Riding on a huge dick hardcore blowjob

Riding on a huge dick hardcore blowjob
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"Nick? Nick, where the hell are you? You're almost an hour late!" Camille cried into her cellphone, leaning against the wall of her friend's house- she was quite angry, so she decided not to call Nick inside, so no one labeled her for her… outburst.

"Cami, chill, I'm almost there, Jake called and asked if I could go out for a beer and I fo-" "Chill? You're fucking telling me to chill? I've been waiting here, like a fucking idiot, for almost an hour- and I learn you were having a beer? Shit, Nick, I thought you quit horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker, I quit being a fucking alcoholic." Nick said, obviously more than annoyed. Cami heard him mutter 'bitch'.

"You know what? Don't even bother showing up at the party. I'm done with your anger issues. We're over." Cami said into the cellphone, flipping it closed. "Cam? Cami? C'mon, we're gonnna play spin the bottle." Nicole, Cami's best friend, and the party host, said green eyes bright that dimmed when she saw Cami's face.

"Cam! You're crying! What's wrong?" "I… I just ended things with Nick. We're over. Do… do you mind if I go?" Cami asked, trying not to sniffle. "Oh, I'm so sorry- are you sure you want to go? Maybe we can add seven minutes in heaven to the party agenda, you can snap up a new boyfriend!" Nicole said, slinging her arm around Cami, in an obvious attempt to make her feel better.

"Nah. I think I'm gonna go home and eat ice cream. See you!" Cami called, already walking toward her bike. "See you! You need to get a car- you're seventeen!" Nicole said, adding on the last part when she eyed Cami's crappy bike, a hand-me-down from her twenty-eight year old stepsister. "Maybe I will!" Cami called back, pedaling away. Cami wasn't aware that she was being followed until the intersection of 28th, when she looked over her shoulder, suddenly having that feeling of being watched, and saw Nick's convertible.

"Nick- go away!" she called, pedaling away, in truth a bit scared of Nick. Nick didn't answer, just slowly drove his car next to her.

Cami's heart started beating fast- faster and faster and faster. She suddenly remembered she'd have to pass Baker street, in the slums part of town, which had no streetlights, on the way home. She pedaled harder, but Nick just pushed down a bit more on the accelerator, matching her inch for inch.

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"Nick, fuck off!" Cami cried, and thought he had done just that, since he stopped his car. But three minutes later, there was suddenly a hand on her mouth, an arm around her mid-section, lifting her off of her bike and onto the passenger seat of Nick's car.

She tried to get out of the car, but Nick swiftly punched her in the head, in just the right spot to make her go unconscious. Next thing she knew, she was laying. Naked.

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On a cold cement floor she didn't recognize. A single lightbulb flickered on the ceiling, adding to the eeriness. Cami shivered in the cold, looking around for her clothes, trying to fight the panic settling in, but didn't see her clothes anywhere. "Oh shit." She muttered, "Shit. Shit.

Fucking shit." She rose from the floor, running toward a solitary door, but it was locked, of course. "Cami. Cami, can you hear me?" asked a voice over a loudspeaker system. Cami, almost against her will, nodded.

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"Now, Cami, you've been a frigid bitch for the whole time we've dated. And, overall, just a bitch- so here is your payback- you will stay here until you rot. And pleasure me." The voice over the loudspeaker, which Cami now recognized as Nick's, said.

"P.pleasure you?" Cami asked, stumbling over the word. "Yes. You shall be my fuck-toy." "W.what?" Cami asked. Suddenly, a door opened, and Nick came in. He was naked, and sporting an erect member, the first of which Cami had ever seen. "What. what the huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom Nick, you must be joking!" Cami cried, ogling the thing, but Nick stuck it into her mouth before she could say anything more.

"Nick! Get that the fuck out of my mouth!" Cami cried, but her cries were muffled by his giant cock. "Ooh, suck that bad boy." Nick groaned, mouth-fucking her. "Nick! Please!" Cami cried, but again her cries were muffled. "Oh, and some of my friends are coming over later. I expect you to give them the same service as me." Nick added, grinning at her. Then, Nick pulled his still-erect cock out of her mouth. Cami knew what he was going to do, and started sobbing.

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"Please, Nick, i'm a virgin!" she cried, as he lined his cock up with her pussy, holding her down with his strong arms. "Nick, i'll scream!" she cried, not knowing why she hadn't thought of it before. Nick moved away from her for a minute, contemplating, then grinned. "Then I guess we'll have to keep that little mouth of yours quiet. A.J.! Dirk!" Nick called, and two guys with even bigger cocks than Nick walked in the door.

Cami cried out. "Dirk, go ahead and stuff her mouth." Nick ordered, and Dirk grinned, forcing his cock into Cami's mouth. And A.J.- i'll let you have the honor of taking the virginity in her ass." Nick said, and Dirk grinned, pushing Cami so that AJ was leaning on the floor and still able to have his cock in her mouth, and Dirk and Nick were able to fuck her simaltaneously. "No!" Cami screamed, but her cries were futile- they both plunged in at the same time without any lubricant.

Cami screamed as they pounded into her, and then she realized something- if she got up, no one's hands were on her! She managed to get up, charming a lengthy male penis hardcore blowjob cocks pulling from her with a pop sound, and she ran towards the open door. But Dirk caught her, slamming her to the floor so hard the breath went out of her.

"I think it's time to teach the bitch some manners." he growled, but he smiled a twisted smile when Nick nodded, smiling the same twisted smile. Five minutes later, Cami was ogling a massive dildo- it was at least 12 inches long and 6 wide! "Nick, please, it will kill me if I get." Cami couldn't say the word.

"Fucked?" Nick asked, grinning.

"Yeah." Cami whispered. "Say it. Tell me you don't want to be fucked." Nick said, grinning that same sick smile. "I. I don't want to. to be fucked." Cami whispered. "Good girl." Nick said as the massive dildo was forced into her pussy. "But! I said it. I." Cami said, trying to keep to her senses as the dildo was making her very wet.

"I lied." Nick said, grinning. So. how do you guys like it so far? I'll continue if you guys like it.