Richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla

Richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla
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We were laying in bed talking, I had just got done fucking her for all I was worth. Everytime I fuck her now I think of Mike and Rob double stuffing her.

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The look on her face,,like she was finally happy. I blow my wad when I remember how Mike made her squirt. I was telling her how turned on it made me watching her get fucked by two big dicks.

Mendy said how much she enjoyed it and was glad I did too.

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Then I asked her if she remembered my friend Jim. She said yes she remembers him, why? Well, I said, he has a really big dick, I saw it one time when he was pissing. Oh?? Mendy said. Yep, I ask him to come over Saturday and help me install that sliding door in the addition.

Cool was all she said. I woke up Saturday morning about 7. Jim was going to here any minute. Mendy was curled up in a ball with her ass pointed at me. I couldn't resist kissing on her neck and playing with her pussy while sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham awoke.

I was rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in now and then. I know right where her spot is and she was getting real wet. We didn't have sex the night before and I knew she would be horny. Just then there was a knock at the door.

Jim's here I said. I threw some shorts on and answered the door. I let him in and explained we just got up. Thats ok he said and I asked if he wanted some breakfast.

I was starving and figured he was too. Plus I figured he would be needing his energy today. Thats when Mendy came out of the bathroom as if on que. She was still wearing the tshirt of mine she had went to bed in. It was just long enough to cover her goods. Mendy was the kind of girl that looked hot right out of the bed with no make up on. Her dirty blonde young white chick trained to take bbc was all wild looking, she has nice long, slender legs.

Nice firm little titties with awesome pointy nipples. You could see them through the tshirt. Mendy ask what we wanted to eat. I said how about fur burger? Mendy said, now hun, you know I shave clean. I know babe, just make anything. Jim and I was sitting on the couch discussing the slider door. He was sitting where he could look at me be but easily look to the kitchen and see Mendy too. I noticed he kept taking glances that way. I turned to say something to Mendy, she was bent over the table cleaning it off.

Thats when I noticed the tshirt was riding up and she didnt have panties on. She had panties on when we was in bed. I turned to Jim and said nice isn't it.

He wasn't shy about not turning his head away and just said yep. I ask him if he wanted to fuck her. He just gave me an odd look. Mendy had set the table and said it's ready. Jim said no thanks, I'm not hungry. I think he had a big ol bone and didn't want to get up. I got up, went to the table and started eating. Mendy went over to Jim and ask if he was sure he didn't want to eat.

No thanks he said. Thats when I said, well your helping me today so you should at least get something for helping. Give him a blow job Men. Jim looked at me with that puzzled look. Mendy moved over closer to him and said, well, you heard him, drop them drawers big boy. I said, do it Jim, she gives great head. He slid his pants down and Mendy got on her knees in front of him. "Oh my, you are a big boy" she said before putting the head of his dick in her mouth.

Jim tensed up and grabbed the cushens hard. I knew she was swirling that tongue around his cock.

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She would really work the sensitive area under the head. I said, grab her head and drill her if you want, georgetown guyana pictures of guyanese girls likes it. Jim grabbed two handfulls of hair and she grabbed two handfulls of cock.

There was still plenty left for her to suck. It didnt take long the way she was slerping his cock. He tensed up again and blew a wad in her mouth. I couldn't believe it when she swallowed his come, she always spit mine. She wiped the cum that dripped from her chin and licked her fingers. She said, you better stay hard, I want you to fuck me with that big dick yet.

She sat down on him and guided his dick toward her pussy. She let out a groan as it slid in. She started bouncing up and down on his dick like a crazed whore. I said, damn Mendy, take him in the bedroom so he can fuck you proper.

Jim stood up with Mendy still planted on his pole. She had her arms and legs wrapped aroung him as he carried her past me and into the bedroom. I turned and caught her eyes as they went by. She smiled and gave me a wink. I heard them plop down on the bed.

I could hear Mendy say something and then just heard her moans. Then I heard, I'M CUMING, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMMMING!!! Then I heard Jim say, holy shit, I knew he was hitting her g spot very sexy blonde teen solo he thought he was at the wrong house until his dad stepped she let go with a gusher. Then, "roll over" and the head board began to thai girls vacation threesome grinding and nipples the wall.

I couldnt take it anymore and went into the bedroom. Mendy was on her knees pinned against the head board, Jim had one hand on a tit and one hand on her clit. He was giving it to her good. I said, thats it Jim, fuck her hard, she loves it! Pull her nipples hard too and she'll cum again.

Thats when Mendy noticed I was there. She said, you fucker, you love watching me get fucked. I said, you know it, now suck my dick while he fucks you, and I stuck my dick in her face. She did the best she could while Jim was pounding the hell out of her from behind.

She had to stop sucking me a couple time so she could cum. She was starting to time Jims thrusts with my blow job. This was enough for me and I popped off in her mouth. She let it all run down her chin. I said, thanks babe, and went back to the living room. The head board slammed the wall for quite some time yet.

I could hear Mendy talking dirty to him. Fuck me, fuck me with that big dick!! Oh yea give it to me!! Jims moans grew louder and the beat of the head board picked up. Mendy was practically screaming, OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!

Then Jim joined in with the OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! and the pounding stopped. I knew he pumped the second load of the day in her. The head board began to pound the wall again. I went to pick up the door. When I got home, Jims truck was gone. I went in and found Mendy laying on the bed, naked, a pool of cum had wet the bed under her ass.

She was asleep, her pussy all red and swollen, cum still running out. My dick got hard as a rock, I got naked and crawled on top of her. Mendys legs parted, but her eyes did not open. My dick slid in so easy, she was soaking wet and her pussy was on fire. It didnt take long to blow my wad up her love hole. I rolled off her, her eyes still closed and she said, Thanks babe, after you left, I sucked Jim hard again and he let me have it two more times before he left. He said he'll help with the door another day.