Blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy

Blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy
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I went to Vegas for a weekend bachelor party with my buddy's. Typical guy weekend drinks bars night clubs and strip clubs. While we were at the bar by the pool in the afternoon we noticed a group of females having fun and drinking. Very pretty girls so it was easy they caught our eyes. As I walked to the bar to get a closer look and a drink of course Busty blonde gets fucking machine in ass noticed the one blonde in the group was an old fling of mine named Dana.

Dana is about 5'7 slim blonde 117 pds 35 years old with straight blonde hair, perfect legs and a nice ass, tits well if there's a size smaller than A cup she's teetering there but very beautiful and flawless in every other way. Me and Dana had gone to high school together and mingled in the same crowd in and out of school and on a couple of occasions hooked up, but never started a relationship.

One of the reasons we never took our status to a higher level is I was experimenting sexually in my younger years with other girls and didn't want to be tied down, the other reason from what I remember is because Dana as beautiful as she is was kind of boring in bed.

She wasn't too into giving head and defiantly did not let me finish in her mouth, only would have sex in a couple positions and no ass play at all, which really bent me the wrong way because she has very sexy legs and a great ass.

I walked over and immediately she recognized me and we grabbed a hold of each other saying hello and began to hug. I immediately noticed something different about her; she went and bought herself some boobies.

Nothing crazy and extravagant probably a small C but they fit her body perfectly. As we exchanged our hello's she told me she is here at the same hotel with her girlfriends for one of the girls 40th birthday.

We got a couple drinks and had herself with her friends come over to hang with my buddy's. We caught up and chatted for a couple hours, she asked if I was in a relationship and I said yes, I have a girlfriend named Jamie and I was happy in our relationship.

I asked her if she was seeing someone and she stated she was happily married and doing really well. Before we knew it a couple hours had gone by and the drinks constantly being refilled. Throughout the day I couldn't help but feel we were having some good chemistry between each other, flirting and throwing out innuendos left and right.

Anyway with both of us being happy in relationships I kinda put it on the side and just had fun.

It was time to go back to our rooms to freshen up for the night out on the town and we said we'd keep in touch throughout the weekend and hang out some more, as sensational fat bbw masturbation video tube porn friends were having a good time with her friends.

My buddies and I went back to our room and got ready for a night out. As soon as we left to go to the casino I got a text from Dana asking where we were.

I texted back and told her "the casino playing blackjack", she said her friends were gambling as well and they were not ready to meet up but she was bored. Well I was feeling pretty good by this time so I decided to see what her intentions were, I texted her back and asked what she was wearing.

She said "why do you want to know? I thought you were happy with your relationship". I said "I am happy with my relationship but if you're gonna come and meet us I wanna look out for you". She didn't buy it and said "ya ya, I wearing a fit black dress black heels and black thong if you must know". I texted back and said " I thought you were happily married?". She said "I am, but a girl can still have fun right?".

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So I said "come meet me at the bar by the blackjack tables in the casino", and she said she was on her way. At this time I was feeling good and the thought of her in a tight black dress with high heels and let's not forget how she threw out the black thong as well, really had my attention. Dana came to the casino and when I saw her my jaw dropped, instantly I wanted to fuck her, but I remembered how normal she was in bed so I had to get her drunk and chocolate beauty on hard cock for cash this up a bit.

We sat at the bar and I ordered a couple shots, the whole time drinking shots we were flirting back and forth and it was getting pretty hot. I placed my hand on her bare thigh and she said "what are you doing?", I said I don't believe your wearing a black thong, and then began to slide my hand up her leg, Dana didn't stop me and I pulled her skirt back far enough to have my hand just brush against her panties feeling her swollen lips, she jilted forward and pushed my hand away saying "not here".

We had a couple more shots, and just when both of us were feeling pretty drunk Dana asked me to come up to her room. She said her friends were at the other casino and we would have the room to ourselves for a while. I said I'm not sure about it, and in my mind I thought I have a good girl at home who fulfills me in every way, why would I mess that up? So I said I'll tell you what, you go up to the room and get comfortable, take a picture for me, if you can convince me with a picture to come up to the room I'll come up.

She hesitated for a second then agreed and I watched that hot ass as she walked away glancing back over her shoulder at me with a devilish smile. Truthfully I was ready then but I wanted to see if how riskay she wanted to be.

So several minutes passed and then my phone vibrated. There was the pic I had asked for; it was a picture of her in the bathroom mirror with one hand under one of her breast and her tongue trying to lick her nipple. I immediately asked the bartender for my tab paid my bill and texted "see you in 10 be on the bed and be ready".

I got to the door it was left open by the door stop just a crack; I opened the door and shut it. As I looked into the room and onto the bed there was Dana lying on her back wearing a pair of black thigh highs black high heels and just a black thong and she had pulled her hair up into a pony tail.

She had her hand inside her panties with her eyes shut touching herself and moaning. I walked right over to the bed I know she thought I was going to just dive on top of her and pleasure her but I had other intentions.

I took off my pants pulled down my boxers right next to her face grabbed a hold of my rock hard erection and without saying a word put it in her mouth. Her eyes opened up with a look of shock but she took it all in and began sucking my cock while I grabbed a hold of her filthy massage therapist loves wild sex hardcore handjob forcing my cock deeper into her throat.

She continued to play with herself having her hand inside her panties and I was really getting excited, I sensed she could feel my balls tighten up I was getting close to cumming and she pulled my cock out saying" do not come in my mouth, I don't do that". I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to slide my hand down her stomach and inside the front of her panties.

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Just then her phone rang and it was her husband. She was about to hit the cancel button I said "answer it". She hesitated and asked why? I said just answer it, so she did. Just as she was making small talk with him I moved around and grabbed her underneath the back of her knees spreading her legs apart.

I pulled her thong to the side and began to lightly lick and kiss her completely shaved pussy. She wiggled around trying to talk on the phone and trying to get me to stop but that only made me press my tongue into her harder. She let out a small moan while talking on the phone with her husband, I couldn't hear what he was saying but I think he busty redhead lauren phillips amp kendra cole share cock amp cum her what she was doing and she said her feet hurt from walking but she was trying to put her shoes on.

I just kept eating her pussy as it was getting wetter and wetter and she was bucking her hips faster and faster, finally she couldn't take it anymore and I heard ex husband ties up and fucks ex wife tell him Her friends are ready she had to go.

As she hung up she looked down at me and said "you bastard you're driving me crazy". I continued to suck on her clit, I loved the way she started bucking her hip and she screamed "oh my god your gonna make me come" just then I place my thumb at the entrance to her ass and sucked on her clit hard, she began to convulse and shake in an explosive orgasm, my thumb penetrated her ass in the climax and she grabbed my hand from her ass after she stopped shaking and said" get your finger out of my ass its exit only" but she had a devilish way she said it.

When she came too, she said "now it's my turn, I want you to call your girlfriend". I thought for a second and said "fair enough ok". I bent down to get my phone out of my pants and as I did Dan grabbed my cock. As I dialed the number and began talking she got on her knees with her ass in the air bent down and started sucking my cock.

The sight was incredible because there was a mirror behind her where I could i want to feel your cock between my feet the top of her ass and the back of her legs and ass, I was in heaven.

My girlfriend picked up and I began talking stating I just wanted to say goodnight before it got too late and I got too wasted. Dana was really working me good licking the head of my cock with her tongue then sucking up and down all the way to my balls. She took my balls in her mouth while she continued to stroke my cock; it was feeling amazing, so hard to have a conversation like that.

Then she ran her tongue all the way up to the tip of my cock and engulfed my shaft into her throat, I was really starting to lose it, I didn't want to get off the phone cause I knew she'd want to fuck and I wanted her to continue to suck my cock so when I said good night to my girlfriend and she hung up, I pretended she was still on the phone and kept talking about bullshit from the day. Dana must have sensed I was prolonging the conversation cause she began going up and down on my cock faster and faster I couldn't hold it any longer I was getting so excited looking at her ass in the mirror I exploded in her mouth.

She had no idea it was going to happen as she was too busy trying to excite me while I was on my phone. She also had no idea that I was able to record a 10 second video with my phone of her swallowing my load, she gulped down trying to pull my cock out but trying to be quiet as she thought I was still on the phone.

I said goodbye and hung up and Dana pulled my cock out of her mouth saying "you asshole, I can't believe you did that, I hope you have enough left in you to fuck me now".

I began to think, hmm this isn't the same boring Dana in bed that she used to be, or am I just bringing this out in her, or is she really drunk? Probably really drunk but I didn't really care I enjoyed every second of it. So I positioned myself in front of her while she lay on her back and I placed my cock on her pussy lips as she moved her pelvis up and down rubbing her pussy. This was getting me hard again and her wet, I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed her hips thrusting my cock inside her cunt.

Dana screamed out "yes, fuck yes, I've been wanting your cock inside me all day, fuck me". I grabbed both of her breasts with my hands and began pinching her nipples, this made her buck harder and harder I could tell she really liked it. I thought, let me see how nasty she would get so I said; yeah you like this dick huh?

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She said "yes, yes, keep fucking me", I said you're gonna be my little slut this weekend aren't you? She said yes, and I said yes what? Dana screamed out loud "I'm gonna be your little slut this weekend keep fucking me".

I continued fucking her and I slip my hand under her ass, pressing my index finger right at her opening, she kept bucking harder and faster, I could tell this really got her excited. I wanted that sexy ass of hers so bad, even more because I knew her husband hasn't fucked her there.

I stopped and grabbed her forcefully flipping her over on her stomach. I pushed down on the back of her head forcing her face into the pillow and pulled her hips up causing her hot ass to stick up. With my hand underneath her I starting rubbing her clit while I rested my cock between her ass, she began pushing her ass back at me begging me to fuck her, I grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her head up and I laid on her back still rubbing her clit, I began to whisper in her ear "you gonna be my little slut huh?

She said "yes fuck me please fuck me", at this time I had the head of my cock ready to penetrate her ass, the tip was right at the opening. Dana continued to push back against me, and I whispered in her ear "I wanna fuck your ass, tell me you want me too. She said no your not gonna fuck my ass, just fuck me, I said not until you tell me to fuck your ass, the whole time I was stimulating her clit and pulling her pony tail back hard now, Dana thrusted back hard on me and screamed "I don't care, just fuck me, just fuck me" just then my cock plunged awesome girl acquires the entire ride schoolgirl and hardcore her ass, it was so tight and it hurt a bit, I continued to rub her clit and Dana thrust back and forth on my cock in a frenzy, she went completely crazy screaming "fuck me fuck, yes fuck me, yes" pushing back on me harder and harder, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began she was soaking wet bucking back and forth on my cock like something crazy, I pulled my hand away from her pussy grabbed her hips with both hand and began to drive my cock as deep and hard as I could into her ass she was screaming so loud I thought security was going to knock on the door, I'm not sure if she'd ever had a cock in her ass before but I know she was enjoying it, that's for sure.

Finally I pulled out and exploded all over her ass, I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her and we both laid there for several minutes. She was the first to talk and she said "I can't believe I let you fuck my ass". I said "I can't believe how much you liked it".

She just smiled, and I thought to myself I made her do the two things she said she wouldn't do, I wonder what I can make her do now? cause I'm sure she doesn't want anyone to find out about this.