other draped around my waist protectively and I felt very loved and safe in his arms. "I love you, baby. You were a perfect little slut tonight." He whispered as he kissed my hair. "I love you too, Master." I smiled, "I want to be the best slut I can for you, Master." With one more kiss we both fell asleep and I couldn't help but wonder how I got this lucky.