School japan chut land sex xxxx

School japan chut land sex xxxx
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Wes always knew he was adopted, his family told him when he was 5, not out of spite or anything, just in case he found out by himself and felt betrayed or even worse.

Wes just turned 16 and for his birthday, he was going to meet his birth-mother, unfortunatly his birth-father died a few years ago. Wes's Father, Evan, was 48 years old when he died and a pilot, not of a huge airline, but a small company; the day he died, his plane was malfunctioning and it crashed into a hill close to Spain.

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Wes's mother, Melanie, now 48 years old herself, was a book store owner and she was doing well for herself, she also had a few best sellers, which Wes had read.

The first time he saw a picture of his birth-mother, he thought she was extremely sexy honey enjoys hot fucking smalltits and homemade, he didn't think that was wrong or weird, being that he didn't grow up with her, he thought it was perfectly normal.

Compared to his mother and father, Wes had his mothers complection and his fathers height, apart from that, Wes was a good looking kid, he had black hair and brown eyes, he also had a ripped chest which made girls drool over him. "So do you want us to go with you, to help see your birth mother?" Zoe, his adopted mother asked, she rubbed his back, as Wes was eating his breakfast, or trying to, he was more nervous than anything.

"Nah, I think i'll be fine mum" Wes replied, giving her a weak smile, she kissed his cheek and teared up a little. "Now don't you run off and leave us" Byron, his adopted father joked, winking at him and giving his wife a hug.

"Guys, its just a meet and greet for an over night stay at a hotel.

We have gotten to know each other, but face to face would be better. You guys are my parents" Wes told them, making them smile with how confident he was. "Well, I'm going to give you an extra $150, just in case, I dont want Melanie to think you're a free loader" Byron pulled his wallet out and forked out the cash.

"Thanks dad. I'm going to have a shower and get ready. I told Melanie I'd meet her outside 'Chimmo's' around 10." Wes finished his breakfast, grabbed the money off nova brooks and tegan james nasty way in the bedroom table, put it in his wallet, before getting his clothes and getting into the shower.

He flexed a few times in the mirror and looked down at his cock, which he decided to trim his pubes, he knew it was a long shot, but just in case he wanted to look good.

Wes sipped on his coke and looked at the time on his phone nervously, or for a text, a missed call, anything. A few people were walking along the street, some holding hands, others listening to their ipods, and a few running as quickly as they could for whatever reason. Wes felt a vibration come from his phone. 'Running late, be there soon. XX' was the text, Wes calmed down a bit, at least she messaged him and it wasn't an effort to ditch him. A couple of birds landed in front of him and made their way to the bread crumbs that someone dropped, he had a laugh as they tripped over each other to get the scraps.

"Hey, i'm so sorry i'm late, have you been waiting long?" Melanie called out to him, coming from around the corner. Melanie was wearing a mini skirt, a pair of fish net stockings and a peach shirt, that showed off her cleavage. Wes stood up and they hugged, he felt her breasts dig into his chest, causing his cock to wake up, his nose went off as he smelt her perfume, which was a strong vanilla scent.

"No not long. You look great by the way" Wes told her, letting go of her and giving her a warm smile. "Thank you. You're not so bad yourself, check out these muscles" Melanie continued to flirt playfully with him, grabbing his arm and squeezing playfully, feeling herself getting wet, which surprised her a little. "Shall we go and find a place to eat lunch before going to a hotel?" Wes asked, linking his arm into hers and they strolled down the street for a little bit.

"We could. Or we can instantly go to the hotel and get food there, get comfy and talk. Just so you know, i was up all night, nervous as fuck" Melaine confessed, looking curvy awesome chick enjoys riding a dick him for an answer. "Me too, yeah im all good with that" Wes replied, Melanie smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek, a bit to close to his lips, she ignored it and they made their way to the hotel.

Wes and Melanie payed for a room and got into the elevator, he pressed the button to the 50th floor, it was a 76 floor hotel and they didn't want to be to high, so they got an even numbered room.

"So do you have a girlfriend?" Melaine asked, fixing her top, and grinning as he was watching her. "No, i'm single. A lot of girls like what they see, but they are too nervous to go out with me, and i've asked a lot" Wes replied with a sigh, he took a deep breath as Melanie hit him in the face with her long black hair, it smelt amazing. "Isn't that a shame, a good looker, just like your mother and you're single" She teased, poking him in the ribs, making him flinch and swat her away playfully.

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"Stop it, I don't like being ti." Wes stopped mid sentence, as his hand accidentally brushed on her left tit, he tried to pull back, but Melanie stopped him and held his hand in place. "Don't, I like the way you touch me. Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels this way" Melaine begged, rubbing his arm softly and looking into his eyes.

"You're not. The first time I saw your picture, i masterbated so hard in the shower i almost slipped" Wes confessed, blushing and squeezing gently, feeling her bra and her nipple get hard. "Naughty boy. I know I'm your mother, but I can't stop the akari hoshinuncensored miss lady professor I feel about you." Melanie leaned in and kissed her son sweet woman double fucked by black men on the lips, both of them felt sparks and their hearts began to beat rapidly.

"Lets wait till we get to the room, so we can have more room to have fun" Wes told her, getting closer, placing his backpack on the floor and pulling her top forward so he could see down it, making Melanie laugh.

"Horn dog" Melanie rolled her eyes and kissed him, looking at the elevator and waiting for it to reach their floor. The elevator dinged and they walked hand in hand towards their room, Melanie unlocked the door bihar collage girl sex with boy free story pulled her son, kissing him passionately, sliding her tongue into his mouth, it was greeted by his as they danced together.

Wes dropped his backpack, closed the door with his foot and pulled his mother closer to him, feeling the heat from her passion. "Whoa, whoa, i think we need to calm down for a bit.

I need to call my mum to tell her we made it safe" Wes stopped, watching her face drop, but she understood and guided him to the bed and sat down. Melanie watched as Wes pulled his phone out and dialed, she smiled as an idea popped into her head, she stood up and waited for an answer from the other end of the phone. "Hey mum its me, yeah i'm all good, Melanie is here and." Wes trailed off, as Melaine began to swing her hips seductively and lift her shirt off, exposing her skin and her purple bra, that held back her 14-B cups, they weren't huge but they were a nice size, causing his cock to become erect.

"Wes.honey are you ok?" Melanie heard, trying not to laugh, as her sons eyes were nearly coming out of his head. "Yeah.yeah im here mum, sorry i was taking a drink." Wes replied, standing up and unzipping his pants, causing Melaine to bite her bottom lip in anticipation.

"Well i'm glad you two are hanging out, text me tomorrow or whatever, if you want to get picked up, love you" Zoe said, she hung up and Wes put his phone down and put his hands on Melanie, kissing her soft lips and biting her bottom lip. "Get those pants off and show me that cock" Melanie purred, unhooking her bra, but keeping it covering her breasts, just to tease him.

"My pleasure" Wes replied, he pulled his pants off and his boxers, and his cock sprang out, it had pre-cum on the tip and Melanie gasped at how big and veiny it was. Wes had an 8 inch cock and he was happy with his birth-mothers reaction, she touched it and ran her finger up and down his thick cock.

"Fuck me" Melanie moaned, she knelt down and wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding her tongue up and down the salty shaft, she put her hands on his balls and they were relativly warm. "I will fuck you so good.after I cum in your mouth" Wes moaned, putting his hand on the back of her head and slowly guiding her back and forth, as she was getting faster and deeper in the process. Melaine quickened her speed, deepthroating his cock and not gagging, she jerked him off as she took a breath, looking up at him and teasing him with her tongue.

"Want to cum in your mum's mouth?" Melanie asked, kissing the tip of his cock. "I.sure do" Wes groaned, feeling his balls fill up, he was nearly ready to explode. "Cum for me then" Melanie begged, putting her mouth around his cock again and sucking harder, she felt her sons hands go on the back of her head and hold her there, as he exploded in her mouth. "Holy fuck you taste amazing" Melanie admitted, she grabbed a bath robe and handed Wes one, as he finished talking to room service.

"I'm glad you think so, I can't wait to taste you" Wes told her, pulling his shirt off and putting his robe on, watching his birth-mother get half naked (her top half) and put the robe over her. "You will soon enough, I was so excited and nervous to actually eat this morning, I really need some food in me." Melanie explained, sitting on the bed and watching as her son was just looking at her breasts. "I managed to eat, i'm more horny than anything" Wes chuckled, running his fingers seductively along her nipples, making them go hard.

"MMM that feels so good. Do you want me to titty fuck you, while we wait for room service?" Melanie asked seductively, pushing her tits together and pursing her lips. "Oh fuck yes" Wes replied eagerly, he stood up and Melanie grinned as she saw his cock throbbing with anticipation. Melanie placed his cock between her tits, she spat on it, a few times, as it was bigger than anything she had before and looked up at her son, as she began to jerk him off with her tits.

"Do you like that?" She asked, putting more pressure on her tits to go together to make Wes's cock pulsate. "Fuck yeah. That feels amazing" Wes moaned, reaching down and pinching her nipples playfully, he looked down to see his beautiful curvy mother, in a state of pure bliss, happily jerking her son off.

"You have an amazing cock, i can't wait for it to fill up my cunt" Melanie cooed, kissing the tip of his cock, every time it reached her lips.

"You have amazing tits. Don't stop, i'm about to cum again" Wes told her, he had to hold his tongue as his mother picked up the pace and licked her lips sedictivly. "Cum for your mother baby.

Spray it all over my face." Melanie demanded, watching as her sons face screwed up and jizzed, 2 hot loads onto her chest and face, causing her to squeal with delight, just as there was a knock at the door and went to the bathroom, while he wrapped himself up and answered the door. Melanie walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, cum dripped from her face to her tits and she enjoyed what she saw, with a scoop from her finger she licked up the sweet tasting cum.

"So why did you have me adopted?" Wes asked, when they finally sat on the bed and he had a drink and watched his mother fix her hair and then dig into the fries that were delivered to their room.

"I didn't want to let you go, but being a first time mum and your father having an abusive childhood, he didn't want to risk doing to you, what his father did to him" Melanie explained, swallowing her food and looking her son in the eye, she could see that he understood. "That makes sense. Are you glad you have a son that turned out to be a stud?" Wes teased, flexing his muscles and posing heroicly for a laugh. "Indeed I do. I may save the rest for later, I dont want to be bloated as I fuck your brains out" Melanie replied, flashing her tits at her son and chowing down on another handful of fries.

"Well how about we get going then?" Wes said, getting naked and laying down on the bed, his cock standing at attention, making Melanie purr seductively at the sight. "You asked for it" Melanie stood up, dis robed and she pulled her skirt off and her pink g-string off as well, she kept her stockings on and Wes could see she had a small patch of hair on her pussy. Melanie wasn't overly hairy, but it was a nice small patch, she kissed him and sat on his chest and turned around, so her hairy pussy was in his face and his cock was in hers.

Wes put his hands on her pussy, spreading her pubic hair and her pussy lips and slid his tongue inside her, his nostrils flared up with the strong smell of piss and cum. Melanie moaned, as his tongue was teasing her clit and her pussy walls, she tried to pay attention to his cock, but it was very hard. "Oh god that tongue" Melanie groaned, wiggling her pussy in her sons face so he would go deeper inside her. Wes slid his tongue deeper into her pussy, swirling his tongue around, enjoying hearing his mother moan with delight.

"Fuck, now that you lubbed me up good, I want that cock in me" Melanie told her son, she got off him and stood over his cock, and watched her sons face as she slid all the way down his massive cock. "Oh yes, god that feels amazing." Latex fetish anal blonde tiniest in the agency amateur cried, putting his hands on her hips, then slowly moving them up to her bouncing tits, squeezing them each time she thrusted into him.

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Melanie bit her bottom lip, as she fixed her hair and began to ride her son harder and harder, feeling his thick cock, fill her cunt and get her dripping wet, more than she already was, his hands felt amazing on her tits and she could feel herself lactate out of her motherly instict and being overwhelmed with emotion.

Wes raised his right hand and slid two fingers into his mothers mouth, who willingly sucked on them, as passionatly as if it was his cock, moaning in the process, not letting go and biting them playfully. Melanie finally let his fingers go, feeling him slid them back on her tits and squeeze them, while her hands went onto busty teen in socks loves to masturbate homemade and amateur chest and pushed down on him, running her nails down on him.

"Fuck me hard.Oh fuck me baby. I didn't want to let you go, I wanted to keep you." Melanie confessed, her breathing was heavy, as she was on the verge of cumming. Her pussy was dripping wet and she had cum in small waves, but she was on the verge of a huge blast. "I.believe you mum." Wes replied, running his hands around her back and digging his nails into her skin. "" Melanie moaned leaning back and taking a deep breath. "I'm cumming" Wes shouted. "ME TOO" Melanie screamed, raising her hands in the air, letting her son hold her back and both cumming.

Wes felt his cock get drenched in his mothers cum, her cunt exploding so much that Melanie had to stay still as her whole body was tingling.

Melanie fell onto her son, sweat was coming from her entire body and she rolled over onto her back, and she closed her eyes for a few seconds, Wes looked at her and he heard her begin to snore. 'This did take alot out of us both' Wes thought to himself, he rubbed his fingers down her back, before falling asleep himself.