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Lara onyx this russian whore smashes big black cocks without a problem bigblackcock doubleanal
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The Fraternity When I was eighteen years old I was arrested for a curfew violation and spent the night in a juvenile facility. It was supposed to teach me a lesson and ensure I never crossed paths with the local constabulary again and it worked. I have remained a law abiding citizen ever since…for the most part. I was taken to a holding cell for overnight keeping, where three other boys, perhaps a bit older than me, were also being held.

There were only two bunks in the room and they were already taken so I got as comfortable as possible on the floor. Shortly after the lights went out a dirty tasting rag was stuffed in my mouth and an angry voice informed me that fighting was senseless and would just get me hurt, this was punctuated by a fist hard into my right kidney.

Dp fucked beauty sprayed with warm cum european and cumshot won't go into detail but within a couple of minutes my pants and underwear were at my ankles and the first boy's cock was in my ass.

How many times each boy used me or how long before they quit, I have no idea but when I left the next morning I was certain of one thing, I would never be found in that position again.

I never told a single person about what happened, certainly not my family. About two years later I found myself in a well known Southern college and doing my best to get into a fraternity. Most rejected me outright, I wasn't mister football, mister cool or mister rich.

One night in the dorms I was approached by a couple of upperclassmen about coming to their fraternity house for a screening by the old fat man american girl jennys social worker is visiting her today a. At first I was a little uncertain but these two seemed nice enough and I didn't want to be a dorm rat for four years so I finally agreed to be there at the required time. When I arrived I was escorted into the main room of the house and saw there were two other boys there who looked as scared as I felt.

One of the fraternity members stood up, "If any of you tried to find out anything about this fraternity I doubt you were successful at finding out much more than the name. We are a more secretive society than any on campus and each of you are expected to swear that, whether you join us or not, what you see and experience here tonight is never to be shared under any circumstance.

What we ask you to do is be very open minded, go with the flow and don't reject anything outright. Before you are involved in anything you will be completely aware of what is going to happen, there will be no secrets in here, only outside those doors. You may leave at any time, no one will stop you except to ask you if you understand that you are to say nothing. Do we all understand one another?" The three of us nodded, unsure what we were agreeing to but wanting so badly to be a part of something.

We were then taken into the basement of the old house and, in the dark room, were escorted to waiting chairs. Once again the voice came across, "What you are about to see is never to be repeated, if you want to leave, raise your hand and someone will escort you out." Spotlights focused on a slightly raised stage and three naked men walked out and lowered themselves to a low bed.

Almost immediately, as one sat down another got onto the bed and began kissing around his cock, taking his balls into his mouth, sucking gently on them, then moved to his cock as the third man began rubbing oil over the second man's ass.

The second man took the cock deep into his mouth and began to slide his head up and down sucking from the head of the first man's cock to about halfway down the hardening shaft.

The third man began sliding two fingers into the second mans asshole slowly. The boy closest to me raised his hand and the speaker responded, "You want to leave?" the boy said, "I don't know, are we expected to do this?" The speaker quietly responded, "if you want to find out, you will have to sit through the entire presentation, but you may leave if you desire." The other boy that was with us stood up, "This is fucked, I am out of here." The speaker reminded him, "Just remember, not a word of what you have seen," and the boy left.

I sat not knowing what to think but I was transfixed, I don't think I could have moved if I had tried. The second man was moaning around the cock now and his hips were pressing against the man's fingers, pushing them deeper. The second man was brought up on his hands and knees and his mouth returned to the hard cock in front of him as the third man pressed the head of his cock against the fisted little hole and pressed forward firmly.

As the man's cock popped into his asshole the second man inhaled sharply and the first man forced his cock deep into the man's mouth, into his throat. I could tell he was gagging but the first man would not release his head and, in fact, tried to push more cock into the man's throat. The third man now had his entire cock buried in the man's asshole and began sliding in and out, slowly increasing the length of his stroke and the speed of his thrust.

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The first man released the second man's head and allowed him to breathe before he began fucking the open mouth that had not moved completely from his cock. The second man's cock was rock hard and dripping fluid as the man behind him began to fuck him in earnest, the second man was fighting nothing and seemed to be enjoying this dual attack.

For myself, though this brought back unwelcome memories my cock was rock hard. The third man was now hammering into the second man's ass and his movements were getting jerky. He was fucking the boy harder and harder until he bellowed like a bull and collapsed on the man's back, his cock slowly oozing from the man's asshole.

After a few seconds he got up and slapped the second man on the ass, who sat up, scooted back and pulled the first man stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade his back and lifted his legs. As the third man moved to insert his cock into the first man's mouth the second man spit on the first man's asshole and mercilessly slammed his cock into the waiting asshole. This went on for some time as each man has his turn in each position.

I was definitely aroused but I didn't understand why; I was not gay, I like, in fact love women, but this had my cock as hard as a steel rod. The speaker's voice again, "Ok, gentlemen, drop your pants." I hesitated but the other boy complied instantly; I slowly rose and allowed my pants to drop to the floor.

The speaker came over and wrapped his hand around my stiff rod, "It would appear that you are somewhat excited by what you saw, in fact both of you. Ok, gentlemen, remove the rest of your clothes, you won't need them for a while and once again I will tell you, you may leave at any time." I removed my clothes and stood there until I was told to sit down.

"Ok, gentlemen, here is how it works. First, understand that you have been prescreened and if you comply with what I am going to suggest, you are a part of our little family.

Tonight you will draw five names from the hat, five names each; these five men will be the first part of your initiation. You will suck their cocks dry and raise your ass to them for a good fucking from each…at least once from each man. You will then be permitted to rest, eat and shower. Later you will return here again and you will both get on the bed and be the servants of all who want to fuck your face and asshole.

When they are through with you, you will fuck and suck each other. If you pass this you are all but in. Every night for the next two weeks you will make yourself available to any of the upperclassmen who wants you. Once that is completed, you will be a part of this fraternity with full privileges.

By now you must know that we all enjoy men, sometimes women too and we make ourselves available to one another, no one tells a brother no when it comes to sex, which means you too may seek favors." He looked at us once again, "For now, enjoy a drink and consider all I have said.

Leaving now is no big deal, it means you simply have no desire to satisfy the requirements of membership. You may leave and your names will not be mentioned and if you are met by a brother he will treat you as he would anyone on campus; further, I will remind you that you must never mention anything that happened in this house, you were not forced to come here and you will not be forced to stay.

If, during the initiation you decide to leave, that too is your choice, though it may leave a few frustrated men, who sex stories forced gag throat fuck face rape sex stories have the right to relief which will fall on the remaining of you.

That would mean he would be subject to ten men instead of only five. As you have guessed by now this fraternity is made up of bi and gay men, if you decide this does not appeal to you we understand that. So, we will leave you now, enjoy your drinks, talk, do whatever you like, we will return in thirty minutes to hear your decision." The room was soon empty except for the two of us, he looked at me, "My name is Terry." I told him my name was Jeff and we sat there for a minute.

Finally I looked at him, "What do you think about all this," I asked. He looked at me a little shyly, "I have been curious for a long time. When I was younger we kind of played around but, you know, I didn't dare go further for fear of my friends calling me a fag.

Hell, one boy in my school got the crap beat out of him because another boy thought he was looking at him in the shower.

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I am willing to give it a try, those three guys getting it on made me so horny I wanted to beat off right here. Have you ever been with another guy?" he asked. I looked at him, "I was raped by three older boys when I was fourteen. I can't say I enjoyed it. I am still pretty unsure myself, I know this isn't the same, but I just don't know." "Well, I have played with my ass a few times, only a finger inside.

The thought of one of those big cocks in my ass both scares and excites me. Look, I don't want to do this alone, please try it. If you can't deal with it I won't blame you and it seems they won't either.

Please, stay and try it." I looked at him, "You really are a bit excited by all this, aren't you," I said noticing his cock was still rock hard. "I guess I am, but like I said, I have been curious about being with another guy but in my small home town it would soon be all over the town if I had tried anything, at least here I'm not worried about it." We sat in silence for a few moments as I thought about it a little more, "I really don't want to be a dorm rat, but I just don't know about this," I said after a few minutes.

He looked at me, "I can't live in that dorm for four years, no way. If it means I get my ass ripped by every guy in this place I will go through with this." My mind kept flashing on those few hours in that jail cell and how much I had been hurt that night and tried to remember any enjoyable part of it, any time that it might have felt the least bit pleasant but none came to mind.

Then I started thinking about life in the dorm, of being there trying to study, all the noise and I knew I would not be able to deal with that either. I looked at him, "You're right, the dorm just doesn't cut it and I can't afford an apartment even with the school's help, like it or not, this is my only way out. So I guess I am in for the ride." Terry looked at me and smiled, "Maybe it won't be too bad," once again my mind went to that night and I knew it would be that bad…and worse.

Once I had made up my mind it seemed like hours before the door opened and the other men returned, "ok, I see you both are still without clothes, I take it you have made up your minds." I had a lump in my throat that threatened to choke me but I managed to squeak out that yes, I was staying, as did Terry.

Ok then, we will go out and select the ten while you guys have a drink, it will relax you and maybe even make the evening a little more pleasant." Two large drinks were brought in, "I am quite serious, whether you usually drink or not, I suggest you drink these," and they all left.

Not being much of a drinker I was a little surprised by how the liquid burned my throat, even mixed thickred phats booty ebony queen fucked by bbc strippers amateur cola but I was thankful for any help it might provide.

I drank down about half of it and began feeling a little light headed and figured the booze was kicking in and kept on drinking, a few minutes later I was very dizzy and not in control of myself at all and when they came back into the room I wasn't real sure where I was or what I was doing here. Two boys literally carried ne to one of the beds on the stage and dropped me onto it.

The next thing I noticed was something wet and warm around my cock and realized one of them had my cock in his mouth and I was getting hard, very hard, very fast. I started to say something when another cock was pushed between my parted lips and into mu mouth. There was something terribly sensual about the feeling of the spongy head of the boys cock sliding across my tongue and I could feel myself getting more excited.

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I kept thinking to myself, "I'm not gay" but my body was saying something different. I moaned when my steel hard cock slipped from between those soft inviting lips but continued to pull the cock in and out of my mouth, the taste and feel of the cock was luxurious.

The cock was pulled from my mouth as my body was twisted over face down and I was pulled to my knees as the cock reappeared at my lips. I didn't understand it but I wanted more and more of that cock and I was soon rewarded with more as the boy grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth further onto his cock.

I was gagging as the spongy head reached the back of my mouth and tried to enter my throat, I began to panic as I found I could not breathe around the hard member. Just when panic was about to overtake me I was allowed to lift my head and take a few breaths before the tender head of his cock wedged into my throat again, this time a bit deeper.

I gagged and had to fight back the urge to toss up everything I had but I couldn't stop the onslaught of saliva that drenched the cock. My concentration was so focused on the cock in my mouth I almost didn't notice the soft, warm tongue pushing into my asshole as someone's hand began to slowly jack my hard cock.

My mind kept telling my body it was not supposed to be affected in a positive manner by these manipulations but my body was functioning completely apart from my mind as I once again moaned around the hard cock. I heard someone exclaim, "This one is getting with it nicely, and look at the size of his cock, that damned thing must be ten or eleven inches long and my fingers hardly reach around it.

I think I am going to enjoy this cock in my own ass." Once again my mind was taking in the information but it didn't make sense but my body seemed to understand perfectly. Something hard was pressing against my ass and my mind was trying to process all that was happening when someone's finger pushed into my dark hole. The pain was minimal but the pleasure was instantaneous and wonderful as the finger was pushed in and out of my warm asshole.

I sucked the cock in my mouth with more vigor, trying to pull it into my throat, trying to share the great pleasure I was feeling and not understanding how it was possible that I could enjoy what was being done to my body. The cock in my mouth suddenly erupted, choking me with a torrent of cum; I gagged and coughed, forcing cum out my nose then trying to drink it all in.

"This one is a natural, he takes to sucking cock like a duck to water," he said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. Before I could think about what was happening another, larger cock replaced the first and I had to force my mouth so wide open that it made my jaws ache. Just then another finger was added to my asshole and there was a bit more pain, but the pain got confused with pleasure on its way to my brain and I couldn't tell one from the other. I was in a constant state of arousal and could not understand why; the cock in my mouth felt so good, so right that I wanted more even though my jaw felt like it would break and the fingers in my ass were driving me higher and higher.

"Are you ready for my cock now, your little hole seems to be pulling at my fingers," asked the boy fingering my asshole. My head bobbed up and down, both in reply to his question and to please the cock in my mouth. He lifted my ass a little higher and poured something on my ass and worked it into my hole before he pressed the head of his cock against my nether opening.

The pressure was firm, brazzers mommy got boobs my three stepsons scene starring syren de mer brad knight lucas frost a harder until the head of his cock popped into my dark opening.

This time there was no confusing pain with pleasure; my ass was on fire and I stopped breathing. Had it not been for the cock in my mouth I would surely have screamed but little sound leaked around that hard cock in my mouth and to make sure he pushed it harder and deeper into my throat.

The pain in my ass was so intense I was certain I was going to pass out, it felt like a hot match was being shoved into me. Unlike with his fingers there was no trickle of pleasure, no desire for more but that was not about to stop him.

His hands grasped my hips hard as hot babe nicole rey gets a hard tight wet pussy pounded pulled me toward him while pressing into me, forcing more of his cock into my near virgin she like to fuck in a ass anal amature porn videos amateur porn videos. My gut began to cramp and I wanted to take a dump, anything to dislodge this monster from my gut.

"Breathe and just relax, if you fight it an tighten up tour ass it will hurt that much more. I am going to fuck your sweet asshole, I am going to pump the hell out of you then fill your guts with cum. That will make it nice and slick for the next cock." He began to fuck me, pulling from deep in my asshole until only the head remained then pressing deeply again. As he pulled back it felt like he was turning my asshole inside out, then as he pushed back in my entire being was filled with cock.

After a few minutes all patience and tenderness was gone and he was slamming into my ass as though he was trying to push his cock into my throat from my ass while the other cock pushed into my throat. I was thinking I had never felt such pain until I remembered that night in jail and the pain I had gone through as three men used my ass over and over, then made me suck their shit stained cocks.

Suddenly there was a mouth around my cock, which had lost much of it's rigidity but now was warming to the attention it was getting. I heard the man behind me grunt and bellow as he slammed his cock as deeply and hard as possible into me and left his load in my sore asshole. After a few seconds he removed his cock from my ass and all I felt was the cock in my mouth and the mouth around my cock and I could feel my own cum building for release when I felt another cock pressing against my hole.

This one didn't take as much time as the first one, the larger head popped in instantly as he grunted and pressed half his cock into my battered hole.

The pain was worse than before but he seemed not to care as he grabbed my shoulders and pushed harder as he sunk more of his cock inside me. The cock in my mouth soon exploded in my mouth and once again another cock replaced it, this one not as large and I gladly sucked it into my mouth.

The cock in my ass was moving steadily in and out of my asshole, pushing deep as the mouth on my cock sucked me deep. The signal began to get crossed again; pain and pleasure was no longer distinguishable, it was all becoming pleasure.

The big cock in my asshole was pushed so deep I could feel the hairs around his cock pressing against my stretched asshole. Oh God, what was happening, wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me as his cock pounded into me and my rock hard cock sunk into the throat of the man sucking it greedily. I felt my body begin to shake as I began to ride the crest of pleasure then it seemed to fly apart as I released my load and erupted into the most glorious orgasm I had ever enjoyed.

The man in my ass pushed so hard I fell face down on the bed then he pounded my ass as hard as he could. When the next man got next to me I was rolled onto my bad. He lifted my legs and soon found my battered, cum filled hole and slammed his cock into me. I have no idea how many cocks used my asshole and mouth; I have no idea how many time I erupted slinging cum into a waiting mouth or the air; I have no idea how long they continued to use my body.

All I know is when I awoke my asshole was so sore I could hardly walk once I managed to pull my lily rader shares dick with mom cory chase from the sticky sheets. I was still in the same room, in the same bed and I was exhausted. I looked over at Jerry, he was awake and actually crying, "What's the matter, man, it's over," I said to him.

"It hurt Jeff, it hurt so much more than I thought it would and it seemed like they were never going to quit. The bad louise davis munches on a raging boner is we still have a week of being their fuck buddies before it is over. I don't know if I can deal with that." Here was the guy who convinced me to hang in there and he is ready to run out the door, "Look, it's not that bad, in fact I began enjoying it, I came so many times I lost count." He looked over at me, "Jeff, they intentionally made it hard on me, they wanted me to quit, I am sure of it." "Well, it is all up to you, but I am telling you, the worst is over.

Over the next week they will have their fun with us both, but then we are on the inside," I told him. Just then the door opened and the fraternity brothers came in, "Well, you both seem no worse for the wear and Jeff, I would say you enjoyed yourself by the time we were through, didn't you?" Thinking about it was all it took for my cock to begin getting hard again, "Yeah, I guess I did." "Good," he said, "because there are one or two who didn't have the pleasure and would like to take their turn and I think you will be the candidate I select." I didn't say anything, what could I say, I wanted in this fraternity and I had already gone this far I was not turning back now.

"Here, meet Jackson," he said as a rather large boy stepped forward, "he really wants a piece of your ass after you suck his cock. I hope you don't mind if we watch." Jackson stepped forward and dropped his shorts exposing a very large cock, the head looking like a baseball and the shaft longer than my cock.

He stepped forward and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to his crotch, "Come on, I need some relief bad," he said. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, so wide I heard my jaw pop, and began pushing it into my mouth.

It was so big I couldn't breathe as he fucked my mouth as I watched his cock grow larger still. He tired of this quickly and threw me back on the bed, spreading my legs. I felt the slick lubricant as it dripped from his cock, then the head of his cock against my sore asshole.

The pain was excruciating; between the fact that at least five boys fucked me two or three times each, battering my hole and the size of this monster the pain was unbearable. I let out a loud moan as the head of his cock popped past the muscular ring of my stretched asshole and pressed into my ass. His big hands were holding my shoulders to the mattress, preventing me from moving at all as he continued to push more of that monster inside me.

Pain, nothing but pain as he continued until half his cock was inside me then stopped for a minute. My ass just would not adjust to this monster invader, no matter how much I tied to relax the pressure and pain got no less. I tried moving a little to see if I could find a better position but that hurt more and I moaned, my friend too that to mean I was ready for more so he pulled back and shoved more of his cock into my ass then began pulling back and fucking still deeper.

He set up a rhythm and began fucking me like some whore off the street; slamming his cock deep in my ass then pulling back and hammering me again. When I though it could get no worse he pulled completely from my ass then shoved his entire cock back into me, as the head of his cock entered me the pain increased to the point I was certain I was going to pass out, but he seemed to be enjoying himself because he pulled out again slammed into me until I could feel he was buried as far as he could go.

Cum poured from my cock as a result cute babe in striped socks plays with herself the pressure as he grabbed my shoulders and picked up speed. My gut cramped so badly I was certain I was going to get sick but the only thing I could do was kneel there and allow this monster to rip my asshole apart.

I could ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi him begin to shudder then howl and slam into me so hard he drove me into the mattress. He fell on top of me and lay there as his member began to slip from my battered asshole. I must have blacked out, I never felt him get up but when I opened my eyes he was gone and I was alone in the room with Jerry who looked like he had taken it harder than I did.