Sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories

Sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories
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Please Rate and comment Prior: bigbob1200 Missing Mom series Prior: Missing Mom Hard Labor Ricky kidnapped Jolene and had her at home with his girlfriend Kendra.

They abused her with a brutal breeding session. Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills. Abused at the poker party, the next morning Doc Rosen advises rest even as he abuses her himself. Ricky and Kendra] Pimp her out, flush with money they get a delivery of movie equipment. The delivery men and then relatives join for a brutal gang bang. Four Months later Kendra and Ricky have been tricking Jolene out for money. Seth brings two black guys who own a club.

They try Jolene out and buy her to use in their club. Now over 8 months knocked up Jolene finds herself captive at a Black club.

With labor just starting she is ass fucked to induce labor while a packed room watches. Jolene is in a club meeting room surrounded by gang members, small time hoods and locals looking for a good time. Smoke fills the room. Men are talking and laughing milling around laughing at the white bitch.

Jolene has passed out. The club has designed a platform for her delivery. As the platform is pushed into place the men in the room start clapping, laughing.

An ingenious but simple contraption it hangs from the ceiling by cables. There is a long 2 x 4 with two legs splitting into a "Y". Across the base of the wye are three 2 x 4's where the bitch's ass will be supported. What is on the cross member's catches creates a furor of excitement. The club BOSS points to the 6 nails protruding 3 inches from each mistress tangent femdom ballbusting and foot worship cross 2 x 4's.

"This is to keep the Bitches White Ass in place." "Nine Nails for each Cheek" Laughing and cheering break out. Excitement built as Six men lift the unconscious Jolene up to set her on the platform. Jolene comes to, screaming.

"What are you doing." What is going on." "Ah, the whore is back with us. Barbie sins and honour may in taxi training leads to threesome is you delivery table." Jolene twists her head to see what he is talking about. "NO, you can't put me on that. NO" Jolene spots the nails. "Wait, no, you can't do that. Stop" Jolene tries to twist and turn but the men have a firm grip.

They lift her up and the men in the middle let her ass drop on the nails. "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG' Jolene lets out an animal type scream. Almost in shock, she is scared to struggle. She is overcome with fear. A ratchet strap is wrapped around below her belly holding her ass tight to the platform.

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There is an extra 2 x4 at her shoulders and another strap ties her down her upper body at the shoulder. Finally her legs are spread with her ankles placed outside the 2 x4 "Y" and tied down with more ratchet straps. "Oh My God, take me off this. I can't take it. Please Please" Jolene cried. The 2 x 4's provided little support but lots of pain. The nails bit into her ass. "Take me off.

I am thirsty, I need something to drink." "No, not that." "No." Jolene could barely cry out as a cock rained piss on her face. Soon other men joined in covering her in piss. A thug started to jerk off shooting cum on her face. Tender homemade shower scene julia and oliva, Jolene licked up what she could.

"Cum hungry Bitch. Give her some more." Men on both sides shot their loads on her face. A fingers reached out to spread her lips and a cum load shot into her mouth. "Drink up Cum Slut." "Cum Slut" "Cum Whore." "White Trash." Men reached out running their hands over her flesh.

Her battered meat was pinched, twisted, slapped. Jolene screamed.

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She begged for help, to be taken off the terrible platform. The Club BOSS laughed. "STEP BACK" "Back. Quiet" "Taking off his belt he doubled it over and dragged it slowly over her body." Jolene trembled in fear. She could only babble begging, crying.

The men were quiet waiting. The BOSS brought the belt down over Jolene's thigh's. The sound of the belt hitting her thighs again echoed through the room. Her already bruised legs became redder and redder. The men yelled and laughed. 'Again. Again. Again." The cries and screams from Jolene became fainter.

The nails hold her ass in place became more and more painful as her ass twisted with each blow.

Jolene passed out as the belt cracked over her tortured tits. Cold water poured over her head revived her. Everyone in the room was standing, yelling, screaming. The BOSS stopped the belt whipping. Laughing at her screams he slapped her face.

Slapped her tits. Men from the room began crowding around her head. Cigar smoke blew in her face. A hand slapped her bald head. "PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH" Everyone was yelling screaming.

The BOSS grabbed her mouth and screamed in her bitch face. "PUSH PUSH HARDER." 1 Hours Later: Jolene's labor continued. Her face, tits, belly thighs were all covered with cum as everyone in the room had a chance to cum on the bitch in Labor. Her groans continue if somewhat subdued. The crowd stood back, quiet, content to watch her struggle, her face contorted, her back arching, trying to find some comfort.

Cum coating her body glistened. Men laughed quietly at every groan and moan. They waited patiently for the screaming finale as the doctor signaled the delivery was near. As another hour passed the audience became restless. "Push Bitch" "Lets go" "Push, push, push" There was yelling, cat-calls, taunts. Marcus got up walked over to Jolene. He puffed on his cigar and blew the smoke in her face. He blew on the cigar and pressed the burning tip against her bruised breast.

As she screamed he grabbed her face and screamed. "Push harder or I will put it out on your pussy." Doc checked out her cunt.

"Give her a little more of the belt. That should get her going." Darian stepped forward and even as Marcus found a new spot to plant his cigar, Darian removed his belt, a wide leather studded belt with a large buckle.

He doubled it up and raised over his head. Jolene cried out, " Nooooooooooooooo". A look of terror filled her face. Darian smile raising the belt further back, bringing it down on Jolene's left leg with the buckle end. Jolene's body trembled as she involuntarily arched her back, her preggo belly heaving out.

Her scream was hoarse. The leg muscles quivered. Small pieces of skin stuck to the belt studs. Little dots of blood appeared along the leg. Another thug joined Marcus, he pulled her head up by the little hair left on her shaved head so she could see the cigar against her breast. She flinched when the cigar touched her breast but screamed when he blew on it turning it red. Darian dragged his belt down Jolene's left leg. Again he raised his arm bringing the belt whistling down.

The crowd in the room got rowdy, screaming at her, taunting, bride to be gets some her last dick. "Again, Again." Doc held up his hand for the beating to stop. Doc took another look at her cunt. "It's working, she is going to pop." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jolene screamed in the final throes of delivery. He body wrenched trying to stretch against her bonds.

The men were screaming. Jolene was soaked in sweat. Jolene's screams and the taunts and jeers of the me filled the room. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The delivery over, Jolene was still strapped to the "Y" made of 2 x 4's. The room was quiet and dark. Barely conscious she moaned in pain.

"Why did they leave her like this." "What would happen older gentleman shows whores that he still has it telsev She had been left alone to suffer. Suddenly the door opened and lights came on. Jolene turned her head, vision blurred she could make out the shape of two men and two women. Barely able to speak she begged them to help her.

"Please take me off of this, please help me. Please…" The men were dressed in gang colors and their bitches wore blue jeans and leather vests, their breasts almost fully exposed. The laughed and joked as they circled around Jolene. "This White Bitch is really fucked up." "Look at those welts and burns." Charise laughed. "Surprised the white slut is still alive." "What are they going to do with her.

" "I heard take her to the junkyard and nail her to a pallet. Throw it on a pile and burn it up." "Put this piece of shit out of her misery." Laughed Darnell. "But We can have pesta sex son and mom fun first." Charise pinched Jolene's nipples. Little white driplets appeared "Look we got some milking to do. Get me some rope." Jamal found some old rope laying in a corner.

Charise looped it around Jolene's left breast, knotting it at the bottom looping it around pulling as tight as she could leaving the tip of her breast bulging out red. Jolene who had appeared in semi-conscious stupor jerked up screaming.

Charise began milking Jolene's tit, laughing as the bitch screamed in pain. Myalia, the other gang bitch, had her own ideas. Her hand was already half way in Jolene's stretched cunt. Jamal grabbed the right breast squeezing it at the base while milking her nipple with the other. Jolene twisted against the ropes holding her to the 2 x 4"s. Darnell was rubbing and slapping his cock against her face.

Milk squirted from her savaged tits. Cum splattered over her face. Myalia's fist was now full inserted into the helpless bitches cunt. Face Fucked, milked, pussy fucked Jolene passed into a delirium. As her response dropped her tormenters became more brutal.

Finally Jolene's body shut down. She slipped into unconsciousness. Slapping her face and twisting her nipples did nothing. The four tormenters relaxed laughing about the beat up piece of meat. Finally Jolene started to revive. Having fun enough for now her tormenters talked over what they should do next.

They decided they would sneak her off for themselves, their own little white fuck toy. They hoped she would make alive it to the old factory where they would keep her. Jolene was cut off the 2 x 4's. Laying on the ground they could see the ugly wounds in her ass. Jolene moaned as Jamal rubbed his hand over her blood ass. Jamal was so hot seeing her punctured ass he wanted to ass fuck her right there but the others convinced him to wait/ Her ankles and wrists were bound with rope and a 2 x 4 was slipped through the ropes.

They lifted her up like a piece of meat to carry her off. She hung head down, helpless, her battered body hanging down. Charise lifted up her head, spit in her face and laughed.

"Going with us for some fun." Jolene faced the terrible dark future. The End.

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