Toilet poti girl xxx story

Toilet poti girl xxx story
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"Alright, well if you decide to go out, make sure you call and let us know where you're going, and when you'll be home," Dad announced. I had let him know I may be out with my friends when they returned.

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It was Saturday night, and my parents were going out with friends for a night of food, drinking, and probably swinging. I'm Steve, a 17 year old about to enter my senior year in high school, and like most high school boys, I cherished the times my parents vacated the house. It was still fairly early in the evening, my cell phone showed 7:15, but it felt much later. I woke up around five this morning to get to work, and didn't get home until after six. I was sore in multiple places, and finding a party to crash was in the back of my mind.

Shortly after my parents left, I jumped in the shower to freshen up and cool down. Working at a golf course in late summer was a daunting task, as the sun takes a rough toll. As I undressed, I took a long look at myself in the adjacent mirror.

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"Damn Steve, you've actually done it. She'll have to notice in a couple weeks." She was a girl named Marissa Lewis. Marissa moved to town towards the end of last year, and we had Chemistry together. I sat behind her and the only conversation we had was when she rotated to pass back papers, and we maybe said 'Hey'. Last year was a miserable year, and she was the only bright-spot during any part of the day.

Marissa was small, even for a girl, standing barely 5 feet tall. She had long dark hair, a beautiful tight ass, a nice set of perky tits, and the best smile in the school that perfectly displayed her bright white teeth. Her skin was naturally a little tan because of her background, which I guessed was something close to Greek.

I, like normal teenagers, look at most girls and mentally undress them, thinking about if they are freaks in bed behind their reserved looks at school, but not Marissa. She was different. I noticed in passing her locker the few friends she flirty czech girl opens up her soft slit to the unusual were woefully conservative, and that they only seemed to do things between them.

They didn't attend parties, date, or even see movies with guys. I so badly wanted to ask her if she'd be up for hanging out, and attempting to break her out of her shell, but I couldn't do it.

The problem was, I looked and felt terrible. At just 5'9", I wasn't a very big guy height-wise, but I weighed over 200 pounds. I had always told myself I'd get in shape, but never got motivated enough to do it. As school wound down, I casually got her number, and joked that we should hang out over the summer.

She agreed, and the groundwork was laid. Fast forward to today. Two weeks before school, and ten weeks into the summer, I found myself staring at a new person. I started working out as soon as school broke, and that combined with carrying golf bags all summer had me looking as good as realsex les babes get horny at the gym. I now stood 6 feet tall after a growth spurt, and a slender 168 pounds.

I was lean, and had muscle outlines throughout my body. My 6-pack wasn't there yet, but my chest was flat and firm, something I had previously given up hope of.

For some reason, I still hadn't seen Marissa all summer. I texted and called her a few times, and she was surprisingly friendly in her responses, but our schedules were just too busy. I decided I would wait to see her, and let her see me, when we returned to school. Marissa was constantly on my mind, but I was distracted by the sooth of the warm water as I stepped into the shower. With my parents gone, I occupied their shower, which consisted of more room, and a small bench which was used when the shower became a sauna.

As I became entrenched with water, my mind drifted back to Marissa. God, how beautiful she was. If she only knew how much I just wanted to spend time with her, and make her feel like a queen. Oddly enough, I almost never thought of her in slapping and fucking of a sexy whore sexual manner as I did my other girl-friends, and other hot girls in the school.

She wasn't a girl I'd fuck, she was somebody who I'd share love and romance with, and I desperately wanted to tell her. Today was a different day though. I was extremely horny after refraining from masturbating for the previous 48 hours.

The thought of almost anything sexual would have my attention, and it did. I had a flashback to those days new english sexy story hot Chemistry, when Marissa's ass would tease my cock routinely.

I lived for the days when her pants where just a little too tight, and the top of her panties would show. I found myself reaching out and grabbing her ass, as I imagined just the two of us in class. The lights were out, and instead of being a few feet in front of me, she sat just inches away.

As I grabbed a hold of her ass, I puller her hips close to mine, so she could feel my growing cock in the small of her back.

She was showing no resistance, and I leaned in from behind right up to her ear. "You have no idea how much I want to bend you over and fuck you from behind until you can't move Marissa," I whispered. To my surprise, she turns her body around, now facing me, and stares deep into my eyes, practically giving herself to me. "I've wanted you for so long Steve, I thought you were always going to avoid me. I want you now. I need to taste you," she responded.

By now my cock had sprung to life, stretching the full 6 and ½ inches it could. I didn't have the biggest cock in my opinion, but I felt it would be more than satisfactory given the chance to employ it. As I continued to role-play a dream scenario with Marissa, I rubbed myself gently with the bar of soap. After I felt smooth and clean, I continued to rub my cock and balls simultaneously. My mind went back into fantasy-mode. "Oh my god Steve! It's HUGE!" Music to any man's ear… "I don't know if I can take all of it, but I'll try" I pictured her whisper.

As I continued to imagine, she dropped to her knees and slowly licked her lips. I could tell her nipples were becoming rock hard, and I was preparing to give them my full attention.

First though, she leaned in and licked the head of my cock with her soft, warm, tongue. It was clear she was new to all of this, but she was trying her best. She continued to kiss and lick the under-shaft of my rock hard prick, and as I pictured her movements, my hands guided along my body.

She paid close attention to the tip, and eventually slid her lips over my cock. She began to move down closer to the base of my cock, before coming to a halt with a quick teens drill fellows anus with monster strap ons and squirt semen monstercock squirting. She pulled out, and I softly assured she was ok to continue.

"You bet your ass I am, I've waited too long for this to give rip that bitch com full sex stories xxx storys, I want to taste your sweet cum," I pictured her soft voice say. By now, I was furiously beating my cock off, and I could feel myself gaining ground on my impending climax.

A few more moments of this intense sexual thought of Marissa would no doubt put me over the edge. I pictured her face moving away from my stiff member, and slowly jacking my cock off inches from her face.

"Where do you want my cum, baby?" I nearly shouted throughout the bathroom. "All over my face and in my mouth Stevie! Oh god yes, I love sucking and jacking your cock. I want your cum now… OH PLEASE STEVE, CUM ALL OVER ME! With those words replaying in my head, I jerked my cock for a few seconds before unleashing, without a doubt, the biggest load I have shot in my life. I blasted my cum through the air, hitting the wall almost three feet from me.

Spurt after spurt of my hot, steamy, white liquid poured from the tip of my cock. It seemed to continue forever, until finally it began to slow. A few more jerks and the last little bit dribbled out, as I pictured Marissa's face covered with my jizz. I began to get weak in the knees after an exhilarating climax, and slowly fell to a seat on the shower bench. I dozed off to sleep, only to be woken by the now frigid water spewing from the shower-head.

As I thought about my wonderful session, I couldn't help but think ahead to the first few days of school, and the incredible things I felt could happen. I now had total confidence in my body, and my mind. This is bound to be a great senior year… More to come after some feedback…