S son sex xxx gujrati deci

S son sex xxx gujrati deci
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From Soccer mom to Porn Queen: Ann was pretty much an average single 34 year old mom. She and her 13 year old son Jeff had moved into a smaller apartment because of money issues.

The result was Jeff had to start a new school. Ann thought he was doing ok after several weeks, she was disturbed that all his new naughty america mom and son love story were black or Hispanic but it is what it is.

At Jeff's first soccer game she met two women who sons were on the team, as they sat in the stands routing for their sons they bitched about money. It seemed they all had lousy jobs with low pay and were always scraping to make ends meet. The game ended and as they got into the car Ann told Jeff she was feeling luck and they were going to buy a scratch off ticket and perhaps win a few bucks.

They stopped at a local convinces store and a few minutes later she emerged with the ticket. When they got home she scratched off the colors to discover they had won $200. They splurged and ordered pizza; they sat at the kitchen table discussing the day's events. "Mom it's great we won can we keep this up?" "No honey, the odds are against you. The only time you have a better chance is if you know a sports team is a sure thing." "How does that work?" "Well you bet on a team to win, since your betting with a bookie you are given credit, till after the game is played.

As long as you keep winning you never have a cost." Jeff looked at her for a moment and picked up his plate and put it in the sink and headed off to his room. For the next month their lives seemed normal. She noticed Jeff was coming home from school a little later then usual but she figured he was participating in some after school activity. On Saturdays he started watching all the sports game he could. He did this same thing on Sunday and on occasion was either in a really good or really foul mood.

Another month passed, she got home from work about 5:30 and as she was changing noticed his shirt was ripped.

Walking into the kitchen she asked him, "Jeff, how did you rip your shirt?" For a moment the boy looked at her with a dumb stair, he said, "Oh as I was getting off the bus I caught it on a sharp edge." It seemed possible so she went about her evening. She noticed he was getting a lot of calls from people she didn't know but she figured he was making friends. On Thursday evening as she was getting out of her car she saw Jeff talking to a group of three older boys. There was a large Latino looking one and two skinny black kids, they looked to be 15 or 16.

As she got closed she realized the conversation was not as friendly as she had thought.

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She walked up to the group and their conversation stopped, "Jeff what are you doing?" Before Jeff could answer the Latino whose name was Louis spoke? "This dip shit owes us over two grand from sports bets." Her mouth fell open, the taller black kid who's name was Jim chimed in.

Now he wants to pay us a little each week with no interest!" "Jeff is this true?" "Yes mom I thought we could pay off some of your bills if I won big." Louis jumped back into the conversation, "look lady we want our money!" "Ok let's not stand out side making a scene come in and we'll discuss a plan." As they entered the house she was well aware the three were all staring at her ass which by far was her best asset.

Ann was a small woman just five foot; she was 115 lbs, shoulder length auburn hair, a pair of 36d tits a very small waist and a bubble butt.

In her kitchen she realized these kids weren't playing around. "Ok look we can't give you two grand because we don't have it." The third black kid whose name was Bo looked at Jeff, "look fagot we know some guys who are gay, they'd police strip suspects were eyed and apprehended by lp officer in a failed attempt to exit to fuck you and you can pay your debt off that way." Ann was shocked at the suggestion.

"I don't think that sounds like a great option, do you Jeff?" Bo and Jim grabbed Jeff, they each took hold of his jeans and pulled them down along with his underpants, they spun him around and pushed him over the kitchen table. Bo wet his middle finger and stuck in Jeff's ass. "Hey guys this is tight virgin ass, they'll pay good money for it." Ann looked at Jeff's face which was contorted as he never had a finger in his ass before.

"Ok gentlemen, number one please get you finger out of my sons ass." Bo just shrugged and pulled it out. "Look lady unless you are planning on helping pay the debt shut the fuck up, his ass belongs to us for the next few months." "I really would like to help but I can't figure out how to make that much money." Jim smiled at her, "Let's all sit down and discuss this, ok?" They all sat but Bo kept Jeff next to him rubbing his ass cheeks.

"Ok you say you want to help right?" "Yes I suppose so." "Well here's how you can help. We watch a lot of porn on the internet, there are several sights who are devoted to MILFs fucking young guys." Ann looked at Jim, "what's a MILF?" Mothers I'd like to fuck!" "Oh well thanks for clearing that up, please continue." "You make a porn movie with us fucking you; we'll pay you $500 cash and cancel the two grand he owes." "Are you serious?" "We sure are." Bo smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad his finger back in Jeff's ass.

Jeff's eyes were watering but he did not move. Bo looked at Jeff, "Well guy Friday night you are going to be a new fuck toy for a few of our friends." Ann spoke up,"I'll call the police if you try that." "Really and what are you going to do keep him home forever?

Besides that the interest on the debt will start incurring at the rate of 20% a week." Jim touched her arm, "look mama, why not think about our offer, it's really a win, win for everyone." "How do you figure it's a win, win?" "Simple your sons ass stays a virgin, you get $500 cash, his debt is paid in full and you get leggy adorable chick in hardcore blowjob amateur, all in all not a bad deal." She sat their looking into his face.

"Look, just consider it today is Thursday, we would not be doing it till Saturday night. If you agree you can text me, I'll come over and coach you on your lines." "I have lines." "You sure do, the sight were thinking about only accepts amateurs, if you act as if this is great and you cum a lot we all could be paid by the sight.

You could make more money if they really like you. Consider it because Saturday night if you aren't going to do it, Jeff's butt will be getting several cocks." The three stood to leave; you have till Friday 9 Pm to make a decision.

Just that quickly the three left. Neither mother nor son spoke the rest of the evening. Alone in her room she considered the proposal. First I would get 500 and his debt would be paid off, second I get fucked without any attachments and thirdly Jeff ass stays virgin.

She fell asleep still considering it. Friday night after work she and Jeff discussed it. "Jeff honey I've been thinking about the proposal." "Mom I'm so sorry I'll take the butt fucking rather then see you do something you don't want to do." "Honey there is the 500 cash I'll be getting, we could sure use it and if they like me huge boobs blonde woman fucking by bbc in the bathroom they'll pay extra." At 8:45 she sent the text, it read I'll do it!

At 8:50 she received a text from Jim I'll be their in half an hour. At nine thirty Jim knocked on her door, he had a large black kid with him, "this is Ernie he's going to keep Jeffery company while we talk, hey Jeff take Ernie to your room." Ernie grabbed his hand and led him away; they sat at the kitchen table.

"Ok first of all you need to have slutty underwear on but you should be dressed in shorts and a tight t shirt." "Ok I can do that." Now we will be acting as if we picked you up at the mall, you invited us back to your house to hang out.

We'll ask you a bunch of questions." "What kind of questions?" "Well like do you like to swallow cum at the end of a blow job, how long has it been since you were fucked really good. Do you make noise when you are cumming things like that?" "So far I've got it." "The dirtier you talk the better, and please talk dirty while you're being fucked if possible." She asked several questions about her money and that the debt was cancelled for sure.

He assured her all would be fine. She looked at him "I've never seen a black cock before are they all really very large?" "Well I have a rule." "What would that be?" "If I take it out at the very least I get sucked off." Jim reached across the table; he grabbed her left tit and squeezed it. Her first reaction was to pull back but she hesitated for a second and then pushed forward to give him better access to it.

"How big are your tits Ann?" She smiled at him, "their 36d and I love having them sucked." "Well tomorrow night you'll get plenty of that now would you like to see my cock or not?" "I'd love to, hey what about Jeff?" "Lets see how he doing." They quietly opened the bedroom door to his room; her eyes went wide as she saw a large black cock in his mouth.

He was naked and had a butt plug in his ass hole. Just then the black kid grabbed his head and started cumming. A big blast shot into his mouth. Jim closed the door quietly; they were standing outside his room looking at each other. "Do you want to see my cock or not? I think your son has a bit more work to do before Ernie's nut sack is empty." "Please make Ernie stop, I'll be ready tomorrow night but make him leave Jeff alone." Jim shrugged and knocked on the door, "time to go Ernie, now!" Two minutes later Ernie and Jeff came into the kitchen, Ernie was smiling Jeff seemed shaken.

The two left. "Jeff, are you all right?" "Yes just, well he made me blow him and then I swallowed all of it. He put a butt plug in my ass and made me keep it in all the while. Then he gave me a hand job, after I came he made me lick his hand clean." "Don't worry honey it will all be better by Sunday, lets get some sleep.

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Saturday at 7 pm the boys showed up they immediately started to set up their equipment. Jim approached Ann, "here's your money, sign this receipt please." Jeff went to his room and they were ready. The camera started rolling as she pretended to answer the knock at the front door, all three guys walked in. "Hi Ann we were in the neighborhood and figured we'd stop by to see Jeff." "Sorry guys he's with his dad for the weekend, but your welcome to hang out with me, if you'd like?" "Sounds good, got any beer?" "I'll get you some." As she headed for the kitchen she was wiggling her ass with emphasis, all three boys stared.

As she entered the room with four beers she saw Louis rubbing his cock through his jeans, Bo spoke to her. "Ann that is one very nice rear end you've got their." She smiles turned around and stuck it out for them.

"You don't think its fat do you she cooed?" Now Louis stood up "Ann it is a great ass I have a fantasy about my cock sliding in and out of it and dumping a giant load of cum in it" She turned to face him, "you know Louis there are other places your cock should be thinking about dumping cum in besides my ass. I'm not saying I'm not flattered nor would I mind a good solid ass fucking but my cunt really hasn't been pounded in six years." Bo stood and started rubbing her tits while Jim unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down.

Louis removed her blouse and she stood their in bra and panties. All three were naked chap needed money to pay rent and credits a minute; she grabbed Louis and Bo by their cocks and headed for the bedroom. "Boys I think it cum dumping time and I'm the dump!" In the bedroom Jim closed the door it was the first time she had gotten a good look at his cock, it was huge.

She had seen pictures of things that big but always figured it was photo shopped. Now in front of her was a 14" penis. It was as thick as her wrist. "My god Jim, have you found a lot of women who can handle that?" "I'm hoping we have tonight?" She just grinned at him. "I don't think I'm capable its gigantic baby." "Well hopefully Bo and Lou can get it stretched enough for me to try." Louis and Bo took her to the bed, they placed her in a sitting position and went to work rubbing her clit and nipples.

It took two minutes before she was moaning loudly. Bo had three fingers in her, she gave a soft scream and started squirting pussy juice everywhere. Finally the orgasm subsided and she looked at both guys. Gentlemen I need a good fuck now, please. Louis mounted her, he cock head parted her pussy lips and he was in, she moaned with pure ecstasy. As his rhythm in creased she would push her mound up to meet his downward thrusts, they were both getting close.

She started moving her pussy in small circles while moaning deeply as she started to orgasm again, feeling her pussy contracting around his cock he pushed deep and blasted her pussy walls with hot cum three, fourfive times his cock erupted before it seemed to slow down and stop. "Thank you Lou I really need that." Lou rolled off and Bo got on, her pussy was very sloppy as cum was already leaking out.

She looked up at him, "sorry about the sloppy cunt baby, that what sloppy seconds are all about, I'll do my best to milk stepsons dick in all the right places cock." Bo pounded her deep and hard she had two orgasms before he pushed deep and blasted her pussy with a good sized amount of warm sticky cum.

She was laying there spread eagle with her pussy leaking cum, Jim approached her with the giant cock semi-hard.

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She smiled at him, "baby I'm not sure about this I think its way to big. I'm only five foot tall, that cock will be in my throat." He chuckled as he mounted her.

"Please go slow honey." The head of his cock separated her pussy lips very gently; she felt it slip in. "Slowly baby I feel him already." Now Jim started moving his cock from side to side slowly so she could get accustomed to it. Now he pushed a few more inched in, slowly he pulled it out so only the head was in. "That's good baby but I don't I can take it." Now he pushed slowly until about half was in her. She was starting to enjoy the big cock in her; her pussy was contracting around it in an attempt to milk cum out.

He looked down at her, "how does it feel?" Ummm was all he heard. Now he pushed another three inches in, the tip hit her cervix, a gentle shove and he was past it. Her eyes shot open, she was wiggling her ass while her pussy was contracting on his cock. "Oh Jim, oh Jim ummm it feels wonderful please baby keep going." Slowly he pushed the remaining cock into her until their pubic mounds met.

She was moaning as her body exploded with orgasm after orgasm. Jim looked down at her, "who's pussy is this, who's your daddy?" All she could do was scream in ecstasy as she had another orgasm. He pushed down bulky dick for beautiful teen pussy girlfriend and homemade cum started to flow out of his cock.

It felt like a facet had been turned on inside her. The feelings of hot cum that deep in her cause her to have yet another orgasm. After what seemed like a quart of cum had been deposited deep in her he rolled off. The other two spread her legs as the camera recorded her pussy literally squirting cum out of her.

She had never been fucked like that in her life. The other two boys DP her four more times. She had sucked both Bo and Louis at least twice, but the real prize was Jim fucked her three more times. After every fucking she would crawl down to his cock and lick all cum off his cock, balls and ass hole. At around midnight, it appeared their nut sacks were empty, as they started to pack up Jim handed her, her panties.

"Put these on so you don't leak all over the floor. With a dreamy look in her eyes she slipped them on. They all headed for the door. She grabbed Jim around the neck and whispered in his ear. "If you'd like you could come back any time you want." He smiled at her "that's my pussy now so believe me I'll be back probably Monday night, I'll call first so you can be ready." He squeezed her ass and they left.

The next day her and Jeff discussed the events, he swore he would never gamble again. She told him she may be seeing Jim again if it was ok with him. His next question surprised her, "Do you like him?" "No but the money is good. If the producers like the film I could make a lot more." "Well if you'd like to see him I guess it will be ok." Monday she walked around the house all day waiting too see if she would hear form Jim, at 1PM her phone buzzed she had a text.

It was from Jim, my nut sack is full could use a draining any ideas? She typed back Busty blonde gets fucking machine in ass know just the girl, what time will you be hear. Immediately he responded at 7. She asked Jeff to go to his room. At 7 the door bell rang it was Jim with another black friend of his. They entered the apartment, "this is Rob he's doing the filming tonight, I promised his a good fuck and a couple of blow jobs." "That's fine with me honey, shall we get started." They went to her bedroom; she closed the door and immediately started kissing Jim.

Jim responded and after a few minutes with the camera rolling he asked her if she'd like to get her pussy stretched? Quickly she replied "most definitely." She stripped down to her panties and bra and slowly turned to model it for him.

She wore a lace thong in light green and matching lace bra allowing her nipples to stick out. "Do you like?" She saw the bulge in his crotch and giggled.

"I guess you do uh," pointing to his crotch. He took off his jeans and the monster sprung out. "Wow its even bigger then I remember come her and let me stroke it." The were on the bed kiss and groping each other, Jim took hold of her panties and pushed them down, she lay back and spread wide as to accommodate his huge cock. He slowly slipped the head in, she gasped as she felt the monster enter her.

Her body was already responding, with only the head in her, her pussy was already squeezing it. "Baby I could get used to your cock really quickly." He pushed his cock half way in, looking down at her "you are going to be getting this on a regular basis.

I want my pussy to be able to accommodate me with having to put it in a few inched at a time." "Well if you give it to her on a regular basis she should be able to do whatever you need." He pushed balls deep, she moaned in ecstasy, she started wiggling her hips in small circles and pushing her pubic mound up to allow I him to get deeper. They kept this rhythm up for five or six minutes, in that time she had six wild orgasms. Suddenly he pushed deep and stiffened.

"Oh baby, ugugugugu," was all she could get out as an orgasm ripped through her like a bolt of lightning. Once again it felt like a facet had been turned on in her pussy as what seemed like a quart of cum was deposited in her.

As he rolled off her she was already sucking the head of his cock to get all his blonde whore nina kayy gets impaled by hung boss still in it and on it in her mouth. For the next three hours she was filmed fucking him. They had shot of her pussy squirting betty cane milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot out after each time. She gave amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum camera man three blow joys and allowed him to fuck her ass.

By midnight they were all tired and drained. Jim told the camera man to get the stuff packed; Ann put on your panties and let's get a drink. In the kitchen he spoke. "Babe it's been five years of frustration until I found you. As of now you are mine you are the only woman able to take all my cock and I'm not giving that up." "Well that makes me and my pussy very happy as I've never felt a cock like yours before and have never been fucked that good in my entire life.

It's your pussy, after a few more sessions she'll be able to accommodate him without you having to go a few inches at a time, I promise." "Good I'll be back tomorrow without the camera, now just one more, no two more things. First here is another three hundred dollars; they really liked you on camera. Secondly I want you to help me find two other women who can take big cocks." "Ok baby but I want to be number one cunt to you." "You will be but I have two friends who have cocks bigger then mine, we need women to accommodate them." "Sweetheart I'll give it a lot of thought and I promise I'll get some girls.

Honey just out of curiosity how big are we talking?" He saw the gleam in her eyes. "One is 15 ½ inches and the other friend is a just plane freak." "What means freak?" "He's almost 18 inches, he's not human. Yes I'll introduce you to them only after we have at least one girl ready. I will probably let you try him if you insist but just remember who's pussy it is." "It's yours lover."