Julia oppai jav japan reading news

Julia oppai jav japan reading news
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My Mistress looked on as three of her gorgeous, naked handmaidens made the final adjustments. One of them, a cute little brunet who couldn't have been over 18 years old with the body of a voluptuous cherub, snugly inflated the watertight seal around my neck. My head was now securely sealed inside the clear glass pedestal of my Mistress' newly installed Ingolstadt toilet!

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I was its first inmate and would remain so for as long as she desired. The other two women, both blondes, probably in their mid twenties, and every bit as mouthwatering to look at, finished securing my naked body to the platform that extends behind the toilet.

My cock stood tall and as stiff as an iron pipe, reflecting my intense arousal as I watched those three beautiful young females busily going about their tasks. Its eight-inch stature, as well as my balls, looked even more prominent due to the dozen or so elastic bands that were snugly wrapped around them. Two of the bands encircled both my scrotum and the base of my penis causing an extra thick and almost painful erection. The rest of the bands were fastened around my balls in such a manner that they were widely separated and sensuously stretched up and outward, making them completely vulnerable to anything my twisted Mistress might desire to do to them.

Unfortunately, none of these women were the least bit interested in my rather well endowed physique as they were all confirmed lesbians. So the only contact I would ever have with any of their delectable bodies would be while serving as their human toilet.

After my installation was completed, I was left on my own to lie in lustful anticipation of that which I knew must come. Later that evening Mistress Justine planned to celebrate her new acquisition with a number of her really kinky female friends, and I had no doubt that they would all want to examine and make use of the newly installed facility and its inmate…me!

I also reflected on the workings of my own mind; the powerful urge which had brought me to my present extraordinary situation. True, I recognized that the prime motive was sexual lust, jessica on despite her being in love with her man in poland she couldnt resist the big black there was another underlying element; a mystic one. It was a craving to seek reality and oneness; to attain the sublime. This I knew I could only do by the most deep and expansive appreciation of detail, and by stretching my senses to their limit.

So, with mounting apprehension I awaited the moment of my first testing. Although I'd never served as a full-fledged toilet, I had, on a few occasions, been granted the privilege of meticulously licking my beautiful Mistress' ass clean after she "fed" one of her other slaves, and was now being rewarded for my enthusiasm and thoroughness.

I knew she would want to be the first to use her new facility to make sure everything was in proper working order, and to test her new toilet slave. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the door to the small bathroom opened and Mistress Justine entered. She was wearing a plush white robe, which she casually shrugged off, letting it drop into a heap at her feet. My eyes drank in the splendor of her mature, naked Latin body; long black hair framing large firm breasts, nipples pierced, ringed, and connected with several fine gold chains; deep navel in a slightly rounded belly; full flaring hips tapering into smooth yet powerful thighs; a cleanly shaven, beautifully prominent pubis.

Her moist inner labia were also pierced, ringed, and connected by fine gold chains. Her gorgeous Rubinesque body was a study in anatomic perfection!

She strode forward and stood arrogantly, hands on her hips, gazing down into my face as though trying to read my thoughts. Then she turned and stood with her back to me and wantonly flaunted the blemish-free beauty of her full, firm, majestic ass. Peering up through the ovoid aperture in the toilet seat, I watched her fingers reach back and clutch her satiny honey-colored cheeks.

"Prepare to do your duty", she taunted in her thick sexy Spanish accent, as she pulled them wide apart. And there, nestled at the center of its aureole of dark tan puckered skin, was the exquisite star of Mistress Justine's anus! My eyes traveled slowly up along the deep cleft between her powerful dominating buttocks to the dimples at the base of her spine just above those swelling cheeks. Rapturously, I began to study each individual feature closely, feeling that here indeed was an incomparable opportunity to combine mystical meditation and eroticism in the reverent contemplation of the most exquisite anatomical detail.

My heart was pounding and my rigid cock was throbbing in anticipation of what would soon follow. She gave a brief glance over her shoulder before imperiously taking her seat upon the clear glass toilet pedestal. Immediately the space through which I glamour redhead teen babe janice drilled on her pussy on the bed gazing was filled with a vision of unsurpassed voluptuousness; her magnificent cheeks now drawn even wider apart and between them, poised mere inches above my helpless upturned face, the moist, musky-smelling perfection of Mistress Justine's unwashed asshole!

I was immediately treated to a long, loud, airy fart and I inhaled its thick heady fragrance deeply as it wafted over me. My lust and anticipation were being push far beyond anything I had ever experienced! I watched intently as her sphincter subtly muscled in and out, savoring every nuance and meaning of that deliciously threatening movement. Finally, it was nudged open by the glistening tip of the first fruit of her bowels. With a feeling of the most profound reverence I watched as a fat moist column of dark brown shit slowly emerged inch by amazing inch from her delightfully distended anus to hang heavy and steaming directly above my wide open mouth.

I studied the smoothly contoured surface of the long thick turd while enjoying its pungent aroma. My mind reeled with excitement…with the intensity and sensual intimacy of the moment.

I longed to taste that magnificent turd hanging menacingly over my face. I desired more than ever to prove my worthiness by dutifully eating my Mistress' shit straight from her lovely anus! Eventually, the stool fell and lodged in the back of my throat with the other end protruding at least five inches from between my parted teeth and lips like some monstrously thick cigar.

Mistress Justine leaned forward, looked down into my face, and commanded, "Bite through it, slave." I obeyed. While gazing lovingly into her eyes my teeth closed slowly until they met in the soft warm center of the huge turd. The external severed piece fell heavily across my nose, which forced me to inhale its exotic aroma with every excited breath I took.

This detail did not go unnoticed by my wonderfully depraved Mistress as she gazed down at me with amusement.

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"Now mash my shit between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. I want to see it oozing through your teeth", she ordered (or was it more of a dare?). She watched with perverse excitement as I again obeyed her command. I pressed firmly with my tongue against the cloying mass in my mouth and, after considerable effort, was able to force her excrement slowly out between my slightly parted teeth. My senses were being stretched to their limit and I thought to myself, this is truly sublime!

I was tasting the acrid essence of the very being of my incredible Mistress and it was as though I were eating ambrosia! I savored and swallowed all that I had left in my mouth. Mistress Justine then said in a lusty voice, "There's more." I eagerly opened my mouth as wide as I could exposing my shit-coated teeth and tongue.

There then followed, very slowly and controlled, the remaining pent-up harvest of her bowels…and her bladder! While several more softer, lighter-colored stools slid out of her rectum to teenslovemoney curvy latina fucked for free ride and money large cock and beautiful fill my mouth and pile up on my face, I was also inundated with a long hot torrent of her sweet golden urine. I was overwhelmed!

My mouth was packed full and my face was all but covered beneath Justine's fresh steaming shit and piss. I was amazed and excited not only by the huge amount she produced but also by the varying size and texture of her delicious turds. After the first big, semi-firm, dark brown one, the rest were more the color and consistency of peanut butter, and I moaned with indescribable pleasure as they were artfully extruded from her delightfully distended asshole to pile up rope-like on my face.

After completely emptying her rectum she stood up and inspected the havoc her bowels had wrought upon her new toilet slave. "Now show me how much you adore and worship your Queen!", she gloated. Dutifully, I began the taxing process of consuming her massive load of warm, soft, pungent shit while my beautiful Mistress watched and casually masturbated.

Closing my eyes, I began to experience a great sense of inner peace and oneness. Of course, I was also looking forward to servicing each of Justine's weird sexy guests in much the same way.

I must say, it was the perfect beginning of a busy, challenging, very filling evening!