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Hot girls who can act also photo comp tube porn
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Chapter two. Breaking her in "Hey Buddy." I say as I answer the phone "Hey, Kevin I was wondering if you wanted a beer tonight it's been a while since we chatted." My friend replies. "Sorry I can't, I just got some stuff on my plate" then a thought comes across my mind. "I am about to head out of town for a few days sorry." This will make it so I will be alone "No problem well take care." Heading back to the room I can hear her screaming and fighting again, I grin and decide to my camera and try to humiliate her just a little more.

Walking in she tries to turn and see me. Being tied to the table she can't see me yet and she starts screaming for her freedom again.

She pauses for a second when the camera flash goes off. "What the fuck you dick now you're taking child pornography pictures. You really are a sick mother fucker." "Why slut I guess you're right.

But not that you care. You're a fuck toy after all." I keep taking her picture getting some close up of her pussy lips making sure she sees me capture everything. After I get several picture of her perfect body I finally decide it's time to take her cherry. Putting the camera down I and I went to her and finish taking off my cloths. When she sees my cock she starts struggling to get out of the ties.

I see her fight and I decide to torture her some with a little bit of teasing. I rub my cock up and down her cunt watching her try fighting her fate. Finally after a few minutes of her cussing and fighting I am ready at a moment when she pauses to take a breather I shove my cock in as hard as I can.

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I hear her screaming in pain and it was music in my ears. "You mother fucker prick that fucking hurts you better watch out you fucker I am going to fucking kill you and fucking burn you to the ground." And blah blah blah. What a cry baby. I just sit with my cock balls deep into her tight throbbing pussy letting her struggles continue feeling her tight pussy move with her body.

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Once she stops fighting I start fucking her hard. Her tears streaming down her face as she knows that her prized possession, the whole reason she ran violaciones de primos violanda su primas to protect as stolen by a guy who played her. While she is crying I roughly maw her B cup tits, squeezing, slapping and rolling her nipples making each scream a sound of great pleasure. I just want my first time with her to be fast and brutal, after all I want to have more fun breaking her spirit.

I untie her and drag her to a stockade like contraption. When she sees where I'm going to take her she starts fighting me again. Damn this is going to be fun. "The more you fight me bitch the more I will enjoy breaking your spirits" I say as I force her neck into the harness and lock it in. next I irrumation in outdoor environment hardcore and blowjob to get her arms into place.

"You are one sick bastard just you wait you little fucker till you are unsuspecting me to do anyt" her bitching is cut off as I shove a ring gag into her mouth. Finally I strap her legs down in a kneeling position, both at the ankle and just under the knees.

"So I was thinking just a fuck and leaving you alone but you seem to want to be a fighter and not accept fate so should I use the cane, crop or paddle?" I go and grab all three just to see what gets the best result. First I swing the paddle as hard as I can stinging her ass and hearing her cry out as best as she can with the ball gag, next I get the crop and I swing with just as much force. This time I hear you screech in pain. Finally the cane results in another scream.

"So I think the crop will work great for today's breaking slut, unless you are ready to behave like a good whore." She glares at me as she tries to scream while her mouth is stretched open. My cock is hard again so I shove it deep inside her mouth and hold it deep inside feeling her gag.

I pull out and return to slapping her tits with my hand before I get to her ass and start cropping her ass. After 13 cracks across her tight ass she starts breaking down and crying and making sounds while shaking her head. To bad I don't think she has had enough and smack her ass 10 more times. By now she is crying hysterically and when I stop she relaxes. I move to the front of her and face her grinning as a boy on Christmas.

"ok slut we are almost done, just two things left." I face fuck hard and long, pulling her hair as I pound her face harder and harder. When I come I make sure the tip of my cock is just about to the back of your throat making sure that she will have my cum paste itself down the back of her throat. Finally I pull out and I aim my cock to her face before I piss aiming to make sure most of it get into her mouth.

Though some aimed at her eyes and hair. After I am done I leave her tied up and covered in my cum and piss. "I got to go I need to take a nap now you tire me out. But don't worry fuck I will be back to make sure your ass gets its fuck too" I put nipple clamps on her tits before leaving I set my nap timer for 30 minutes and close my eyes.