A mommy wants you to cum in her mouth

A mommy wants you to cum in her mouth
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The cool afternoon was a nice change from the hot weather we had earlier. The sky looking like it's going to rain, but one of those warm showers you don't mind instead of a down pour. It was then that you looked over me. Your eyes a little leary of whether or not we would make it back to the car. We had been walking down the path about 45 minutes.

The trees started to sway as the wind picked up and there was no shelter in sight. Your T-shirt dress was getting spots from the rain drops. In the distance on the side of the trail was a bench, more of a 2x10 board across two tree stumps, but we were in no hurry. You grabbed my hand, pulled me to it.

I sat down. You sat on my lap, leaning in to kiss me. It was a slow, deep kiss.

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Your fingers in my hair and my arms around you. The rain was picking up. As the warm drops came harder, you looked both left and right. Seeing the empty path for a quarter mile in each direction reaffirmed your decision.

You stood up quickly and with a single motion lifted the hem of your dress over your head. Leaving you standing in front of me with just your sandals. When I picked at your house earlier you mentioned you had a surprise.

I had noticed your hard nipples through your thin dress but thought you it was a new bra. Little did I know, you had been planning to do something this afternoon, you just didn't know where.

You really wanted to surprise me, and you had done that. You stood there in the wet. Feeling the drops hit every part of your body.

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Warm rivers of rainwater flowing from your shoulders to your thighs. You're body shimmering in the patchy light left filtering through the tree tops. I stood and did my best to lift you off the ground on to the bench. You body now a foot above mine, your wet hair dangling down into my face, the rain the only sound. You lean in and kiss me.It seems like a small moment, a tiny movement, your naked body pressed to me, our lips meeting, but electricity passing between us.

The rain picks up and you lean your head back. The water soaking both of us completely. You smile and look down at me. Aren't you over dressed, you say ryely. The next few moments are blurry, hands grabbing and undoing things. My shorts on the ground, my shirt on the bench. The smile never leaves you face as we hold each other.

Naked, only our shoes on, you kiss down my chest. Tasting the rain and my body. You lean down and take my cock into your mouth. The swollen head filling your mouth, and even though we are wet from head to toe, you still taste my sweet precum.

My hands run all over your body as you blonde with bbc porn stars real couple couch sex hardcore banging my cock. You knew that I wouldn't last. I had been watching your ass as we walked down the path. I try to stop you from what your doing, by pulling you away, but you have other plans. You speed up and pump harder. Pressing my cock into your throat. You know I'm about to cum and continue, knowing I wanted to fuck you first.

Then you feel me stiffen. My cock hardens and you feel the warmth in your mouth.

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You swallow me and look up, knowing I wanted to do, but also knowing that I wasn't getting soft anytime soon. The rain begins to let up, not stopping, just slowing to a light sprinkle. Sunlight begins to trickle through and make the forest around us glow. I pull you up and kiss you, tasting me on your tongue. But before you relax I slap your ass. A spanking you well deserved. A pink outline begins to form as you try to pull back. I wrap my arms around you and lift you up on to the bench again.

This time I spread your legs. So you indulge me and strike your best wonder woman pose. Hands on hips, legs should width apart. That's when you notice me sitting between your feet. I sat myself on the bench between your feet, putting my mouth right at the front of you pussy. Japanese milf housewife and house decorators pt on hdmilfcamcom you could get away I was pressing your clit into my mouth.

My hands grabbing your ass cheeks and your box in my mouth. You start to lose fall over as I push you to your physical limits of balance and stamina.You begin to shudder once, then twice, and when I feel you start the third orgasm, I let you lilt down. Your body sliding down mine.I position myself to place your soaking wet pussy on to my thick cock.

Filling you finally and letting you have the orgasm that you had really wanted. You sitting on my lap facing me. Legs wrapped around me, arms on my shoulders and lay your head down on my shoulder.

Whispering, you say, "don't stop." Your body melts into me. Your hips began to gyrate on me. You cling to my neck forcing yourself to keep going as you reached another Apex. I knew you couldn't keep this up, so I stood up lifted you off me. As I stood you up your legs began to buckle. I turned you around and bent you over. Your hands resting on the bench your ass out for me.

I lined up and slid all the way into you from behind and your arms gave leaving you on you elbows. I was relentless. I had a raging superman dick that wasn't going anywhere soon. I let the rain wash the sweat off of us and thrust into you. I was holding your hips to keep you upright as the pounding continued.

Hard and deep, stretching you as you liked. The only time I slowed was to get a better grip on your wet body.

It was hard and fast. Only after I felt you start to feel you unable to stand did I stop. I sat you down on the bench. You looked up at me reached out and put my cock back in your mouth. I stopped you and leaned down. As I kissed you the rain slowed and stopped. I said to you, "we better finish this another time. I think I'm going to have to carry you out of here." You pouted, but agreed tossing on your wet dress while I gathered my clothes. It wasn't far, and the piggy back ride I gave made you feel safer than you've been.