Teacher samia duarte fucks her student deepthroat and hardcore

Teacher samia duarte fucks her student deepthroat and hardcore
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One day when I was twelve my whole world turned upside down, I had just come back from a game of tennis with my friend and was all sweaty so went to go have a shower.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom the door was slightly open, and the sound of the shower going could be heard as I came closer.

I was wondering who it was in there, either my mum Sarah, or one of my three sisters. The oldest at 18 was Megan, she had inherited from my mum a pair of the biggest ripest tits you had ever seen, with her long flowing blond hair, and full lips she was hoping to become a model.

The next oldest was Alice, she was 13, well 14 in a months time as she kept reminding everyone. She was the odd one out in the family with brown hair, but like her big sister Megan was just as pretty, her tits were not quite the size of Mums or Megan's but for her age they were already getting her noticed by any male she might pass, and an innocent look that was opposite to her nature.

Finally there was little Kirsty just turned 8, very tiny and again with golden hair, but with a slight wave in. I quietly edged up to the door, to take a quick peek. Ever so carefully I peered round the door with one eye, as I did I saw the round ass of Megan disappear into the steam of the shower. I quickly glanced either side of me to make sure that no one else was in the house, and then drew my attention back to my eldest sister. Every so often I could see a glimpse of flesh though the steam, the curve of a breast or slither of her perfect ass.

I decided I couldn't waste this prime opportunity and slowly pat my and into my shorts, grabbing my meat, and slowly squeezing it at the thought of my sister naked in front of me, but before the blood had a chance to reach my cock disaster happened. Mum was standing there, with her sister Bernadette, or Bernie as she was known to us, staring at me with my hand in my shorts while peering into the bathroom. Bernie was just as well racked as mum, but a couple of years younger at 32, mum who at 34 had had Megan when she was 16 as it, didn't seem to slow down.

Bernie looked highly amused and tried to hide her smile with the back of her hand, mum however just stared at me in horror. I just stood there with my hand on my cock and mouth open with the shock.

After a second mum came towards me and I quickly removed my hand "What do you think you are doing?" she asked rhetorically and redundantly. Did she really expect me to say im whacking off to Megan in the shower? She grabbed me under the armpit, and heaved me towards the kitchen, saying "Your coming with me young man." We brushed past Bernie who followed wide eyed behind in evident delight at my embarrassment. I stood by the kitchen table with my head bowed in embarrassment, as mum and Auntie Bernie looked down on me.

Mum paused for a moment before she spoke. raven hart sexy dirty milf

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"I cant believe what I saw you doing" Bernie interrupted saying "Well to be fair he is reaching that age and Megan is not exactly unattractive, I mean her boobs are almost as big as ours!" Mum replied calmly: "I suppose your right, but still it's quite a shock", the anger in her seemed to break as the amusement of the scene caught up with her. Right at that moment, something caught Auntie Bernie's eye, and she froze, staring at my shorts. "Is that his&hellip." she stopped by herself.

Mum seemed to notice at the same time, "It cant be&hellip. can it?" quickly I realised that the end of my cock was hanging out the bottom of my shorts, which had ridden above my knee slightly.

I pressed my shorts down, quickly hiding my meat. "Oh my god I think it is" gasped Bernie "It must be huge!!" Mum didn't seem to believe it and shook her head "What are you hiding down there?" "Nothing" I replied honestly. "I don't believe you; now tell me what are you hiding there?" Bernie answered for me "I think its his, you know, his P.E.N.I.S" "No it cant be" mum replied defiantly busty blonde gets nailed in a threesome tell me what you have down there before I get really mad" I stood quiet not knowing what to say.

"Ok then" mum proclaimed "you asked for it, now stand on the chair" I looked up for the first time and could tell she was serious, so climbed on the dinning room chair. Auntie Bernie could not believe what was happening, but seemed to love every moment of it. "Now this is your final chance, what are you hiding down there?" she asked trying to look into my eyes, her hands holding either side of my shorts. I stood there speechless.

"Well your choice young man, I warned you!!" Mum very, very slowly lowered my shorts, excruciatingly slowly. Trying to call what she thought was my bluff. Slowly my balls could be seen, and even more slowly she carried on lowering my shorts.

Bernie and mum both took an intake of breath their eyes fixed on my emerging cock. "It's huge!" Bernie whispered. Caught friends mom fckin herself6 penis still not fully uncovered.

"Look how thick it is as well." Mum was dead quiet eyed fixed on my cock; she stopped lowering my shorts, just before the tip was visible. She took and intake of breath, and with a quick tug pulled them too the floor. My cock released from the elastic waist of my shorts bobbed up some and then swung like a pendulum to a standstill. Mum and Bernie gasped and just stared at it for what seemed like a lifetime, the three of us in silence.

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Slowly mum raised her hand to it, and with the palm of her fingers taped the back of it so it bobbed up again, then slapped back into her palm. She did this several times, before Bernie broke the silence. "It must be like 10 inches long, and he's not even hard!" Mum replied eyes still fixed on my cock, "I can't believe how thick it is!" Auntie Bernie raised her hand and slowly took my meat from her sister by my bell end, lifting it up till it was near horizontal and then let it flop down, they both caught it after it swung a few times beneath me.

Bernie started to stroke its full length, caressing it all, a few moments later my mum followed. I could not believe what was going on but I just stood there silent, still thinking I was in trouble. At that moment Alice and Kirsty walked into the kitchen, and saw the shocking scene; mum and Auntie Bernie playing with their brother's cock, not just a normal cock, the biggest cock she had ever seen, and her brothers too boot.

Kirsty spoke first pointing at me wang as she did: "What's that?" Mum answered without averting her gaze: "It's your brother's cock" "Your brother's big cock!" Bernie corrected. "His HUGE cock" Alice added, looking on astonished.

She was the first one to avert her gaze looking up at me briefly, smiling before returning her attention, to my rod.

She walked forward and grabbed hold of it too, squeezing it with more force than the others. Kirsty brushed past Bernie, hardcore wrestling i neva let a fuckslut go stood right in front of me, my cock hanging down just above her head looking down at her, she reached up and stroked the tip with her little fingers.

"Imagine that inside you" Alice proclaimed unashamed, "If you could get it in you" mum countered. "Remember he's not even hard yet" Bernie added. At this point I began to realise that from my vantage point I could see down everyone's tops, my family's tops, even little Kristy's. I stared at mums and Bernie's busty latina gabby quinteros is feeling horny tits, they were barely fitting in their vest tops in the first place, and from this view, it was no surprise that my rod began to twitch.

Alice noticed it straight away, and quickly realised what I was looking at. "He's looking down at your tits mum, I felt his prick twitch" "Really?" mum spurted out, still focused on groping my cock.

Why don't you get them out, see if we can get him hard, I wanna see how big it erect!" Bernie said. "You too, Auntie Bernie, he was looking at your tits too" Kirsty said. Mum and Bernie briefly made eye contact, then puts their hand over their huge boobs and lowered their vest tops, their tit flesh spilling out. My cock twitched again this time visibly. "Look he loves it" Alice happily proclaimed, they all grabbed it again, feeling it sputter to life.

"Rub it over your tits mum, come on I wanna see it hard mum" Alice said unbuttoning her top as she did so. "You wanna see my tits too little brother?" She exposed them, her pert little nipples staring up at me, with both hands she began to rub them, looking right up at me. "You like these tities don't you, your sister's tities?" my cock nodded in approval.

"I thought so" she said smiling at me. Mum pulled my cock down and began to rub it over her huge tits. " I think its getting slightly bigger" she said. "Shall I get my tities out too?" Kirsty added "You don't have tities, your too small" Alice replied, still playing with hers. "I don't know maybe he likes tiny little titties?" said Bernie. "Couldn't hurt" Alice and Bernie, stripped Kirsty naked, and took the rest of their cloths off as well. "Hey where is Megan?" Alice asked, "Oh, she's in the shower, your brother was looking at her through the crack in the door, we caught him with his hands in his pants, that's how this started" "Well, sexy harlot bridgette b devours colleagues huge cock should get her, the more the merrier, plus she has great tits" admitted Alice.

"Kirsty go get Megan, tell her what's happening, tell her don't bother to get dressed" said Bernie. A few moments later Kirsty cam scampering back with Megan, both of them butt naked, Megan still dripping wet however, dew gleaming off her mammoth tits as she walked up to me. "Oh my god you weren't kidding!" "Look at the size of that thing" "a girl could choke to death trying to swallow that!!" Megan rejoiced. The turn of phrase seemed to ignite the same idea in both Auntie Bernie and mum.

"honey, why don't you test him out, see if you do choke Megan, go on its ok" Mum offered presenting my huge beef baton to her eldest daughter. Megan grabbed it, looked at it, then looked into my eyes and began to stroke it slowly, raising it level to her mouth. At the same time Bernie grabbed my left hand and placed it on my mum's huge jugs. "Here hold these, I know you want to!" she said winking at me as she did. She then took my right hand and held it against her boobs.

"Squeeze these tities, grope your mums and my big boobs, and don't hold back" I didn't hold back either, gripping them as hard as I could as Megan opened her mouth. Megan slowly started to suck on my helmet, working her tongue round it. Alice looked on in awe; she actually began to lick her lips, then deciding that she wanted in on the action, moved closer and began to tongue my balls.

Kirsty just looked on, her tiny nipples hardening in the open air. Megan began to work her mouth down my beef, still it wasn't fully erect, in fact it was only about ¼ of the way there.

Slowly it began to disappear down her throat, bobbing up and down on it faster and faster. My pork sword made squelching sounds as it hit the back sexy lesbos fill up their huge butts with milk and squirt it out threesome and spreading her throat and Megan started to gag.

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"That's it honey your doing fine, throat fuck him, swallow his cock" mum encouraged. "Ok you have had enough, its my turn" demanded Bernie as she took hold of me, straight away she started throating me as deep as she could, her tongue working overtime. Megan joined her sister in tonguing my balls. By now my cock was half way erect. It was Alice's turn next, and she went about the task with more gusto than the others, she was on a mission, the squelching sounds as I pounded her tonsils getting louder and louder, still she didn't even get half of it down her throat before she gagged it up coughing and spluttering for air.

"Your turn now sis" said Bernie "Your mum is a cock sucking champion, you should have seen her at school, she once blew the entire soccer team at school" auntie Bernie explained to Kirsty.

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They all looked on eagerly, waiting to see a real pro at work. Mum was as good as Bernie said, managing to get nearly 2/3 of it down her cock hungry mouth before finally starting to gag, even then she managed to hold it there for a few seconds, before releasing herself.

"Mmmm that's one juicy dick, where have you been all my life, I could suck you all day long!" mum said straight to my prick. At that point it began to be a free for all, four tongues were working my length and balls all at once, and finally I was fully hard, nearly 17 inches all in, only little Kirsty was missing out being to small to reach with her mouth.

It was almost to much to take, I was going week at the knees, from all hot brunette gina devine fucked on stairs blood that had to rush down south to keep me hard. I reached down with my right hand and grabbed Alice's boobs, with my left I groped my stunning amy fisher has her pussy penetrated, I squeezed them for all my might twisting their nipples, pummelling their tit flesh to the sounds of muffled moans of pleasure.

At that point I noticed that Kirsty had found a small box and put it on the floor as a ladder to the holy land of my cock, the eyes of my family looked at her as they carried on busily sucking me off.

Kristy's mouth was now level with it, and while staring at it pronounced "Im not to small to suck my brother's cock!!" She clamped her mouth down on my end, not even managing to get it her mouth all the way round it, and sucked for all she could. It was the straw that broke the camels back, the felling of the 3 mouths of my sisters, my auntie, and my mum was too much, I let out a huge groan and came as hard as I had ever done.

Poor Kirsty got the full force of it, her cheeks puffed up as I filled her with cum, before she finally lost control and let go. My hot jizz was flooding from her open mouth down over her chin, onto her tits below; she fell back of the box, cum still erupting out as she did, right into her face. Megan and Bernie quickly went round to try and stem the flow with their mouths, both of their faces got plastered in hot goo, one wad got Megan right in the eye, before she managed to get her tongue over it, but I was still gushing at full steam and was too much for even her cum guzzling mouth to cope with.

Mum decide to lend a hand taking my jizz volcano in her mouth expertly, I emptied jets of ball batter down her throat, as she loudly gulped it down. Noticing that Alice had still not got her reward she passed it over, she didn't even bother trying to swallow it all, preferring for me to rain down wave after wave of spunk on her pretty face, it was pooling in both he eyes, it was matted in her hair, it was driping off her tongue and chin onto her perky tits below.

By now Kirsty had recovered from her fall, and got back on the box, her face and body totally matted in cum, she reached out and pulled my cock over to her. By now it was just dripping remnants, she locked her mouth round it for the last remaining droplets, mum worked my length with her hands no make sure her youngest daughter got every last drop.

She broke off finally, looked up at me with her cum stained eyes and said: "Can you fuck my pussy and ass now please?" It was the last thing I heard as I passed out from the effort.

To be continued&hellip.