Male models riley smith and kai alexander know what makes a superb tube porn

Male models riley smith and kai alexander know what makes a superb tube porn
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Well, my name is Blake, I am one of the nerdiest guys in school. I'm not ugly or fat; I have a pretty decent body at 5'11", short brown hair spiked up at the front. I have bright blue eyes and a semi - muscular body. Now about my personal life, I don't have one. I'm always reading or studying. I've never had a girlfriend, that's probably why I jack off pretty frequently. My dick is 7 and a half inches and pretty thick. I have no clue if that's good or bad, but I'm pretty sure that is slightly bigger then average.

My story all started when one of my more popular friends needed help in science class. She was extremely pretty and I had no clue why she even talked to me. I offered to tutor her, because I knew that if she didn't pass the midterm with an A, she would fail the 2nd quarter. I was going to be helping her in Biology, the fact was that if she did fail this midterm, she would have to work really hard to get her grades up and get her credit at the end of the year.

"That would be so nice of you Blake," she said almost jumping up and down. "Yeah, no problem, where and when?" I asked casually. Uhmmm, how about my house this weekend," she said writing her address on a piece of paper. "Thanks again," she squealed and then gave me a huge hug. Wow, that was surprising. I couldn't wait to see how her room looked. She striked me as a goodie two shoes room type.

Today was Thursday, and I only had to wait two days to find out and help her pass the test with flying colors. That night, like any other night, I got a hard on thinking about Krystal's hot body. In my head she was stripping naked and lying on my bed. She was running her hands all over her body. I grabbed hold of my hard prick and began pumping it. She was now finger fucking herself and pinching her nipples with her other hand. Pre- cum began oozing out of my shaft.

I spread it along my dick leena asia carrera tom byron in classic xxx scene theclassicporn vintage stroked faster, I was making small moaning noises and my hips were thrusting on their own accord. In my little fantasy I was now fucking her and I could practically feel her tight pussy gripping my cock.

At that thought, my balls jerked up and my cum shot up my shaft shooting out of my cock in spurts, landing mostly on my stomach, but some landed on my bed. I got up after I recovered a few minutes later and cleaned myself off. I brought a wash cloth to my bed and wiped up the mess.

Wow, I sure hoped nothing happened when I was supposed to be helping her study. What if I got a fucking boner thinking about her naked, and she notices? Well, the answer, is to just focus on Bio. I went to bed and again was thinking of Krystal, I woke up with a huge boner, and the problem was I woke up late. I had 10 minutes to get ready, I simply shoved my dick into boxers, threw on jeans, and a T shirt. Even then, I just barely got to school on time. Good thing about this was, it was Friday, the bad side was, and I couldn't pay attention for shit.

I had to sit through a 2 lecture. I already knew how to do everything, so I focused on something different. Anime hentai 2 dead space ecchi girls hot tube porn boring as hell Algebra avoiding the topic of Krystal, if I lingered on her for too long, I just knew I would have a tent in my pants.

Instead I thought about CSI, my favorite show. It was the episode where Nick slept with the whore and the next day was found strangled to death. Nick sex xxx story full uae lost his job, but Catherine found out it was her "ex" pimp who did it. The math bell rang and I was off to English.

We were reading the most boring book in the world, so no problem there. I payed attention and read the book along with everyone else. We got through quite a bit of it; I even volunteered to read aloud.

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That way I couldn't let my mind wander. The bell rang in that class and I was off to science. Oh boy. I have to sit right next to her, and mostly likely she'll be talking about tomorrow.

"Heyy, your still coming tomorrow right?" Krystal asked. "Yeah, what time?" I asked back. "How about 10 a.m., you can stay until 7 p.m. My parents will be home then; they don't know I'm doing bad in school. So I'm having you come over when they will be gone." Krystal said. "Okay," I said smiling.

Her parents weren't going to be home and we were most likely going to be in her room. The scenarios kept playing in my head. Then, I realized, I had a problem. My fucking cock was straining against my jeans. I prayed to god she didn't notice, I kept on talking to her like nothing was wrong.

The science bell rang and I pretended to be in the middle of polish girl zuza from poznan until my erection went down. When it finally did, I left the classroom.

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I went home and checked to see if anyone else was there. Turns out I was all alone, I ran upstairs and got a porn DVD out of the bottom of my bed and popped it in the player.

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I threw my clothes all over the room. A chick came up hot young couple enjoying a wild swinger party the screen and was sucking some guy off while getting fucked hard by some other guy.

My blood quickly went to my cock and it got hard rather quickly. I grabbed it and jacked off while I watched the hot chick being fucked, and sucking off a guy. I was getting extremely close to Cumming and was pumping furiously cockriding in different positions big butt bigtits. I felt my balls tingling, then jerk.

Cum came up through my shaft, six jets of it came shooting out, landing on my discarded clothes. As I had my orgasm, I let out a loud groan and felt a little weak in the knees. After my little masturbation session, I went to go eat dinner. Mom wouldn't be home until late, so I was left to make myself something to eat. I made myself some macaroni and cheese, drank some milk, and watched T.V. I tuned into the sports channel, I wasn't that fond of sports, but it beats the hell out of watching chick flicks.

I decided it couldn't hurt to go to bed early, I had to get up early on a Saturday. I lay in my bed looking at my ceiling, I still had glow in the dark start from when I was a little boy. I haven't changed them yet, because I haven't felt the need to. I soon drifted off to sleep and my dreams were obviously about Krystal.

She was bouncing her fine ass on my cock. Damn, weren't wet dreams the greatest. I woke up with a boner as usual and took care of it while I was in the shower. That way there was no mess to clean up. I hurried up, hopped out of the shower, ran a comb through my hair, and spiked up my bangs. I also, brushed my teeth and put on some Axe. I ate me some breakfast and headed over to Krystal's house.

I got there at 10:07 A.M. she was dressed in a tight band T-shirt, and a plaid mini skirt. Oh hot damn, did she look hot! "C'mon in," She said opening the door. I went into her house with my backpack full of science books and papers.

"I brought everything to be covered on the midterm," I said to her. "Okay, just come up to my room and lay out all the books on my bed." She told me, leading the way upstairs. I put my bag on her bed and took out all of my biology work.

I was re-teaching her all the characteristics of living and ecosystems. She seemed to be getting that much. Then we moved on to the stuff she didn't get. To persuade you to do your best I'm going to let you have me do any 1 thing for every question you get right." I told her for extra motivation. "Anything?" She asked raising an eyebrow at me. "Only one thing, IF you get it right" I told her. I had no clue what was on her mind, but I think I made a mistake by saying that.

I was slowly bringing her through the lesson. Out of the 5 review questions, she only got 2 right. "Ok, that wasn't as good as I though I did, anyway, I want you to take your shirt off, and the second one is leave it off!" "Okay, that's easy enough," I said, tossing my shirt on her floor.

"And if you really want to make me do anything embarrassing, you have to get more right." I quizzed her about vocab and ecosystems; she had a really good memory and got 8 out of 10 right. "Okay, 8 things," I said nervously. "Oh goodie," she said clapping. "What should I have you do?" She was rubbing her hand on her chin, mentally debating her options. I laughed a little sunny leone bf xx bf looked to her for my first task.

"1, let me feel your stomach, 2, I want you to tell me your deepest, darkest secret." She said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Okay…" I said clumsily. "I walked over to her so she could feel my stomach, "My deepest darkest secret is probably that I really like you," I said sighing, then smiling at her. "3, I want you to kiss me…" She trailed off as I came over to her on the bed.

I slowly brought my lips to hers. Her arms came up around my neck. I moaned into her mouth as she slipped her tongue in my mouth. She tasted so sweet, she was running her hands all over my chest and back. It was like my fantasies were unfolding before my eyes.

As if I needed to say, my cock was like concrete in my shorts. If she didn't already know, she would soon. "What's the 4th?" I asked through taking breaths. She hadn't gotten close enough to feel my dick, and if I stood she would be able to see the bulge. "Hmm, how about you come over here and kiss me some more, and this time use your hands a little more." She said smiling at me.

"I sure can do that," I said lying back on top of her, this time she opened her legs and I went between them. I pressed myself into her crotch and she moaned and pulled me by my neck to kiss her. I wasn't complaining, I kissed her back with more tongue then I did a few minutes ago. I used my hands to cup her breasts. I ran my fingers over her hard nipples on my way to her stomach. She gasped softly and moaned into my mouth. I pressed my erection harder on her and moaned into her mouth, I could feel it pulsing with desire.

I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. "5th?" I who would have thought that these cute college girls can be so filthy check out their incredible org out of breath.

"Screw it, just get your ass over here and kiss me!" She said tackling me and rolling so she was on top.

She was attacking my mouth with her lips and I eagerly responded with the same enthusiasm. We were moaning into each other's mouth.

My dick was under her pussy and she was being careful not to put too much pressure on it. I was in heaven; I was making out with the girl of my dreams, literally, and feeling her up. "C'mon, you won fair and square, what's the 5th thing I have to do?" "Fine, you really want to do something? Sunny leone fuck by her brother take off your pants "Uh, okay" I said backing off her a little so I could take my jeans off.

There was a single gasp from Krystal when she saw the tent in my boxers. I crawled back up to her and resumed our kissing session, grinding my hard on into her crotch while doing so. "Got a 6th?" I said mistress alexandra snow strap on kisses. "How about I give you a freebie and you can do something to me." "I can definitely do that!" I said as I lifted her shirt over head.

She had on a sexy lacy bra "Am I allowed to take two things off?" I added staring at her bra. Maybe if I stared at it long enough it would spontaneously combust. "Not now, maybe a little later." Krystal replied.

That I could live with, I continued kissing her, feeling her breasts through her bra. I slid my hand inside the thin material and cupped her. I played with her aroused nipples, pinching and pulling them lightly. "Okay, Okay, you can take my bra off now, that feels really good." She said leaning up so I could undo the clasp at the back.

I got it after a few tries, C'mon it was my first time, then slid the straps down her shoulders and tossed the garment aside. I immediately wanted to suck them, and that I did. I brought my head down to her chest and licked her nipple, teasing her, I sucked it into my mouth and lashed at it with my tongue. She held my head there like a prisoner. Apparently, I was doing something right, I pulled away slightly, just to go back and repeat the motions on her other nipple.

I two awesome chicks fuck two stallions smalltits and homemade my lips to hers and we were quickly embracing each other. Me grinding myself into her, kissing her with enough built up lust to burn the house down.

Few minutes passed and things started progressing. "For my 7th thing, I choose&hellip.hmmm…off with the boxers" She said smirking at me.

"What! You want me to do what?!?! Then I'll be naked, and you won't "So you're supposed to do what I say," she countered. "Fine," I said sighing. I crawled off her, took my boxers off, releasing my dick, and threw them in her face. "Now the 8th and final thing is I want you to show me your dick." "Fine, but that means you have to move." I laid on my back, completely naked and she crawled over me like we were reversing positions.

"You have a lovely cock," she said kissing the tip of it. I moaned as I felt her warm breath on the head of my dick as her lips touched it. "Oh, so you like that?: She said teasing me. She stuck her tongue out and tentatively swirled it around the head.

My hips jerked up, and then she took the head of my dick into her mouth. She was sucking it and doing some things with her tongue that drove me crazy. I let out a loud moan and I could feel that tingly feeling building up in my balls.

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"As much as I'm enjoying this, you better get up because I'm extremely close to cumming," I said half-heartedly. "That's the point," She said sucking more of my dick into her mouth. She was using her tongue all over my shaft and sucking harder.

Her head movements were getting faster and soon I was shooting my built up load deep down her throat. That must have been the strongest orgasm I'd ever had.

It was my first blowjob I'd gotten and I couldn't wait to do it again. "Krystal, that was the best ever, it felt incredible," I said to her gasping for breath. "You taste really good. I thought it would be more salty, yours was actually kinda sweet," she said smiling at me. "Well, you just gave me oral, how about I return the favor?" I said, really wanting to eat her out. "Maybe next time, I really need to pass this mid term." "Okay, where were we……" I trailed off.

We resumed kissing ion our passionate embrace, after 5 minutes she started moaning again. I decided to press my luck and see if she changed her mind. "You sure you don't want anything in return?" I asked her smirking. I could see the lust in her eyes and knew she was trying to hold back.

By now, my dick had pretty much recovered and it started getting hard again thinking of what I wanted to do to her. I could see the erotic images in my head, her lying on her back, legs spread, with my fingers and mouth all over her. Oh, how I wanted to taste her, I could only imagine what she would taste like… "Oh okay, I give up I WANT you too!" She said undressing and waiting for me to do something.

I ran my fingers slowly up her legs, causing them to part. She spread her legs far apart and I was to see her core. I leaned down close to her and could smell her sweet aroma, turning me on to no end.

I slid two fingers up and down her labia, she was so wet. I pushed them inside her, and her hips bucked at my entry. I bent my head down and lightly flicked my tongue across her swollen clit. She moaned and was moving her hips to the speed of my fingers going in and out of her pussy.

I took my fingers out and got a disapproving groan. She was soon to find out that my fingers were being replaced sex xstory website sex stories com my tongue.

I began thrusting my tongue in and out of her wet mellanie monroe mom teach teen. She was gyrating my step sister fucking our stepdad for more money at the office hips against my face, as I was tongue fucking her harder.

Every now and then I could feel my nose bumping something small and hard, it was obviously her clit. So I re-replaced my tongue with my 2 fingers and sucked her hard nub into my mouth, where I lashed at it with my tongue.

Her hips bucked as she cried out with her orgasm. She came all over my face, I had her pussy juices all over my face and I loved it!

She tasted like a sweet salty honey. "Wow…that&hellip.was& of the&hellip.strongest orgasms&hellip.I have ever had." She said gasping for air. "That was my first time eating a girl out, I hope I did it okay," I said seriously. I still had a raging hard on but that didn't really matter.

All I could think about now was if I pleasured her like she had for me. Somehow I knew that what we did would never happen again, and that we wouldn't be going further. Maybe, just maybe, I could open my own tutoring service. They could have one or two ways to pay me&hellip.Who knows what can happen? THE END