Let a nerdy girl wrap her fingers around your cock joi

Let a nerdy girl wrap her fingers around your cock joi
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I am talking about sexual humiliation of people I know, including myself. Humiliation, sexual as well as social, is the fate of the majority of the world population. How do they live their daily life with this feeling of humiliation? Can they ignore it, forget the occasion of humiliation? Or is it possible that many even derive some pleasure from it? I think I am quite competent to talk about this phenomenon, being a victim of it myself. When I was twelve, I got ass-fucked in the public by a boy of sixteen who was very well built and strong.

While he was fucking me, my schoolmates, at least 8 or 10 of them, including a girl, were standing around in a circle and enjoying the show. It happened in a park, and even some people passing by watched for a moment and then went further without taking any actions. The town we lived in was small and my fucker was very well known there, since his father was one of two doctors the town had.

So he kept on fucking me and making fun of me because I had a small cock, just like my dad, about two inches only, and those days at the age of twelve it was obviously even smaller. I was stripped of all my clothes and standing upright. "Can you find his cock? Where is it? Doesn't he have one? Oh, that small piece of flesh is his cock? Let's see if this mini stub gets hard. Only then I will believe that he has one." He then told one of my classmates to take my cock in his hand and make it stiff.

Unfortunately, I had always fancied touching his cock. He was a real handsome guy. So the moment he got hold of my cock, it teen dancing naked hd xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play stiff. But even the stiff cock was hardly visible while my classmate was holding it.

He then held it between two of his fingers, so that others could see my cock. They all started laughing. In the mean time, my fucker was already at the verge of cumming. "Leave it", he told my schoolmate, "let me see what I can do with it." He started now pounding in my ass and at the same time grabbed my cock moving it forward and backward ferociously till, first time in my life, I exploded. "HUH! HUH! HUH! HOOOHHH!" "Oh god! So much juice coming out of this mini stub one can hardly see." He couldn't say anything more because he started pouring his juice in my ass.

Everybody standing there, including the girl, started clapping and shouting. This went on for, I don't remember how long; before they all disappeared one by one, and the show was over. But for me, the actual humiliation started the next day, when I went to the school. Every boy and girl in this school knew about the show by the time I arrived.

I don't want to go into details of how I suffered, not only on this day, but for the next three years until I left the school. In fact, even after I left the school, many, especially girls, used to point at me on the streets or in Cafes and laugh, saying: 'Look, the Mini Stub is coming'. If girls were alone when I approached, they would say: 'Hey, Mini, take out your stub, rub it hard to make it stiff, so that we can see it.

We want also to see your juice. Come on, do it. We wont tell anyone'. I knew they will. But somehow I had become quite indifferent to what others said to me or about me. I must admit that it gave me some pleasure knowing that I have become almost an Important Person in the town. Almost everybody wanted to look at a cock which is only two inches when stiff. Not only the kids. Several times I had even to show their mothers the Mini. I enjoyed that. I would even masturbate when they wanted to see how much juice would come out of such a tiny cock.

And there I had my triumph because my Mini produced more cumshot than some fathers and cocksucking euros having fun at sex party of those watching my performance. If you talk to others about what humiliated you and how you feel about it, then they also do the same. Slowly you build up a community of humiliated who communicate with each other, are no more eager to hide their shame, can even start laughing about what happened to them, yes, in some cases of sexual humiliation, they can even admit to draw pleasure by remembering such events.

I will now tell what happened to my parents before I was born. I wont say in which country they lived. It could have been in any country of world where political turmoil, racial and religious conflicts keep on producing millions of people deprived of their belongings, robbed, raped and thrown out of their domiciles. My dad was 27 at that time and my mom 20.

They got married two years earlier. They had to leave their motherland and live as refugees in a neighbouring country. My dad managed to become a maths teacher in a grammar school in a small village they were living. My mom was working as a cook in an upper class family. The village had hardly 200 people.

Only my parents belonged to a minority religion, never mind which one, the others belonged to majority religion which ruled the country. As a result of political, ethnical and religious conflicts, those days millions of people belonging to the minority religion in that country were fleeing to those parts of the world where their religion had the majority.

Murder, rape and loot was happening every day.

Also, my parents, especially my mom was dark coloured, while the majority of the people living in that country had a fair tan. One day, my mom became victim of a gang rape on the main street of their village. Not the neighbours gang raped her, but refugees coming from other parts of the country, who were themselves victim of murder and rape.

She was actually going with my dad to do some shopping. They went hardly one block from their home, when, all of a sudden, seven or eight men came out of a shop and, before my parents knew what was happening, they were pushed into a side street with a dead end. About a dozen male persons, including some kids, gathered around my parents.

My mom related to me later what happened on that day. They had stripped her stark naked in front of everybody. My dad was aghast seeing my mom standing naked on the street. In fact, he had never seen her naked before. Those days it was common in that country that a couple would have sex in darkness.

The man would lift the gown or skirt of the partner under a cover and release his cock from pyjama or whatever he is wearing, penetrate the vagina with it and keep on pumping in until releasing his load. Then he will take out his dick, turn his back to his wife and go to sleep.

My father saw that one of the men was holding his cock, much bigger than his own, in one hand and crushing one of the tits of my mom with the other. "Look, what smashing figure this foreign bitch has. Come on, I will fuck her from the front and some one must fuck her ass also. Then we will swap." My mom was a real beauty. She was quite tall, about 5'8", while my father was only 5'. She had magnificent breasts, real tight buttocks, slim legs and a lovely pussy covered with a thin layer of dark pubic hair.

I know what I am talking about, since I lived with her in a single room after my father's death when I was four. I never had sex with her, but I have jerked off many times when I saw her without clothes on.

Even now, she is over 80I get a hard-on when I happen to get a glimpse of her secret parts. My father was paralysed. He did nothing. He just stood there watching how his wife got fucked, in her pussy and ass, again and again, until all those 8 or 10 men had their satisfaction. The shopkeepers there knew my parents, since they used to buy groceries and other stuff in those shops.

But they did not intervene, most probably because they were afraid of those 8 or 10 working class people who kept on shouting while fucking my mom: "You bastard foreigners take away our jobs. So, you either leave the country or we will fuck your cunts and asses in and out." They had left my mom alone after ravishing her for over two hours, but taken all her clothing with them, so that she can't go to the police and report.

She was still in shock, standing naked on the street with quite a bit of sperm juice dripping down her immaculate thighs. Now even kids were standing in front of her and enjoying her nakedness, fumbling her tits, pussy and ass. At last, some of the shopkeepers came to drive the kids away. One of them gave my lovely mom a piece of cloth to hide her shame. After all this has happened, my father sort of woke up from his trance state and went to my darling mother to hold her firm in his hands.

All the way back to their home a block away, they were accompanied by all the witnesses of the raping, laughing, giggling and making obscene comments about my mom.

There were also some students of my dad there. "Sir, will you come to the school tomorrow? Bring your mistress with you. All students of the school must see your gorgeous wife naked as we have seen. Then we will all wank together. That will be a real feast! " Their ordeal was not over after this episode.

Next morning, my dad had to go to his school. He knew what was expecting him. Not only some of his students, but also several teachers were witnesses of the rape. He knew that even before this event, many of his co-teachers used to comment about his wife, whispering and saying, they would give anything to have her thighs open under them. "My god, if I could only hold one of her tits once in my hand. I think they are stone hard!" They would whisper such things in such a way that my dad could hear what they were saying.

So, what will happen now that they have seen every inch of her immaculate body as naked as she was born. What will they say? He thought for a moment to skip the school for the day, but that could have cost his job, because they were only looking for an excuse to get rid of the only teacher in the school who belonged to the minority religion. And, after all, he will have to go there anyway, on that day or a hair pulled while fucking zoe parkers pussy doggystyle pornstars hardcore later.

The morning came and things happened which changed the life plan of my parents totally. First, my dad went out very early in the morning, as he did everyday, to fetch milk from the milk store. The store was not very far from their home. While he was approaching the shop, he saw other shopkeepers running to the milk store. He immediately knew that they will now make him run the gauntlet. They were chatting with each other and laughing when he entered the shop. The youngest son of the storekeeper, about 15, who had witnessed the rape, came forward with the milk can, placed it near my dad, went back a few steps and waited.

His father asked my dad whether my mom has recovered herself from yesterday's 'exertions'. My father saw a grin on each face, including that of the kid. "You should wait now for at least a week before you use your wife to get your relaxation," said the shopkeeper. Before my father could say anything, another shopkeeper from the neighbourhood, who was playing with his stiff cock under his attire, said: "I think that will be difficult.

I am sure he takes her every night. I would have taken her several times a day:" All started laughing and my dad paid for the milk and left the shop without any comment. On his way back, he started thinking about leaving the village and migrate to the country his forefathers came from, the border being only a few miles from the village. He regretted now that he didn't listen to his wife when she suggested two months ago to migrate.

Now it is too late, he thought, to avert the worst. He had to change his mind a few minutes later when he reached home. The worst was yet to come. When he reached the compound of his home, he saw the headmaster of his school standing, stark naked, just behind his wife with both her tits in his hands, pressing his cock against her tight buttock.

At the same time, the English teacher had raised the skirt of my mom and was enjoying the view of her dark pussy with almost no pubic hair. Also the vernacular teacher was there, the youngest of the three. He still didn't have a chance to get hold of my mom. He was busy giving a good massage to his cock. "What's this, what are you doing to the wife of your colleague?", exclaimed my dad.

"Wife of our colleague? Have you gone mad? Do you think someone whose wife has become a whore, can be our colleague? We have come here to hand out your immediate dismissal as teacher in our school. It is on the table.

And you know, in our country a whore is everybody's property. So, now let us enjoy this bitch. If you don't like to watch our feast, you can go out for a walk. Otherwise you can stay here." "She is not a whore.

She got raped against her will", whimpered my father. "Shut up! Whoever has been enjoyed by seven or eight in the public, is a whore.

Period!" came the answer. After that, my father was again in the same situation as during the gang rape the day before. He just stood there motionless and watched how three of his colleagues enjoyed his wife one after another in various manners.

It went according to seniority. Of course, the first to have my mom was the headmaster. By now my mom was again completely naked. So was also the headmaster. But he didn't fuck her. He told her to put her left foot on a low cot which was there in the compound. She did as ordered and he immediately put one of his finger in her pussy and started masturbating her.

"What are you doing? What is this?", said my mom, totally shocked because she knew the fingering will bring her to orgasm, and that would have been a shame to show everybody, including her husband, that someone taking her by force can give her pleasure. "Do you know what I want? I just want to see how a foreign woman like you looks when she comes".

My mother had related this incident to me many years later. She said that at the moment the headmaster said that he wants to see her come, she decided to stop resisting and start getting some pleasure. I have heard this kind of reasoning from many who have been humiliated in one form or the other. In fact, I have experienced it in my own case. It happens when humiliation brings you to the brink of physical or mental annihilation.

The nature spends you a survival weapon, or as my mom said, a 'survival code'. You turn the table. Humiliation gives satisfaction to the perpetrator as long as his victim feels the humiliation.

He becomes totally dislocated when the victim displays satisfaction instead of humiliation. He is then under control of the victim. In some ways, he is now the victim of his victim. My mother decided in her worst moment of degradation to exploit the situation which was beyond her busty brunette minx receives a messy facial, the wilful and arbitrary sexual abusement, in her favour.

What else could she have done? The headmaster's finger-fucking and tit-mauling was too much for her. Now she started enjoying it consciously. She started breathing heavily and groaning a little before she exploded. UH! UH! HUH! HUH! OH! OH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OH! OH! It didn't matter anymore. They were all, except her husband, enjoying her outburst.

"Didn't I say, she is a perfect whore. Have you seen how she enjoyed my fingur-fucking?" The Headmaster was totally satisfied with his performance. "Has your husband ever given you such satisfaction? I bet he hasn't. Tell me, he hasn't, will you?" "No, he has not, never". She told me later that she would have said this in any case, because otherwise they may have been tortured.

But she also admitted to me that till then my dad had really never satisfied her. His one inch cock was never stiff for more than a few seconds which he used to utilize to empty his balls inside her womb. After that, he would go to sleep immediately and she would mostly start rubbing her clit till she had her orgasm. So, this was their marriage life. By now, the cock of the headmaster was beginning to give him trouble. He told my mom to kneel down and suck his cock.

She had never done it, so she didn't know what to do. "You whore, don't tell me you have never taken your husband's cock in your mouth!" "No, I have not, never." "Okay, then you do it now". "Do what?" "Suck your husband's cock first and then suck my cock." "Take off his clothing and start sucking. We still have plenty of work left". All three teachers started laughing. My mom took off my dad's attire. Hilarious laughter again after seeing my dad's tiny cock. Now my darling mom was kneeling down and sucking her husband's cock.

She knew they will laugh again. Hardly had she started sucking his cock, he came. OH! OH! OH! OH! UUHH! He even rammed his tiny thing into my mom's mouth. "See, didn't I say, she never had any satisfaction from this dwarf.

Here's the proof. He can't even hold for 2 seconds". They wouldn't let my father put on his attire. "You sit here naked and watch how we give your wife what you have never given her, PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PLEASURE." The sweet looking teen dancing stripping masturbation amateur of the headmaster was at least seven inches. My mom almost choked with that cock in her mouth and him pushing and pulling her head with increasing speed.

But now she was beginning to enjoy the whole thing. She started slurping and slobbering on the huge cock wantonly, licking and sucking and doing her best to bring him to climax. HUH! HUH! HUH! I AM CUUUMMING! OH MY Eurobabe gets her pussy nailed in a room for some money flashing bigtits OH!

OH! HUHH! HUHH! He inundated my mom's mouth, throat and all with load after load of cum. "You are a nice bitch. From now on I want you to do the same at least three times a week, Okay?" "Yes I will as you wish".

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She knew that her husband has lost her job. "I am a slut now anyway, so why not make these teachers pay for the pleasure they get from me, especially since they seem to like that I am a foreigner slut?" She knew she has now to please them in such a way that they become ready to spend literally their last cent for her. "I will make them feel that I am their personal sexy sluts have fun in the swamp, and then squeeze them out." She knew now that she has a fabulous figure.

She is tall and is bestowed with fantastic tits, crotch and buttocks. Her shy appearance provokes men to take her. But she also knew that she hardly knows anything about fucking. She has to learn a lot to be a successful slut. She must have more practice in being fucked in her cunt and ass, in doing blowjob and handjob.

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She must also become more active when she is finger fucked. She must show the teachers how she masturbates. She now expected to be raped again and again if they continue living in this village. She must learn to control cute girl loves to masturbate on webcam fingering and homemade rapes, so that she doesn't get hurt.

Also the rapists must pay for the joy she gives them. She doesn't want a gang rape for nothing, as it happened the day before. While she was kneeling to suck my dad and the headmaster, she had noticed that the English teacher was standing behind her admiring her gorgeous ass. She had pressed her legs together, protruding at the same time her fabulous ass as much as possible towards the teacher, so that he could see the whole length of her pussy from the clitoris to her asshole. He had bent down and started rubbing his cock against her ass.

He had a cock even bigger than the headmaster's. After finishing the headmaster, my mom sat on the ground facing the English teacher with her thighs wide apart. She was now beginning to enjoy making the three real hot. She was looking forward to a huge fuck now. But the gentleman English teacher had something else in his mind. "No, No, you turn your back again and kneel down. I don't want your pussy. I want to fuck your ass from behind, like my dog." My mom did so and waited for the thrust from that huge cock.

When it came, she screamed: "OH, OH, OH, Oh My God, It is so BIG! Oh! Oh!." Her screaming made all three of them go berserk. The English teacher was now ramming his huge cock into her asshole in and out. He was also crushing one of my mom's breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

The vernacular teacher had stopped massaging his cock. Instead he inserted it in my mom's mouth. The thrust coming from the English teacher fucking her ass was enough to help her make an excellent blowjob to the vernacular teacher.

Also the headmaster came and sat near my mother. "Take my cock in your hand and give it a rub, you beautiful bitch. I hope my wife never comes to know how a foreign slut is giving me so much more pleasure than she ever has".

My mom now knew how she can gently blackmail this teacher in the future. This bastard will have to finance her and her husband's living in the future. "After all, he has sacked my husband and fucking me right and left." The first to unload his sperm was the vernacular teacher. My mom's mouth was full of that juice, some of it trickling down her cheek.

And then came the headmaster. In the meantime, the English teacher as well as my mom were approaching their orgasm. He was by now ramming my mom like the piston of an express train locomotive. They climaxed together.

"HUH! HUH! HUH! I AM CUUUMMING! OH MY GOD! OH! Pregnant menage a trois tittie milk squirting HUHH! HUHH!", the English teacher took out his cock from mom' ass just after she had exploded " UH! UH! HUH! HUH! OH! OH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OH! OH!". Now everybody was lying there exhausted. Only my dad was sitting there with his one inch stub stiff watching the orgy around his wife.

"See, cute girls have fun at the party fast she is learning. Your wife is going to be barzears xxx storys sex stories com first class slut," said the headmaster to my dad.

Then they departed not before reminding my mom to come to the school the next day. My mom got up and went to my dad. For the first time in her life, she embraced him and kissed him, first on his cheeks and then full on his mouth. He started trembling. "What are you doing. You have never done it," he said while putting his hands on her breasts.

"I know, but now our life has changed completely. I have become a whore, but I hope you will not discard me", said my mom while holding dad's face in her hands.

"How can I discard you. What has happened is not your fault. It is my fault. Had I listened to you and went away from this country, you would have been spared of all this pain and humiliation." While they were talking like this with each other, they felt how much they needed each other.

And then something unusual happened. My mom started kissing him passionately as never before and then forced him to lay on his back, and before he knew what was happening, she started fucking him. She laid on him. She had never done that before. Asked him to take her tits in his hand and crush them.

And she was rubbing her clit against the tiny stub of his which was now rock hard. She knew that he will not last long.

But she was hot. So they came together, first time ever. My father came rather gently: OH! OH! OH! OH! UUHH! But while he came, he was trying to ram the pussy of his beloved wife with his tiny cock.

And that was enough to bring my mom to explosion: " UH! UH! I AM CUUUMMING! HUH! HUH! OH! OH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OH! OH!". Then they got up and went inside their house to wash themselves and eat something. After that they were thinking of lying down for a nap. But the next ordeal was waiting for them. A police officer came and told them to come to the police station in the evening to report the incident of the day before, so that the police can start searching for the culprits. My mother noticed the lewd glance of the police officer directed towards her tight bosoms and her crotch.

Since she had not put on any underwear, the shape of her Bermuda Triangle was quite visible. She also noticed a bulge in the trousers of the officer.

"Yes officer, we will come. Do you want to drink a cup of tea now?" My mother knew that if they go to the police station, they will gang rape her. She thought it might be better if she lets this officer who is definitely younger than her and looks quite friendly take her here in her home and also prepare the report.

"Yes a cup of tea will be nice, madam". She was startled. She had got used so much in being called whore, bitch and slut.

It is nice to be addressed as madam. I will reward him with a good fuck, she thought. She asked him to sit on the cot in the compound, Then she went inside with my dad. As soon as they were inside, she disclosed her plan. What could have my father said. Haydee fucking big dick hot d porn game had to accept the situation. My mother asked him to leave her alone with the officer for an hour and go out under the pretext of doing some business.

He did as she wanted. Then she invited the officer to come in and enjoy the cup of tea. Does he know what more he will be enjoying, thought my mom. While the officer was drinking his tea, my mom enquired if it is not possible to finish the report here, so that she need not go to the police station. The officer saw no problem in that. My mom walked to the adjacent room to get paper and pen for preparing the report, deliberately swaying her voluptuous ass slightly.

When she was in the other room, she opened one button of her blouse so that the officer can see a bit of her tight and big tits. She came back with the paper and pencil and sat down near him. He could see through the open button one of her dark nipples. Her breasts were almost bursting out of the tiny blouse she had on. "Shall we start preparing the report?", said my mom. He didn't say anything. He was breathing hard and almost swallowed my mom's beautiful tits with his eyes.

"Is everything okay with you?", asked my mom knowing very well what was not okay with him. The bulge in his trousers had by now grown to a mini hill. "You are very beautiful", he stammered. "What do you like in me most?" Mom was now really enjoying making this poor boy go practically out of his mind.

She had never before tried to seduce a person. "Oh, everything, you are so beautiful, I have never seen such beautiful breasts.

Oh!" "Have you ever seen a woman without clothes on?" "No, I don't have any sisters and my mother is never naked." "Are you still virgin?" "Yes, I am." "Do you want to see me naked?" "Oh yes, if it is possible. Oh! Oh!

What is happening to me? I think I have fever now." "No, you have no fever. You just want to fuck me, don't you?" "No, I don't!" "Come on, don't lie. Tell me the truth, then I will let you fuck me." "Now? If your husband returns?" "He will not. I have told him to stay out because I knew you would like to fuck me. Since I have been raped several times, he doesn't mind if I am taken by you. But you have not yet said whether you want to fuck me." "Yes, of course, oh, my god!

I think I have fever." "No, you have not. Now I will release you from your tension. Then your fever will be gone." She was now looking forward to deflower this virgin lad.

He was perhaps two years younger than her. Before he knew what was happening, she had opened couple of buttons of his trousers. Out sprung a massive cock, even larger than that of the English teacher. "Oh, oh, what are you doing?". She took that monster in her right and started stroking it slowly.

"Do you like it?" "Oh, yes, your hand is soft and warm. My god! But if you go on stroking him, some juice will come out." "Oh, so you know that? Do you bring out the juice by stroking him?" "Yes." "Then you know why you felt like having fever. You naughty boy, you lied to me." "Yes", now he was gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams, "I did not know how to tell you the truth".

She was now really liking this chap. This is not going to be a rape, but a consensual sex which she wanted to enjoy fully. "You are right, normally we couldn't have talked to each other like this, but since I was raped to become a slut, anybody can tell me indecent things.

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So can you." "No, No, you are not a slut for me. I will not let anybody call you a slut." She felt like embracing and kissing this nice guy. Now she knew that she has found someone who can protect her. "Do you know, just before you came, three teachers from the school where my husband used to teach forced me to have all kinds of sex with them? They said my husband cannot teach there anymore because his wife has become a whore. And they also said that a whore is anybody's property in this country, especially a foreign slut.

Then they took me again and again." "This is not true what they have said. They have no right to force you to have sex with them. I will not let that happen in the future. If anybody tries to force you to have sex, tell me and I will see to it that they never try it again." "You will be a brother to me, but I will let you enjoy me whenever you want." She was all the time stroking the cock and also two huge balls. He had started breathing hard. She didn't want him to spoil her sofa and carpet with his cum, so she took the massive block of flesh in her mouth and started doing a neat blowjob."Oh, Oh, Oh my god, It is so two shemales freting and licking big cock, but I will CUUMMM!

OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! HUHHH! HUHHH! HUHHHHHHH! UHH!" She was busy gulping down his cumshot as much as she could. But he was releasing his juice like a fountain.

She kept on sucking and gulping, while the rest was trickling down her cheek and spoiling her blouse. The poor boy was in a trance. He thought he was dreaming that she had taken out his cock from her mouth, opened her blouse and rubbing his cock between her massive tits. In his dream he saw now not only one nipple, but both breasts fully open to his view. And he saw the foreskin of his cock moving up and down as she was doing the same with her tits.

Then he came out of his dream with a massive orgasm squirting all his juice on the body and face of the woman who he now adores. After all, she has said that she is now his sister whom he can enjoy anytime he likes. My mom was now very hot and yearning to be fucked in all her holes by her 'brother'. But that celebration had to be postponed.

After the two massive cumshots, her 'brother' needed some time to recover. And she noticed that my dad had returned and looking at her through a small window. "Oh my god", she thought hoping he can take it looking at his wife with cumshot of a police officer dripping down her face and naked upper part of the body, the beautiful and tight breasts as showcase for that young lad.

But he must fuck her and today. Not only because she was horny, but also because she wanted to cement their relationship before she was to visit the schoolteachers on the next day. "Do you think you can still prepare the report?" "No, I am now so tired," whimpered the lad. "So, what do we do? Shall I come to your office?" "Oh, No, because then dad and his friends gangbang his daughter colleagues may also want to fuck you.

And then it will be very difficult for me to protect you." So I was right, thought my mom, the policed had planned to gang rape her. "Then you come back later to prepare the report. After that I want you to penetrate my womb with your shaft. Will you like that, my dear brother?" "Oh, Oh, of course, but what will your husband say?" "Don't bother about my husband. He understands what is going on. He will wait outside in the compound or go out for a walk while you will be ramming my sweet pussy." She was now so lewd.

She didn't know how she can wait so long before he comes back. "Okay, I can come back only after my duty is over. It will be quite late." "Then you can stay overnight here after giving me pleasure, Okay?" "Yes, yes, oh my god, my cock is getting stiff again." "No, you better go now because my husband is waiting outside." "Oh, Okay." He then put his massive cock, which was again raising its head, back into his trousers and went out.

He met her husband at the doorstep, stammered a Hallo and left the house. My dad was, of course, a bit upset, especially after seeing his wife giving this chap a titt-fuck. Was that really necessary? My mom noticed that and was now determined to cheer him up. Since her pussy was itching, the best way to cheer him up would be to give him some sexual satisfaction by either masturbating him or sucking his cock, she thought. Then he could perhaps also masturbate her to bring down her temperature alyssa coles young pussy is getting rail hard little till her 'brother' returns.

My dad entered the room and saw his wife standind half naked there. "Oh, my god, how beautiful she is," he was thinking. "Hello, how are you now, was it too bad? You better go and wash yourself. It's all dirty." "No, it was not too bad.

I will be back in a minute after washing myself." She told herself that it was not at all bad with that lad. In fact, it was not enough for her. But how can she say that to her husband. How will she now tell him that he will come back and fuck her again and even stay overnight. She took off all her clothes in the bathroom and started washing herself. She saw in the mirror that her husband was watching her. His looks were lewd. She dried herself, then turned back and went to her husband totally naked as she was.

She had never done anything like this before.

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My dad watched her walking towards blowing bubbles blowjob a mother playfellows daughter arrangement, her naked breasts swinging like a pair of footballs with stiff nipples, every movement of her thighs making her vulvas tremble slightly with a wet, very wet and inviting clitoris ready to swallow anything coming its way.

He could feel his one inch stub rebelling. His balls were hot through the blood circulation. He was going to touch his cock, but his wife was already kneeling down before him, had removed the piece of cloth he was wearing, and started sucking his cock. "Oh! it feels so good in your warm and wet mouth.

You are giving me so much of pleasure, but my little cock is no good for you. I can only hope that others can satisfy you, although it is very hard for me to watch how they enjoy you," My mom stopped sucking him, got up, took his face in her hands, put her tongue in his tongue and took both his hands to her buttocks.

Now they were kissing, he was squeezing her ass as hard as he could, and she had already managed to enter that tiny tool of my dad in her cunt. Also she was now squeezing his ass with her hands, and both started rocking to and fro. Generally, my dad would shoot out his juice within seconds of entering my mom's pussy.

This time, he managed to hold on long enough to make my mom reach her climax. There is one specialty about her climax. She starts contracting her pussy vigorously when she comes. If you are lucky enough to have your cock in her during her violent convulsion, you will feel as if her pussy is giving your cock a perfect blowjob. My father experienced this for first time. "Oh, my god! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! HUHHH! HUHHH! HUH! HUH!" He slumped on the couch like a piece of sack, totally exhausted.

My mother was now lying on him and kissing him all over. "Don't say again that this little cock is no good for me.

Have you seen how he satisfied me? I don't care for the monster things which fuck all my openings. I can't stop that, now and then I also get some satisfaction (She couldn't tell him that her cunt got soaking wet when she was with that police lad. He doesn't need to know all her secrets). But this little cock is only mine. I love him. I will need him in my pussy, especially after my pussy has been ravished by others, which will now happen practically everyday, since I will have to earn money in your place." "But I can take some other job." "No, you will not.

I don't want that others laugh at you because your wife has become a slut." Had she been honest to him, she would have admitted that every time she is called a slut or a whore or a bitch, either by herself or by others, her pussy becomes dripping wet.

She knew that she has now become a real slut because she now wants to be fucked randomly, of course only if paid. The only exception will be her 'brother', the police lad. That reminded her that she has now to tell her husband that he will return and stay overnight. "I forgot to tell you that the police officer will come back this evening after his duty is over and prepare the report." "Why, didn't he do that while he was with you?" "No, because he got so randy that I had to satisfy him with my hand and tits, as you saw.

After that I didn't want him to stay because when you came, I didn't want someone else to be there." "Do you think he will again take you?" " I think so. I had to accept that because otherwise I would have had to go to the police station and get ravished by all his colleagues also." "Did he tell you that they all want to take you?" "Yes". "How long will he stay here?" "He wants to stay overnight, so that he can finish the report properly and then have enough time to well you know what he wants.

But he has promised to protect us from any mishandling by others. Of course I think he will ask me to please him now and then." My father was now in utter despair. How long will he be able to withstand such humiliation? But he had no other choice. "What will I do tonight when he sleeps with you?" "You will sleep in our bed as usual and I will use the cot outside in the compound together with him." "Okay".

My mom hugged my dad and they both cried for many minutes. They didn't talk anymore about this subject. My mom went to cook the dinner. She was now steaming hot waiting for the lad. "He must fuck me to unconsciousness," she was thinking, rubbing at the same time her clit against the oven. But, as the saying goes, man proposes and god disposes. The police chap didn't turn up. Of course my dad was very happy, but my mother zoey reyes gives blowjob to a group of horny white men now not only hot but also worried.

Why didn't he turn up? Will he not protect her? Was she not good enough in satisfying him this afternoon? They went to bed. My dad slept. My mom had to cool herself down, so she started masturbating, but then stopped.

She took off her clothes, took off the clothes of my dad andbefore he could say anything, started fucking him. He was half asleep and didn't understand what was happening until he heard mom gasping and groaning loud till she had her orgasm. "See, you have done it again, you have satisfied me now three times in one day. What more do you expect from my tiny little friend, my one inch darling." After few minutes' silence she said:"You know, I needed this last cumming badly." "I understand.

I think you wanted that police chap to be with you." Again few minutes' silence. "Yes, you are right. I wanted to be ravished by him." "That is okay with me now, as long sunny leone first time blood leaking sex xstorys you ravish me at least once a day, just as you did now." This was too much for my mom.

She couldn't control herself anymore. She ravished my dad again and then fell totally exhausted on him. My parents were never nearer to each other, never happier than at this moment at the end of two day long humiliation and despair.