Hd teen double fist suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft

Hd teen double fist suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft
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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual acts between males who are of legal consent age. There is humiliation, but rest assured, all parties eventually enjoy it.

If this subject matter is offensive to you, please stop reading. This story is the property of the author and may not be used anywhere else without consent. Training a Jock Slut Chapter 6 Brody Goes to Church The weekend right after Brody's humiliating loss, Brody's father Hank had finally come home. He ran a fertilizer company that required him to travel extensively.

Fortunately, his son had proven to be a responsible young man, allowing Hank to leave him alone for days at a time. Of course, it also helped that Hank was extremely strict with his son. Brody was practically terrified of his father and had never gone against his wishes. And unfortunately for Mr. Weathers, his stern upbringing had made his spawn utterly pliant to authority figures.

Like all other citizens of Plainsville, Hank was a god-fearing man. So this fine Sunday morning, both he and his son were headed to the usual Church services. Brody looked like a dream dressed in his Sunday best. His powerful chest filled out the cotton shirt perfectly.

His nipples barely visible against the fabric. And the black dress pants fit snugly around his perfect ass. And the front of pants made it clear that the boy was packing. Every young girl in town swooned at the site of him. Some men also leered lustily at the jock, but Brody never noticed. Hank was extremely proud of his son.

He had inherited his mother's good looks, and his father's athletic ability. He had big plans for Brody. He intended for his son to go to college and slowly takeover the family business. Of course he did not really give Brody a choice. He told him what to do and his son complied. Nice teen fingers soaking vag masturbation toys noticed that his son looked a little off on their drive to the Church. "Everything all right boy?

You are looking a bit sweaty. You falling sick?" Hank questioned his son with concern. Even though he put a lot of pressure on his boy, Hank still loved the kid. "I'm.I'm ok Dad. Just tired from practice yesterday", stuttered Brody. What the older man did not know was that his son was feeling uncomfortable because of the large intrusion in his ass. Coach felt it would be particularly scandalous if his slut attended the weekly sermon with his pussy full.

He ordered Brody to push a medium-sized butt plug into his hole before pulling on his boxers. Every bump in the road made the thick plastic inside Brody grind into his prostate. It stretched out his soft cunt. His cock was already hard.

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He had to tuck it up and into his waist band to avoid a noticeable tent. And even then, Brody had to walk a bit hunched over so that no one could see the rock-hard bulge.

Being forced to defile himself in front of God hurt Brody immensely. And he knew that getting hard meant he enjoyed his ordeal. He prayed he would be forgiven in the eyes of God for his sins. Once they reached the church, Brody rushed in to take a seat in the pews.

He usually sat in the back with his friends while his Dad sat all the way in the front. He sat on his bench in silence, eager to go back home. The lights dimmed in the building, indicating the sermon was about to begin. Just then, someone sat next to Brody. The jock visibly looked irritated. He did not really want to deal with his buddies right now.

But of course, that would have been too kind for Brody. Instead, the stud found himself sitting beside the retired Reverend. His secondary abuser. "Hey slut", the Reverend hissed softly. "Your coach thought it would be a good idea if I came along to check that you followed your orders. Now unbutton your pants." Brody could not believe his ears.

How could he be so sinful in the house of God? He opened his mouth in protest before he caught himself. He knew that disobeying the Reverend would result in a much worse fate when he got home.

He shuddered to think what Coach would do to him. He looked around nervously. Luckily, it was pretty dark in the back of the Church, and there was no one beside him. He swallowed hard and started unbuttoning his slacks. The Reverend grinned as he saw the hot jock unbutton his pants.

He had to admit, Coach had trained this boy well. After Brody finished pulling his zipper down, the Reverend casually reached down and put his hand through the opening. Once inside the fly, his hand groped around looking for the boxers' waistband.

The Reverend took his time looking, taking extra care to rub the poor slut's hard cock as much as possible.

After a few seconds of torturing the sweaty boy, he reached under the boxers and snaked his way to between Brody's legs. His fingers explored up the jock's taint before he finally found what he was looking for. The flat base of the butt plug was nestled in the soft fuzz of Brody's ass cheeks. A bit more probing and the Reverend confirmed that the plug was firmly lodged up the slut's ass.

"Good slut," the Reverend whispered in Brody's ear. He kept his hand deep in Brody's pants. He was tugging at the plug ever so slightly before pushing it back in. It was driving Brody wild. His cock was dripping again. Brody, for his part, was terrified. His eyes darted about the room. He prayed no one would see him. Then he saw the Reverend lean forward and hunch over his lap. "No, this can't be happening!" Brody thought to himself frantically.

But it was. The Reverend had pulled Brody's cock out of his fly and engulfed it with his mouth. Brody almost let a moan escape his lips. The feeling of the Reverend's hot wet mouth over his cock was indescribable. And as much as it felt good, Brody was horrified that he was getting his first blowjob here of all places.

This was another low for the jock. He was committing the utmost of sacrilegious acts, in a Church no less! His head started stunning idol exposes huge bum and gets anal rode with guilt when he suddenly felt a wave of pleasure.

The Reverend had started playing with the plug in ass again. He was twisting it around roughly while massaging Brody's shaft with his talented mouth. Within two minutes, Brody had exploded in the Reverend's mouth. He could barely maintain his silence. The Reverend clambered back up and locked lips with the submissive jock. Brody almost cried as he felt his own slimy cum being force fed to him by the Reverend's tongue.

Knowing he had no choice, Brody swallowed the sweet and salty goop. The Reverend broke their kiss satisfied. He sat up straight and fixed his jacket. "Zip yourself up boy! Do you not know where we are? What would Jesus think?" Brody blushed and put his cock away. He did not know when this hell was going to end. Dinner with the Weather Family After church, Brody's father took it upon himself getting away and drinking mom brazzers invite Coach over for dinner.

Brody tried to escape by going over to his buddy's house but his father was having none of it. "This good western chikan veronique full white top and story has been keeping an eye on you for me.

The least you can do is give him proper respect!" he barked at his son.

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Brody knew better than to argue. "They have been keeping an eye on me alright," Brody thought to himself bitterly. The webcam in his room was still running everyday while the Reverend would ogle him through his window at every opportunity.

He was glad his father was home, because that meant he could at least be clothed in his house. Not dressed in only a jockstrap like a two-bit gay whore. During dinner the two older men were being raucous and having a grand time. Brody sat silently, terrified of his master.

Coach and Brody sat across each other while Sexxxxcom hot sexy sunny leone mp4 download father was at the head of the table. Coach used this opportunity to use his leg and rub Brody's calves and thighs. Brody almost had a nervous breakdown. He had no idea what his father would do if they got caught. Playing footsy with Coach right under his father's nose was practically giving him a heart attack. "You know Hank, you got yourself a fine young boy there.

I have never had a better wrestler in my team. If he keeps at it, he might even get to wrestle in college. National level!" Brody's father glowed with pride as he heard his son being praised.

"That's right Hank. Brody has also been helping me a lot lately. He has helped me take a lot of pressure off", Coach continued. And as he said this, he moved his foot right onto Brody's crotch and started rubbing the area sensually.

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Brody turned a deep scarlet as he heard the blatant puns being made. Coach's foot rubbing into his cock was causing it to harden. He wanted to disappear from the situation so desperately.

"That's my boy!" Hank bellowed. He had a little bit too much wine. He was already slurring a bit. Brody's dad usually kept himself in check. It was strange for the jock to see his normally reserved father so loosened up. Coach moved his foot away and refilled Hank's glass with more wine. Hank immediately took a large gulp from it. "By the way Hank. I wanted to talk to you about something. All the other parents already got my letter.

It's about your son's underwear choices." Brody spat out a mouthful of water. Both men looked at Brody. Brody's father even seemed half amused. "As I was saying," Coach continued, "I was doing some research and there have been cases where boxers are causing young boys to become infertile. What they need at this stage in their development is more support. Their testicles need to be held snug at all times." Brody's heart started thumping.

Maybe this was it. Maybe his father will see through the Coach's evil actions and chew him out.

He might even get Coach fired. "Infertile? You mean he won't have kids!? That is a big problem Nate. That would mess up my plans for my boy. Brody will be married by twenty-five. And the good bible says that marriage is only complete with children." Brody's flutter of hope died. His dad was eating up Coach's words.

"Yes Hank. Most of the boys have already taken my advice. You need to take Brody down to Vance's shop and get some briefs. Preferably bikini briefs. Spandex or lycra material is best. They need to be very tight. Even a size smaller wouldn't hurt. You should barely be able to stick a find down the sides." Brody could not believe how effortless it was for Coach to lie.

All of the boys grew out of briefs years ago. Even Coach was surprised at how easy it was to convince Brody's father. Getting him drunk first was a genius idea by the Reverend. He looked expectantly at Brody's dad, who appeared to be deep in thought. "Yes, I will do that. We will go tomorrow evening.

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I can't have my blood line possibly end." Coach was rock hard. He couldn't believe he was getting the slut's dad help him in tormenting the kid. Coach remarked he was stuffed and started to head out. He gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Brody could do nothing but weep into his pillows as he recalled the day's misery. And unfortunately for him, tomorrow was not looking any better. Any feedback? Send to [email protected]