Yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot

Yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot
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Lonely Julie Chapter 4 After the tiring events on the beach Julie and Sally, both 29 and Timmy who was 11, were so tired that they quickly fell asleep in Julie's big king size bed. Julie on the left, Sally on the right and Timmy in the middle between them. None wore any clothes. As Julie said when they went to the bedroom "after all we've all seen each other naked".

Drifting off to sleep Julie turned to the middle and slipped her arm under Timmy's shoulders and snuggled into his bum. Sally turned outwards with her arse towards Timmy. In an hour Timmy woke up feeling Julie's bush of pubic hair bristling against his naked bum and his semi stiff penis gently nudging Sally's bum on the other side.

The day before he had had his first real fuck !! He had been lying back on the bed when Julie had jumped on him and slid his cock into her and rode his prick until they both came shudderingly. Now, in bed with the two pretty, sleeping and naked 29 year old girls, his mind went back to the day before.

He knew what to do ! He knew how to fuck and what it felt like. His cock slowly stiffened and pushed gently into the crack of Sally's bum. He wondered what it would feel like if he got his cock into her arsehole. Would it be shitty ? Slippery ? or just tight? His thoughts moved to Sallys cunt. He had watched her cum and pee and crap.

His penis pushed a little more and in her sleep Amateur babe licks female agent then fuck moaned a little. Behind him he could still feel Julies crisp cunt hair rubbing his own bottom. He pushed a little more and Sally unconsciously moved her arse out towards him, making her vagina touch the tip of his cock. He slid his prick into her and slowly eased it in and out of her.

In her sleep she was still wet and slippery. He fucked her a little faster. Each time he pulled out he fet Julies pussy hair against his bum. Now he could'nt stop. And at that moment Sally woke and realised Timmy was inside her. She stammered "Julie Julie, Timmys fucking me. Oh shit he's fucking me Julie. Her right hand went down between her legs and she rubbed her clit as she felt Timmys cock thrusting in and out.

Her juices were running down her thighs and Timmy was close to cumming. Julie woke with a little jump as Sally said again " Fuck me Timmy fuck me hard. Oh my God Julie he's fucking me. He's going to spunk in me in a mo. Fuck me fuck me oh SSHHHIITTTTTTTTTTT I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming.

ARGGHHHHHHHHHH FUCK" As Sally orgasmed Timmy began to shoot his semen into her and Julie, now wide awake, rubbed her clit furiously against Timmys thrusting arse. Timmy jerked three or four time as he emptied his spunk into Sally his mind wandering to Julie masturbating against his bum. As Sally came, Timmy felt a warm fart against his own thin pubic hair and he jerked a final time.

Juli was close to orgasm and then she shouted "Fuck Sal I'm cumming, I'm fucking CUMMING, oh piss shit fuck AAHHHHHHHH.

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And Julies juices ran onto the sheets, mixing with drips of Timmy's semen and Sally's wetness. Totally exhausted the three of them drifted off to sleep, lying on the wide wet patch on the sheets. They woke in the morning with Timmy kissing Sallys neck and then turning to give Julie a cute attractive cutie fondles herself hardcore blowjob tongue kiss and rubbed her nipples before kissing them too.

They went together into Julies walk in double shower and Sally started to piss hard squirting it out a bit onto Timmys penis. Julie joined in and they laughed as they pissed all over each other before washing off under the shower. Now Timmy had fucked both girls and had gained confidence enough to enjoy his unique situation. Sally stepped out of the shower and sat on the lavatory starting to shit with her legs open.

Timmy had recognised that watching a women shit made his cock hard but Julie was slightly surprised that she also suddenly felt horny as she watched the dung come out of her friend Sally.

Her eyes wer glued to Sallys anus and Sally saw the look on her face.

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"Well Well" she said " whose getting turned on watch her friend shit then?" Julie blushed "I've never watched a woman crap before, but it is sexy. Anyway hurry up cos I have to go too and you can watch me". "What about me??" Timmy chipped in "I have to poo too you know" "Sorry guys but I have to sit a while more"Sally said. "Maybe you two can catch each others shit." "OK with me " Timmy said holding out his hands towards Julie.

" I can't believe I'm doing this " Julie said laughing " OK Timmy here it comes" While Sally strained on the toilet, Julie half turned away from her and bent down a little as Timmy put his cupped hands under her anus.

Juliue strained and Timmy and Sally watched as the first turd, thick and darkish brown, pushed its way out of Julies bum hole. Timmy caught the first bit and then three more thick pieces of dung hurried out of Julie and Timmy's hands were full. Julie farted and said "That's it but I need to pee too. Sally opened her legs and Timmy put Julie's dung down between them in to the loo. He turned to rinse his hands in the basin and Julie moved forward to stand over Sally sitting.

"Shit, are you going to piss on me?" Sally said and Julie giggled and let a stream of urine splash down onto Sallys cunt and thighs as she sat on the videoz venday my hot new year fuck. Sally put her hands in the stream of Julies urine and as it stopped Sally slid her finger up Julie's thigh and eaded it into her cunt.

Julie shuddered and Timmys cock began its now familiar hardening. Julie moved against Sallys finger and the girls, for the first time, saw that they wanted sex with each other as well as with men and of course the 11 year old Timmy. Sally was now openly masturbating Julie. Julie stood over Sally sitting on the loo rubbing herself against Sally finger fucking her and touching her G spot. She was going to cum quickly she knew.

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It was the first time she had had sex with a woman and her excitement was exploding as she orgasmed, spirted more piss onto Sally and almost collapsed onto her as her body spasmed. Timmy stood by the girls masturbating his prick and hardly believing this was happening to him.

As Julie came, Timmys sperm welled up and he shot his semen up into Sallys face and then the following spirts onto both Julie and Sally, semi collapsed on the toilet. It was the beginning of the third day of he school holidays.

Timmy had had his first wet ejaculations, lots of them and had fucked, or been fucked, by two lovely girls. Now he had seen them having sex with each other and as he went back to the bed, the smell of Julies shit still on his hands, he fell back into an exhausting sleep dreaming about the next three weeks. More in Lonely Julie Chapter 5